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About Floyd

Floyd Bed Review

Floyd is a home decor and furniture brand that sells everything from sofas to tables, mattresses, patio sets, and storage units. They have a following of 125k on Instagram where they post gorgeous interior design photos showcasing their diverse product catalog.

This Floyd bed review will go over the brand’s mattress and bed frame options in great detail, but we’ll also investigate a wide array of interior products, the Floyd return policy, pricing, overall product quality, and everything else you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of Floyd

Floyd Bed Review

Floyd Home is a US company that wants to provide quality furniture with a reduced ecological footprint. The brand operates out of Detroit, with their headquarters also featuring a showroom of beds and other furniture. Their mission to build “the future of furniture” began in 2013. 

They hate throwaway culture and poorly-made furniture. In an attempt to go against the grain, they pride themselves on products that, while more expensive, will stand the test of time.

Sustainability is also a core piece of Floyd’s philosophy. First and foremost, the minimalist, Scandi aesthetic of their furniture (not just the material quality) is meant to look good in your living space decades after purchase. 

They manufacture all their products in the US, vastly lowering the carbon footprint compared to items that have to ship from the other side of the world.

This Floyd bed review also found that the brand has 5 sustainability goals for 2025 that look good, but whether or not they will be achieved remains to be seen. 

So, Floyd has big plans and an ethical, environmentally-friendly plan for their business practices. But when we look at what customers have to say and delve into product details, we find that Floyd might want to redirect some of their eco-friendly focus towards other areas.


  • Offers a great variety of well-made and long-lasting furniture, including bed frames, sofas, and tables, as well as storage space
  • US-based manufacturing
  • Ambitious sustainability goals
  • Furniture made without damaging chemicals, metals, and sprays
  • Walnut wood sourced from the US
  • Excellent 10-year warranty


  • No customer support phone number
  • Shipping is not available internationally, to FPO and APO addresses, nor to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico

Is Floyd Sustainable?

Floyd Bed Review

Floyd is sustainable, but not as much as they’d like you to believe. 

This Floyd bed review read their articles and commitments on sustainability, but when we actually look at what Floyd is doing right now – not in 2025 – their sustainability practices are fledgling at best. 

It is far from the most sustainable furniture brand, but if Floyd meets their 5 sustainability goals, they will be an industry leader in eco-friendly practices.

At the moment, Floyd’s sustainability practices are limited to manufacturing in the US, lowering transportation emissions, designing long-lasting furniture to counter throwaway culture, and experimenting with small-scale, suspiciously performative recycling projects. 

They also source their walnut wood from the US (their birch is “within the Baltic variety.”) This brand has a long way to go, but we can be hopeful that all of their talk about sustainable practices will lead to concrete changes.

Floyd Furniture Review

This Floyd bed review investigated nine best-selling products to help you understand the brand, their pricing and design formulas, as well as the scope of their product catalog. 

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of Floyd sofas, standing desks, coffee tables, and, of course, beds.

Floyd The Bed Plus Review

Right away you need to know that The Bed Plus is a bed frame and mattress bundle that offers hundreds of dollars in savings. 

The lightwood, minimalist design has a Swedish Airbnb vibe. This Floyd bed review absolutely loves the aesthetic because it clears your mind and doesn’t take up the whole room. Plus, it will be easy to move to your next apartment or house.

Floyd promises that the bed frame “assembles faster than you can fall asleep.” Meanwhile, the mattress is a combination of soft memory foam and 1,000 coils that give stability but also comfort.

Let’s talk about the design and pricing options. The bed frame comes in either birch or walnut, with the American-sourced walnut being more expensive. You can choose the following sizes for the bed frame:

1. Twin

2. Queen

3. Queen + Headboard

4. King

5. King + Headboard

The mattress comes in approximately the same sizes:

1. Twin

2. Twin XL

3. Full (essentially the same as Queen)

4. Queen

5. King

The dimensions and weight of each bed frame and mattress do, of course, depend on the purchased size. 

