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Jaanuu scrubs review

I’ve known scrubs to be one of two things: super plain and ill-fitting or covered in crazy prints. For some reason, I always thought they had to be that way. Jaanuu proves differently.

Jaanuu makes contemporary medical workwear and accessories for men and women. Their line of lab coats, scrubs, masks, and accessories stands out with their trendy designs and smart and stretchy antimicrobial fabrics.

A quick Google check told me that Jaanuu is really on to something. The brand has been featured in popular publications like Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, and Refinery29, while a social community of 700k makes me do a double take.

But even so, I wondered if it was really worth all the attention. If you’re wondering too, this Jaanuu scrubs review can help. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand and its best-sellers, along with customer feedback, a comparison, and more.

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Overview Of Jaanuu

Jaanuu scrubs review

I’m a fan of a solid mission, and while I admire the basic goals medical workers have each day[1], I like Jaanuu’s too. “Looking good and feeling good while doing good” is the mission of co-founder and CEO, Shaan Sethi and his sister, Dr. Neela Sethi Young.

The two started Jaanuu in 2013 after Dr. Neela, a pediatrician, became frustrated with the standard unflattering and uncomfortable uniform worn throughout the medical world—especially hers.

Banding together, both Jaanuu founders sought to reinvent scrubs in a way that reflects style and function. Totally crushing it in the design department, they’ve since expanded into other medical gear and accessories.

Wondering about the name? The El Segundo, California-based company took its name from the Hindi word for life, Jaan, “in reverence to all that life challenges us to face, accept and overcome.” 

Now that you know a little more about the folks behind the brand, in the next part of this Jaanuu scrubs review, I’ll share some highlights worth mentioning:


  • Great range of men’s & women’s trendy scrubs
  • A variety of sizes for women (petite, tall, plus) and men (short, tall, extended)
  • Choose your best fit (slim, semi-fitted, relaxed)
  • 15% off for new customers and Share & Give $25 deal
  • Free shipping on US orders over $50 and on Canada orders over $125
Jaanuu Scrubs Review

Hitting up its website, I learned that Jaanuu offers more than standard scrub tops, bottoms, and jackets. Medical personnel can shop for underscrubs, compression clothing, and lab coats too.

Jaanuu also designs masks, scrub caps, and a lab cart handle cover that you can also use at the grocery store.

In other words, there are a ton of thoughtful designs and pieces within its collection.

While I won’t take you through all of them in this Jaanuu scrubs review, you will find details on some of their bestsellers below.

Jaanuu Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top 

With a classic and sleek look, this Jaanuu scrub top has hidden superpowers: it’s durable and functional too. Made from revolutionary SPINryx fabric, it’s extremely soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

To put it plainly, the Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck is a must for your daily wardrobe. I love pockets, though I don’t know a woman who doesn’t. This top has 4, including:

  • 2 large curved patch pockets 
  • 1 hidden mesh pen pocket
  • 1 rubber tip pocket with mesh lining 

Available in a variety of colors, choose between pretty hues like blushing pink and cell blue or stick to classics like black and grey.

you can add the Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck to your cart for $42. If you’d like to customize your top, or tops for your employees, embroidery services are an extra $14

What customers are saying: “This shirt is so soft & stretchy. I’m in AZ & it’s hot but the fabric is really breathable. These are so comfortable.”

Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger

Joggers are the sophisticated version of sweatpants. I love that the design is super comfortable but has a polished look. These Jaanuu scrub pants are completely on-trend.

The casual and comfortable jogger design is totally freeing and void of restricting fabric, yet still looks professional.

Jaanuu’s Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger comes in the brand’s 9 core colors and 2 limited edition colors. Choose Caribbean blue or hunter green for a fresh look.

These joggers have a mid-rise drawstring waistline and are made from a woven fabric called, EDGEryx. Constructed with 4-way stretch, they’re stretchy and durable to keep you comfortable in high-stress situations.

Why else do these pants make me want to consider a career in nursing? Because they’re also fade resistant, wrinkle resistant, and finished with Silvadur™ antimicrobial technology and come equipped with 9 functional pockets.

My pocket dream come true? If you’re digging the design, you can get the Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers for $54

What customers are saying: “I love it! It’s so soft and comfortable. My staff are going to order theirs too!😊I just ordered another 2 sets.”

Jaanuu Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top

Jaanuu’s Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top is a classic. With its relaxed fit and simple 2 pocket design, I think this top is ideal for men who just need the essentials at work like pen and a pad or a place to hold glasses.

