Thinx Underwear Review

About Thinx

Thinx offers washable and reusable panties designed to absorb a woman’s monthly period. The following Thinx underwear review covers key aspects of the brand and its products, to ensure you make the right purchase decision.

Overview of Thinx

Thinx provides sustainable solutions for girls and women of all ages by eliminating anxiety and discomfort caused by monthly leaks. Designed to hold up to 4 tampons’ worth of menstrual flow, Thinx period underwear can be worn as an alternative or in conjunction with feminine hygiene products such as pads, tampons and cups. 

Thinx Underwear Review

Thinx is a New York based company founded in 2011 by Canadian-raised sisters Miki and Radha Agrawal and Antonia Dunbar. After Miki Agrawal left Thinx in 2017 to focus on other endeavors, Thinx CEO Maria Molland Selby took over. Made by women for women, Thinx underwear is ideal for first-time periods all the way up to post-menopausal stages within a woman’s life. 

This Thinx underwear review examines the benefits and downsides to the brand:


  • Sustainable solutions to single-use disposable sanitary products
  • Money-saving in the long run
  • Most Thinx products purchased in the last 60 days are eligible for return or exchange
  • Machine washable


  • Depending on monthly flow heaviness, some women may need to use sanitary products with Thinx period panties to avoid leakage
  • Costs more than regular underwear
  • Specific Thinx products are ineligible for return or exchange (such as final sale items, tampons, merch and gift cards)
  • Cannot be put in the dryer

Thinx Underwear Review

Thinx period undies are designed to hold up to 4 tampons’ worth of menstrual flow while remaining light, dry and odorless. Designed using their signature technology, Thinx gives women the ultimate protection against leakage and staining.

This Thinx underwear review goes through the styles and fits that vary based on the heaviness of monthly flow and personal preference, including:

  • Classic
  • Organic Cotton 
  • Thinx Air 
  • Activewear 

Thinx Classic Underwear Review

These signature period-absorbing underwear styles range in size from XXS to 3XL:

  • Super Hiphugger – A top-seller, these ultra-absorbent undies are designed for super heavy days. They come in pine or black and cost $52.14 a pair.
  • Hiphugger – Another best-selling fit, these period undies offer full coverage with a bit of flair. Meant for moderate flow days, Hiphuggers come in the following colors: black, pine, crimson, dusk, beige and ocean for $45.46.
  • Sport – Designed for movement, Sport Thinx are a perfect fit during workouts. With moderate flow absorbency, these undies are available in crimson, pine, go with the flow print, dusk, black, beige and ocean for $42.78 a pair.
  • High-Waist – These vintage style Thinx panties sport chic mesh panels. Intended for moderate flow absorbency, Hi-Waist underwear come in: cleo leopard print, crimson, dusk, black and ocean and cost $50.81 a pair.
  • Boy Short – A heavy flow day option, Thinx Boy Shorts offer extra length in the leg and fuller coverage. They’re available in black and cost $52.14 each.
  • Cheeky – A seamless and flattering fit, Cheeky Thinx undies are meant for light flow days. They are available in dusk, cleo leopard print, crimson, black and beige for $40.11.
  • Thong – This barely-there fit can be worn on the lightest flow days and are offered in beige, crimson and black for$32.09 each.

Thinx Organic Cotton Underwear Review

Made with soft, breathable, all-natural fabric, Thinx Organic Cotton panties range in size from XXS to 3XL:

  • Super Cotton Brief – This comfy and full-coverage fit is optimal for super heavy flow days. They come in juniper and black, costing $52.14.
  • Cotton Brief – With a relaxed fit, these undies are an excellent choice for moderate flow days. They come in black, gray and ocean for $45.46 a pair.
  • Cotton Bikini – Thinx Cotton Bikini panties are a simple fit with a slightly higher waistline. Ideal for moderate flow days, they are available in juniper, gray, black and ocean and cost $42.78 each.
  • Cotton Thong – This barely-there fit is the right choice for the lightest of flow days. Offered in gray and black, the Cotton Thong is available for $32.09.

Thinx Air Underwear Review

Thinx Air period underwear are designed with ultra-thin, cooling micromesh fabric and range in size from XXS up to 3XL.

  • Air Hiphugger – These Thinx best sellers are an excellent way to stay cool, fresh and dry on moderate-flow days. They are available in black and ocean and cost $42.78.
  • Air Bikini – A perfect fit for a work-out, Air Bikini Thinx panties are meant for moderate flow days. They come in black and ocean, priced at $42.78 a pair.

Activewear Thinx Underwear Review

Thinx Underwear Review
Thinx Training Shorts, Leotard, and Unitard activewear underwear

These period panties are ideal for athletes and dancers. They are meant to be worn while running, jumping and dancing without worry of period leakage. All styles are only available in black.

  • Training Shorts – An excellent option for moderate flow days for $86.91.
  • Leotard – This option can absorb a light flow and costs $60.17-$80.22 each.
  • Unitard – Meant for the lightest flow days, this style is offered for $96.60-$113.65 a pair.

