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About Sports Research

Sports Research Review

Sports Research is a health and fitness brand that provides people with loads of different products ranging from supplements to performance products to waist trimmers. They offer people a variety of methods to improve their health and change their bodies to meet their goals. 

A decades-old business, Sports Research is not new to online platforms, especially on social media. They have over 112K followers on Instagram and over 15.4K followers on Facebook, making it clear that they know what they’re doing and have many fans who follow them for their wonderful products. 

This Sports Research review will take a detailed look into everything you might want to know about the product, brand, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they are the next brand you want to buy from.

Overview of Sports Research

Sports Research Review

Sports Research is a health and wellness company that focuses on fitness for everyone. With a range of products that include benefits for your body, skin, and more, this brand works to improve your overall health and keep you fit while you stay active.

Sports Research started when the CEO, Jeff Pedersen, was a college athlete interested in creating products that helped others like him. His first product was Sweet Sweat in 1980, and ever since then, the company has been booming with a variety of different products to help athletes as well as people in fitness.

As a family-owned business located in San Pedro, a city in South California, Sports Research focuses on making non-GMO products, as well as cGMP, meaning the products are manufactured using good practices. 

Sports Research’s mission is simple, as they are “dedicated to providing the highest quality health & wellness products that complement your healthy lifestyle.” 

Their products and brand values include quality, trust, and innovation, and with that goal of healthy living in mind, let’s look over some of the many highlights within this Sports Research review.


  • Natural ingredients
  • A variety of distributors, including Amazon, Walmart, and iHerb
  • Some vegan products
  • Some gluten-free products
  • non-GMO
  • cGMP approved
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Positive customer reviews
Sports Research Review

Within this Sports Research review, I’ll give you all the information you may want to know about a few different products, and who knows, you may find your next supplement within the next couple of paragraphs!

Sports Research Collagen Peptides Review

If you think about your face from ten years ago compared to now, you’ll probably see slight differences in your skin and hair. And although you can’t see your bones, you might feel a difference in your bone density, too. Well, all of this is controlled by a finicky protein called collagen

Collagen works to keep your cells tightly packed together, making them strong and elastic. We lose collagen as we age, which is why younger skin is taut, while aged skin tends to get a bit looser.

Healthy aging is a beautiful thing, and you should all be so lucky to live long enough to see your faces covered in wrinkles, each of which represents the years of experience and life you lived. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to look ten years younger than you really are!

Ingesting collagen supplements like Sports Research Collagen Peptides helps to increase collagen levels in your body to help repair your cells and make them look stronger than they are now. 

Am I saying that you’ll go back to looking sweet 16? No. Am I saying that you’ll definitely notice a change in various parts of your body, inside and out? Yes, yes, and yes!

Each Sports Research Collagen Peptides supplement bottle comes in multiple sizes and flavors. The unflavored product costs $30 for 16 ounces and $55 for 32 ounces. The other flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, and matcha green tea all come in the smaller size for $32 each.

If you choose to buy from one of the partner companies that also sell this supplement, you will find them at the following prices for the unflavored supplement in the smaller container:

  • Amazon: $36
  • Walmart: $20
  • iHerb: $28

Ingredients Label

The serving size for each Sports Research Collagen Peptides is 1 scoop, with 41 servings per container. There are 40 calories per serving with 10 grams of protein, 60 grams of sodium, and 11 grams of Bovine Collagen Peptide, the supplement’s main ingredient. 

Bovine Collagen Peptide is a collagen protein from bovine animals, specifically cows. Although your body naturally produces collagen, using this ingredient in supplements lets you get the many benefits associated with the protein.

Other ingredients within the supplement may vary based on the flavor. Within the unflavored supplement, the only other ingredient is SR collagen. If you chose another flavor, you might also notice the following ingredients:

  • Dark chocolate: cocoa powder, natural flavor, sea salt, stevia leaf extract, monk fruit
  • Vanilla: cocoa powder, natural flavor, sea salt, stevia leaf extract, monk fruit
  • Matcha Green Tea: organic green tea (matcha) powder

Nutritional Value

Within Sports Research Collagen Peptides, collagen[1] has a high nutritional value. This protein contains many physiological and developmental functions, which work to heal your body both inside and out.