No matter the option you choose, you can be sure that it comes without flame retardants and chemical sprays (used by so many furniture companies) that are bad for your health and can potentially lower your IQ.

This Floyd bed review is happy to say that, with this bundle, your bed frame and mattress will arrive at the same time. And if the upfront cost is too high, you can always opt for a monthly payment plan.

Is the Floyd bed worth it? Speaking of cost, depending on size and material, the price of this bundle can vary greatly. For example, a twin-sized bed frame and mattress combo in birch comes out to a cool $1,247, while a King + headboard walnut bed frame and king size mattress will cost you $2,147.

The brand also offers underbed storage for one side ($280) or both sides ($560).

Floyd Bed Frame Review

The Floyd Bed Frame is simple, elegant, and designed in such a way as to visually fit with any established decorative style. Bohemian-chic, minimalist architectural studio or 1960’s Mod will all look natural with this bed frame as the room’s centerpiece.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Twin: $590
  • Queen: $750
  • Queen + Headboard: $990
  • King: $950
  • King + Headboard: $1,190

Regardless of the size, remember that you can always pay by monthly installments instead of bearing the cost upfront. If you upgrade your mattress and need a larger frame, there are no worries, as you can easily purchase a Floyd bed extra panel with their Expansion Kit.

The wooden frame has two color options: sunny birch and smoky, dark brown walnut. The hardware, or feet at the bottom of the frame, come in white and black

The last customization option is the super-convenient storage that goes under the bed frame. You can get storage on one side for $280, storage on both sides for $560, or opt for neither if you prefer.

Floyd Standing Desk Review

In keeping with the overall Floyd aesthetic, the Standing Desk is simple, elegant, minimalist, and never an eyesore. It looks like a natural addition to any room, and the only misleading part is the name because this desk functions perfectly well with a chair.

Using the Standing Desk is simple. A panel is built under the lip of the desk to adjust the height to your preference. It can also be programmed, meaning you can move the desk to various heights with the press of a button. 

Floyd suggests scheduling about 40 minutes for assembly and to get an extra set of hands to help. The desk can hold up to 350lb and is made of birch, walnut, or natural linoleum, while the metal legs come in black or white metal.

The Standing Desk is available in the following styles:

  • Fog (natural linoleum): $865
  • Birch: $875
  • Walnut: $895

Floyd Sectional Review

This Floyd couch comes in 14 different shapes and sizes, as well as 5 color patterns (mineral, off-white, charcoal, marine, and cypress). With an ottoman as an optional add-on for your order, the Sectional is one customizable piece of furniture. 

You’ll have an easy time with assembly because you don’t need any tools, not even an Allen key. The pieces simply clip together. 

This Floyd bed review does recommend having someone help you put it together, both to avoid injury and to lower your blood pressure during the process, especially for the massive 5-seaters.

Pricing ranges from $1,540 for the most basic 2-seater to $3,690 for a luxurious 5-seater. Any size you choose comes with firm yet comfortable cushions, a very neat, tidy, and minimal aesthetic, as well as seats that let you really sink in and forget your worries.

Floyd Sofa Review

Thick, extra-plush cushions are at the heart of the Floyd Sofa. Sink into them, relax, and easily remove them at any time from the frame. They are 95% polyester and 5% nylon, making them easy to wash and more difficult to stain than other materials.

The design is basic, pleasing, and minimal. It’s a piece of furniture your eyes will pass over without being drawn to for any particular reason, good or bad, and blends in well with the room. 

Of course, choosing the bright saffron color for the cushions will make it pop if that’s what you want. The other color options are more subdued, and feature lunar grey, must, ocean dive, and oat.

The Floyd Sofa is essentially a wooden or upholstered bench with very comfortable cushions on top of it. The costs are as follows:


  • 2-seater: $1,495
  • 3-seater: $1,695
  • 3-seater and chaise: $2,095


  • 2-seater: $1,195
  • 3-seater: $1,395
  • 3-seater and chaise: $1,795

Floyd Coffee Table Review

The Floyd Coffee Table is a perfect addition to any living room. We could say it holds books and coffee cups better than any other table, but in reality, it does exactly what a nice table should, and looks great to boot.

