Caraway Cookware Review

About Caraway Cookware

Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware makes non-toxic, cleverly designed home cookware and kitchen accessories. Made from ceramic, their non-stick pots and pans come in modern colors and provide a healthier and more appealing cooking experience. 

The brand’s user-friendly products can be seen featured in Domino, Refinery29, Hunker, Pop Sugar, Goop, and Food & Wine. They also have a substantial 181K followers on Instagram. 

Ready to get cooking? In this Caraway Cookware review, I will take a close look at the brand, their bestselling products, customer reviews, promotions, and more to help you decide if these pans actually pan out. 

Overview of Caraway Cookware

Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware was founded in 2018 by Jordan Nathan. The brand defines its mission as, “to craft well-designed, non-toxic ceramic cookware that thoughtfully raises the standards of what you cook with.” 

When heated to 500°F, traditional non-stick cookware (including Teflon) takes just 2.5 minutes to release toxic chemicals into the food we’re cooking. By contrast, Caraway Cookware is specifically devised to emit no harmful substances into your food. 

Designed and conceptualized in NYC, Caraway products are made in world-class factories in China and India that have strict ethical manufacturing practices. This extends to both the environmentally friendly manufacturing process itself, and the treatment of workers.

Let’s dig in to this Caraway Cookware review by going over some of the most notable highlights of the brand. 


  • Shipped in recycled cardboard and biodegradable cork trivets, no styrofoam
  • Cookware is made of ceramic, which is friendlier to the earth as it releases less CO₂ during its production than other non-stick materials
  • Free of harmful chemicals like PTFE, PFOA, and PFAS
  • Brand partners with ethical manufacturers
  • Easy-clean non-stick surface allows food to slide off easily
  • Lower prices than other high-quality designer pans
  • Helpful and prompt customer service
  • Free shipping on US orders over $90
  • Free returns 
Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware has reimagined the cooking process. With their easy-to-clean pots, no-fuss Caraway lid storage systems, and thoughtful design elements like wide grip handles, their cookware changes the way you cook, clean, and eat. 

Caraway Cookware is made from ceramic with an aluminum core, and works on electric, gas, and induction stovetops.

My Caraway Cookware review will spotlight the brand’s bestselling products, from high-quality pots to spice up your cookware collection to kitchen accessories that make the often chaotic cooking process go more smoothly. 

Caraway Ceramic Cooking Pots Review

A welcome change from the traditional black or silver pan, Caraway pots and pans come in attractive neutral colors that make them as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

They also include smart design elements intended to make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable. 

When it comes to clean-up, these pots truly are non-stick—any leftover food residue comes off easily. Below, you’ll find Caraway Cookware’s bestselling pots and pans that help you healthily and efficiently cook whatever meal your heart (or stomach) desires. 

Caraway Dutch Oven Review

A good, tough Dutch oven is hard to come by. The best ones are often passed down from generation to generation for a reason—they just don’t make them like they used to. 

Your great-grandmother’s pot was, of course, free of chemicals (because they didn’t include them in pots back then) and indestructible (because it was made to last). That’s what Caraway has achieved with their modern Dutch Oven, which conveniently comes with a lid.

Hearty stews, four-hour roasts, fried chicken—you name it, and the Dutch Oven makes cooking it as easy as pie. It comes in your choice of five colors, but in this Caraway Cookware review, I’ve got to mention that I particularly adore it in sage: it’s got a natural look that complements traditional white walls and cupboards. 

Get cooking with the Dutch Oven for $125. 

Caraway Saute Pan Review 

Deep and substantial, the Caraway large Sauté Pan minimizes messes on the stove and is ideal for cooking saucy meals. There’s no plastic coating on the handle, so you can pop this baby in the oven to add the finishing touch to meals like stovetop mac and cheese. 

Equipped with a lid, the Caraway saut pan is quite hefty, so it’s perfect to use when cooking for your large and loving (but sometimes demanding) family. Pictured here in the rosy perracotta color option, the versatile Sauté Pan is $135. 

Caraway Fry Pan Review 

Frying pans are a kitchen staple, and the Caraway Fry Pan is even lighter and easier to handle than the standard variety. Use it to flip pancakes impressively for your friends, or effortlessly toss sautéed veggies that, thanks to the non-stick surface, won’t be stuck to the bottom. 

Picture this Caraway frying pan in grey as part of a sleek monochrome kitchen theme, with marble countertops and a full, matching Caraway ceramic cookware set artistically displayed on the counter. Have fun in your kitchen with the Caraway small frying pan for $95. 

Caraway Sauce Pan Review

Sauce pans are great for any recipe that requires a lot of liquid, such as flavorful soups, tender pasta, perfectly poached eggs, or a mean risotto. With its three-quart capacity, the Caraway Sauce Plan can do all this and more—with the help of your (or the internet’s) cooking expertise, of course. 

This Caraway Cookware particularly likes the Sauce Pan in the dreamy cream color, but choose the shade that suits you and your kitchen best. The handy lid stops those messy red-sauce spills from happening, and the non-stick surface wipes clean with ease

Get your boil on with the Caraway Sauce Pan for $105. 