Three-quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body are composed of collagen, so it’s clearly essential. Collagen works to heal and strengthen on a cellular level, making you look and feel much healthier and stronger.


When you consume the Sports Research Collagen Peptides, the main ingredient of Bovine Collagen Peptide works to provide you with overall health and wellbeing throughout your body. The many benefits of this ingredient include the following:

  • Improved symptoms of Osteoarthritis[2]: Bovine collagen can help with bone formation and improve symptoms of people suffering from Osteoarthritis[3], a condition[4] where you feel pain and stiffness in different joints throughout your body.
  • Decreased aging[5]: Collagen has helped and improved symptoms of aging by helping your skin.
  • Improved hair[6]: Collagen is an important part of your hair structure, and increased collagen can aid in making your hair much thicker.

How Does It Work

Collagen works by going into your skin and other parts of your body, where it works to repair your current cells and replace the old dead cells with new ones. This process can help provide you with better-looking skin, nails, hair, and much more.

How to Take & Dosage 

To have the Sports Research Collagen Peptides, you should take one scoop of the powdery supplement and mix it with your favorite hot or cool drink. The supplement may get clumpy if the drink is too cold, so make sure you mix it at room temperature first and then add ice later.

You should take this supplement once a day, and you’ll see maximum benefits if you take it daily.

Sports Research Biotin Review

Hair loss is something that everyone experiences, whether it’s just a few hairs or hundreds of strands. And that’s where vitamins like biotin come into the picture.

Aiding you with various symptoms that have to do with your hair, skin, and nails, this Sports Research review found this supplement can help you with many different improvements on the outside of your body.

This Sports Research review will look over the pricing details on this product and help you decide how important this supplement can be for your daily regime. 

The Sports Research Biotin supplement bottle comes in multiple sizes with different micrograms of biotin within the capsules. The brand offers the following prices for the different sizes and amounts:

  • 120 softgels with 2,500mcg per capsule: $16
  • 120 softgels with 5,000mcg per capsule: $17
  • 120 softgels with 10,000mcg per capsule: $23

If you choose to buy from one of the partner companies that also sell this supplement, you will find them at the following prices for 120 capsules with 10,000mcg within the supplement:

  • Amazon: $20
  • Walmart: $22
  • iHerb: $20

Ingredients Label

The serving size for each Sports Research Biotin is 1 liquid softgel, with 120 servings per container. 

Biotin[7], or vitamin B7, is found in a variety of foods like eggs, milk, and bananas, and they’re very commonly known to help with healthy hair, nails, and skin. 

Other ingredients within this supplement include organic virgin coconut oil, non-GMO rice bran wax, veggie softgel capsule made of tapioca starch, vegetable glycerin, and purified water. This supplement also contains tree nuts which is a common allergen.

Sports Research Biotin is a certified vegan and gluten-free product, so you’re safe to take the supplement if you have these dietary restrictions!

Nutritional Value

The main ingredient of biotin within Sports Research Biotin has many roles, but its main function is breaking down fats and carbohydrates within your body, giving you the energy that you need to function. This can result in multiple benefits that have to do with your hair, nails, and more.


The most notable benefits within your body that you’ll see from taking the Sports Research Biotin include improved hair, skin, and nails[8]. This is especially useful for those currently suffering from brittle nail syndrome or uncombable hair.

How Does It Work

Biotin[9] works primarily by converting the carbohydrates in your body into glucose, providing energy and helping with bodily functions. This helps to provide multiple benefits throughout the body. 

How to Take & Dosage 

You should take 1 veggie liquid softgel once a day with your food. You will see the best results if you take the supplement every day until the bottle is complete. 

Sports Research Organic MCT Oil Review

You use energy throughout each day of your life, and sometimes it can just be draining. With work, school, and life in general, sometimes it can be helpful to get a bit of an energy boost that you’re missing from your natural body’s production. 

