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Misen Cookware Review

I need my cookware to do two things: cook well and clean easily. As a budding home-chef, I’m not looking for overly expensive pots, pans, and tools, but I do know the value of choosing a professional line.

That’s where Misen caught my interest. Offering affordable kitchenware for those who love to cook, its sleek, quality selection is ideal for novices and professional chefs alike.

Merging top-notch quality with user-friendly features, it’s easy to fall in love with this approachable, budget-friendly collection—just ask its 79k Instagram followers or the Food Network chefs who said this brand “lives up to the hype.”

There’s a reason Misen initially raised over $1.7 million on Kickstarter for its direct-to-consumer cookware, but today, it’s loved for its no-nonsense tools too. Serious Eats acclaimed Misen for producing the “holy grail of chef’s knives.”

With so much buzz about this brand, I had to find out more. And in this Misen cookware review, you will too. I’ll tell you all about the brand and its best-sellers, along with customer ratings, promotions, and FAQ. Let’s dig in.

Overview of Misen

Misen Cookware Review

I’ve always loved to cook. I’m not going to be the next Iron Chef by any means, but I love exploring new recipes.

But often, new recipes call for new cooking methods, and I’ve noticed the difference that low quality vs. high quality pans make when it comes time to sear, sauté, and simmer. As a home cook, I’m not big into the idea of investing my savings into cookware, and that’s why I value what Misen offers.

Ever since it was founded in 2015 by Omar Rada, the company has been on a mission to offer quality cookware for less. Manufacturing Misen products near Shanghai, the New York-based brand takes inspiration from the French, putting a spin on the culinary term mise en place (meaning to put in place) to derive its name.

A crucial part of mise en place is being prepared with the right tools you need to cook. The inspiration for Misen came after Rada’s friend lost his only high-quality pan, and both were shocked by the cost to replace it.

Misen was born from the belief that “people should have access to quality tools at affordable prices. Because no matter your skill level, quality kitchen tools will help you cook better.” Even though I’m not an expert, I’ve seen this in my own kitchen exhibited in perfectly cooked salmon, caramelized veggies, and eggs that truly don’t stick.

I’ll get into the brand’s sleek and high-performing tools soon in this Misen cookware review, but first, I’ll highlight their pros and cons.


  • Wide range of kitchenware and cookware items
  • Affordable prices with no retail markups
  • High-quality materials for optimal performance
  • Products go through rigorous quality testing 
  • Thoughtful designs enhance usability
  • Free 60-day return policy
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Helpful customer service


  • Some customers report issues with shipping 

Misen Knives Review

Misen Cookware Review

Cooks are often forced to choose between cheap, low-quality knives or overpriced premium options that never quite live up to the hype. I appreciate that Misen kitchen knives are both affordable and high quality—so you can slice, dice, and cook up a storm without breaking the bank. 

Up next in this Misen cookware review, I’ll showcase the company’s most popular knives. Whether you’re looking for a versatile chef’s knife, effective bread slicer, steak knives, or a complete set, one of these tools may be the newest addition to your kitchen.

Misen Chef’s Knife Review

If I had to choose just one knife to use for the rest of time, it would be a chef’s knife. Large enough to handle squash and sharp enough to chop herbs, this is one knife worth investing in.

Misen’s Chef’s Knife combines the best elements of Western and Japanese-style blades. Built with premium AUS-10 Steel, this blade strikes a balance between long-lasting sharpness and durability. A unique sloped bolster encourages proper “pinch-grip” on the knife for comfort and control.

This multifunctional chef’s knife will help you excel at a variety of cutting tasks and techniques. Pont-Neuf? A breeze. Small dice? No problem. Rock chop? No sweat. The Chef’s Knife comes in four different colors for $65.

Misen Paring Knife Review

This little knife is the hardest worker in my kitchen. It may be small, but it can handle tough tasks.

I think the Paring Knife is the perfect companion to Misen’s Chef’s Knife. This blade features AUS-10 steel and a razor-sharp edge designed for precision and fine-detail work.

