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About Capri Blue

Capri Blue Review

Capri Blue is a fragrance brand that sells candles, diffusers, and other sweet-smelling goods. The brand has been spotlighted in major media outlets like Forbes, New York Magazine, E! Entertainment, and USA Today, and it’s no slouch on the socials either, having racked up 73.6K followers on Instagram and 16K on Facebook. Not bad. Not bad at all.

But the question is: is this Blue for you? Just so you don’t go in there blind, our Capri Blue review will do the recon work for you by taking a long hard look at the brand and its bestselling products, customer reviews, promotions and discounts, and more. You got questions, we got answers, so allow us to get this party started.

Overview of Capri Blue

Capri Blue Review

We wanted to kick off this Capri Blue review with the inspirational story of the brand’s founding and mission, but the saga we discovered was more one about advantageous business mergers. We can tell you though that Capri Blue debuted in 2012 as one of three distinct product lines put out by the Starkville, Mississippi-based candle company DPM Fragrance.

As explained by DPM owner Tom Reed, who purchased the company (formerly named Aspen Bay Candles) in 2001, Capri Blue was intended to be the “more fashion-forward [and] trendy” of the trio, with its distinctive cobalt blue jars and signature Volcano fragrance. 

In 2017, DPM merged with fellow fragrance company Thymes to become a new concern called CURiO, which continues to produce Capri Blue candles and has also put out several laundry and beauty products under that brand name. 

Now, how’s about we steer this Capri Blue review in the direction of the brand’s major pros and cons? 


  • Wide range of candles in different scents
  • Cruelty-free, clean, and non-toxic products, made without parabens, phthalates, and synthetic colors
  • Free shipping on orders of $50 and up
  • Positive customer reviews about product quality


  • Customers responsible for return shipping costs
  • More expensive than other brands
  • No international shipping
  • Negative reviews of customer service and shipping
  • Not all products are considered clean and vegan
Capri Blue Review

In the next section of our Capri Blue review, we’ll take a look at the brand’s bestselling candles, reed diffusers, and even laundry detergent. Let’s get this party started.

Capri Blue Candles Review

Made from natural ingredients of soy wax and paraffin, Capri Blue candles are what this brand is known for. So why not take a look at the crème de la crème of said candles? These are the bestsellers, baby.

Capri Blue Volcano Blue Signature Jar Review 

The Volcano Blue Signature Jar is the Capri Blue candle—if you’re going to get just one, you’re gonna want to get this one. Volcano is like a tropical paradise of fruity citrus and sweet sugar scents. The signature shape and bold cobalt blue of the jar will look sleek and attractive wherever you display it, making this candle a real statement piece. 

Enjoy 85 hours of burn time with the Volcano Blue Signature Jar for $30.

Capri Blue Pumpkin Dulce Glam Signature Jar Review

The Pumpkin Dulce Glam Signature Jar is a fall-filled fragrance of white pumpkin, gingersnap, and vanilla, all wafting out of a gorgeously glittery champagne jar. This is great on its own, but if you really want to pump up that autumnal feeling, you can fire up the Capri Blue spiced cider candle.

Given that the popular Capri Blue pumpkin clove candle is no longer available, the Capri Blue Pumpkin Dulce candle is a great substitute. Make it yours for $34.

Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Blue Signature Jar Review

Floral fragrances are always a favorite, and the Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Blue Signature Jar really delivers with its wondrous mix of orchid, jasmine, and gardenia. It comes in the brand’s signature blue jar, but you can also get it in a prettily patterned blue mini tin.

Get 85 hours of imaginary field-frolicking with the Aloha Orchid Blue Signature Jar for $30. If you’re looking for a less luau, more cozily seasonal vibe, you can check out the Capri Blue fir and firewood candle instead.

Capri Blue Jean Blue Signature Jar Review

No, these aren’t Capri Blue leggings, but the Blue Jean Blue Signature Jar candle is a unique one. Described as “warm and clean with a hint of linen,” this fragrance is meant to feel like a comforting hug when you arrive home after a long day.

The Capri Blue Blue Jean candle with 85 hours of burn time is $30 for the taking/smelling.

Capri Blue Reed Diffusers Review

If you’re in the market for a Capri Blue reed diffuser, we’ve got you covered. Have a whiff of the bestsellers below.

Capri Blue Volcano Reed Diffuser Review

The Volcano Reed Diffuser is a flameless version of the Volcano-scented candles. Enjoy the powerful, long-lasting scent of sweet tropical citrus while you admire the gorgeous cobalt blue bottle. The delicious-smelling Capri Blue Volcano diffuser is $36.

