Aera Diffuser Review

About Aera Diffusers

Aera Diffuser Review

Aera is a company that sells home fragrances in the form of diffusers and candles. With a belief that certain aromas can be relaxing and enjoyable, the brand explores a wide range of perfumed scents, as seen on their website. 

Aera has gained steady traction over the years, garnering over 29.4K followers on Instagram. Their diffuser was hailed as a “new fragrance device unlike anything you’ve seen before,” by Refinery29. They have also been featured on numerous media outlets including The New York Times and Business Insider.

For those newly acquainted with this brand, consider this Aera diffuser review your guide for all things related to this company. We will take a closer look at their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they are worth checking out. 

Overview of Aera

Aera Diffuser Review

The workings behind Aera are quite mysterious. What we do know is that the fragrance brand was created by its parent company, Prolitec. Led by CEO Guillaume Besse, it was established in 1996 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Focused on creating a welcoming environment through the power of scent, Prolitec produces high quality fragrances for various commercial settings—including retail shops and healthcare facilities. Aera was designed to create aromas made specifically for the household, which users can accomplish by using one of their revolutionary diffusers. 

“We set out to reinvent the way you scent your home. We’ve created a safe and simple way to create exquisite scents you can control as easily as a stereo! All in hopes of making the joy of fragrance a more fun and regular part of daily life,”—a statement made by Aera. 

Before we get into this Aera diffuser review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • A variety of fragrances to choose from depending on mood preferences and special occasions 
  • All Aera home diffuser scents are 100% ethical and sustainably sourced 
  • Their Aera fragrance diffuser can schedule scents in advance
  • It is also compatible with Alexa
  • Provides long lasting aromas compared to short term canned sprays 
  • Offers Quadpay as an alternative payment option 
  • Free shipping for all US orders 


  • Not superior to scented candles or plug in fresheners 
  • Users have to purchase cartridges separately, which can get pricey 
Aera Diffuser Review

The sense of smell is powerful enough to replay memories locked away in your thoughts, or to remind you of certain situations. For instance, a whiff of fruity sorbets and coconuts can evoke visions of the beach. Aera has a wide array of pleasant scents that can put anyone in a good mood.

The brand offers fragrances compatible with their devices, aromatherapy oils, and candles. This Aera diffuser review will take a look at a couple of their bestsellers down below. 

Aera Diffuser Review

These heady refills are not to be confused with your average plug in freshener, or to be used in an oil burner. In order for them to work, customers must purchase an Aera home fragrance machine. 

Currently, the brand offers two versions of this device. This Aera diffuser review will go over the specifics of one of their most popular devices if you keep on reading. 

Aera Smart Diffuser Review

It’s time to stop and smell the roses. That is, if you already have flowers conveniently growing in your garden. Fortunately, the Smart Diffuser by Aera can offer the sweet smell of springtime without having to cut stem after stem.

This hypoallergenic scent technology system can keep fragrances running from up to 800 hours. It also comes with adjustable settings from 1-10 for small, medium, and large rooms. With stats like these, get ready for your house to smell like a botanical conservatory! 

This Aera scent machine for home operates through your smart device. By downloading the app, users can schedule what time they’d like their fragrances to diffuse. It is also compatible with Alexa for a hands-off experience and can be controlled through wifi.

For those that like to keep things old school, you can play with the Smart Diffuser settings manually as well. Using micropelet technology, it fills your space with ultra-tiny scent molecules to ensure there’s no ‘bald spots’ in your living space. 

Ensuring no fading fragrances, users also have the freedom to adjust the scent strength to combat those stinky fish grill dinners lingering around the house. For spirited aromas that leave you satisfied, the Smart Diffuser costs $199. 

Aera Fragrances Review

There’s always another occasion around the corner, and creating the right aura is important. While the brand does offer candles on their website, this Aera diffuser review will only go through their category of perfumed scents for their diffusers. 

From floral Japanese cherry blossoms to clean smelling mint and eucalyptus, there’s something to please everyone’s senses. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of Aera’s bestselling aromas. 

Aera White Tea Review 

It’s a cold winter’s day and all you can see are rolling white hills out the window. As the snowflakes trickle down from above, your cup of steaming brew keeps the chilly wind at bay. This is what the White Tea fragrance embodies in its blend of sleepy aromas.

Introducing a fusion of steeped tea, jasmine, wild rose, citrus, and thyme, you can simulate the relaxation that this hot beverage brings without wasting any of its leaves. According to the brand’s master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, he added a touch of white freesia and a hint of copaiba balsam for added comfort. 

It delivers you 800 hours of olfactory pleasure. For peppery, sweet, and floral notes that convey the essence of a warm embrace on winter’s eve, the White Tea fragrance comes to $55

Aera Indigo Review 

The waves are crashing on the pier deck and the seagulls are soaring across the summer skies. On your left, beach grass sways in accordance to the wind, as the sun’s rays sparkle among the sand dunes. For those who desire to go back to the beach without driving miles away from home, the Indigo fragrance by Aera has what you need. 

