BoxyCharm Subscription Review

About BoxyCharm 

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

BoxyCharm is an innovative makeup service that delivers five full-size beauty items and your choice of a gift to your door. The selection of items in your BoxyCharm delivery is diverse, including makeup and skincare products, as well as tools and colour cosmetics. BoxyCharm keeps your makeup routine creative and fresh by offering a unique selection of products that will enable you to express yourself. 

In this BoxyCharm review, we’ll examine key elements of the brand and its products to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of BoxyCharm 

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

BoxyCharm is a makeup line that values convenience and accessibility for $25/month. The company is headquartered in South Florida, with an office in Toronto, Canada. CEO Joe Martin is a veteran entrepreneur who initiated BoxyCharm in 2013, with the aims of his brand reflecting his deep-seated knowledge of the makeup industry.

A BoxyCharm review underscores that the company offers a range of quality products from renowned or rising beauty brands for a great value in a compact, travel-savvy box. In writing this BoxyCharm review, this stood out to me, as I am always left exasperated about having to carry around an unnecessarily large makeup box in my suitcase.

A review of BoxyCharm’s makeup products are in sync with the trends and upgrade classic styles. Many women, including myself, desire to experiment with makeup and learn more about good products, but it can be overwhelming and unclear about where to begin. I feel I am always last to know about new makeup styles, whether it be colourful eyeliner or smoky eye, and end up learning after the fact. BoxyCharm takes the thinking out of makeup application by providing cutting edge products that will make you look your best

Not only does BoxyCharm support you with trendy products, but they also offer tutorials to guide you through their meticulous application. Aside from struggling to choose the right product, there is nothing more bewildering than staring at a new package of makeup and scanning over the sparse application instructions. Charmers can choose one item in their upcoming box, and BoxyCharm customizes the remaining items to align with preference. A BoxyCharm review highlights that BoxyCharm cares about individuality and the boxes differ to meet personal taste. 

The tutorials will inspire you to try out a new look and even help you to reinvent classic looks for special occasions or casual day-to-day. Through watching tutorials on social media shared by the Charmer community, you will be a part of a more extensive network of women motivated to achieve their best and to face each day head-on with subtle or striking makeup techniques. 

BoxyCharm emphasizes generosity and is loyal to its subscribers. The company offers members-only features with a focus on top beauty brands, hosting BOXY-Giveaways in which you can receive reward points to put toward the BoxyCharm Charm Shop. BoxyCharm’s popularity comes from its passionate commitment to spreading beauty knowledge and techniques with quality products at fair prices

BoxyCharm Subscription Review


  • Full-size beauty items
  • Customization and add-ons
  • BoxyPopUp deals, rewards and giveaways
  • Great product value for the price
  • Top of the line, diverse, and rising products
  • Ability to cancel anytime
  • The choice for delivery schedule
  • Helpful makeup tutorials 


  • No returns, refunds or exchanges for a new subscription activation or subscription renewal. 
  • Personalized selection of only one item per BoxyCharm and BoxyCharm Premium box 

How Does BoxyCharm Work?

BoxyCharm sends a box to customers monthly. Each box contains five beauty items. Impressively, the items enclosed in your Boxy subscription are full-sized and inclusive of skincare products, beauty tools, makeup and colour cosmetics

The minimum value of each box is $125. Visit BoxyCharm to see tutorials on how to put your new beauty items to use. With a BoxyCharm subscription, you will gain access to the top beauty brands and enjoy offers and giveaways exclusive to members. 

BoxyCharm Subscriptions

BoxyCharm Premium Review

BoxyCharm Premium comes with 6-7 quality beauty products You can view past boxes for inspiration and insight. Here are the perks of subscribing to BoxyCharm:

  • 6-7 full-size beauty products
  • This month’s box has a $310 value for a price of $35(!)
  • Free shipping
  • Select 1 item each month

Product quantities are limited; that’s why we offer you this in-depth BoxyCharm review so that you don’t have to waste time researching the products to make your decision.

BoxyCharm Luxe Review

Boxy Luxe is a subscription for $24, which is delivered every three months and purchased in addition to your primary BoxyCharm subscription. One of the BoxyCharm spoilers is that with BodyCharm Luxe, you will have access to 80% off on BoxyPopUp deals. The benefits of BoxyCharm Luxe include:

  • Products valued at $275
  • Every three months, BoxyLuxe comes in place of your BoxyCharm box, but you will receive BoxyCharm in between
  • Luxury brands
  • Add-ons

Compare Boxes

Box Selections

BoxyCharmBoxyLuxeBoxyCharm Premium
Value$125 +$275+$175+
Product TypesBeautyBeauty & LifestyleBeauty
Number of Items58+6-7
Choice1 itemUp to 3 items1 item

How Much is BoxyCharm?

The cost of BoxyCharm is $25 per month. The purchase is non-refundable and renews automatically. A BoxyCharm review shows that Charmers may cancel their subscription anytime. 

