Hedley & Bennett Review

About Hedley & Bennett 

Hedley & Bennett Review

Hedley & Bennett is a culinary apparel brand ranging from chef jackets, kitchen aprons, and socks to accessories including knife bags and totes. The company sells high quality handcrafted items, offering chef’s gear at industry pricing for restaurant businesses with the option to customize.

The brand’s products have been worn by celebrities such as John Legend and reviewed by home and lifestyle icon Martha Stewart. This Hedley & Bennett review will guide readers into making an informed decision when purchasing from their website. 

Overview of Hedley & Bennett 

Most kitchen attire isn’t what you would call fashionable. I mean, how can one stay classy with stains, burns and smudges when cooking up hamburgers or baking loaves of bread? Not to mention the average kitchen apron or work shirts are made from stiff, unbreathable material, and are visually bland. Thankfully, Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett, realized that functional culinary apparel can be both comfortable and stylish. 

Bennett worked as a line cook at two well known restaurants in Los Angeles. She had an idea to stylize ordinary kitchen apparel into something more trendy. From there on, Bennett decided to design some herself- leading to the formation of Hedley & Bennett. Founded in the sunny state of California, Bennett’s designs have since gone global. 

Apparently you can look good while grilling up smoked meat and you can feel cute when icing macarons. I fell in love with the different patterns and prints that Hedley & Bennett aprons come in, ranging from pretty florals to gun toting camo. However, their items are not to be taken as a ‘whim of the moment’ purchases, as some of their products can retail over $100

With aprons and chef jackets as the forefront of their company sales, this culinary brand also offers knife bags, kid sized kitchen apparel, face masks, tote bags and even socks. This Hedley & Bennett review will primarily focus on their aprons, chef coats, and knife bags. 

For a short rundown of this Hedley & Bennett review, here are a few pros and cons:


  • Extensive array of chef jackets and aprons in multiple colors and designs 
  • Products are refundable and repairs are provided within 30 days of order placement 
  • Offers Klarna Pay, allowing customers to pay by installments
  • Provides industry pricing for restaurant businesses 
  • Most of the garments are made with breathable yet sturdy fabrics, held together with durability stitching


  • More expensive compared to other culinary retailers 
  • Negative reviews on customer service

Ranging from aprons, chef gear, and face masks, the company offers their customers unisex items. Their apparel is made out of American canvas, Japanese selvage denim and European linens. Their aprons are categorized in collections, including the classic, modern and BBQ & grilling collection. For work shirts, it varies from cut of sleeve to the type of material used in it’s construction. This Hedley & Bennett review will encompass all of this below. 

Hedley & Bennett Aprons 

Featuring a warm toned caramel fabric, the Cider House Classic Apron is perfect for restaurants who want to give off an earthy aura. This Hedley & Bennett apron is made out of bull denim, which is ideal for utility and durability in a high pressure work environment. The apron is paired with milk white adjustable straps, a lining detail on the pockets, and brass hardware. Like all Hedley & Bennett aprons, this model includes three pockets, located on the sides and on the chest. 

The Cider House Classic Apron is priced at $85, and also comes in two different styles. The Ciderhouse Bistro Apron is priced at $65, which features no frontal chest covering. The Ciderhouse Cafe Bistro Apron, which is a shorter version of the previous model, is priced at $60

A bright splash of colour may be the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your kitchen. The Mint Modern Apron features a refreshing blue-green mint shade with accompanying slate grey straps for tasteful contrast. Made out of American brushed canvas, this model features pockets, triangle accents, brass hardware and durability stitching. 

This Hedley & Bennett apron costs $88 and comes in a children’s version called the Sweet Pea Kids Apron, priced at $39—so you and your mini me can cook up a storm together in the kitchen.

Featuring a camouflage print with accompanying grey strap accents, the Alder Modern Apron says ‘I’m going into the barbecue warzone.’ This apron from the BBQ and Grilling Collection is inspired by Alder, a type of wood that is often used for smoking fish and meats. This hardy apron contains durability stitching, a fused bottom hem, and is resistant to the most difficult stains. 

The Alder Modern Apron is made from a lightweight and breathable twill material, so you won’t be sweating in it as you labour over the grill. All those charcoal streaks and grease marks will wash out, and the tough apron resists shrinkage and wrinkles. You can snag this camo chef look for $85

Hedley & Bennett Work Shirts 

Let’s be real, most work attire is neither flattering nor comfortable. Keyword most. The Gray Stretch Chambray Short Sleeve Work Shirt is a solid blend of comfort and chic. Hedley & Bennett uses a stretchy chambray fabric for breathability and movability. The cropped sleeves are ideal for employees working in sweltering kitchens. As a bonus accessory, a brass snap is added to the back collar to keep aprons in place. 

Who doesn’t love a secretive pocket? Added to the Gray Stretch Chambray Short Sleeve Work Shirt is a hidden loop sewn inside the shirt pocket designed to keep pens in place. This simplistic but suave number retails at $75

Hedley & Bennett Knife Bag 

“I hate this bag because I didn’t think of it first,” wrote Food Network’s Alton Brown on the Mise 2.0 Black Knife Bag. This is a highly utilizable kitchen tool bag for the most professional of chefs. As an improvement of their previous Mise knife bag, Hedley & Bennett worked with numerous bag designers in Los Angeles to revamp it. 

