Ivory Ella Review

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About Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella Review

Ivory Ella is all about the elephants! Founded on this theme, the owners of this company took to making a brand committed to this graceful creature. In creating their product, Ivory Ella partnered with Save the Elephants and other charity organizations to make each purchase matter. 

Ivory Ella expands beyond basic marketing through their creative approach to the product and social media accounts. Boasting over 1.2M followers on Instagram and nearly 600k likes on Facebook, the now iconic brand has even been featured in Forbes, Fashion United, and PR Newswire.

We’re sure you’re wondering why anyone would want to wear clothing that has an elephant on it. Well, this Ivory Ella review will give you all the intel you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to support this company, its products, and its ethics.

Overview of Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella Review

Ivory Ella launched in 2015, pioneered by one woman and five college-aged young men. Wanting to create a difference in the world, they decided to build a brand that consisted of their own product line. Through a ton of research, the founders found an overwhelming relatability to elephants and wanted to learn more about how to help conserve the species. 

When they partnered with Save the Elephants, the Ivory Ella concept was born — a brand built around making each purchase matter through a percentage of each price going directly to charity. So far, Ivory Ella has donated over $2M in profits to charity organizations. Just think, you’re not only looking good, you’re making a difference when you purchase the brand!

Though they started with Ivory Ella elephant shirts, the brand has since expanded to accessories and home décor. And all their products are still made in the US, with their headquarters in Connecticut and a warehouse in Rhode Island.

But aside from how cute Ivory Ella short sleeve shirts are, what can be said about the brand? Here are a few quick pros and cons to consider:


  • Involved in charitable donations and causes
  • Prices are affordable
  • Lots of promotions
  • Top-tier quality
  • Sturdy and comfortable, lasting through heavy use
  • Free shipping on orders over $80
  • AfterPay payment plans available


  • Brand might be expanding too quickly 
  • Delivery times are questionable at best
  • Women’s clothing tends to run small
Ivory Ella Review

Despite starting with shirts, the brand has expanded rapidly over the past six years, including items like Ivory Ella necklaces and Ivory Ella Christmas shirts. It seems the brand wants to make sure none of your desires are overlooked. 

Now that you have an idea of what the brand has to offer, this Ivory Ella review will look deeper into the type of clothing you can find and whether this is a brand you’ll want to support. 

Ivory Ella Review

Nowadays, we know a lot of people who are supporting good causes, and elephants are definitely an animal we want to protect. With all the ivory trading still going on, these gentle giants need all the help they can get. That’s why purchasing Ivory Ella jackets or Ivory Ella shorts goes beyond fashion — it helps an important part of our ecosystem.  

If you love elephants, you’ll be able to decorate your whole room in a new theme once you explore this site’s store. To narrow down your selection, this Ivory Ella review has started off with a few of our favorite options from different categories.

Ivory Ella Tie Dye Shirts Review

Ivory Ella shirts are what started this whole endeavor. Based on their original item, the company has moved towards unique tie-dye items that are as unique as the people who wear them. There’s no better way to start off our Ivory Ella review than with these best sellers.

Ivory Ella Petunia Tie Dye Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt Review 

Tie dye can often be too bright or gaudy, but Ivory Ella’s Petunia Tie Dye Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt gives the perfect balance of pop and pattern. Designed with a stylistic circular logo, this understated tie-dye shirt gives a hint of the 70s without diving too deep into a world of bell bottoms and fringe. 

Made of 100% cotton, this look is styled for casual comfort. Fit for fall, winter, or spring, you’ll be keeping warm and cozy in this super comfy shirt. Dark purple has never looked better in this magical tie dye design.

Available in US sizes XXS to XXL, the Ivory Ella Tie Dye Shirts retail for $15. AfterPay is also available for buy now, pay later payments. 

Ivory Ella Rainbow Tie Dye Oversized Hoodie Review

Nothing says tie dye quite like the classic multi-coloured spiral look. Ivory Ella’s Rainbow Tie Dye Oversized Hoodie gives you the old-school fits for a comfy and vibrant look. 

Ivory Ella hoodies are designed to fit loose for that cozy vibe we all love. Fall or winter, nothing fits your closet and your attitude quite like this timeless Ivory Ella sweatshirt. Extra soft, this hand-dyed hoodie will have slightly different variations with each piece. But don’t worry, it’s as special as the person wearing it.  

This hoodie comes in US sizes XXS to XXL and retails for $79, with AfterPay payment plans available. 

Ivory Ella Short Sleeve Shirts Review

Forever a staple in anyone’s closet, the short sleeves can be worn throughout the year — great for layering on those colder days. 

Ivory Ella Doodle Dog T-Shirt Review 

Nothing says business in the front and party in the back quite like the Ivory Ella Doodle Dog T-Shirt. The front of this shirt presents a plain color with minimal design over the chest pocket. Cute, right? Not nearly as cute as the doodle dog printed on the back. 