Peel the skin off delicate fruits, prepare minced meat, dice veggies, and perform other intricate cutting tasks with this tool. Get the small but mighty knife in three colors for $30

Misen Serrated Knife Review 

I once wondered what large serrated knives were for, until I watched how effortlessly it handled crusty baguettes.

The Serrated Knife is also referred to as a bread knife, but don’t let that mislead you. This blade can tackle hard items like squash or pineapple, yet has the delicacy to slice cleanly through tomatoes, bread, and other soft foods.

The knife is made from premium Japanese steel, which provides superior edge retention and durability. The blade features 32 pointed tips with deep and wide serrations for optimal ‘bite’ and smoother cuts.

Get this high-quality slicer for $60, and I think you’ll likely find yourself using it more and more each day.

Misen Steak Knives Review 

Ever tried to slice into steak with a butter knife? Lacking the proper utensils, I admit to tackling the job and failing miserably. There’s a reason steak knives exist, but they do a great job at cutting through crisp vegetables too.

Whether you’re a fanatic for charred steak or enjoy that first cut into crispy eggplant parm, these Steak Knives are a dining essential. The sharp, serrated edge is ideal for cutting into food without shredding or crushing. 

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these durable knives have a slim, angular design for a comfortable hold. The set comes in six colors to match any kitchen table aesthetic. Get 4 knives for $80, or 8 for $165

Misen Essentials Knife Set Review

The right tools are what separates me from cooking new recipes. After all, if I can’t julienne my veggies, how can I make a vibrant summer slaw?

For many home chefs, a select set of high-quality knives can tackle those dog-eared cookbook recipes. Misen’s Essentials Knife Set comes in 3- and 5-piece options, depending on the cook’s need.

Constructed from high-carbon stainless steel, the knives are thoughtfully designed to feel good in your hand. The basic set includes Misen’s bestselling Chef’s, Serrated, and Paring Knives.

For enhanced functionality, the 5-piece set adds on Santoku and Utility Knives. The Japanese-style Santoku knife is built primarily for larger meat and vegetable chopping, while a utility knife is ideal for chopping smaller foods. Both knives can slice and dice as well.

Get the 3-piece Essentials Knife Set for $159 or upgrade to the 5-piece for $206

Misen Pans Review

Misen Cookware Review

No kitchenware set is complete without hard-working cookware. Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or a culinary master, Misen has affordably priced pieces to handle whichever dishes your heart is set on.

From Misen’s nonstick pans and stainless steel skillets to a complete cookware set, check out these popular items:

Misen Nonstick Pan Review

Who hasn’t had to scrub stuck-on bits of food from a pan at some point? Like so many others, I’ve literally picked food off a pan before because it wouldn’t budge. It shouldn’t be like that.

You can leave that unpleasant cleanup duty behind you with this Nonstick Pan. Unlike other nonstick pans, the coating is free of PFOA, a known carcinogenic.

Instead, the surface contains Dupont Platinum Coating that’s triple-layered for longevity. The pan uses a unique plasma primer that helps the nonstick surface perform better.

Misen’s Nonstick Pan boasts an ergonomic design, featuring a removable stay-cool silicone grip, textured on the underside for comfort and control. The mess-preventing cookware is available in a range of sizes:

  •  8” for $46
  • 10” for $72
  • 12” for $66

I loved that the Nonstick Pan is also available as part of a set. Here are your options:

  • 10” and 12” for $123
  • 8”, 10”, and 12” for $170

Misen Stainless Skillet Review

The Stainless Skillet is the one pan to rule them all. If there’s one pan you should add to your kitchen, I think it should be this one.

This high-quality pan contains 5-ply stainless steel and aluminum for superior heat conduction and retention—creating an optimally heated surface for even cooking.

Get to work frying eggs, searing meat, sauteing veggies, and more with this multipurpose pan. Its stay-cool handle provides a secure, comfortable grip as you cook, even at high temperatures.