Caraway Home Review

You’ve got the basics—and when I say basics, I mean high-quality, user-friendly cookware—so now what you need are the right tools to make your cook go as smoothly as possible. 

Below in this Caraway Cookware review, I will give you an overview of the brand’s bestselling kitchen accessories to keep you protected and help you nail the most important element of cooking—namely, the food. 

Caraway Market Tote Review 

Your meal is only as great as the ingredients you use to make it with—and how can you get those ingredients home without something to carry them in? Caraway’s Market Tote not only gives you sturdy transport for your food items, but also reduces plastic waste thanks to its durable construction. 

Made from crochet organic cotton, the attractive Market Tote comes in sage, baby blue, and perracotta, and can easily be scrunched up or hung out on display as per your pleasure. Bid farewell to that kitchen closet full of used plastic grocery bags with the Market Tote, available for $18. 

Caraway Linen Apron Review 

Cooking and baking can get kind of chaotic—the sauces, flours, and grease are all part of the process, but they can also ruin your clothes. Stay covered with the lightweight cotton Linen Apron, which has an adjustable neck strap for more comfortable wear.

The Caraway Linen Apron has two deep front pockets that are great for stashing spoons, spices, or even your phone while you’re making those frantic kitchen-to-barbecue dashes. 

Available in cream, navy, and perracotta, the Linen Apron is $55. 

Caraway Oven Mitts Review 

Ever pull a hot pan out of the oven with a kitchen towel, only to drop it—and your four-hour culinary creation—right on the floor due to the surprisingly intense heat that made it through to your hands? No? Well, I certainly have. 

That’s why I believe that a good oven mitt is essential to have hanging around. Made from soft cotton, Caraway’s Oven Mitts are double-layered, stain-resistant, and thickly insulated to keep your own mitts protected from those painful burns.

With their homey, vintage-inspired handwoven design, the Oven Mitts have a nostalgically old-fashioned look with all the advantages of modern construction. And if you do happen to drop something anyway (not the mitts’ fault!), there are also Caraway tea towels available to keep things clean and tidy while you cook. 

Protect both your hands and that special dish you put your heart and soul into with Caraway Oven Mitts, available for $35.

Caraway Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Caraway Cookware Review

This Caraway Cookware checked out reviews on carawayhome.com, a Caraway Cookware Reddit thread, and The Kitchn to see what home cooks had to say about the brand’s pots, pans, and accessories. 

At the brand’s website, over 15,000 reviews of the Caraway product line produce a sky-high average of 4.8/5 stars. One of the 5-star reviewers spoke for pretty much all with her full-spectrum praise, which touched on the products’ design, convenience, eco-mindfulness, and, of course, cooking and cleaning performance:

Everything from the way it was wrapped is absolute elegance. No unneeded plastic in the wrapping. The cookware looks absolutely stunning and comes with these spacers that make storage really easy. My first meal in it showed no food sticking to the bottom at all. Cooking with it was a sheer delight. It cleans easily too.” 

Reviews also spoke highly of Caraway’s customer service, with one customer summing it up in four simple words: “prompt, personable, understanding and efficient.” 

Looking up Caraway Cookware reviews Reddit threads, I found more testimonials about the high quality of the pans. One commenter helpfully highlighted the fact that good care helps ensure a longer lifespan for the products:

I’ve had it for a couple of months and honestly I have no issues with it so far. They have been truly nonstick and so easy to clean. I am very careful with the utensils I use with them (no metal) and I try to store them in a way so they don’t get scratched…I don’t foresee any issues with them lasting a while.” 

The same user also related their positive experience with the brand’s return policy: “I also liked their return policy, which I did have to use because my small pot came scratched, but they were super good about replacing it.”

A Caraway Cookware set review on The Kitchn kept the good news coming about the brand’s non-stick promise, saying that she “used very little oil and everything just slipped right out no problem,” and also that the pans had “really even heat distribution. I didn’t experience any hotspots, and the food cooked very evenly.” 

I had a hard time finding negative Caraway Cookware reviews on the brand’s website, but one I did find fits in with something of a pattern on other review threads: “[I am] disappointed the color in two of the pieces was already chipped.”

While by and large the response to Caraway’s products is overwhelmingly positive, there were several customers who reported that the pots are easily scratchable and that the color has a tendency to chip. One Reddit commenter reported their experience of this:

The nonstick cooking side is great, no complaints. But the bottom of the pans within 4 months of use on a glass cooktop are getting serious scratches and staining, more than my t-fal and cuisinart got in 4 years of use.”

Another user commented that, while she loved the pans, she was disappointed at how quickly they became scuffed and scratched and also with their heating time:

I got a set of caraway pots and pans and love them. My only complaint is they take forever to heat up n u can’t use high heat on them…Also I regret getting cream colored even though it’s so pretty, because I got some burn marks on the bottom…Also DO NOT use metal in them I scratched the inside of mine.”