Thinx Saver Sets 

Thinx Underwear Review

An awesome cost-effective incentive offered on the Thinx site are the Saver Set options: 

  • All Cycle Long Set – Comprised of 3 Hiphugger designs (1 Air Hiphugger; 1 Hiphugger and 1 Super Hiphugger) in black, this combination offers up period coverage for women from day 1 of their cycle until day whenever. This set costs $125.70.
  • All-Star Set – Includes 1 gray cotton Brief, 1 black Hiphugger and 1 black Sport. This triple pack contains 3 of the most popular and absorbent Thinx undies for $119.01.
  • After Dark Set – Includes 3 pairs of Hiphuggers (2 in black; 1 in dusk) sure to be a sultry addition to any woman’s underwear drawer. This set is priced at $119.01.
  • Midnight Beach Set – Includes 3 pairs of Hiphuggers (2 in black; 1 in ocean) at a cost of $119.01.
  • Organic Cotton Set – Includes 1 gray cotton Bikini and 2 black cotton Briefs. Considered the most relaxed and comfortable fitting of all Thinx period-proof panties, this set is available for $119.01.
  • Back-to-Basics Set – Includes 2 pairs of Hiphuggers (1 in beige;1 in black). These two are Thinx best sellers for $85.58.

How Does Thinx Underwear Work?

As you read this Thinx underwear review, you’re probably wondering how the material works. Thinx period undies are produced using a signature technology, offering girls and women of all ages the ultimate protection against embarrassing leaks.

  1. Made of cotton, Thinx panties wick moisture away and dry quickly.
  2. Odor-control is activated to neutralize smells and ensure all-day freshness.
  3. While Thinx underwear material is super-absorbent, it remains light and airy.
  4. Leak-resistant technology safeguards against leakage and stains on clothing, bedding and anything else.

How to Wash Thinx Underwear

Thinx underwear is reusable and easy to care for. Washing instructions are as follows:

  1. After wear, rinse Thinx period panties under cold, running water.
  2. Add rinsed undies to a regular laundry load or wash separately in cold water.
  3. Once washed, hang to dry
  4. Avoid using bleach and fabric softener – and do not place Thinx underwear in the dryer.

Thinx Sizing

On their website, Thinx offers a sizing chart available in both inches and centimeters for potential customers to use in order to calculate what size underwear will best fit. According to the Thinx site, hip measurement is the most important consideration for sizing.

Thinx underwear in Classic, Organic Cotton and Thinx Air styles range in size from XXS to 3XL.

With Thinx activewear, Training Shorts typically range in size from XS to 3XL (but the 3XL option is currently unavailable). The Leotard fit undies range in size from XS to XL. The Unitard fit ranges from XS to XL (but at this time, only XS is available for sale).

Thinx Promotions & Incentives

For this Thinx underwear review, we hunted for deals offered by the brand. They currently have a number of incentives available online:

  • When buying 3-4 pairs of Thinx panties, customers receive 10% off their order
  • When buying 5-6 pairs, customers receive 15% off their order
  • When buying 7+ pairs, customers receive 20% off their order

There is currently no Thinx coupon or Thinx coupon code, but visit their site regularly for any new ones.

Last Call Savings

Thinx period panties at a reduced price are offered for a limited time on the company website under Last Call. The fits, styles and colors found in Last Call are ever-changing, so check it out regularly for savings.

Refer a Friend

Referring a friend to make a Thinx purchase will earn existing customers cash credit. Here’s how it works:

  1. The customer enters their email on the Thinx website and shares the link on social media and/or via email.
  2. Once someone makes a purchase through the posted link, Thinx will send both the existing customer and the new one $13.37 in credit.

Afterpay Incentive

Thinx (as well as sister brand sites Thinx (BTWN) and Speax) offers Afterpay as an incentive to customers using the company website. Afterpay allows customers to pay for their orders in 4 equal payments made every 2 weeks without any additional interest. Afterpay is only available to US customers.

Thinx Review: What Do Customers Think?

Thinx Underwear Review 1

Customers can leave Thinx reviews on the website, and most products have at least a 4.5/5 star rating. To get an accurate sense of customer feedback, we searched other sites to see what people had to say.

Thinx panties reviews were more controversial elsewhere. A contributor reported that the underwear was uncomfortable and did not meet her expectations:

“I put them on at around 8:00 a.m. But by 10:00 a.m., I felt like I was wearing a wet bathing suit. The underwear seemed to have stopped absorbing any moisture at all.”

Thinx reviews on Trustpilot have an Average rating of 3.5/5 stars. Many negative reviews centred on international customers not knowing there would be expensive custom fees upon delivery. Most customers agreed that Thinx underwear is reliable, comfortable, and worth their money.

Where to Buy Thinx Underwear

Thinx Underwear Review 2


Thinx period undies are available for purchase in more than 100 retail locations worldwide. For a complete list of locations in 13 countries, Thinx offers a store locator on their site.


All Thinx products are fully available online at their main website.


Thinx Shipping Policy

Thinx offers Standard Shipping (with shipment arrival expected 5-7 days from shipping date) and Expedited Shipping (with shipment arrival expected 3-5 days from shipping date) to all customers within the U.S.

Thinx also offers international shipping worldwide. Speed of delivery and costs associated will vary depending on the shipping location and order value.

It is the customer’s responsibility to research additional fees that may apply to shipments, such as duty, brokerage fees and taxes etc. Thinx does not offer refunds for these additional charges for any customers seeking returns or exchanges.

Thinx Return Policy

A Thinx return can be processed within 60 days of purchase. Returns are initiated through the company website, where customers will be prompted through the return process. Once the return or exchange is authorized (most are immediate), customers will receive further instructions and a pre-paid shipping label by email.

When the Thinx warehouse receives and confirms returned merchandise, the customer will be refunded, usually within 5 days.

Certain Thinx products are ineligible for return or exchange:

  • Any item marked as final sale
  • Merch purchased from the company website
  • Tampons
  • Gift cards

Contact Thinx

For more information or any questions about Thinx products and services, the customer service team can be reached by submitting a request on their main website, through email or by telephone.

Phone: 917 819 8171

Email: [email protected]


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