With a classic neckline, this Jaanuu V-neck scrub top promises functional performance, durability, and extreme comfort.

And since it’s made with EDGEryx™ technology, you won’t have to worry about wrinkling, fading, or hanging onto germs.

I think it’s a must-have for any medical professional’s closet. Get the Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck in one of 7 core colors for $36. Add embroidery for $14

What customers are saying: “Fabric: amazing fabric, good quality. Fit: perfect. Not too tight, gives me enough room to move and breathe without being too loose. Package: nice packaging.”

Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

Just like the women’s, the Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant is extremely versatile and keeps up with your hectic job.

They’re semi-fitted so you can wear them to work, and I think they’d keep up with you on long walks to or from work too.

With durable, sweat-wicking fabric thanks to EDGEryx™ technology, these may just be the perfect work pants. Enjoy features like 6 convenient pockets and a range of classic colors like navy and wine.

Get the Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant for $44.

What customers are saying: “The pants themselves are awesome quality, true to color, great design, and feel comfortable. Medium is true to size.”

Jaanuu Signature Lab Coat

I read that this Jaanuu by Dr. Neela Women’s Signature Lab Coat was inspired by the good doctor herself.

Designing what she, herself would like to wear to work, this coat blends sleek tailoring with a polished look. I find it classy, professional, and totally flattering.

The Jaanuu Women’s Signature Lab Coat is 34.5” inches long with 7 highly functional pockets, while the semi-fitted silhouette features a four-button closure with a center back vent for ease of movement.

This attractive Jaanuu lab coat is built with liquid-repellant and moisture wicking fabric with an antimicrobial finish. It has the same fade and wrinkle resistance too.

The Women’s Signature Lab Coat only comes in white (obviously) for $149. For a bit of personalization, consider embroidery for an extra $14.

I think the Jaanuu Men’s Signature Lab Coat has a distinguished look. With a blazer style fit and elbow patches, it’s trendy, yet professional—a common theme in the line.

The coat is 36” long and has 5 functional pockets, two of which are roomy enough to hold an iPad. Wow.

It’s designed with a three-button front, with the same center back vent and advanced fabric as the women’s version, offered for the same price of $149 with optional embroidery.

What customers are saying: “You will get noticed!!!!! It’s light and comfortable. It has some stretch to it. Quite fashionable!!!! Definitely a winner!!!!”

Jaanuu Masks 

If there’s one thing I learned over the last two years, it’s that not all masks are equal. There are cheap, flimsy ones, then there are Jaanuu Masks.

Made from the same durable and comfortable fabric as their signature scrubs, they’re treated with Silvadur antimicrobial preservative technology to add an extra layer of protection.

Why is this technology so important? It actually prolongs the life of the mask while inhibiting the growth of organisms. 

Jaanuu Masks are reusable and washable, fitted with comfortable, adjustable ear loops so they fit a range of sizes. I also found that the brand makes masks for kids.

These essentials come in packs of 5 up to packs of 10,000. However, if you require a Jaanuu wholesale of more than 10,000 they can help you out with that too. 

While writing this Jaanuu scrubs review, I found that you can save 30% when you buy packs of masks in quantities of 25 or more. If you’re still stocking up, this is an incredible deal.

Jaanuu offers 16 designs to choose from, but just keep in mind that your packs will only come in one design

What customers are saying: “I love my masks. It’s very stylish, breathable, comfortable, fits perfectly on face and ears.”

Jaanuu vs FIGS Scrubs

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

I took a minute to check out all that FIGS scrubs has to offer and saw that the brand has a lot of similarities to Jaanuu scrubs, but also some really big differences.

In this section or my this Jaanuu scrubs review, I’ll do a quick Jaanuu vs FIGS brand comparison and check out how they stack up against one another in terms of pricing, product variety, and available colors

Jaanuu and FIGS are pretty close in terms of color options, although the styles of their scrub tops vary slightly. FIGS’ pricing is a bit higher than Jaanuu’s, but nothing noteworthy. I did a comparison between similar items to show the difference:

  • FIGS 3 Pocket Scrub Top ($38) vs Jaanuu Women’s Relaxed 3 Pocket Top ($36)
  • FIGS Men’s Jogger Scrub Pants ($46) vs Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant ($44)

The FIGS FIONx Core Mask, which includes changeable filters and a bendable nose wire, is priced at $12.