BoxyCharm Review: What Customers Think 

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

There are mixed reviews on BoxyCharm. Some customers felt that BoxyCharm made them go out of their comfort zone and exposed them to colours and styles of makeup products that they otherwise would not have explored. Satisfied customers stated that BoxyCharm’s makeup tutorials helped them develop their skills and enhanced knowledge. BoxyCharm reviews emphasize that customers also enjoyed BoxyCharm’s offering of full-size products. 

A BoxyCharm review also highlighted that other customers were dissatisfied with the company’s customer service and found inconsistencies in shipping and packaging. Some customers were enticed by the advertising for free products and disappointed to discover that they were not included in their box. Customers found frustration in their box contents, finding that they often did not use items within their box. Many customers felt the boxes were imbalanced with an overabundance of skincare products. BoxyCharm is similar but slightly higher in price than beauty brands in the category. 

BoxyCharm Competitors 

Ipsy Glam Bag

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

Are you looking to find your next favourite makeup product? For $12 a month, subscribers receive five beauty products plus a complimentary adorable bag. Some of the products featured in the January Glam Bag include:

  1. Ahava – Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream in Sea Kissed
  2. Benefit Cosmetics – Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
  3. OFRA Cosmetics – OFRA x NikkieTutorials Glow Goals Highlighter
  4. Finding Ferdinand – Lipstick in Very Berry 
  5. Aromatica – Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser
  6. Theorie – Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub 
  7. Realher – Realher Eyeshadow in Incomparable
  8. Purlisse-Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk 
  9. AVETTE – Daily Fresh Squeeze Sheet Mask Duo in Grape
  10. LUXIE Beauty – 560 Medium Fan Flawless Brush

A review of BoxyCharm competitors reveals that Ipsy provides a personal approach to developing your makeup collection. When you sign up for your personalized glam bag, you begin by selecting your skin tone to ensure that the products are complementary and keep you feeling your best. Subscribers choose between fair, light-medium, tan/olive, dark, and deep. I like the idea of this, as I have been recommended a certain tone, having tried it at a “beauty bar,” only to discover that it did not match my skin in natural light.

As an IPSY fan, you can shop all of Ipsy’s offers, with new deals offered every day at 9 AM. 

IPSY retains long-term customers who express satisfaction with the beauty quiz. Customers feel supported by products that are tailored to their individuality. IPSY lovers report that customer service is excellent. When customers are not fond of an item, they find that IPSY is responsive to reviews, and their boxes were adjusted, in keeping with the reviews they had submitted. Customers are satisfied with the price and quality of IPSY

Allure Beauty Box

Allure’s monthly beauty box has trending makeup picks for a $70 value at the cost of $15. Allure selects its products through a conscientious process. The company tests over 50,000 products per year. The box contains at least two full-size products and tips for usage. New members of the Allure beauty box receive a gift, and all purchases come with free shipping

There are mixed reviews for the Allure box. While some customers rave about their box and the content products, other reviewers of the Allure beauty box report that they were disappointed by the product and did not receive quality beauty care items. Customers reported excellent customer service but challenges with delivery. Customers also reported difficulties with the cancellation process. Overall, the reviews of the Allure box were below standard.

Macy’s Beauty Box 

Maybe you have childhood memories of the smell and visual appeal of the Macy’s makeup counter. If just thinking about it floods you with a feeling of nostalgia, you’ll love the Macy’s Beauty Box. The box includes five top beauty brands, a complimentary makeup bag, a bonus item and a $5 coupon for online use. The cost of the Macy’s Beauty Box is $15, and presently, it does not offer customization features, unlike other subscriptions. With the Macy’s beauty box, you’ll be at the front of the line for new products. Each month, you’ll be given a window into new favourites

Customers express consistent pleasure with the contents of the box, the bag that comes along with it and the coupon. Customers remark on the quality of the products and say that Macy’s Beauty Box has good-sized products. 


Birchbox is the ideal choice for variety at $15/month. Birchbox cares about your taste. With a Birchbox subscription, you have the opportunity to pick from a selection of boxes put together by trusted beauty experts. You can also choose one of your samples and leave the rest of the work to Birchbox, who will focus on your individual beauty needs. Birchbox uses your user profile to design your boxes. Starting with your second Birchbox, you can select a sample monthly. 

Some consumers offered negative reviews about Birchbox, stating that though the company gives customers the ability to choose one of their products each month, items were often sold out at the time of selection. Customers also said that Birchbox mixed up their order on occasion and provided the wrong box. Reviews reported that customer service was unhelpful, with the poor response time. Finally, customers experienced challenges when trying to cancel their subscription.


Glossybox showcases its products in impressive packaging and offers full and deluxe sizes for its products. A Glossybox monthly subscription costs $21 with a box value of $60. Glossybox has a talent for showcasing up and coming brands that might slip under the radar of other companies. At this time, Glossybox is not customizable

Loyal customers of Glossybox feel that the quality of the products and customer service has declined. Some customers had experiences with shipping and over-charging difficulties. The packaging was disorganized and unflattering. Customers found the value of the products to be weak, and some reported the products as dull. Overall, customers found the Glossybox experience aggravating and second-rate. 