Capri Blue Volcano Diffuser Oil Review 

Volcano Diffuser Oil is yet another way to enjoy the sugary, beachy Volcano fragrance that made this brand’s reputation. This Capri Blue diffuser oil is compatible with electronic diffusers, so just add a few drops of this stuff and you’re good to go. Bring a new wave of freshness into your home for just $20.

Capri Blue Laundry Detergent Review

A candle company in the detergent business? Yup, Capri Blue did it! Check it out below.

Capri Blue Volcano Laundry Detergent Review 

The vegan, non-toxic Volcano Laundry Detergent brings the tropical aroma of Volcano to your clothes. Made with the signature Capri Blue essential oil mix of grapefruit and tangerine, it’s got a little citrus, a hint of sugar, and a lot of power.

This Capri Blue laundry detergent is vegan and non-toxic, made with no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, or synthetic colors. Get it for $24.

Is Capri Blue Cruelty-Free?

Capri Blue Review

Heck yes! Capri Blue is cruelty-free as can be. Friendly to you, and friendly to animals.

What Does Capri Blue Smell Like? 

Capri Blue Review

The brand has multiple scents, but the signature Capri Blue scent is Volcano, which smells like a fruity tropical paradise of citrus and sugar. 

Who Is Capri Blue For? 

Capri Blue Review

Our Capri Blue review found that the brand is great for vegans and/or ethically minded consumers looking for brands that are cruelty-free and use clean, non-toxic ingredients. They’re also ideal for people who just love yummy-smelling beauty and home products!

Comparison: Capri Blue vs. Voluspa 

Capri Blue Review

How special is Capri Blue, really? We decided to find out by examining it side by side with Voluspa, another high-end fragrance brand that offers a range of candles and diffusers. Let’s take a look at the two brands’ similarities and differences.

Firstly, three things the brands have in common:

  1. Similar prices: candles are usually around $30
  2. Variety of candles, diffusers, and sprays
  3. Free shipping in the US for orders of $50 or more

And now, three things that Voluspa does differently from Capri Blue:

  1. Voluspa sells multiple-wick candles
  2. Voluspa’s standard candles are smaller (9 oz instead of Capri Blue’s 19 oz)
  3. Voluspa also sells wick trimmers and snuffers

This Capri Blue review doesn’t believe that any of these disparities make for real deal-breakers (maaaaybe the smaller candles on Voluspa’s side), but it’s always good to know you’ve got alternatives so that you can be sure you’re making the right purchase for you and your needs. Go, you!

Capri Blue Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Capri Blue Review

Time to sniff out some customer feedback. We took a look at the brand website, Amazon, Facebook, and Anthropologie to get the scoop on what people are saying about these candles.

Below, we’ve rounded up the ratings that the bestsellers featured in this Capri Blue review received at itself:

  • Volcano Blue Signature Jar4.9/5 stars from 399 reviews
  • Pumpkin Dulce Glam Signature Jar4.5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Aloha Orchid Blue Signature Jar4.9/5 stars from 21 reviews
  • Jean Blue Signature Jar4.7/5 stars from 29 reviews
  • Volcano Reed Diffuser4.9/5 stars from 93 reviews
  • Volcano Diffuser Oil4.9/5 stars from 36 reviews
  • Volcano Laundry Detergent3.6/5 stars from 30 reviews

Customers especially groove on the Volcano Blue Signature Jar. Here’s a representative review:

“[I] have a jar in every room of my house. The fruity aroma is so refreshing and therapeutic.… It is literally the best feeling when the Capri blue box hits your doorstep. I can’t wait to open it and put my candle in the cutest spot of my house! The Volcano helps me sleep during the day. … It gives off the calmest vibes and is perfect on a rainy day!”

On the other hand, the Volcano Laundry Detergent received more mixed reviews, with many customers saying that the candles and diffusers are the brand’s real forte. Said one:

I was really disappointed in this item. Upon smelling, the scent is nowhere near comparable to the Volcano candle. After washing, it left my clothes with a sour smell that took multiple washes to get out. I do not recommend this purchase.”

Duly noted! Now, how does the brand fare over at Anthologie? Pretty well, looks like: the Capri Blue Colossal candle gets 4.7/5 stars from 137 reviews. Comments reveal that the brand has built up a lot of customer loyalty over the years, as per this review:

The Capri blue volcano colossal is my favorite. It has been a staple and a signature In my home. I have purchased these for friends / family and everyone has the same reaction, that it’s the best candle on the market. The scent fills the whole home. The aroma is fresh and comforting like a warm blanket.”