This Floyd table comes in a round or oval shape and is available in a light, sunny birch or smoky walnut color. The metallic legs come in a standard black or white, so this product can be customized to go with any color palette. 

Here’s a quick look at the different costs and dimensions of the table:


Cost: Birch ($445) or Walnut ($485)

Dimensions: 34” D x 12.25” H


Cost: Birch ($425) or Walnut ($465)

Dimensions: 59″ W x 19.5″ D x 12.25” H

Floyd Media Console Review

The Floyd Media Console comes straight from 1950s high fashion. It is all right angles, has a minimalist look, and it appears airy, as if adding space to the room instead of taking it away. 

Customization options abound with the shelving, giving you three options: both sides closed in with cabinet doors, both sides open with shelving, and a half-and-half option. The wood comes in ash or walnut, and the steel shelves are available in white, black, or forest green.

The Media Console can hold 65lb per shelf and 325lb total. The top shelf has a surface area of 57.1 inches wide and 12.7 inches deep, and the entire console is 24 inches high, 59.2 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.

Prices vary according to how many cabinets you add and the type of wood used. At $645, the ash console with no cabinets is the least expensive option, whereas the walnut console with two cabinets will cost you $1,425.

Floyd Underbed Storage Review

Underbed storage is incredibly convenient. If you’re not doing anything with that space, then you’ve just opened up a ton of surface area and decluttered your room. 

If you are just haphazardly throwing stuff under your bed as so many of us do, this storage option only costs $280 and will help you organize and make your room so much cleaner.

Floyd’s Underbed Storage comes in black and white and is designed to fit with the brand’s Bed Frame only, in any size. It can bear no more than 80lb, so be careful about how many weighted blankets you put inside.

Floyd Bed Framework Review

This is not a bed frame, but the components that you need to create one. Confusing? Let this Floyd bed review explain. 

Basically, what you’re buying is a kit of straps and metal braces that, when put together, will hold a flat surface up and make it functionally a bed frame, or a “Floyd shelf.” The only limitation – and it’s a big one –  is that the surface has to be 1.5 inches thick for the braces to properly slot in.

The Bed Framework package weighs 21lb and is made from 11-gauge steel. It costs $225 for the twin size, $245 for the Queen size, and $275 for the King size. 

Floyd Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Floyd Bed Review

The company has built up a considerable fan base, largely due to their reasonable pricing and elegant yet simple furniture design. This Floyd bed review examined available customer feedback to find experiences both good and bad.

On the official website, the Bed Frame is rated 4.8/5 stars out of over 850 reviews. Customers are quick to praise the easy assembly, the design, and the delivery time.

One satisfied buyer is very pleased with the look of the frame: “I love the color of the wood and the subtle white metalwork. It’s somehow both understated and a total centerpiece of my room. I’m a diehard Floyd fan now.”

Other Floyd products enjoy similar praise on floydhome.com:

  • The Table: 4.8/5 stars out of over 120 ratings
  • The Shelving System: 4.9/5 stars out of close to 100 ratings
  • Underbed Storage: 4.8/5 stars out of over 50 ratings

Verified customers on the official Floyd website regularly rate their products 5/5 stars. They like how Floyd furniture complements each other without looking too cookie-cutter. 

One customer who purchased the Floyd Platform Bed writes, “Gorgeous bed! Amazing design, both visually & how the bed gets put together. One big suggestion would be to design a way to stop the mattress from shifting off the bed.”

On Reddit, users found Floyd furniture “not bad” to assemble. The Bed Frame, for example, can be done solo. 

Other customers said that their furniture purchase was good and durable, although in some cases orders take 2+ months to ship. Another complaint was that the Floyd bed frame slides around on the floor and is much better on a rug or carpet.