Adorable design isn’t all this shirt provides – 10% of net profits go to Hearts and Bones, an animal rescue organization that helps dogs find their forever home. 

Available for $32, this baby blue shirt comes in US sizes XXS to 3X. You can also purchase it using AfterPay. 

Ivory Ella Sea Stars T-Shirt Review

The sea is a deep world we barely know enough about; what we do know is that it is slowly deteriorating. Every time you buy a Sea Stars T-Shirt, you also support the ocean’s restoration and recovery. The Reef Restoration Fund gets 10% of every purchase, using the money to grow and implant healthy coral into damaged areas within the Great Barrier Reef. 

Stunning in its simplistic design, the white shirt shows off a swirl of sea designs within the Ivory Ella logo printed on the back. Throw a jacket over it knowing that your purchase did a great thing for the world.

The Sea Stars T-Shirt comes in US sizes XXS to XXL and retails for $32. AfterPay is available with payment plans. 

Ivory Ella Joggers Review

Comfort is key in the Ivory Ella sweatpants collection. Full of great jogger selections, you’ll be ready to rock your next run in these stylish best sellers!

Ivory Ella Blue Cyclone Tie Dye Jogger Review 

Who says you can’t look cute while you work out? The Ivory Ella Blue Cyclone Tie Dye Jogger pants are perfect for an early morning run or dropping onto the couch in exhaustion. Pair them with a plain top or throw on another fun design to make your outfit really stand out! 

These casual Ivory Ella joggers are tie dyed with your favorite blue swirl pattern to give you a funky but comfy vibe. Cute and relaxed, this timeless design is the perfect addition to your closet.

Available in US sizes XXS to XXL, the Blue Cyclone Jogger retails for $55. AfterPay is available with payment plans. 

Ivory Ella Mazarine Swirl Tie Dye Relaxed Jogger Review

A swirl of tie-dye makes every day brighter. Fight off the exhaustion of your workout with the exciting blue and white style of the Ivory Ella’s Mazarine Swirl Tie Dye Relaxed Joggers. Ivory Ella joggers are made to keep you looking and feeling cool whether you’re tackling the gym or the couch. Anyone up for a movie marathon?

Designed to keep you warm, these joggers are made with cotton, recycled polyester, and brushback fleece to help you face those chilly winter nights. The elastic waistband and tapered ankles give you a completely relaxed fit. 

Available in US sizes XXS to XXL, you’ll be good to go with these $30 (regular $55) sweats in your day-to-day look. AfterPay is also an option to purchase these pants. 

Ivory Ella Blankets Review

Maybe not what you were expecting from this Ivory Ella review, but the expansion of inventory has provided one of our favorite new collections – Ivory Ella blankets. Maybe the clothes or décor aren’t for you, but everyone can use a comfy blanket lying around the house. 

Ivory Ella Blanket Review 

Subtle colors and style make up this cozy Ivory Ella Blanket, perfect for those movie marathon nights. Made entirely of polyester, you’ll be ready to cuddle in bed with your favorite book or cover your eyes during the scary parts of a horror movie. 

The Ivory Ella logo on this soft grey blanket doesn’t detract from its cuddly nature. All it does is reassure you of the cause you’re supporting every time you snuggle into its soft material. 

At 60” x 70”, your Ivory Ella Blanket can keep you cozy at $49. AfterPay is available with payment plans. 

Ivory Ella Dark Navy Sherpa Blanket Review 

Snuggle into this ultra-soft Ivory Ella Dark Navy Sherpa Blanket once and you’ll never want to leave your new cocoon. Made entirely of polyester, this blanket spans 50” x 60” to immerse you into a world of comfort. 

When you curl up under this blanket, you’ll feel good knowing you’re comfy while saving the elephants. The Dark Navy Sherpa Blanket retails for $49, and is currently on sale for $30. AfterPay is also an option to purchase the blanket. 

What Is Ivory Ella’s Cause? 

Ivory Ella Review

What exactly does Ivory Ella support? If it isn’t evident by now, it’s elephants. Ivory Ella partnered with Save the Elephants prior to launching their company and has been a supporter of the organization since. 

Save the Elephants is an organization that works to research and monitor the elephant population to prevent poachers from ivory trading. With over 100,000 elephants lost between 2007-2015, poaching and trafficking are a very real concern for this part of the animal kingdom. 

Through Save the Elephants, elephants are tracked and monitored by pairing communities and managers to keep this keystone species as safe as possible for the foreseeable future. 

What Age Group Wears Ivory Ella? 

Ivory Ella Review

For the most part, Ivory Ella is popular among millennials under 25 who relate to the super fun and vibrant brand as well as its mission to save elephants. 

Who Is Ivory Ella For? 

