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About NewSmile

NewSmile Review

NewSmile is a company that develops clear aligners designed to straighten misaligned teeth. Offered as a more comfortable and convenient solution compared to braces, the brand cuts out the annoyance of waiting for your next dental appointment. 

Over the years, NewSmile has garnered over 39.3K followers on Instagram. They have also received positive ratings on websites such as Best Company and Smile Prep

With companies like Invisalign and AlignerCo dominating the ‘alternative to braces’ market, how does NewSmile stand out?

Look no further than this NewSmile review, as we provide readers with an inside look into their products, services, customer ratings, and more to help you make that final decision. 

Overview of NewSmile

NewSmile Review

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, NewSmile made its debut within the clear aligner industry in 2019. While its founder is not yet known, the brand states that they are affiliated with the American TeleDentistry Association.

With convenience as their main goal, New Smile provides customers with at-home solutions to help them straighten their teeth. 

Licensed by Health Canada and FDA approved, the company states that their clear aligners are 75% less expensive than traditional treatments. NewSmile also markets its products as a more discreet alternative to wearing braces. In a statement made by

“Many adults shy away from an [oral care] solution because they think they either have to wear clunky, uncomfortable braces or pay thousands of dollars for clear teeth aligners. NewSmile® created a teeth straightening process that’s easy and convenient for everyone.”

Before we get into this NewSmile review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • NewSmile’s invisible aligners are cheaper compared to many other companies 
  • More discreet compared to braces 
  • Customers have an option of choosing which payment plan works for them 
  • At-home solutions eliminate the need to book expensive dental appointments  
  • NewSmile orthodontics provides a mobile Monitoring App to help users finish their treatment on time 
  • Refer-a-Friend Program


  • Only services those who live in Canada and the United States 
  • Needs some level of commitment (NewSmile aligners only work if used continuously)
  • Some users may experience discomfort when wearing them 
  • The company offers limited availability hours 

How Does NewSmile Work?

NewSmile Review

Everybody has a beautiful smile. As simple as it sounds, there’s really no such thing as an ugly grin. But there are always those that feel like their pearly whites could be even more impressive. 

NewSmile offers customers a more stress-free solution by offering their invisible aligner program. Designed to be more cost-effective than competing brands, the company states that users will see results in as little as 4 to 6 months

By using the impression of your teeth, a trained specialist will model a custom mold for you to wear. Through its streamlined process, New Smile members will be given their Impressions Kit and straighteners all by mail.

This eliminates the need to book physical appointments with the dentist, as everything can be done from the comfort of your own home

From there on, users are given the choice to pay upfront or opt for an installment plan. Have more questions? Users can visit the ‘How it Works’ section on their website. 

This NewSmile review will go over their subscription plan in detail in the next section. We’ll discuss their payment options later on as well. 

NewSmile Subscription Review 

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that your teeth need a bit of fixing. Where exactly should you start? At NewSmile, newcomers can use their Smile Assessment Quiz to see if the brand’s Subscription plans work for them. 

Once customers feel more familiar with NewSmile’s services, they can move onto the next phase. The real process all starts with the Impressions Kit

When customers decide to sign up for a Subscription, they are tasked to create molds of their teeth.

If you aren’t sure of how this process works, users can follow their list of given instructions, or consult with a specialist through a virtual consultation—free of charge of course. 

Once this step is completed, customers are to mail their NewSmile Dental Impressions Kit back using the prepaid shipping label.

Based on your Impressions Kit, experts back at NewSmile will create a 3D Treatment Preview of your future straightened teeth. Once customers approve of the design, the assigned specialist will begin to make your invisible aligners and retainers. 

After this process, they will mail these custom models back to you—which counts as the final step of this Subscription plan. 

Alongside your order, the NewSmile Subscription pack also includes a complimentary Whitening Foam and their monitoring app to help you keep track of your treatment.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of their plans are risk-free, which means that customers can ask for a refund if they’re deemed ineligible for the NewSmile program. 

For those not keen on wearing their aligners during the day, the NewSmile Subscription offers a nighttime solution as well. They also provide a more thorough plan called the Clinic Experience program. 

With the addition of dental supervision, customers can visit a trained professional to get their teeth scanned. This option allows users to visit specialists for regular checkups through NewSmile. 

In terms of usage, the brand recommends wearing their teeth straighteners for 22 hours per day. For those who would rather sleep with it on, they must keep their molds in place for up to 10 consecutive hours.

As a side note, the NewSmile Subscription plan strongly suggests removing their aligners only when eating or drinking to help maintain its quality. 

Now, let’s get into some commonly asked questions surrounding NewSmile’s Subscription plan and the nuances of wearing invisible aligners. To address the most frequent query, yes—customers may feel a bit of discomfort wearing their straighteners for the first time. 

This is because the model is designed to gently push the teeth in their correct position. People with missing teeth, dental implants, or who are in the wisdom tooth stage are cleared to wear invisible aligners.

Customers can also order replacements or backup retainers for a set price. Outside of their Subscription plan, the brand sells other products such as whitening foams, tray sprays, and aligner cases on their website.