This comes in comparison to Jaanuu Masks which are bought in a pack and don’t have a nose wire or filter for $25 per 5 pack. Jaanuu masks come in 16 colors and patterns, whereas FIGS come in only 5 basic colors. 

The biggest difference I noticed? The style. This may come as a surprise considering they’re both scrubs, but there are subtle design differences between the two. FIGS’ selection is a little larger as well.

Be sure to check out our complete FIGS scrubs review for more information about the brand.

Jaanuu Scrubs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

Scrubs need to keep up with the high demands of the medical realm, so in this section of my Jaanuu scrubs review, I turned to customer feedback for answers. My first stop was the Better Business Bureau.

Jaanuu’s BBB page comes in with a solid A rating. The company has a few complaints there but has looked to respond to or resolve all of them. And with that, I headed off to my next source,

Once there, I found a Jaanuu scrubs review that read:

They fit amazing, and for once I don’t have to cut off the length or feel as if they are too short. I LOVE that both the pants AND tops have pockets big enough to fit all my nursing supplies! The fabric is soft, stretchy and so comfortable! The best part is that they are true to size!” 

On Jaanuu’s website, their masks are consistently rated at 5 stars and are loved by customers— over 17,000 reviews told me so.

Reviews for other items like shirts contain comments about a love for their soft fabric and deep pockets. Even though I don’t work in the medical field, I can appreciate these details.

It wasn’t all a walk in the part with this brand though, but then again, it never is. I bumped into some negative Jaanuu reviews about mask sizing and late shipments…though, I didn’t see much in the way of apparel complaints.

For the majority, Jaanuu scrubs are awesome. They fit well, look good, and are easy to move around in all day.

Let’s wrap up this section by taking a look at some of the ratings for the products featured in my review:

  • Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top: 4.5/5 stars out of 2.5k+ ratings
  • Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger: 4.4/5 stars out of over 2k ratings
  • Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top: 4.5/5 stars out of 73 ratings
  • Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant: 4.4/.5 stars out of close to 1k ratings

Are Jaanuu Scrubs Worth It?

Jaanuu scrubs review

Based on tons of positive Jaanuu reviews, their competitive pricing, and innovative designs, I’ve reached a conclusion about the brand in this Jaanuu scrubs review. And it’s that I would recommend purchasing Jaanuu uniforms.

If you are a medical professional or someone who just wants to purchase their masks, I learned that the risk of being unsatisfied with your order from this company is very low. 

Whether you’re constantly putting in overtime or simply showing up to help, I think you deserve the best, and to me, that’s Jaanuu uniforms.

Carefully made with medical professionals in mind, I love that the line is designed by a medical pro herself, Dr. Neela. All things considered in this Jaanuu scrubs review, I really like what this brand has to offer.

Jaanuu Promotions & Discounts 

Jaanuu scrubs review

I kept an eye out for deals while writing this Jaanuu scrubs review and you know what I found? A lot, actually. Take a peek:

  • New customers can use the Jaanuu scrubs promo code WELCOME15 to get 15% off your order
  • Share & Get $25: When you give $25 to a friend, you receive $25. The catch: Your friends must be new customers to the site and spend over $75 on their first order
  • Students get 15% off

Where To Buy Jaanuu Scrubs

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

You can buy Jaanuu scrubs directly from their website at You can also check out the Jaanuu scrubs Amazon page or even the Jaanuu scrubs eBay page.

During this Jaanuu scrubs review, I found their apparel and accessories on a few other websites as well but would recommend using their official site to shop the entire collection and take advantage of the promo code.


Are Jaanuu scrubs true to size?

I’ve read that Jaanuu scrubs typically run true to size, however, it does vary on the particular style and fit of the items you buy. I appreciate that Jaanuu sizing is extremely considerate and offers different types of fits, such as slim, semi-fitted, and relaxed.

After you choose your desired fit with help from the Jaanuu fit guide, choose your normal size and refer to the Jaanuu scrubs size chart for exact measurements.

Sizes for women: 

  • Scrub tops range from XXS-3X
  • Scrub pants XXS-3X (regular, petite, or tall lengths)
  • Scrub jackets and lab coats XXS-3X   

Sizes for men:

  • Scrub tops range from XS-3X
  • Scrub pants XS-3X (regular, tall, or short lengths)
  • Scrub jackets and lab coats XS-3X

Do Jaanuu masks work? 

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

Jaanuu claims to have “the softest, most comfortable, reusable face masks” on the market. They’ve sold millions of masks! Jaanuu face masks are designed to be breathable, wearable for long periods, and comfortable on your face

At this point in my Jaanuu scrubs review, I should note that Jaanuu face masks are not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment.

