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About Causebox

Causebox is a subscription service for women that delivers clothing, jewellery, skin care, and other lifestyle products to their door four times a year. Causebox features exclusive, hand-crafted products from socially conscious brands. Cruelty free and sustainably made, Causebox aims to empower women while giving back to women-focused charities around the world. This Causebox subscription review will give an overview of the service, its featured products, customer feedback, and more to help potential subscribers make an informed decision.

What is Causebox? 

Causebox subscription review
Causebox 2019 Winter Welcome Box

Targeted towards the modern woman, Causebox was created by, uh, two men. Don’t let that fool you, ‘cause co-founders Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum knew what they were doing. Beginning in 2014, Causebox has shipped thousands of boxes to women all around North America. With over 150,000 followers on the Causebox Instagram (and perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing feed you’ve ever seen), Causebox’s popularity is only growing.

Causebox sends out a box at the beginning of each season. The winter box may feature mugs that are perfect for snuggling up to the fire; the summer box has metal straws to save the planet and to look pretty cool while doing so. Whether they’re sending out skincare products, cheetah print silk scarves, or home decor, Causebox has an eye for choosing items you didn’t even know you need.

These boxes look super inviting, but a Causebox subscription review found that they’re more than just a pretty face.All their products are cruelty free, sustainably made, and eco-friendly. This company donates money to dozens of organizations like Speak Your Silence, Trees for the Future, and Books for Africa, partnering with women-owned companies all over the world. 

Causebox Subscription Review 1
Causebox Magazine

On top of that, Causebox wants their subscribers to get to know all of the business they collaborate with. Every box features a sleek magazine describing where the products were made and the team that made them. This way, you can learn everything there is to know about the items you’re paying for. 

In this Causebox subscription review, you’ll discover the ins and outs of Causebox. Before we dive on in, here are the highlights:


  • Products are cruelty free and ethically made
  • Causebox works with charities
  • Causebox donates to women’s organizations
  • Easy cancellation process
  • Free shipping to the USA
  • Boxes can be customized
  • Multiple subscription options


  • No returns or exchanges
  • Customer service can only be contacted via email 
  • More expensive compared to other beauty and lifestyle subscriptions

So, is Causebox the right lifestyle service for you? Keep reading this Causebox subscription review to find out.

Causebox Subscriptions

Causebox Subscription Review 2
Causebox Summer 2019 Welcome Box

Women that subscribe to Causebox receive four boxes a year featuring 6-8 products. Ranging from clothing and accessories to wellness products and artwork, Causebox features unique, hand-crafted pieces for women who want to enhance their skin care routine or simply spoil themselves every once in a while. Many of the products Causebox features are exclusive collaborations, meaning you can’t purchase them anywhere else. Makes you feel special, right?

For those who want to subscribe, Causebox offers the option to pay annually or pay quarterly.

Pay Annually

If you’re ready to commit to a full year of Causebox and want to save some money, this is the subscription plan for you. The annual payment option allows customers to pay a one time fee of $199.80. This payment includes four boxes, covering an entire year. To break it down, each box costs $49.95

Pay Quarterly

If you don’t want to dish out all that money at once, you also have a quarterly Causebox option. By paying quarterly, subscribers pay four separate fees of $54.95 per box. If this is the route you choose to go, you do end up paying $20 more than annual subscribers. 

No matter which option you choose, Causebox allows subscribers to cancel or pause their subscription at any time. We talk more about this at the end of the Causebox subscription review. 

Causebox Custom

Causebox Subscription Review 3
The Heather Drop Lariat Necklace Available in Gold and Silver
Causebox Fall 2019 Box

Causebox Custom is a feature exclusive to annual subscribers, allowing them to customize their box each season. Two weeks before the season begins, annual members are able to skim through “choice products” and tailor them to their needs. For example, subscribers can choose the color or pattern for a piece of clothing, or switch out skincare products for haircare.

If a quarterly subscription member wants to customize their box, they’d have to upgrade to an annual Causebox membership.

Past Causeboxes

Let’s get right to the juicy stuff in this Causebox subscription review. You’re probably wondering what cool pieces come in a Causebox, and we’ve got you covered with this breakdown of the past three packages.

