Medelita Scrubs Review

About Medelita 

Medelita Scrubs Review

Nobody wants to put up with itchy, low quality scrubs. Something you wear on your body for hours on end should be comfortable and reliable. Luckily, Medelita is here to help with just that. 

The brand creates scrubs for anyone who needs them. Whether you work in a hospital environment, as a vet tech, as a pharmacy technician, or as a dentist, the brand has you covered.

Medelita has 36k likes on Facebook and over 99k followers on Instagram where they feature fashion-forward photoshoots of their products. From business casual to sporty looks, these lab coats and scrubs bring out the personalities of the people who wear them!

This Medelita scrubs review will take you through everything there is to know about the brand, its bestsellers, promotions, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide if their scrubs are the right fit for you!

Overview of Medelita 

Medelita Scrubs Review

Medelita was founded by Lara Francisco in 2008 with the intention “to design a uniform that would empower [her and her] colleagues [to feel their] best, and by extension, to improve the quality of care for patients.” 

The service that medical professionals provide is highly important, and nobody knows this better than Francisco. She set out to design comfortable and protective workwear that allows frontline workers to perform the job to the best of their ability. She combined soft fabrics, exceptional fit, and functionality together to make top tier scrubs for everybody.

Now that you know a little bit about the brand’s history, this Medelita scrubs review will go over some pros and cons.


  • Wide selection and variety of scrubs, underscrubs, and lab coats
  • Inclusive size range
  • Embroidery option available 
  • Try-on-at-home program
  • Group discounts offered on purchases of 20+ items 
  • Ships internationally 
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not many unique color options
  • Free shipping only offered on US orders over $100 
Medelita Scrubs Review

At Medelita, it’s about more than simple, run-of-the-mill scrubs. You can shop for personalized scrubs, as well as underscrubs, lab coats, and accessories like masks and stethoscopes. 

Did someone page the doctor? This Medelita scrubs review will dive into customer favorites from all of these categories. By the end, you’ll be decked head to toe in stylish but comfortable medical attire! 

Medelita Lab Coats Review

Looking for a crisp, stain-resistant lab coat? The search is over, because Medelita has several best-selling options for men and women. Both of these designs come in slim fit and stretchy material, as well as different lengths. As a bonus, they also have lots of pockets! 

Medelita Women’s Estie Classic Fit Lab Coat Review

Medelita Women’s Estie Classic Fit Lab Coat Review
Medelita Women’s Estie Classic Fit Lab Coat

Who doesn’t love the classics? This above-the-knee length, bright white Women’s Estie Classic Fit Lab Coat is timeless. With a crisp lapel and inner pockets for all your pens and notes, this coat is sure to be your pick of the bunch.

This coat is designed with a little extra room so you can layer clothes underneath it. That being said, the waistband cinches in slightly so you don’t have to lose your shape under a bulky silhouette. The knee length will pair nicely with a business chic midi dress, but also match with dress pants and a pressed blouse.

This Medelita white coat is available in sizes 00–22 and is currently on sale from $158 for $110.

Medelita Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat Review

Medelita Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat Review
Medelita Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat

The Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat is created with a modern fit and a peaked lapel for a sleek look. Its rounded hems resemble a suit jacket. Fashion meets function with this style as there are multiple different pockets allowing you to carry everything you need. 

It’s also super soft and moisture-wicking for your comfort, yet resilient enough to be washed in high heat and hold up well. The wrinkle and stain-resistant fabric will keep you looking fresh for your entire shift.

This mid-thigh length stretch fabric lab coat is available in sizes 36–46 for $228.

Medelita Women’s Vandi Lab Coat Review

Medelita Women’s Vandi Lab Coat Review
Medelita Women’s Vandi Lab Coat

Simple in design, the Women’s Vandi Lab Coat has two sleek front pockets and one breast pocket for all your supplies. This super light and soft coat is a layering piece, so you won’t overheat in your underscrubs and scrubs. 

The professional look doesn’t stop you from getting things done as you can move freely with the flexibility and stretch of the fabric. There are also notches to slip wires through so you can listen to music or a podcast while you work. Psst, this is also great for making phone calls hands free. 

The Women’s Vandi Lab Coat is available in sizes XXS–3XL for $94.

Medelita Scrubs Review

Scrubs definitely get the most wear and tear out of anything in your closet. So why not choose a pair of Medelita’s most in-demand sets that are both reliable and flattering? 

Made for men and women, these scrubs are available in stretchy fabric options that are wrinkle resistant, have lots of pockets, and are slim fitting.