This New Smile review will go over their pricing options down below. 

How Much is NewSmile?

NewSmile Review

The company offers customers a variety of options when it comes to paying for their subscription plan. According to their website, their prices start as little as $1,799 compared to braces and Invisalign, which can cost upwards of $7,500

All of their plans outline no down payment, except for their Easy Start Plan.

Some of their programs can be covered by insurance, including FSA and HSA. Depending on preference, this NewSmile review will provide the costs for all of their memberships to help you make that final decision. 

  • Fast Track: $1,426 
  • NewSmile Monthly Plan: $1,523 (starts at $92 per month) 
  • Clinic Experience: $2,204 (starts at $131 per month)
  • Night Aligners: $1,603 
  • Night Aligners Monthly Plan: $1,683 (starts at $101 per month)
  • New Smile Impressions Kit for day and night: $71 (originally priced at $160)
  • Fast Pay: $772 (total cost $1,427)
  • Easy Start Plan: $26 a week for 12 months ($240 down payment is required) 

Other offered NewSmile products:

  • Whitening Foam: $55 
  • Tray Spray: $45 
  • Clear Aligner Case: $25 

NewSmile Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

NewSmile Review

Based on what we’ve found on the internet so far, it seems that NewSmile gets an approving beam from ear to ear. On their results page, the brand showcases photos of their customers’ teeth before and after they used their invisible aligners.

A total of 1,435 reviews were written for this company with an average score of 4.8/5 stars. Users have noted that their service works and that it was fairly straightforward to follow. 

“I am really satisfied with my results. I am no longer self-conscious about my smile. Thank you,” one customer wrote on their website. 

The NewSmile online teeth straightening program is also highly rated by reviewer sites like Smile Prep and The Teeth Blog and Authors on both sources agreed that the brand offers customers a hassle-free way in terms of teeth straightening. 

Another big advantage in choosing NewSmile is their prices, as they prove to be more affordable compared to other similar alternatives.  

“The company’s average treatment time is around the standard for the industry, but NewSmile also offers a set of retainers for free after a customer completes the treatment plan, which is a great value,” reads the NewSmile review by Best Company. 

Most attribute NewSmile’s success to their virtual dental appointments, in which members could talk to a specialist without ever having to leave their living room.

Others noted that their clear aligners were a great alternative to those who aren’t fond of the look of braces.

Moving on to negative reviews, this NewSmile review uncovered a few issues dealing with their customer service team. Most customers also stated that the company’s availability hours are quite limited. 

“Other companies offer wide ranges of support times (more than 12 hours) on every day of the week. NewSmile is a bit lacking in this department. If you encounter an issue on the weekend, you’ll have to grin and bear it until Monday,” writes Clear Aligner Hub

Is NewSmile Worth It?

NewSmile Review

For those looking to achieve a brand new smile without breaking the bank, this NewSmile review encourages you to check them out. There are many advantages in choosing this clear aligner company. 

Since everything is done online, customers do not need to visit their family dentist. Their service is quite uncomplicated; members simply need to mail back their NewSmile teeth molding kits to receive a set of custom straighteners and retainers. 

Other nifty features include a one-on-one virtual appointment with a specialist and their mobile monitoring app. New Smile is also quite detailed in terms of answering customer questions, as they provide a lengthy FAQ page on their website. 

The brand also takes into account that not all customers can pay upfront, which is why they provide a list of financing options to help pay for their subscription plans.

While they aren’t the cheapest aligner brand in the market, they are more affordable compared to pricier alternatives. 

All in all, if you’re on the hunt to find a teeth-straightening company that is both cost-effective and easy to follow, you may walk away grinning in satisfaction after using NewSmile

NewSmile Promotions & Discounts 

NewSmile Review

This NewSmile review found out that their Impressions Kit is currently on sale. With their Refer-a-Friend Program, customers can receive $100 for every successful referral. Their friends also get $150 off their final purchase. 

Sign up for NewSmile

NewSmile Review

This NewSmile review will guide readers on how to sign up for their membership plan via the brand’s official site

  1. Click on the ‘Shop’ tab on the website
  2. Choose from NewSmile’s offered plans and click ‘Continue’
  3. Fill out the required boxes on the checkout page and select ‘Continue to Payment’ 


NewSmile Review

How do I cancel my NewSmile subscription?

Members cannot cancel their NewSmile subscription plan once they’ve completed their treatment. That being said, they can ask for a refund at the beginning, before using the Impressions Kit and teeth molds.

This is only under the circumstance that a specialist deems that you’re not a good candidate for their aligner program. 

For refunds that are past 30 days from the original purchase, customers are to pay a 2.95% charge to help cover any additional expenses. 

What is NewSmile’s Shipping Policy?

This NewSmile review hasn’t come across many details on their shipping policy. What we do know is that they provide prepaid shipping labels for their Impressions Kits

What is NewSmile’s Return Policy?

For products sold outside of their subscription, NewSmile offers a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. Aligners, Impression Kits, and scans are considered ineligible to return. 

How to Contact NewSmile

For any questions unrelated to this NewSmile review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1 (888) 231-7725 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Visiting one of their partnered locations

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