Causebox Fall 2019

Causebox Subscription Review 4
Causebox Fall 2019 Box
Photo by Liz Cadman

Having featured a cozy blend of travel essentials and scented candles, the Causebox Fall 2019 box contained a little something that was sure to please any subscriber. It featured a facial oil, 10-piece makeup brush collection and a minimalist gold necklace. Paired with a travel wallet and weekend duffle bag, this bag looks like it can withstand your busiest schedules. Causebox had subscribers ready to pack up and go with this travel-themed box.

Causebox Spring 2019

Causebox Subscription Review 5
Causebox Spring 2019 Box
Photo by Liz Cadman

The Causebox Spring 2019 box was all about your skincare routine. Featuring a facial mist, face mask, eye mask, and a fancy konjac sponge (for achieving deep exfoliation), you can say goodbye to tired and dry skin with these new products. Not interested in skincare? This box also comes with a silk scarf that doubles as a headband, a portfolio clutch, a postcard, and a plant hanger. Now that is a seriously versatile scarf. A super scarf, if you will. 

Causebox Winter 2019

Causebox Subscription Review 6
Causebox Winter 2019 Box
Photo by Liz Cadman

The Causebox Winter 2019 box was all about the holidays. It featured a cozy knit blanket for those cold winter nights and gold serving spoons to set your holiday party apart from anyone else’s. A hair vitamin serum and facial moisturizer made sure your hair and skin stayed hydrated against the chilly winds. Along with a set of two mugs, an art print, and a hair clip, this Causebox Winter 2019 box was curated to bring out the best version of yourself.

Causebox Spring 2020

Watch out, Causebox spoilers ahead! If you’re wondering what’s in their newest Spring 2020 box, a few of the items have already been revealed, and they’re looking pretty awesome. The box features these great reusable grocery bags to help eliminate the use of plastic and some fashion friendly pieces, like a necklace and super cute crossbody bag.

Causebox Subscription Review 7
Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit 
Causebox Spring 2020 Box

Causebox Alternatives

Maybe you’re familiar with other subscription services and find yourself wondering how Causebox compares to them. Causebox vs Fabfitfun? Or what about Boxycharm?  In this Causebox subscription review, we’ve listed another 5 subscription services for you to learn more about.

  1. Ipsy: Ipsy is a monthly glam bag subscription service that contains five sample size beauty products in each bag. Ipsy costs $12 a month and allows subscribers to customize their beauty bag. 
  2. FabFitFun: FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box. It’s delivered 4 times a year and costs $49.95 per box. The box features 8-10 makeup, skincare, clothing, or jewelry pieces and allows subscribers to customize their box. 
  3. Boxycharm: For $25 a month, Boxycharm sends subscribers five full-size beauty products. Their products are not customizable, with every member receiving the same products.
  4. Glossybox: For $21 a month, Glossybox sends subscribers a selection of five beauty products, ranging from skin care to makeup. Subscribers can customize their box by filling out a quiz.
  5. Birchbox: Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that features five skincare, haircare, and makeup products. It costs $15 a month and subscribers are able to customize their items.

Whether your interests are in clothing, home decor, or a twelve-shade eyeshadow palette, there’s a subscription box out there for you. If it’s looking like Causebox is your perfect match, keep reading this Causebox subscription review to learn what customers have to say.

Is Causebox Worth It?

Causebox’s online site is so aesthetically pleasing that it draws you in right away. The hues of pastels and expertly placed photos were enough to have my eyes drifting to that “subscribe now” button while writing this Causebox subscription review. I love how each box is so different from the last. The level of versatility Causebox executes really helps ensure that their boxes are suitable for everyone. And with products that add up to over $200 and are being sold for a quarter of the price? That seems like somewhat of a miracle.

Causebox Subscription Review 8

But, don’t let the Instagram worthy photos on this site fool you. There’s more to Causebox than pretty packaging. I love that they partner with women-owned brands and really embrace the divine feminine energy they’re trying to sell. And they’re cruelty free! I’ve never tried a monthly subscription service but, if I had to choose one, I think Causebox would be the right fit for me. It’s nice to know you’re giving your money to a cause that is genuinely trying to do some good in the world

What Do Customers Think?