One Floyd customer from Reddit writes, “I bought the Floyd legs about 2 years ago. Used it to turn a slab of marble into a desk. Worked great. No complaints on the quality or customer service… solid pieces. Like I said, no complaints, no surprises.”

Slumber Search also holds a fair number of reviews on the brand and their products. With an overall score of 9.6/10 stars out of 236 ratings, it’s safe to say that this website’s users mirror the overall praise for Floyd that’s found on the rest of the internet. 

Is Floyd Worth It?

Floyd Bed Review

Floyd is worth it if you like their furniture aesthetic. As a brand they definitely found their niche and have made all of their products along the same design scheme: Scandinavian inspired, minimalist, airy, and very durable

Their furniture seems to add space to a room instead of taking it away, and while there are complaints, this Floyd bed review did not find any major reasons for concern, with the sole exception of a potentially long shipping time.

You should also know that the Floyd warranty lasts 10 years, cannot be transferred, and crucially stipulates that Floyd will “repair or replace the defective part(s) at no additional charge” at their sole discretion. 

This is a great mark of confidence from the brand that their furniture is quality-made and built to last. With all that in mind, if you’re looking for affordable furniture from a brand that is well on their way to being sustainable, give Floyd a shot.

Floyd Promotions & Discounts

Floyd Bed Review

This Floyd bed review found a $25 discount that you can get right now on any order. All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list. After that, you will be on the brand’s list for special offers and discounts.

Floyd is the ideal place to shop for multiple bed items because they have big bundles that take hundreds of dollars off each order. For example, The Bed Plus bundle offers a Cadillac bed frame and mattress together with $178 in savings.

Also, while it’s not exactly a discount or sale, check out the monthly payments program. Floyd products can run up to around $2,000, a price point that’s just so much easier to deal with when you’re paying monthly.

Where to Buy Floyd

Floyd Bed Review

Right now you can buy Floyd from West Elm or the official floydhome.com store. 

This Floyd bed review recommends visiting the brand’s official website first, where you can sign up for a $25 discount and see all the bundle deals currently available.


Floyd Bed Review

Is Floyd owned by West Elm?

Floyd and West Elm have a partnership that helps get Floyd products into physical retail stores across the US. While they are not owned by West Elm, they are the brand’s sole retail partner.

Where is Floyd made?

Floyd furniture is manufactured in the US, a proud selling point. This cuts down on emissions caused by transportation. Their walnut wood is sourced from the US, while the birch is Baltic in origin.

Does Floyd do free shipping?

Unfortunately, Floyd does not do free shipping, nor do they ship outside the contiguous US. Check out their reasonable shipping prices below:

  • Purchases $74 and under cost $5 for shipping
  • $75 to $249 costs $19
  • $250 to $499 costs $49
  • $500 to $999 costs $99
  • $1,000 and above costs $149

How long does Floyd take to ship?

If your order is delivered by FedEx Ground (a single mattress purchase or orders under 100lb), expect it to arrive within 2 to 6 business days after it ships. Orders over 100lb, including sofas and sofa accessories, go through freight shipping and can take up to 5 weeks to deliver.

What is Floyd’s Return Policy?

The brand states that orders cannot be changed or outright canceled. If you do find yourself in that situation, Floyd still recommends reaching out to their customer support team.

If you want to return an item that already arrived, you have 30 days from the delivery to ship it back in its original packaging. Keep in mind that Floyd will not pay back the original cost of shipping and delivery.

Here are the steps to follow for a return:

1. Fill out the returns form on the Floyd website

2. Receive a prepaid shipping label from Floyd (usually within 3 days)

3. Box up your item in the original packaging (make sure it’s in good condition)

4. Ship it back with the prepaid label

5. Wait up to 10 business days for the return to be processed

How to Contact Floyd Customer Service

Floyd invites you to visit them in person at 1948 Division Street, Detroit. But you probably want to use their contact form instead, available on their website for answering any query. 

It may take 2 to 4 business days for them to get back to you, as they have recently received a “high volume of inquiries.” 

Unfortunately, this Floyd bed review did not find a customer support phone number.

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