Is BoxyCharm Worth It? 

A review of BoxyCharm shows that it has many assets. With multiple plans to choose from, you can select the beauty box that meets your lifestyle and needs. BoxyCharm is focused on the satisfaction and wellbeing of Charmers. There are choices and flexibility around item selection in each box. BoyCharm offers tutorials to compliment your new makeup so that you can evolve with your expanding beauty bag.

Reviews, however, do indicate that BoxyCharm does not provide a consistent box. The box is priced well for its value but is more expensive than some other beauty box brands. For these reasons, you might look to a brand other than BoxyCharm for your beauty needs. That said, if you want to experience a broad selection of full-size beauty products with supportive tips, then BoxyCharm is a great way to expand your exposure and have a fun experience with makeup! 

BoxyCharm Promotions & Discounts 

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

For a free palette gift, use the BoxyCharm coupon code  GETMYPALETTE

For a free skincare gift, use the BoxyCharm coupon code DRLOVE


Where to Buy BoxyCharm  

If you are interested in expanding your self-care and improving your beauty knowledge and product collection, become a Charmer. A review of BoxyCharm highlights that you’ll feel inspired, looked after, and confident with your new makeup techniques, high calibre products and beauty styles. With BoxyCharm’s help, you don’t have to do it alone. Purchase BoxyCharm on their website.

When Does BoxyCharm Ship?

BoxyCharm Subscription Review
  • If you are a US Charmer, your box will ship within 5-10 business days
  • If you live in the adjoining United States, shipping will take an additional 5-10 business days for delivery
  • It will take an extra 5-20 business days for delivery to U.S. territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.) and Alaska and Hawaii
  • Canadians can expect their items to ship within 5-10 days of purchase and 5-20 business days for delivery

Charmers are sent a tracking number within 48-72 hours post shipment of each box. Tracking information provides the highest accuracy for the delivery window. If you have purchased a prepaid box, the processing will begin on the 1st of each month. 

How to Cancel a BoxyCharm Subscription 

The instructions for cancelling your BoxyCharm subscription are simple:

  1. Go to the BoxyCharm website
  2. Click ‘My Account’ and login
  3. Visit the ‘Subscriptions’ tab
  4. Click on ‘Edit,’ and select the option to cancel your subscription
  5. Select ‘Cancel Subscription’ 

Shipping Policy

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

Presently, Boxy’s are shipped within the United States and to its territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. Boxy’s are also shipped to Canada. BoxyCharm also ships to military bases with a shipping address of APO, FPO, or DPO. 

You are responsible for the local customs and duties applicable to your Boxy’s order. In the case that customs refuse your order, you will incur original shipping fees as well as duties, customs or taxes related to shipping. 

BoxyCharm is working on expanding its shipping locations. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest updates. 

Return Policy

If you’ve purchased a new subscription activation or subscription renewal and you have been charged for this service, BoxyCharm is unable to offer return, refund or exchange. Additionally, all add-on orders are final

Contact BoxyCharm  

BoxyCharm Subscription Review

To contact BoxyCharm, scroll to the bottom of their website and on the right-hand side, click on ‘Email Customer Service.’ This link will lead you to a ‘Message Us’ option, where you can input your contact information and your message or query for BoxyCharm. 

It’s always better to have options. Check out our other reviews for other leading beauty subscription programs:





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Asked by Ana (3 years ago) Reply

Terrible customer service. HORRIBLE DO NOT buy this product. Terrible service

Answered by rhonda (2 years ago) Reply

i couldnt agree more. first u get sent to their BOT many times. the options it gives u to choose from are nowhere near what ur actual issue is. once u GET a person, they’ve been very helpful. one caveat: i’m new to this, so i DO have A LOT of questions 🤔

Asked by Sydney (3 years ago) Reply

They literally send you the wrong items then refuse to answer your emails and social media messages. I’m having to file a claim with BBB because they took my money and won’t send what I paid for. Don’t do it!

Asked by Nikki (3 years ago) Reply

I have had a great experience. I LOVE this sub. I had an order go to an old address (I moved during the billing cycle) and they replaced it. I would prefer a phone number rather than email for customer service however.

Asked by Leah Dustin (3 years ago) Reply

NOT WORTH IT! I got two boxes and was disappointed by the variety in the box. None of the high end brands they advertise with actually come in the box so that was upsetting. It felt like what they did give came straight from drug store arrangements of one off brands. In addition, I ordered from and add on sale in August and still haven’t received the package over a month later. Their customer service is not helping with this issue at all. I also subscribe to FabFitFun and would recommend them 100x over Boxy.

Asked by JJ (2 years ago) Reply

Boxycharm has the absolute worst customer service. Hope nothing goes wrong / your packages deliver okay, because they’re a real pleasure to talk to.

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