Medelita Classic Women’s Scrub Top Non-Stretch Review

Medelita Classic Women’s Scrub Top Non-Stretch Review
Medelita Classic Women’s Scrub Top Non-Stretch

Drawn to the fitted classics? The Classic Women’s Scrub Top Non-Stretch is for you. Showcasing a relaxed yet professional fit, this v-neck also has one breast pocket for all your necessities.

We follow traditions for a reason, and this scrub top is no exception. The comfortable fit and fabric won’t ever get in your way, whether you tuck it in or out. Plus, the flared shape of the shirt will flatter any figure. Its structured, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant fabric will get you through even the longest days.

The classic non-stretch scrub top is available in traditional color options (dark black or slate blue) in sizes XS–XL for $38

Medelita Men’s Ascent Scrub Pants Review

Medelita Men’s Ascent Scrub Pants Review
Medelita Men’s Ascent Scrub Pants

The Men’s Ascent Scrub Pants are a hybrid between classic scrubs and a comfy pair of joggers. These pants are stretchy (as joggers should be), but don’t look unprofessional either. 

They allow for movement so you can get where you need to go quickly and comfortably. When you’re crawling out of bed for those early morning shifts, you won’t have to put on stiff trousers, but instead slip into these wrinkle-free bottoms.

Available in four classic colors from navy blue to dark gray, these jogger scrubs go for $60. The size range is S–XXL

Medelita Kinetic Men’s Scrub Jacket Review

Medelita Kinetic Men’s Scrub Jacket Review
Medelita Kinetic Men’s Scrub Jacket

A scrub jacket is a must when you start your shift in the cool morning and end it in the chilly night! Also, hospital atmospheres are notoriously cold, so stay warm with the Kinetic Men’s Scrub Jacket

All of the pockets paired with stretchy moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fabric make this piece super functional. Fashion isn’t lost, thought, as this jacket resembles the bomber style with a low collar and a slim fit. 

The Kinetic Men’s Scrub Jacket is available in sizes S–XXL for $88. You can choose from deep blues and grays to match your scrubs.

Medelita Underscrubs Review

Being comfortable underneath your scrubs is important, but they shouldn’t be so hideous that you feel embarrassed running errands in them after work. So, put on these cute Medelita underscrubs and get everything you want done before hitting the sack. 

Medelita’s most popular underscrubs are designed for both men and women. Made from super soft materials, they are available in long or short sleeve options. The men’s neckline is a crewneck, while the women’s tee is a scoop neck. 

Medelita Core One Women’s Tee Review

Medelita Core One Women’s Tee Review
Medelita Core One Women’s Tee

Want a top that’s lightweight enough to wear under your scrubs? Sweet and simple, you can throw on Medelita’s Core One Women’s Tee whenever you want—whether it’s during work or when it’s time to hit the gym at the end of the day. 

Medelita knows your job is exhausting and that a wardrobe change isn’t always in the cards when you’re transitioning from work to sleep. This stretchy long sleeved top is moisture wicking, odor resistant, and antimicrobial, so you will feel fresh as a daisy round the clock. 

Designed with a scoop neck and slim fit, this transitional piece is available in gray or black in sizes XS–XL for $46.

Medelita Core One Men’s Tee Review

Medelita Core One Men’s Tee Review
Medelita Core One Men’s Tee

Medelita labels the Core One Men’s Tee a “second skin” since it will be all you want to wear. Like the women’s tee, this shirt features performance fabric that works to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable for your whole shift. 

This slim fit tee has four-way stretch and is super resilient. It will last you many long days of movement and go through the wash like a dream. Days of chafing are long gone since this top stays put until you take it off.

This Core One Men’s Tee comes in black, light gray, or sky blue in sizes S–2XL for $42.

Medelita Accessories Review

Medelita is the one-stop shop for all your needs, as they carry accessories to go with your new scrubs and lab coat. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s best-selling options from this category.

Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope Review

Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope Review
Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope

The innovative Sensitive Stethoscope precisely captures the sounds you want to hear while blocking out any external noise. It features different sized ear tips for that perfect fit. It’s built to last for years, but you can also register for a 7-year warranty on this product.

The chest piece is made from antibacterial chromed brass so you can keep your patients safe. There are no nooks and crannies so the stethoscope is easy enough to clean, making this piece super functional and low maintenance. 

This Sensitive Stethoscope comes in dark shades of black, gray, or blue. Match your scrubs for $178!  

Medelita Face Mask Review

Medelita Face Mask Review
Medelita Face Mask

Medelita’s Face Mask is a must-have for medical professionals. Designed to fit snugly around the nose, cheeks, and chin, this reusable covering also has adjustable ear straps for your comfort and safety. The adult-sized masks come with a nose wire. 