Since Causebox reviews are not posted directly on their site, we had to hit up alternate sites to find what customers think. The overall takeaway? Women are impressed with Causebox, rating it a total of 4/5 stars.

On, one verified buyer left this Causebox review: “As usual, I am so impressed with Causebox. I love their mission of working with brands + companies that have ethical production practices, and the box curation is equally amazing.”

On, another verified buyer says, “I was blown away with my first box as well as by the one I received today (my second box). Everything is beautifully wrapped and packed. The products themselves are fantastic quality and I have quickly become obsessed with more than one!”

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it looks like Causebox knows what they’re doing.

Causebox Promotions & Discounts 

Since Causebox products are so heavily discounted (sold for a quarter of their retail value!), it may not come as a surprise that they don’t offer sales on their items. But, for new subscribers, Causebox offers 20% off their first box after signing up to their email list. 

Looking for a Causebox promo code or a Causebox discount code? We did some research for this Causebox subscription review and found this: enter HURRY30 at checkout to save 30% off your first Causebox.

How to Get Causebox

Causebox Subscription Review 9

Signing up for Causebox is as easy as it gets. First, you need to choose if you want an annual or quarterly subscription. After that, you simply create an account, enter your shipping and billing info, then wait for the next season to arrive and a box to be waiting at your doorstep.


Causebox Shipping Policy

Causebox ships free to the USA, excluding Hawaii and Alaska which costs $7.95. Causebox ships to Canada for an extra $7.95, with no additional charge for duties or taxes.

So, when does each seasonal box ship? They’re sent out on the first of every month. Here are the specific dates:

  • Spring boxes ship March 1st
  • Summer boxes ship June 1st
  • Fall boxes ship September 1st
  • Winter boxes ship December 1st

Once your Causebox has shipped, you will be notified by email with a link to track the shipment. Causebox usually takes 2-8 business days to arrive.  

Causebox Returns Policy

Sadly, a Causebox subscription review found that purchases are non-refundable. Causebox does not accept any returns or exchanges for their boxes. If you do happen to receive a product that is damaged, or your box is missing a product altogether, Causebox will replace the item for free. Simply contact their customer service team by email within two weeks of your box being delivered. After two weeks, Causebox will not replace the item.

How to Cancel Causebox

Causebox can easily be cancelled online under your account settings page. The subscription must be canceled before the next renewal date and any boxes remaining under your subscription will not be refunded. If this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. Let us break it down for you:

  • Annual members have already paid for an entire year’s worth of boxes. Meaning, if you cancel your subscription in August, you’ll still receive and be charged for the fall and winter box. Canceling your subscription will only terminate next year’s boxes. 
  • Quarterly members have a bit more leeway with canceling. Simply, if you cancel the seasonal box before the season begins, then you won’t be charged. For example, the Summer Box ships on June 1st, so you’d have to cancel it before then.

Along with canceling your box, Causebox offers subscribers the ability to pause their subscription. If you decide that the seasonal box isn’t right for you, you can skip the box and your subscription continues on to the next season. Boxes must be canceled before the start of a season and there is no charge to skip a box.

Contact Causebox

Got some questions that aren’t covered in this Causebox subscription review? Their customer service team is available to help via email. They can be reached at [email protected].

You deserve to know all your options. Check out our reviews for other beauty and lifestyle subscriptions:






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Ask a Question
Asked by Dorothy Grasett (4 years ago) Reply

I am considering your cause box for at least one of my daughters for Christmas, but…
Before subscribing, where is the box shipped FROM. During Covid, receipt of items bought and paid for has become — well — iffy.
PS Two daughters, one grand daughter and girlfriends for both grandsons. Tough list.

Asked by karen Giroux (3 years ago) Reply

hi, my mom just received this package from you and is wondering where it came from , she did not subscribe to this causebox???

Asked by Alma Murray (3 years ago) Reply

I have been trying to send Causbox a message and no matter what I try I don’t succeed. I am a yearly subscriber and just starting my second year and I have been double charged on my visa. First time this ever happened. I have pressed on customer service as well. I would appreciate you emailing me.