The benefit of using Sports Research Organic MCT Oil is that it can give you that extra push that your body needs to help you give you that extra pep in your step, and help boost your energy in the healthiest way possible. 

The Sports Research Organic MCT Oil supplement bottle comes in multiple sizes, and the brand website offers the following retail prices for the different bottles:

  • 16 ounces: $20
  • 32 ounces: $30
  • 128 ounces: $99

This product is also sold on a few partner websites, and you can find them there for the following prices at the size of 32 ounces:

  • Amazon: $30
  • Walmart: $28
  • iHerb: $28

Ingredients Label

The serving size for each Sports Research MCT Oil is 1 tablespoon. There are 130 calories per serving with 14 grams of total fat. The product contains 13.8 grams of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), which is the main ingredient of the supplement, and this ingredient is derived naturally from coconut oil.

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT, are acids found within your body that help metabolize your food. 

This product is 100% vegan, so you don’t have to worry about it if you have any dietary restrictions that prohibit you from eating animal products!

Nutritional Value

The main ingredient in this supplement is medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT, which help your body make something called ketones. Ketones help to provide you with energy that doesn’t come from carbohydrates.

This can sometimes give you an energy boost that you wouldn’t necessarily get from the regular way that your body metabolizes carbs. 


There are many benefits associated with the use of MCT oil, including the following:

  • Weight loss[10] 
  • Improved symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease[11] 
  • Reduced seizures[12] 

How Does It Work

The ingredient of MCT in Sports Research Organic MCT Oil works by creating ketones which provide your body and brain with a new, healthier energy source than what they usually get from carbohydrates.

Ketones are able to access your brain, which other energy sources usually can’t, which helps produce higher and more healthy energy levels throughout your whole body.

How to Take & Dosage 

To have the Sports Research Organic MCT Oil, you should add one tablespoon of the oil into any liquid of your choice. This can include a beverage, smoothie, or shake. You will notice greater benefits if you take the supplement daily.

Who Is Sports Research For? 

Sports Research Review

Sports Research includes many supplemental products that are garnered only for adult use. 

The main reason is that these products contain ingredients in doses that aren’t suitable for children.

Sports Research Collagen Peptides can be useful to those who have noticed reduced collagen levels within their body.

Sports Research Biotin is a good idea for those experiencing trouble with hair loss or skin rashes.

Sports Research Organic MCT Oil can be great for people interested in getting an energy boost and those who are in the process of weight loss.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication for any serious illnesses, or have a weakened immune system, you shouldn’t take any Sports Research supplements unless you have them run by your healthcare professional. 

Sports Research Side Effects

Sports Research Review

This Sports Research review finds that the side effects of each different product may vary due to the difference in ingredients within each supplement. 

There are very minimal side effects of Sports Research Collagen Peptides. Still, if you feel sick, you’ll most likely experience mild digestive problems, such as heartburn, feeling overly full, and bloating.

For the most part, there are no noted side effects of Sports Research Biotin, as the main ingredient of biotin is water-soluble, and any extra amount you take will get flushed out through your urine.

However, it is still essential to take the recommended dose and stop its use immediately if you notice a skin rash, which could indicate a biotin overdose.

The side effects of Sports Research Organic MCT Oil are mostly related to your digestion. You can experience diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, bloating, gas, and more.

However, you can avoid these issues if you take the supplement with food, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Sports Research Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sports Research Review

This Sports Research review found that the response to the brand’s products has been so positive that it’s almost overwhelming!

Since there are a few different Sports Research products, and they’re sold on a multitude of websites, there are a few different ratings to check out: 

  • Sports Research: 4.8/5 star rating by 83 reviewers 
  • Amazon: 4.6/5 star rating by 101,895 reviewers 
  • Walmart: 4.7/5 star rating by 240 reviewers 
  • iHerb: 4.8/5 star rating by 17,862 reviewers

When it comes to the Sports Research Collagen Peptides, reviewers awarded the product 4.6/5 stars: “I started noticing the effects almost immediately! My skin is no longer as dry. My hair doesn’t feel so brittle and easily breakable anymore, the edges which I had lost is growing back. 