The fabric is lightweight and antimicrobial and there is also a pocket for a filter. You won’t have to worry about this quality mask pilling or shrinking in the wash!

The Face Mask comes in three colors to match your scrubs. Offered in S/M, M/L, or children’s sizes, it’s currently on sale for $10 from $14.

Who Is Medelita For? 

Medelita Scrubs Review

Need a new pair of scrubs that you know are made from quality materials and can be customized, while still looking as good as they feel? Medelita is for anyone in search of a good pair of scrubs, or even anyone looking for a gift for the health care provider in their life!

Wearing sanitary uniforms that are protective is important for any medical professional. Medelita provides innovative designs with advanced fabrics so you never have to worry about what you’re wearing to work again.

Can You Customize Medelita Scrubs?

Medelita Scrubs Review

Medelita offers embroidery options so that you can wear your name and title on your uniform. You can also opt for a customized logo to make it even more personalized. Lab coats, scrub tops, or scrub jackets can be easily elevated with your choice of design.

The process is easy:

  1. Begin by choosing a scrub top, jacket, or lab coat from the website
  2. Fill out the information for up to two lines of embroidery

If you want a logo instead, you simply need to upload the design and then approve the mock up you’ll receive in 3–7 days. 

There are 24 thread color options, from scarlet red to seafoam green, and 6 font options depending on whether you want typescript or cursive. After an item has been customized, it is non-refundable, so make sure you try it out first! 

Simple embroidery is $16, while the production of a logo is $150. The application fee is $16.

Comparison: Medelita vs. FIGS

Medelita Scrubs Review

Fashion forward and high-performance scrubs are a desirable product for many medical professionals. So who delivers the best options for your workplace wardrobe? This Medelita scrubs review will take a look at Medelita and FIGS to see how the competition racks up.

FIGS has been around for over 90 years, while Medelita is newer to the industry. Both have made names for themselves as quality options and are rated highly by professionals who label them as tried and true workwear.

Both Medelita and FIGS sell scrubs and lab coats, as well as necessities like face masks. FIGS sells three pairs of shoes made in collaboration with New Balance and maternity wear—two categories that Medelita falls short on. But, you won’t find stethoscopes at FIGS. 

Both brands tend to stick to classic but versatile color options (although FIGS has a slightly more diverse range). Being able to filter the apparel by color or collection on both websites also makes the shopping process easier.  

Both brands are committed to using sustainable, moisture-wicking fabrics, and so the two belong to a similar price range. Scrubs ring in at around $50, while lab coats cost around $150. Medelita has a great return and try-on policy, while FIGS items must be returned within 30 days in case of any issues. 

These two brands are definitely comparable when it comes to offering quality items at a great price for anyone in the healthcare industry. If you’re sure about the buy and prefer brands that have been in operation for years, FIGS could be a great fit. On the other hand, Medelita has a better return policy, try-on program, and embroidery options.

Medelita Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Medelita Scrubs Review

This Medelita scrubs review found that buyers are impressed with the brand’s mission and production. Not only does the apparel and accessories serve their purpose, but they are also manufactured in a way that feels tailored to each individual customer. 

While there aren’t many external sources of customer feedback, we discovered plenty of ratings on the brand’s website. Here’s how some of the bestsellers scored:

  • Vista Scrub Top: 5/5 stars out of 124 reviews
  • Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat: 5/5 stars out of 223 reviews
  • Argon Scrub Pants: 5/5 stars out of 239 reviews
  • Iconic Women’s Scrub Jacket: 5/5 stars out of 234 reviews

On the website, one reviewer gives the Sola Scrub Top 5/5 stars and writes that the size range is unmatched. They also mention the durability of the fabric:

“I am 4’10 and weigh 98 lbs and it’s extremely difficult to find scrubs that are small enough to fit me. This top fits perfectly. It is true to size and hits in the right places. Medelita is now the only brand I wear because it actually fits me. Out of their scrub tops this is the most flattering on me. The quality is great and it holds up after washing over and over again. Highly recommend it.”

Medelita receives a 4.5/5 star rating out of 26 opinions on Yelp, where reviewers commend the company for its excellent customer service. The appearance and functionality of the products also receive high praise. One buyer describes the reputation of Medelita in the medical world:

“Medelita is your go to place if you want high quality lab coats that will make you look fabulous at your job! I have seen so many people at the hospital wearing Medelita coats over the years and they always appeared so polished and professional in their lab coats. I appreciate their flexibility and commitment to keeping their customers happy…I highly recommend giving them a try if you are looking to invest in a nice lab coat!”