Jaanuu masks also do not offer particulate filtration and are not intended to provide antibacterial, antimicrobial, or antiviral protection. 

Are Jaanuu masks washable?

Jaanuu masks are reusable and washable. Use non-chlorine detergent and machine wash inside out on cold with like colors. Do not dry clean. You can either tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

How long does Jaanuu take to ship?

All Domestic (US) orders are free over $50. You can track your Jaanuu order through your Jaanuu account, but they will also email you a tracking number when your package ships.

Here’s a look at shipping times and costs below:

  • Standard shipping: 3-8 business days for $7.99 or free on orders over $50
  • Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands: 3-5 business days for $10 or free on orders over $50
  • USPS Priority (for P.O. box and military addresses): 3-5 business days for $15 or free on orders over $50
  • 2-day shipping: 2 business days for $20
  • Overnight shipping: 1 business day for $40
  • Shipping to Canada: 3-8 business days for $10 or free on orders over $125

How do I return Jaanuu scrubs?

If you are not happy with your Jaanuu scrubs order, you have up to 30 days to file a Jaanuu returns claim.

All returned garments must be unwashed, undamaged, and with the original tags still attached to receive a full refund. 

Currently, exchanges are limited to a different size or color of the item you ordered.

Jaanuu cannot offer exchanges for new items. If you would like to exchange for another product, select store credit for your return. Once your return is processed, store credit will be added to your account and you can go ahead and purchase your desired product.

For this Jaanuu scrubs review, I found two options for returns:

  1. Free in-person returns within the US: start at the Jaanuu return page and enter your Order Number and Postal Code. Jaanuu will then issue you a QR code and direct you to a Happy Return location for contactless drop-off. Your refund will be immediately processed once you are onsite at a Happy Returns location and issued to the account used to make the purchase
  2. Free returns by mail: Head over to the Jaanuu returns page and log in by entering your Order Number and Postal Code. Once your return is received between 6-8 days, Jaanuu will send a confirmation email informing you that your refund has been completed. Allow 3-5 business days for the amount to appear on your original payment method. 

How To Contact Jaanuu

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Jaanuu scrubs review, Jaanuu customer service is available Monday-Friday from 6 am to 5 pm PST.

You can reach them through the following methods of contact:

  • Calling or texting 844-542-2688
  • Emailing [email protected]
  • Using the Live Chat feature on their site

Be sure to check out FIGS medical apparel and look into Tommie Copper compression gear.

Looking to up your scrub game? Check out the 10 Best Scrub Brands available online.

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Terrible service
Camille Johnson
3 years ago Reply

I placed and order for masks before a trip, but they took longer than the advised shipping time and I did not get in time for my trip. Worst yet, even though I never opened the package, they won’t let me return the items. I couldn’t use them because they delivered late, but they won’t take a return. Will never order from them again and recommend no one does.

3 years ago Reply

All I wanted was an exchange for a regular pair pants it did not say slim I usually wear a size large this is an extra large and still does not fit me so there’s something wrong with this cut in this pants so they lost me as a customer I have nothing else to say and then I reach out to them and they telling me the final say so they can’t exchange the pants I’m not asking for a refund I’m asking for an exchange really. Jaanuu I have to say is thank you you just lost me as a customer I’m very unhappy

Nurses uniform
3 years ago Reply

I’ve never had a problem with these uniforms from this company but lately it’s been that service I’m not happy with my package first was stolen I understand that they have nothing to do with that I bought another pair of pants are turned out that it’s slim and it was tight and because it was on sale then to not want to exchange it for me for a regular size is a slim and I didn’t realize it says slim you charge me an arm and a leg for a pair of pants and shipping and you cannot even exchange it because it’s a sale that’s no excuse for the price that we pay for those uniforms.

One month later have not received my scrubs
Mee chie
3 years ago Reply

Placed an order on 1/12/21 for logo and embroidery of two sets of scrubs. I had to keep following up with the company to find out the status of the order. On 2/4/21, I was informed the order was complete and would be shipped. I followed up on 2/11/21, the order has still not been shipped. Since January, I have been asking to be connected to a manager and have been getting a lot of push back. The items are paid for and I have still not received. It has been very frustrating dealing with this company and I am currently working with my bank to cancel payment. Very fraustrating to have wasted a month trying to get my scrubs and to be continually deceived by the employees/company.

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