The Mise 2.0 has a subtle and utilitarian design, made out of soft American leather. The bag includes a zipper enclosed pouch and military grade nylon webbing to keep knives stored safely. It can hold up to six sheathed knives and tools, and can securely fit up to a 300 mm long knife. 

If you’re a professional chef, you know the importance of maintaining your knives. To help maintain their edge, a durable and sturdy knife bag is important for on the go jobs—and the Mise 2.0 Black Knife Bag fits the bill. This Hedley & Bennett kitchen essential is priced at $240.  

Hedley & Bennett Review: What Do Customers Think?

Hedley & Bennett Review

Hedley and Bennett prides themselves on having 92% of their Yopto reviews being 5 stars, and an NPS score of 70.

While most of the reviews on the Hedley & Bennett website are gleaming, customers on Yelp and Amazon had some issues with some of the products. On Womply, a few buyers commented on some shipping issues when ordering aprons. Orders were either taking too long to be delivered, or customers were receiving unhelpful customer service.

On reviews for Hedley & Bennett aprons, Amazon customers report that the aprons are beautifully made and durable. However, the common feedback for the products in general was how expensive each item is priced, as some aprons and chef jackets can go up to as high as $100

Is Hedley & Bennett Worth It?

Hedley & Bennett Review

If you are truly passionate about your craft, whether you’re a home cook, chef in training, or have been in the industry for years, splurging some extra dollars on high quality tools can go a long way. Items such as the Mise 2.0 Black Knife Bag are an absolute essential for those hard trained veteran chefs out there. Aprons and chef jackets can be a great level up in the ordinary, dare I say boring work attire. Hedley & Bennett‘s designs embody a great mix of simplistic yet fashionable, as their whole company website practically screams, ‘who says you can’t look great in the kitchen?’ 

If you don’t spend much time in the kitchen or are on a budget, Hedley & Bennett may not be the brand for you. Their apparel is quite expensive compared to the average kitchen apron, so unless you have the dollars to spend and you’ll get a lot out of the products, your money might be spent better elsewhere. On the other hand, Hedley & Bennett apparel would be a great gift option for a culinary devoted friend of yours or if you plan on getting serious in the restaurant business.  

Hedley and Bennett Promotions & Discounts 

Hedley & Bennett Review

Like most retail companies, Hedley & Bennett offers customers 10% off their next order after joining their mailing list. Buyers can also combine aprons from their limited edition collection with any face mask and receive 10% off. On their website, Hedley & Bennett has some aprons and jackets listed as discounted—there are even some items that you can get half off, so that’s a lot of savings.

If you don’t feel like signing up for their mail list and you still want to make a purchase you can use the code Honest10 to receive 10% off your total purchase of any items on their website.

Where to Buy Hedley and Bennett 

Hedley & Bennett Review

This Hedley & Bennett review found a range of places where buyers can purchase their items:

  • Online via Hedley & Bennett.com
  • Hedley & Bennett Amazon 
  • Traeger
  • Whole Foods 
  • Sur La Table 
  • Bristol Farms 
  • Walmart via online 

Hedley & Bennett lists numerous other online stockists on their website, as well.


Hedley and Bennett Sizing 

For aprons, the company has its customers choose which kind of cut they’d like to purchase. This ranges from Cafe Bistro to a regular apron. Each style only has one uniform measurement. This Hedley & Bennett review lists these sizes below. 

Apron Styles

  • Cafe Bistro: 28” Width  x 21” length 
  • Bistro: 28” Width x 27.5” length 
  • Smock: 35” Width x 28” length
  • Hemmed to Petite: 30” Width x 26.5” length 
  • Regular: 30” Width x 33” Length
  • Big: 37” Width x 39.5” Length 

For their men’s and unisex chef gear, their sizes can accommodate XS to 4XL. However, Hedley & Bennett women’s chef coats are only available in sizes XS to 3XL. You might want to look at the sizing chart for each apparel category, as some measurements can vary from added inches. 

Hedley and Bennett Shipping Policy

Orders are shipped on weekdays and arrive within 3-5 business days of the order date. Orders placed on weekends or holidays may take an extra 1-2 business days. Customers receive an email confirmation after their order is placed, which contains a tracking number. 

Hedley & Bennett also offers international and expedited shipping. For custom embroidery orders on apparel, it will take 2-4 business days before shipping occurs. I couldn’t find a base rate for ground, international or expedited shipping for this Hedley & Bennett review. 

Hedley and Bennett Return Policy

Customers can return, request repairs, or refund a product within 30 days. Heat and chemical damage are not included in Hedley & Bennett ‘s Apron Squad Guarantee. Gift cards and final sale items are not eligible for return. Customers can return items using the return portal on their website. Apron strap changes are also offered at Hedley & Bennett.

Contact Hedley and Bennett 

For questions not directed at Hedley & Bennett review, you can contact the team via 

Hedley & Bennett also has a showroom. It is currently closed to the public due to the pandemic, but will resume when things are back to normal. The Hedley & Bennett showroom is located at: 3864 S Santa Fe Ave. Vernon, CA 90058.

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