Great Jones Cookware Review

About Great Jones 

Great Jones Cookware Review

Great Jones is a cookware brand that aims to enhance the pleasure of making food at home.

The direct-to-consumer brand sells aesthetically pleasing yet functional pots, pans, and bakeware for the budget-conscious, yet quality-driven chef in all of us. 

The brand has made an appearance in The New York Times, Goop, Glamour, Vogue, Design Milk, and countless other publications.

In only 3 years, Great Jones cookware has collaborated with pastry chefs and culinary experts such as Claire Saffitz Kelis. You can even find a Great Jones Andy Baraghani interview on their “Great Ones” cooking blog. 

This Great Jones cookware review will take a look at the brand, its story, promotions, and most popular products.

Overview of Great Jones  

Great Jones Cookware Review

Great Jones was founded in 2018 by childhood friends Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis. Moelis was a former product manager at Zola, and Tishgart was a James Beard award winner, food writer, and editor.

The pair combined their passion for cooking, aesthetics, convenience, and design to create Great Jones. 

The brand is especially dedicated to demystifying home cooking by equipping aspiring chefs with well-crafted cookware, recipes, personalized advice, and more to make cuisine easy and enjoyable.

Great Jones Cookware Review

The business was inspired by the cookbook editor Judith Jones, who helped “shape the way Americans cook by launching the careers of then-unknown culinary authors” such as Julia Child, Edna Lewis, and other culinary greats.

Tishgart and Moelis also pay homage to their hometown of New York City, which is where the brand’s headquarters are located. 

To warm up this Great Jones cookware review, let’s take a peek at some of the pros and cons. 


  • A variety of non-toxic, scratch-resistant cookware and bakeware is safe for induction stoves, ovens, and dishwashers  
  • Handles are ergonomically designed   
  • Laser-etched measurement marks inside pots save time when cooking 
  • Pots, pans, sheets, and dishes include color options and personalized engravings 
  • Their advice hotline, “Potline” offers real-time cooking advice and recipe suggestions 
  • The brand’s blog, “Great Ones” profiles professional chefs to provide inspiration for their customers
  • Comparatively affordable 
  • Free shipping for U.S. orders of $100+
  • Refer a Pal promotion gifts your friend 10% off their first purchase and gives you $15 in-store credit 
  • Rewards Program
  • 30-day trials and free returns   


  • Small Fry and Large Fry are the only products with a non-stick finish 
  • No international shipping

Great Jones Frying Pans Review

Things are heating up in this Great Jones cookware review! Reliable frying pans are the core of any great kitchen, and the brand has conceived different sizes to suit your basic needs.

Two of these popular pans are also offered in a set called the Fry Family. Let’s take a look. 

Great Jones Large Fry Pan Review

The Large Fry is Great Jones’ take on the essential skillet pan. 10 ¼” wide by 2″ tall, this pan is perfect for making breakfast for your entire family.

Featuring a Great Jones fully baked stainless steel exterior and a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic rivetless interior, the pan promises to heat up your food evenly while requiring a minimal amount of cooking oil.

It is also scratch-resistant and will survive ovens, induction stoves, and dishwashers. Pairing the Large Fry with the Great Jones Large Lid, also available on their website, both available in silver with gold accents. 

The Large Fry is currently available for pre-order for $70. It is one-half of the Fry Family set. 

Great Jones Small Fry Review 

Great Jones’ Small Fry is an original non-stick pan. It features a safe, non-toxic German ceramic coating and stainless steel exterior, measuring 8 ½” wide by 1 ¾” tall. 

Great Jones recently upgraded the Small Fry’s traditional non-stick base to stainless steel bonded with aluminum. This Great Jones cookware review recommends this pan for eggs and bacon.

Easy to use, and easy to clean, the pan is scratch-resistant and oven, induction, and dishwasher safe. Along with its rivetless interior, the ergonomic handle sits comfortably in your hand and stays cool to the touch. 

The Small Fry sells for $70 and is backed by Great Jones’ 30-day trial, with free returns. As you might’ve guessed by the names, it’s compatible with the Great Jones’ Small Lid. It is also the other half of the Fry Family Set. 

Great Jones Saucy Review 

The Saucy pan from Great Jones is designed for mixing up some ingredients for soups, and of course, making sauces. 

This 8 ½” wide by 5 ½” tall stainless steel pan features fully clad, wide, and flared walls. With a spout and 2 handles, you’ll have maximum pouring control while avoiding the mess all over your stove. 

This 5-star rated pan has laser-etched measurement markers on the inside, “that save you from dirting a measuring cup and the headache of converting a cup to a liter” for easier, faster cooking.