Medelita is highly rated by The Traveling Dogtor. The post says, “Every time I wear these scrubs, I get compliments on how professional they look. When people feel the material, they fall in love with the brand. I gave the overall brand a rating of 4/5 based on the lack of color options. However, both sets of Medelita scrubs are the most comfortable scrubs I own.”

Another medical professional on describes the brand as “genuine in their work and style. I think that is a very important part of purchasing anything from anyone. You can proudly wear the scrubs knowing not only are you comfortable in them, but you are supporting a great company. Wear things you are proud of.”

The experiences of these real world medical professionals stack up, and they seem to only have good things to say. The glowing brand reviews only speak highly of Medelita and its products, so it’s worth it to take the plunge and invest in some new scrubs.

Is Medelita Worth It?

Medelita Scrubs Review

Overall, this Medelita scrubs review has determined that the brand is worth checking out. Not only is their selection of apparel affordable and accessible, but it’s flattering on most body types. Buttery soft and made from resilient materials, this professional medical attire will have you looking your best. 

The option to customize your uniform is also great and relatively inexpensive. Rock your name and company logo on the work attire so you can easily introduce yourself to any client or patient. It’s time to hang up your old and worn-out uniform (or stethoscope!) and trade up for Medelita.

Medelita Promotions & Discounts 

Medelita Scrubs Review

If you’re looking for a deal on some Medelita scrubs, the brand offers 20% off if you sign up for their email newsletter!

There is also a sale section titled Web Specials where you can find items up to 50% off

Where to Buy Medelita 

Medelita Scrubs Review

You can shop for Medelita products directly from the brand’s website at, or visit their store at the following address: 

23456 South Point Drive
Laguna Hills, CA


Medelita Scrubs Review

Does Medelita offer gift cards?  

They certainly do! Say you want to treat a loved one who works in the healthcare industry but don’t know their size or what they might prefer to wear. In that case, a virtual gift card is a great option.  

Does Medelita offer group rates?  

This Medelita scrubs review found that the brand offers discounts for group purchases of 20+ items. You can also opt to get the scrubs embroidered with the name of your practice. 

Are Medelita Lab coats wrinkle-free?  

Medelita lab coats are wrinkle resistant and should come out of the dryer ready to wear. If you like those crisp lines, simply iron on low heat.

How soft are Medelita Scrubs? 

Medelita scrubs are made from drirelease with FreshGuard fabric, which is super soft and moisture wicking. Not only is this fabric breathable, but it also helps you stay cool when you’re working under pressure.

What is the Try-On-At-Home Program? 

Medelita’s try-on-at-home program allows you to purchase two or more sizes, try them on at home, and then return what you don’t want to keep! Orders over $100 receive free shipping.

If you want the pieces you end up deciding to keep to be embroidered, you can return those as well to be personalized.

What is Medelita’s Shipping Policy?

Medelita ships within 48 states, as well as internationally. US customers can enjoy free shipping on items that hit a subtotal of $100 or over. 

Wondering when your Medelita scrubs will arrive? Luckily, the brand offers tracked shipping through UPS. Packages should take 2–7 business days to arrive depending on where you live. You can also choose a faster shipping option at checkout, such as UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Next Day Air.

If you purchase an embroidered item, it may take longer to ship (up to 7 business days) since it is being customized. Unfortunately, buyers are responsible for any duties or tariffs.

What is Medelita’s Return Policy?

This Medelita scrubs review found that while clearance and personalized items are final sale, other items that are properly maintained can be returned or exchanged within 180 days.

After 30 days, the buyer is responsible for return shipping. After 180 days, your item can be sent for repairs but cannot be returned. 

The process is simple for returns or exchanges, so this Medelita scrubs review is going to give you the low-down: 

  1. Email customer service (within 30 days for exchanges, within 180 days for returns) to start the process
  2. If you live in the US, you will be sent a free shipping label
  3. Print the label and attach it to your package, or get a label from your nearest post office

Since the brand offers a one-year warranty, you can email them to discuss replacing any damaged clothing items. 

How to Contact Medelita

We hope you have enjoyed our Medelita scrubs review! For any further questions, please feel free to contact the brand via the following means:

  • Call: 877-987-7979
  • WhatsApp Chat: 1-949-368-7250
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Mail or visit: 

23456 South Point Drive
Laguna Hills, CA

Medelita’s customer service team operates between 8 am to 5 pm, PST, Monday through Friday.

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