Let’s head to Amazon, where the Capri Blue Volcano candle has 4.7/5 stars based on 7,185 reviews. Most customers were obsessed, calling it “the best scent” they’ve ever smelt, saying it’s powerful enough to romanticize your whole home with its lovely fragrance, and were amazed by how it seemingly “lasts forever.” Check out this five-star review below:

I first smelled this candle in a gym and fell in love with the scent. I bought two of the Capri Blue Volcano which I burned ALL the time. As much as I burned them the candles lasted for quite some time which was a huge plus. And following the candle being used I have repurposed the jar into a potter for some smaller plants and I think it’s beautiful—the gift that keeps giving.

Still, there were customers whose noses and hearts weren’t sold on it. These folks said the candle actually didn’t last very long, was difficult to use in its entirety, or didn’t have a strong enough scent. Exhibit A:

So disappointed in this candle. Wick is now burnt out at the bottom and there is a ton of unused wax on the sides. Lovely candle, wonderful scent, and simply too expensive for the amount of wax that it actually uses. Sadly, won’t be a repeat customer.

Moving on to Facebook, Capri Blue is sitting at 4.1/5 stars from 98 reviews. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: displeased customers mostly say their non-recommendation of the brand is due to shipping delays, no response from customer service, and, as with the Amazon review above, not being able to burn their whole candles.

Classic quotes from negative reviews include: “nobody ever picks up,” “terrible customer service,” “unusable wax,” and “ZERO scent.” Read this enlightening post from a customer who felt cheated by the brand’s customer service:

Placed my first order back in May 2021 and was missing a candle in the shipment when it arrived weeks later. Customer service sent me an email with the claim number and said they were shipping a replacement candle. Now I cannot get a hold of anyone at customer service and I still am missing my candle. Horrible customer service.”

But look on the bright side: most customer reviews are positive! It’s clear that most buyers love the divine scents provided by these candles, as well as the lovely packaging, clean and cruelty-free formulas, and (generally) speedy shipping and helpful customer service. This review touches all the bases:

My entire household loves Capri Blue products. If I ever had a problem with an order, customer service fixed it (and then some) immediately. Love the products, love the Company!

And let’s toss one more happy review into the mix for good measure:

I am in love with these candles! Reusable containers, cruelty free, and paraben and sulfate free! They have a nice burn time and a great throw without being overpowering. … Mine shipped quickly and all candles arrived in good condition.”

’Nuff said?

Is Capri Blue Worth It?

Capri Blue Review

In conclusion, our Capri Blue review has determined that, yes, this brand is worth it! There’s a reason why these candles are all over Anthropologie, which is a super-hip retailer in the US and Canada. The Volcano scent has become iconic, and the fact that it is universally loved really says something about this brand’s originality and quality. 

Plus, Capri Blue products are vegan, non-toxic, clean, and cruelty-free. Not to mention that the gorgeous jars and bottles they come in look really great in your home.

If we had to offer a word of caution, it’s this: make sure you are using your candle correctly, according to the directions, to get full use of the wax. Also, consider buying from external retailers instead of the brand site if you are concerned about the scathing reviews of Capri Blue’s customer service.

Capri Blue Promotions & Discounts 

Capri Blue Review

Looking for discounts? We found these for you:

  • Sign up for the newsletter to get 10% off your first purchase and updates on the latest deals
  • Write a review on the site for a chance to win a $500 credit

Where To Buy Capri Blue

Capri Blue Review

Awesome news: our Capri Blue review found multiple options for where to buy these candles and diffusers. If you’re leery about ordering directly from, you can also get the brand’s products at such retailers as:

  • Anthropologie
  • Sephora
  • Nordstrom
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Capri Blue Review

Where is Capri Blue made? 

Our Capri Blue review found that the brand’s products are made in Starkville, Mississippi, where its parent company relocated to in 1990. (Fun fact: the firm behind Capri Blue began life in 1976 under the name “Candles by Bert!”) 

What is Capri Blue’s Shipping Policy?

The brand ships to the US and Canada only. Here are your options for the US:

Ground Shipping:

  • $8 for orders under $50
  • FREE for orders of $50 and up

2-Day Shipping: 

  • $20 for orders under $100
  • $30 for orders of $100 and up

1-Day Shipping:

  • $35 for orders under $100
  • $45 for orders of $100 and up

Shipping to Canada is a flat $35, and no expedited options are available.

What is Capri Blue’s Return Policy?

Our Capri Blue review found that you can return your order within 30 days if you aren’t in love with it! Email or call customer service to begin the return process. You will have to pay for return shipping costs, unfortunately.

How to Contact Capri Blue

Wanna get in touch with the brand? Easy peasy. Just use one of these contact methods:

Customer service hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5pm CST, and Friday, 8:30am-12pm CST.

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