The Great Jones’ Small Lid sits nicely atop the Saucy pan while leaving a little bit of room around the pour spout for steam to escape! Grab this lid for just $85

Great Jones Deep Cut Review

The Deep Cut is a deep sautée pan made of a stainless steel hybrid that includes a rivetless interior and fully clad sides, allowing a great volume of food to heat up without cold spots. 

The Great Jones large skillet is great for braising and simmering, and for practicing all the cool tricks you’ve learned throughout your culinary adventures. Land your flips with impressive accuracy.

Measuring up at 10 ½” wide by 4 ½” tall, this pan fits easily into ovens. It may be scratch-free, but scrubbing the insides with a metal sponge is not recommended. Make a Great Jones cookware hot dish with the Deep Cut, offered for $85.

Great Jones Cooking Pots Review

This Great Jones cookware review will now take a look at the brand’s most popular cooking pots and sets that never compromise style for efficiency.

Whether preparing pasta and stews for a crowd, or just meal-prepping, these pots are all made with convenient, thoughtful features to make cooking easy and comfortable for beginners as well as pros.    

Great Jones The Dutchess Review 

The Dutchess is Great Jones’ best-selling Dutch oven. Measuring in at 9 ¾” long by 5 ¾” wide by 6 ¾” tall, this incredibly versatile product makes “one-pot meals a breeze.” 

You can brown, sear, deglaze, and serve all from one beautifully German pained and three-times fired matte pot which is as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective at cooking.

Plus, the roomy handles make it easy to wash or haul to the table on Thanksgiving or Christmas. But note that this pan is a hefty 15lbs.

The Dutchess features a gray interior, which is light enough to watch your butter brown, but dark enough to hide stains from cooking. Available in 7 solid colors, this queen of cookware sells for $155

Great Jones Family Style Review 

The Family Style set by Great Jones is an essential kit for new homeowners and serious chefs. It includes:

  • The Dutchess
  • The Deep Cut
  • The Saucy
  • The Big Deal Pans
  • The Small Fry

The Family Style set fills your kitchen with cookware that you’ll use daily while adding a pop of color to our kitchen.

Every piece included is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. If it’s a wedding, anniversary, or a casual appreciation gift to a loved one, consider allowing Great Jones to engrave the lids with a special message!  

The Family Style cookware set has a value of $475 but sells for $395. It’s backed by Great Jones’ 30-day trial, with free returns (except for any engraved items, which are final sale). 

Great Jones Big Deal Review 

Great Jones’ Big Deal is the only pasta pot you need. The 10 ¼” wide by 8″ tall stainless steel pot includes a rivetless interior and fully clad sides. It is ideal for rapidly and evenly boiling macaroni, soups, and stocks. 

The wide handles are also sturdy, so this Great Jones cookware review recommends you fire up the chili, messy mac and cheese, or stew without fear of the mess.

The pot also features laser-etched measurement markers inside, to save you from having to fill up your sink with a dozen cups! The Big Deal is great for crafting family-style meals. 

The Big Deal sells for $95 and is backed by Great Jones 30-day trial, with free returns.

Great Jones Baking Review

This Great Jones cookware review will now take you through two of the brands most popular bakeware items. Described by customers as “must-haves”, these eccentric dishes will be envied by all your dinner guests. 

Great Jones Patty Cake Review 

The Patty Cake set is a bright addition to your collection of bakeware. This 9″ by 2″ Great Jones deep pan can help you whip up a multi-decker cake with minimal hassle.

Made from aluminized steel, these non-stick pans feature wavy, corrugated bottoms (for easy release of your baked goods). They are also non-toxic, ceramic coated, and free from PFOAs.

The Patty Cake pans sell in sets of 2 for $65, with color options of Blueberry or Broccoli.

Great Jones Sweetie Pie Review

Great Jones’ Sweetie Pie helps you craft picturesque desserts every time. Peaks of meringue will compliment the wavy edges of the dish beautifully, but it’s also designed to perfect your crimping technique! 

The 10″ x 2″ ceramic stoneware gently turns the crust golden brown, but effectively cooks the center to your standards. 

Sweetie Pie won’t be damaged in a dishwasher or oven, and you can microwave leftovers in it anytime. It is available in 3 colors: Blueberry, Broccoli, and Mustard, and sells for $45. If you love the Sweetie Pie, take a look at Great Jones Holy Sheet

Great Jones Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Great Jones Cookware Review

This Great Jones cookware review found that customers were stunned by the performances, appearance, and quality of the products. Finding complaints or reviews under 5/5 stars was a difficult feat! 

As it is a direct-to-consumer retailer, most feedback is on the brand’s website, discussions about Great Jones are buzzing on platforms like The Spruce Eats, Reddit, and Facebook. 

On the cooking blog, The Spruce Eats, The Dutchess was weighed on their:

  • Beautiful designs
  • Generous sizes
  • Moderate price points

The blog concluded that “The Great Jones The Dutchess Dutch oven is big and versatile enough to cook practically any dinner.”