Ivory Ella Review

Ivory Ella products are geared towards young women, specifically those in their teens and early 20s. The brand’s youthful marketing as well as heavy social media presence aims to work with young women interested in social causes. The inclusion of backpacks, lanyards, and dorm décor focus on student style. 

With this ever-expanding brand, it will be of no surprise to us to see an Ivory Ella mens section listed amongst the inventory. 

Ivory Ella Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ivory Ella Review

It’s all sounding pretty good so far, right? Let’s look at some Ivory Ella reviews from verified customers to get the real story on what products, prices, and services look like when buying.

Overall, Ivory Ella reviews are excellent! Their dedicated fan base seems to praise the company on its products, quality, and social cause. Influenster rates Ivory Ella as 4.6/5 stars based on over 100 customer reviews, where many reviews come from buyers who dedicate themselves to buying more from the brand to help the growing charitable donations made annually.

“Great quality and material! I didn’t realize there was an organization, and I am so glad I was able to educate myself on their brand and mission. So glad I have a shirt and I’ll be buying more in the future.”

SiteJabber’s 33 customer reviews are more of a mixed bag with a rating of 3.32/5 stars. One happy customer wrote, “I have been a customer for about 5 years and shop regularly and love the shirt quality, the fit and durability. The designs are fresh & the causes they support giving back is a win/win combination. They are always helpful and eager to have happy customers.”

And on Trustpilot, the company has a 3/5 star rating. One satisfied reviewer said, “Absolutely LOVE Ivory Ella. Just bought their new leggings. Probably the softest comfiest leggings I have. Love their designs for the hombre shirts and water bottles.”

Is Ivory Ella Worth It?

Ivory Ella Review

Ivory Ella has been a consistent brand since its launch 6 years ago. Their product list continues to grow, and the quality doesn’t seem to have suffered as a result. The majority of Ivory Ella reviews speak to its great cause combined with well-made products. For the prices offered, Ivory Ella is well worth your money.

Perfect for treating yourself or gifting to others, Ivory Ella’s expansive inventory has something for everyone. You won’t regret buying a well-made shirt that also helps the elephants. Every purchase sends proceeds to something worth your time, money, and attention. In our opinion, Ivory Ella is ultimately worth it.

Ivory Ella Promotions & Discounts 

Ivory Ella Review

This Ivory Ella review found that the brand has promotions pop up all the time. If you’re looking for some Ivory Ella discount codes, all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find them in no time. In addition to their sales section online, they continually run promotions to cut costs. 

Here are a few facts to keep in mind when looking for those deals:

  • Not all items are included in promotions
  • All discount codes available are one-use only
  • Only one discount can be used per order

Where to Buy Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella Review

Ivory Ella has partnered with a number of stores to carry their products. While their inventory is available on their website, other retailers offer an in-store option to purchase this brand. Limited selection of Ivory Ella clothes and accessories can be found through:

  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Wayfair
  • Amazon
  • The Paper Store

Ivory Ella has also launched its own storefront in Mystic, CT.


Ivory Ella Review

Who is the owner of Ivory Ella? 

The current CEO of Ivory Ella is John Allen. Allen founded the company in 2015 with his friends Ryan Duranso, Jacob Castaldi, Richard Henne, Matthew Fiano, and Esma Ilyas, who are all owners of the brand.

What year did Ivory Ella start?

Ivory Ella is a fairly recent company. The company launched in 2015 and has continued to expand their product line ever since.

Where are Ivory Ella products made? 

The majority of their items come from China, Honduras, Pakistan, and Mexico. Nearly half of the screen printing is done in-house with some of the embroidery work finished at their Connecticut HQ.  

Does Ivory Ella fit true to size?

Ivory Ella reviews consistently put sizing as small. When ordering an item it’s recommended you order a size up.

What is Ivory Ella’s Shipping Policy?

Ivory Ella shipping prices and times are generally calculated as you checkout, with the company doing their best to fulfill the order between 3 to 6 business days, but it will also be dependent on your location. Other than that, their shipping policies include:

  • International shipping, with actual prices calculated at checkout
  • Not covering customs, duty, or taxes
  • Tracking numbers 
  • Shipping is free for orders over $80

What is Ivory Ella’s Return Policy?

Ivory Ella accepts returns within a 45-day window from the date your order is shipped for US customers. The return process is quick and simple with step-by-step instructions to follow, from selecting your items through to when you’ll receive your refund. Here’s the quick rundown of how to go about it:

  1. Head to the Returns page.
  2. Choose the item you need to return.
  3. Ivory Ella will authorize and confirm the return.
  4. Instructions will be sent to your email as well as a prepaid shipping label.
  5. Package up your item and ship it off.
  6. Your refund should come a week after the return has been processed.

Final sale, promotional, or free items can’t be returned. 

How to Contact Ivory Ella

If this Ivory Ella review hasn’t answered all of your questions, you can reach the company through a couple of ways:

Ivory Ella customer service is available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm EST.

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