Asked by Jane (3 years ago) Reply

On November9, I paid $200+ for an annual subscription for my daughter. She was to receive the Fall Box. She was coming to our house for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so when she still hadn’t received anything, I changed her address to mine. After Christmas I emailed Causebox, asking for a refund. I was told they don’t do refunds. They also said Fed Ex had picked up her box and then they heard nothing more about it. I didn’t ever receive any type of shipping notice. They said they would ship a new fall box and then the winter box to her at my address. She has still received nothing. I really cannot recommend this site to anyone. I am out over $200 and have nothing to show for it.

Asked by Janna (3 years ago) Reply

Customer service leaves much to be desired. I enjoyed my first box, but I moved and changed the address as soon as I knew the address. They still sent the winter box to the previous address which is 3 states away. They said I needed to have the address changed by December 1st although it just shipped mid-January. I contacted via email and they are telling me that they cannot do anything but I had to contact FedEx. FedEx will only allow the sender to change the address. I have replied to the email to notify them, but wish that they had a phone number so I could speak with someone.

Asked by Lindsay (3 years ago) Reply

I purchased a causebox annual subscription. I have yet to receive a box or any information about getting a box. I emailed them making sure everything was fine on their end and I have yet received any message back. I wouldn’t recommend this box to anyone! I really thought this box would be better then most since it’s always for a cause. Seems like they don’t care about their customers.

Answered by Tracey (3 years ago) Reply

I purchased mine Dec 4th. Received an email finally around Jan 8th and the actual box on Jan 15. So hopefully yours is on the way soon.

Asked by Jayne (3 years ago) Reply

I’ve been very pleased with the boxes I’ve received over the last year or so. I love that the items are consciously sourced, and I love giving them as gifts. The past few boxes have been difficult because of COVID and I completely understand and respect that. I got my marketplace order but not my winter box yet, but again I understand why. Keep your employees safe! They definitely need some customer service improvement (I’m happy to help, FYI) but the message is still worth it. One thing I request- I really miss having SURPRISES in the box. It’s nice we can pick some, but I loved the element of surprise. If I couldn’t use the items I could gift them. Maybe half and half going forward? STILL love this box.

Patricia Keller
Asked by Patricia Keller (3 years ago) Reply

I never received my next cause box
Or my next tipsy or allure box
Thank you Patricia

Causebox is horrible
Asked by Kate (3 years ago) Reply

I ordered cause box and fabfitfun the same day. I ordered extras from causebox as well. I received my box from fabfitfun very quickly, had a broken item and received a replacement already. Back to causebox… I received only my extra items, not the quarterly box. I was given the wrong add on item and was told I would get my original add on order shipped immediately. I just contacted them and they said they didn’t mean I would get it immediately (which is what they said in writing) but that they would process it for shipping immediately. I still have to wait at least a month to get my original items purchased. I decided the annual subscription was not worth the hassle since they can’t even replace a mistake on their end quickly. Luckily I was given a full refund quickly since my box never shipped yet (even though their website claims shipping March 1 and it’s the 3rd week of April). I am disappointed they kept my money for my add on purchase and have not shipped it yet. I would not go with this company. I’m upset because I really wanted to like it. But I cannot recommend it at all.

Asked by Sharon (3 years ago) Reply

I ordered my causebox, received 2 of my 3 add on items and haven’t received anything else from them. I was so excited to try causebox, I wish I had read this group of reviews first!! I’m quickly becoming dissilliusioned by them.

Answer email
Asked by Maggie Marconi (3 years ago) Reply

Why can’t you people answer an email? You are quick to send one out when you can no longer charge my card, but can not or will not answer my 3 emails. Why?????

Got my first box
Asked by Brigette Geoghan (3 years ago) Reply

I signed up as quarterly switched from fabfitfun because the items seemed like I would use them more. Just got my box and it only had 4 items… I emailed but we’ll see if they respond. Is it normal to only get 4 items if so I’m cancelling.

No to Causebox -now Alltrue
Asked by Elaina Cooperman (3 years ago) Reply

Causebox is designed to get your money not to give you quality products. No customer service, no refunds, nothing. They changed their name to Alltrue and I think it is another way to continue the scam. I got suckered I hope you don’t.

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