On the brand’s website, most products were given a 5-star rating with customers loving the Family Style cookware set. “If you love cooking (I’m a simple home cook) and are able to splurge and “treat” yourself, it will be well worth it!” 

In a Reddit discussion circling the Great Jones stockpot and other products, a professional cook admitted, “I have tested all pieces from stovetop to oven and have been impressed.” 

Comments about the weight of the cookware have also been floating around, saying that The Dutchess “is quite heavy, even when it’s empty.” But, this Great Jones cast iron dutch oven is just as heavy as many other ovens on the market at 15lbs.

A Facebook user, and Great Jones customer, shared that their entire order arrived broken, but luckily, customer service resolved the issue immediately:

I was unlucky since everything arrived damaged. Probably not handled with care since the pie dish was broken. I emailed the company and was so impressed by their customer service.”

Is Great Jones Worth It?

Great Jones Cookware Review

This Great Jones cookware review took into consideration the brand’s mission, how their non-toxic products perform, and customer feedback to determine that this is a brand worth supporting.  

It’s often argued that cookware is either functional or fashionable, but Great Jones Cookware is high-quality cookware at an affordable price

The brand also goes above and beyond to empower home cooks by offering them care instructions for each of the pots and pans, an engaging blog, and a “Potline” when you need recipes.

The easy-to-navigate website has plenty of helpful features, like a comparison chart at the bottom of every product page including volume, price, bundles, and what to use each product for.

Plus, the list of elite collaborators supports the beloved brand’s reputation (as proven by the Great Jones Mutsuko Erskine pairing). 

Lastly, they have been praised for their customer service team when issues arise. Even customers who received damaged or incorrect items left glowing testimonials because their overall impression of the brand was positive

If you’re still wondering, is Great Jones Cookware good? We’d say that it’s definitely a brand that’s going places.  

Great Jones Promotions & Discounts 

Great Jones Cookware Review

Great Jones offers a Refer a Pal discount and a Rewards Program that helps you earn credit and your friends save money.

After you create an account and make your purchase, your friends will receive 10% off their first purchase and you’ll be rewarded with $15 in Great Jones store credit. U.S. customers can also enjoy free shipping on all orders $100+.  

Where to Buy Great Jones 

Great Jones Cookware Review

Great Jones cookware can only be purchased through their website: GreatJonesGoods.com. As a direct-to-customer brand, their products are not sold in stores or on other websites.  


Great Jones Cookware Review

Where is Great Jones Cookware made? 

Great Jones has factories in Guangdong, Tianjin, and the U.S.

Is Great Jones Cookware non-toxic? 

Yes, the brand’s cookware and bakeware are non-toxic. They’ve included no PFOAs or PTFE, which are usually common in non-stick pots and pans. 

Is Great Jones Cookware safe?  

Yes, all Great Jones cookware and bakeware are safe to use. Their products are made from either ceramic, cast-iron, or stainless steel and without the use of Teflon.

How do you clean Great Jones Cookware? 

Every product includes easy-to-follow cleaning instructions with purchase.

Great Jones has also compiled extensive suggestions on how to best clean their cook and bakeware on the “Care and Cleaning” tab under “Help” on their website. Here are 3 of their most important tips: 

  1. Keep metal scrapers and steel-wool sponges away from pans and use a nonabrasive sponge or soft towel to clean. Also, cook with wooden, plastic, and silicone utensils to avoid scratching
  2. Create a paste of baking soda and vinegar for everyday washing to clean and disinfect
  3. Although all of their products are dishwasher safe, the brand recommends you hand-wash and dry your cookware/bakeware

What is the Great Jones Shipping Policy?

Great Jones currently ships within the U.S only and are partnered with UPS. 

Shipping costs and times vary depending on the order, but they are broken down into 3 categories: Bake, Broil, and Sear. 

  1. Bake (free for orders over $100): 3 to 7 business days, and cost $10 
  2. Broil: 2 to 3 business days and cost $30
  3. Sear: which will take from 1 to 2 business day and cost $60

What is Great Jones Cookware’s Return Policy?

The brand offers a 30-day trial with free returns on all of their cookware and bakeware.

If you’re unsatisfied, Great Jones 10 will send you a prepaid return label. Minus the original cost of shipping, you’ll receive a full refund as soon as the company receives your returned item(s). 

How to Contact Great Jones 

If there are still questions or concerns broiling in your mind after reading this Great Jones cookware review, contact the business in the following ways:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Use the Live Chat on their website (available weekdays 9 AM to 6 PM EST)
  • Text their “Potline”: 1-814-247-2848 (available weekdays 12 PM to 6 PM EST)

*Note: these are not Great Jones Cookware phone numbers for general inquiries.

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