My bones, I can tell, is stronger because I don’t wake up with as much ache as I used to. It is also easy on the stomach.”

Moving on, the reception of Sports Research Biotin was just as positive, with the following ratings: 

  • Sports Research: 4.9/5 star rating by 33 reviewers 
  • Amazon: 4.6/5 star rating by 84,548 reviewers 
  • Walmart: 4.9/5 star rating by 36 reviewers 
  • iHerb: 4.7/5 star rating by 3,655 reviewers

A satisfied customer on Amazon posted about how they’ve bought from Sports Research more than once: “I have been a repeat customer of Sports Research several times and their products have never let me down. Great quality and packaging.”

The final product from this review, the Sports Research Organic MCT Oil, displayed a few ratings from multiple websites:

  • Sports Research: 4.8/5 star rating by 14 reviewers 
  • Amazon: 4.7/5 star rating by 28,284 reviewers 
  • Walmart: 4.9/5 star rating by 18 reviewers 
  • iHerb: 4.7/5 star rating by 800 reviewers

One happy customer left the following review: “I’ve shopped around MCT oil and this is by far the best price for this brand. I like the quality of this versus others. It’s smooth and blends well into my coffee. Highly recommend!!!”

All in all, this Sports Research review can say with confidence that it looks like the brand knows what they’re doing. Positive customer experiences tell all.  

Is Sports Research Worth It?

Sports Research Review

I found this company to be a strong competitor in the industries of fitness, health, and wellness. Each product from the brand is minimalistic and straightforward, but the ingredients used are highly effective and well-researched

Whether it’s collagen, biotin, or MCT oil, the benefits of each product have been thoroughly researched, and they’re clearly listed on the website for everyone to see.

The consumers of Sports Research supplements seemed to experience a range of positive effects after trying the products. As a bonus, Sports Research sells vegan and gluten-free options too. 

Worst-case scenario, if you get a supplement and it’s not for you, no stress! With the brand’s 90-day money-back guarantee, you have three months to try out the products and return them if you don’t like them. I think it’s worth a try

Is Sports Research Legit?

Sports Research Review

Yes, Sports Research is definitely legit! With products ranging from supplements to trimmers, Sports Research can basically provide you with anything related to fitness that you’re looking for.

So the big worry about this brand isn’t about whether it’s legit or not, but rather about how you’re going to be able to tear yourself away from the products once you see what they have to offer.

Sports Research Promotions & Discounts 

Sports Research Review

For a brand that offers so many different products that work so well, the prices are quite reasonable! You can get multiple months worth of supplements for prices in the double digits.

On top of that, this Sports Research review found that they offer free shipping to anyone who buys products over $75 on their brand website.

So this way, you can add a few different things to your cart and skip the shipping costs with no worries!

Where to Buy Sports Research

Sports Research Review

Sports Research products can be bought from their brand website at, but they can also be found at a variety of different online and retail stores, including the following:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. iHerb


Sports Research Review

Is Sports Research vegan?  

Some products made by Sports Research are vegan, such as the Sports Research Biotin and Sports Research MCT Oil, which you could take if you have that dietary restriction. However, you should check the labels before you take the supplements to be sure.

Is Sports Research gluten-free? 

Some products made by Sports Research are gluten-free, such as the Sports Research Biotin, which you could take if you have that dietary restriction. However, you should make sure to check the labels before you take the supplements to be sure.

What is Sports Research’s Shipping Policy?

Sports Research offers free shipping for all domestic US orders if your purchase is above $75, and for orders below $75, there is a flat shipping rate of $8. All orders take 2 business days to process and 10 business days to deliver your order.  Currently, there is no international shipping available.

Return policies on other retail or online sites may vary.

What is Sports Research’s Return Policy?

Sports Research offers a 90-day refund on all products! If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you just need to input your order number and email address on the website and select the item you wish to send back. Returns won’t cover shipping costs, but hey, that’s still a great deal!

Return policies on other retail or online sites may vary.

How to Contact Sports Research

If you have any further questions or inquiries about Sports Research that I didn’t explore within this review, you can contact the company Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM (PT).

You can also find more information on the brand’s contact page:

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