The Stainless Skillet is available in the following sizes and sets:

  • 8” for $56
  • 10” for $66
  • 12” for $77
  • 10” and 12” for $144
  • 8”, 10”, and 12” for $200

Misen Carbon Steel Pan 

I think every cook needs a quality fry pan. I love that this one comes in a range of sizes as well as sets to take care of small and large meals.

So here’s a question for you: What’s lighter than cast iron, nonstick, and heavy-duty? Spoiler, it’s Misen’s Carbon Steel Pan. Even stronger than stainless steel, carbon steel construction makes this pan nearly impossible to ruin (so it’s great for novice cooks like me).

Carbon steel possesses toughness comparable to cast iron while being much easier to transport around the kitchen. Seasoning with oil gives the pan a natural nonstick quality.

It’s compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops. Choose between different sizes and sets for this Misen pan:

  •  8” for $56
  • 10” for $66
  • 12” for $87
  • 10” and 12” for $154
  • 8”, 10”, and 12” for $211

Misen Complete Cookware Set Review 

Serious cooks need serious cookware. Though I’m not a pro, I’ve found that using high-quality cookware makes a big difference no matter what I’m whipping up.

The Complete Cookware Set is carefully curated to set you up for success in the kitchen. The comprehensive 10-piece set includes:

  1. 10” and 12” Skillets 

2. 2-Quart (with Lid) and 3-Quart Sauciers

3. 3-Quart Sauté Pan with Lid

4. 6-Quart Rondeau Pan

5. 8-Quart Stockpot with Lid

Made from 5-ply stainless steel and aluminum, these pans deliver optimal heat distribution and retention. Quality steel, combined with riveted construction, make this cookware especially robust.

Preparing meals on the stove or taking food out of the oven is made more comfortable with stay-cool handles on every piece. Why were pans without this feature invented in the first place?

Assemble your ultimate cooking arsenal with the Complete Cookware Set for $622.  

Misen Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Misen Cookware Review

For this part of my Misen cookware review, I’ve searched around for feedback on the brand and will tell you what customers honestly think. Let’s start with what I found on Misen.com.

A quick scan of the homepage told me that the brand has 35,000 5-star reviews. As I shuffled through its knives, tools, and cookware, I saw thousands of buyers award the products with near-perfect ratings on almost every one.

For instance, Misen’s Nonstick Pan has 4.9/5 stars garnered from over 6,300 ratings. Here’s what one customer had to say in their highly detailed testimonial:

“The two most important criteria for me are heat and even heat. The 10-inch pan browns very well at medium heat and the heat is evenly distributed. The pan holds as much as many 12-inch pans and is easy to clean. Weight is well-balanced. This pan cooks the way pans should cook food.”

I saw that the Complete Cookware Set also has 4.9/5 stars, with over 847 ratings from customers. This Misen review sums up the general attitude toward the set: “They’re pretty, extremely sturdy, and cooking has actually been made easier. Not only that, but clean up is so easy!

I felt pretty good about the ratings on the brand’s website, but headed over to Trustpilot to see if they matched. They did.

Buyers on Trustpilot give Misen 4.4/5 stars out of over 17,000+ reviews. Customers describe the collection as high quality, affordable, and diverse.

Many Trustpilot users also noted excellent customer service along with product performance. I think this Misen cookware review captures the general sentiment: “The products were of the highest quality, of course, and every contact with the company was marked by respectful and pleasant communication.”

Interested in learning more, I swapped over to a Misen review on Reviewed.

The Reviewed writer described Misen as “high quality cookware that compares with All-Clad in performance but costs considerably less.” She eve said it had a “pro-look.”

Misen Cookware Review

With thousands of glowing reviews to their credit, I wondered, could there be any downsides to Misen?

Out of the 17,000+ reviews on Trustpilot, a mere 6% are negative. The primary concern appears to be problems with shipping, with some customers reported to have waited weeks or months for delivery with others mention difficulties with the refund process.