Additionally, the otherwise positive review above from The Kitchn brought up a cooking issue stemming from the non-stick surface: “The nonstick ceramic coating just doesn’t promote that dark crust [on meats] and, as a result, you get very little fond.”

As the reviewer admits, though, the same is true of all non-stick pans. And to address the issues with scratching and chipping, the Reddit commenter above put it perfectly: proper use (no metal implements) and cleaning (by hand) will help guarantee that your pots continue looking good and cooking well.  

Is Caraway Cookware Worth It?

Caraway Cookware Review

Although Caraway Cookware pans are pricey, the majority of customers believe that they are different from any other pan that they’ve used and are worth the money. 

Caraway Cookware sets are $395 for four pots and pans, but if you have them for years, that price makes sense instead of buying two or three sets of plans for half of that price. Just remember, you want to get the most out of these pans you’ll need to take care of them properly. 

I can also appreciate the fact that the Caraway ceramic pots and pans set does not contain toxic chemicals, and that their packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. 

As for the company itself, they partner with ethical manufacturing facilities and have great customer service. For these reasons mentioned in my Caraway Cookware review, I believes the brand’s cookware is worth the buy

Caraway Cookware Promotions & Discounts 

Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway offers free shipping on orders of $90 and above, which will be automatically applied at checkout. To get a heads-up about any upcoming Caraway Cookware discount, Caraway Cookware sale, or Caraway Cookware coupon code, you can subscribe to their newsletter. 

The brand is also currently having a Holiday Sale. They’re offering up to 20% off all of their non-toxic essentials. You can also bundle up to unlock greater savings. The Offer is auto applied at checkout. The savings are as follows:

  • 10% on orders $85+
  • 15% on orders $425+
  • 20% on orders $525+

Where to Buy Caraway Cookware

Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware is only  available online. Head to carawayhome.com to buy their complete collection, or to their retail partners Goop and Indigo. There is currently no Caraway Cookware Amazon section. 


Caraway Cookware Review

Who owns Caraway Cookware? 

Jordan Nathan is the owner, CEO and founder of Caraway Cookware. He created the brand in 2018. 

Where is Caraway Cookware manufactured? 

The concept and design for caraway cookware began in NYC. Their products are manufactured in ethical facilities in China and India. 

Is Caraway Cookware safe? 

Caraway Cookware can withstand temperatures up to 650°F. Their pots and pans do not contain PFOA, PFAS, PTFE, or toxic metals. 

Is Caraway Cookware really non toxic? 

Caraway cookware is made from ceramic, so it is free of toxic metals and compounds. This means that nothing toxic will leach into your food when the pan becomes overheated. 

How long does Caraway Cookware last? 

Caraway Cookware is designed to last for years, when properly cared for. Be sure to follow the care guide in order to keep your pans in good working condition. 

How do you clean Caraway pans? 

To properly clean your Caraway pans, follow these steps:

  1. Let your pan cool down after cooking. Do not run cold water over its hot surface, as this may lead to cracks. 
  2. Gently scrub your pan with a sponge. Do not use steel wool or put in the dishwasher, as this can shorten the lifespan of your pan’s non-stick surface.
  3. For exterior stains, use a wool sponge and a high-strength detergent.
  4. For any food that does get stuck to the bottom, simmer soapy water over a low heat, then scrape the food off with a non-abrasive scrubber and rinse clean.
  5. Dry with a soft dish towel or let air dry.

What is Caraway’s Shipping Policy?

Caraway Cookware offers domestic ground shipping for orders in the continental US. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout, and orders of $90 and above qualify for free shipping. 

Ground shipping takes about 2-4 business days once your order has been processed. Caraway also offers expedited shipping on certain products, but not all. 

For international orders to Canada, the UK, and the EU, you can purchase Caraway products from their retail partner, Goop. 

What is Caraway’s Return Policy?

The brand has a 30-day trial period that lets you test out their Caraway non stick cookware sets and return them for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it. To return your product, you must ship it back in the original packaging with all accessories. 

Returns are always free. After you initiate the return process, you have 45 days to send your items back in order to receive a refund. 

For products that are returned in poor condition or are missing components, Caraway may charge up to a 15% restocking and repackaging fee. They also have the right to not issue a refund at all if the items are in extremely poor condition. 

All used pans are donated. There is no Caraway home phone number listed on the site, so to start a return, head to the Return Portal

How to Contact Caraway Cookware

If you need any other information that I didn’t include in this Caraway Cookware review, you can get in contact with the brand by emailing [email protected]. There is no Caraway customer service number listed on the site.

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I bought the Caraway set of pans about 6 months ago. They worked great initially. I used low heat, heated the pan, added the oil, and then the food as directed. I gently hand washed them. Now, I’m having sticking issues. I would not by these pans again.

Worked initially.. Not anymore
Asked by Sol (2 years ago) Reply

These pans worked great for the first 2 months. Now everything is sticking to the pan. I’ve taken great care of the pan. I don’t know why they are loosing their non-stick ability.

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