Experiences like these are unfortunate, but keep in mind that they are in the minority. With every negative comment on Trustpilot, Misen responded directly to help resolve the issues. To me, that means they care about their customers.

Based the extensive Misen cookware review evidence I found—amounting to thousands of testimonials—the vast majority of user feedback is positive.

Is Misen Cookware Worth It?

Misen Cookware Review

Now, the ultimate question: is this brand worth buying from? During this Misen cookware review, I discovered high-quality materials, a diverse collection, and genuinely affordable pricing. Misen proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to access well-built cooking tools.

I can’t disregard complaints about shipping and refunds in this Misen cookware review, but I know they’re not typical of the brand. In the context of an ongoing pandemic, we should all exercise patience. The negative comments are a tiny percentage of the whole, compared to thousands of glowing testimonials.

Misen Cookware Review

Whether you’re just starting in the kitchen or a chef extraordinaire, I think Misen is a solid option. They’re continually stepping up their game and expanding the collection, so keep stay tuned for more cookware!

Misen Cookware Promotions & Discounts 

Misen Cookware Review

I couldn’t find a Misen discount code available, but multiple products and sets are currently on sale. When first landing on the site, I was prompted with a Mystery Deal too.

Misen offers promotions from time to time, so I’d suggest that you check their website and social media regularly if you’re looking for one.

Where to Buy Misen Cookware

Misen Cookware Review

The best place to shop their kitchenware is through the official website, Misen.com. In my search, I noticed the brand has select items at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon too.


What is Misen carbon steel?

Carbon steel is lighter than cast iron and stronger than stainless steel. Keep in mind that carbon steel is susceptible to rusting and should be wiped clean after each use. 

Is Misen nonstick? 

Misen offers nonstick cookware that is 100% PFOA-free. They strongly recommend cleaning the nonstick cookware by hand and advise against using it at high temperatures.

What is Misen’s Shipping Policy?

After my in-depth Misen cookware review of the brand’s website, I turned up little information on their shipping policy. The company ship throughout the US. Costs associated with delivery are calculated at checkout.

Misen does not specify delivery times. To check the delivery status of a Misen order, use the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email. 

What is Misen’s Return Policy?

Misen offers a 60-day return policy. To initiate a return, email [email protected].

Upon receiving the shipping label, US customers have 10 days to ship the item back. If the product is not returned within this timeframe, a refund will not be issued. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable

Do Misen pans have a warranty?

The Misen pan warranty provides a lifetime guarantee but excludes the Nonstick Pan. A Misen warranty applies to all knives as well. Both knives and pans are eligible for a free replacement if they ever sustain damage.

How to Contact Misen

If you have questions that were not covered in this Misen cookware review, reach out to customer service using one of the following options:

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Misen order is almost 30 days delayed and can’t get a rep to call back....
3 years ago Reply

Disputing order tomorrow and Misen won’t get paid.

Misen Non-Stick Cookware
David Grow
3 years ago Reply

I am not a professional cook by any means… just a regular guy with the 40 hours a week job… And I don’t usually leave reviews, but I felt that I had to for these pans… I’ve just completed my first meal with my new Misen (3 piece) non-stick cookware and I love these pans! 🙂 I had bacon in the 10 inch, scrambled eggs in the 8 inch, and hash browns in a second 10” (I purchased two 10” because of the size of my stove)! I’m saving my big 12 inch pan for my next batch of goulash or spaghetti sauce. These pans are everything they say they are! You definitely do not need as much heat w/these pans Simply because of the construction, I love how even they heat AND how easily they clean up! They are a little bit on the heavy side, and a bit pricey (for my budget), but you definitely get what you pay for… Money well spent! I just finished ordering a second 8 inch pan, a spatula, and the set of the silicone pads that go in between the pans for storage (to avoid damage). I’m on a wait list for the silicone lids but I’m willing to wait if there anything like the pans! as a regular Joe, I recommend these pans highly, just use low heat and take care of them and they should last forever! *Note… The lifetime guarantee does not apply to the “non-stick” pans, just FYI.

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