Bringing forth notes of cedar, sandalwood, citrus, cloves, and magnolia, this subtle aroma can remind you of those evenings walking along the shoreline. For $55, users can get this Indigo fragrance to bring back those beachtime memories in their living space for 800 hours.

Aera Deep Relax Review 

Getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done. Some of us are plagued with thoughts of tomorrow’s responsibilities, the lingering stress of the finished day, or random musings. Why is chili called chili if it’s supposed to be a hot dish? 

Help quell the storm in your mind for the next 500 hours, with Aera’s Deep Relax fragrance. It is especially formulated for those who struggle with sleep or suffer from night-time anxiety. With its combined scents of chamomile, vetiver, citrus and sandalwood, this strong aroma delivers a sense of fresh linen sheets, herb infused notes, and hints of comforting firewood. 

Say goodbye to night terrors and the habit of tossing turning with the Deep Relax fragrance for $60

Aera Linen Review 

Summer afternoons are best experienced outdoors. Just imagine it: a picnic table is fixed atop the patio as it holds freshly squeezed lemonade and a plate of tea sandwiches. Children are playing with the lawn sprinkler on the other side of the fence, while a big gust of wind helps to soothe the blazing heat of the sun…

For those still far away from enjoying the warmer months, the Linen fragrance helps to deliver the best of what the season has to offer. Reminiscent of smelling newly washed laundry drying on the line, this strong aroma is packed with crisp air, bright citrus, juniper berries, and floral notes. 

Once you’ve caught a whiff of this fragrance, it may be hard to stay patient until winter is over.  Breathe in this Linen fragrance for $55, promising 500 hours of play. 

Aera Home Hygiene Lavender and Bergamot Review 

There are many reasons to explain why your house isn’t smelling its best. Unwashed dogs can often leave a musty trail, while last night’s dinner can still linger around the room. Instead of burning candles, the Hygiene Lavender and Bergamot fragrance can trick your guests into thinking your home is clean when in reality there’s still much to do.

This aromatic blend conveys notes of peaceful lavender, bright mandarin, bergamot, and wild mint to mask the chemical scent of both household cleaners and stale odours. This combination of natural antibacterial botanicals provides a ‘medium’ level scent that is not too overwhelming, and can diffuse up to 800 hours.

Before the guests come knocking at the door, plug in the Hygiene Lavender and Bergamot fragrance for $55 as a one-time purchase. For the subscription option, it is priced at $50

Aera De-Stress Mind Review 

Considered the daytime version of the Deep Relax fragrance, the De-Stress Mind scent pod creates a peaceful environment as you work. This aroma delivers hints of frankincense, petitgrain, wild chamomile, citrus, and eucalyptus to help untwist and detangle the knots in your mind. 

This Aera diffuser review recommends placing the De-Stress fragrance in your office space to help concentrate on your tasks. Users can also set it in their bathroom to help achieve a state of zen as they soak in their warm tub. 

For a scent that can diffuse up to 500 hours, buyers can purchase this medium perfumed aroma for $55.  

Aera Happy Green Review 

Spring is the season of youth. If images like vibrant green hills, flourishing fauna, and rushing river streams inspire emotions of joy, the Happy Green fragrance is right up your alley. Similar to opening a window and letting the spring breeze in, this conveys aromas of basil, eucalyptus, mandarin, mint and moss. 

This is a great scent if you’re yearning for the spring months of March to May when it’s still December. For an aroma that’s medium scented and delivers 800 hours of play, the Happy Green fragrance costs $55

Aera Fresh & Clean Gift Set Review 

A great housewarming gift or simply a treat for yourself, the Fresh & Clean Gift Set offers three Aera fragrances that are sure to make your space more welcoming and inviting. This collection includes one bottle each of their Citrus, Linen, and Lavender scents. Each capsule lasts 800 hours on the average setting. 

All of these fragrances embody hints of sage, juniper berries, bergamot, and cedarwood. For those who love the smell of nature, the Fresh & Clean Gift Set is available only as a one-time purchasing option for $140

Aera Subscription 

Aera Subscription Review

The company has created an Aera Subscription option to have most of their fragrances delivered on a monthly basis. After signing up for a membership, users can pick out their favorite scents to receive on the regular. 

They have an option to send shipments out every 2, 3, or 4 months. And don’t worry, you’re not paying full price for all their offered perfumes. Subscribers automatically get 10% off for each item at checkout.

Members also have full range to change the frequency of their delivery, swap fragrances, skip, add, or pause their Aera Subscription plans. The only limitation: a 2 shipment minimum base rate. 

Lastly, subscribers are entitled to free shipping and are given exclusive deals on upcoming promotions. To sign up for an Aera login, visit the subscription page on their website. 

Aera Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Aera Diffuser Review

This Aera diffuser review found a generally positive response based on its research. On the company’s website, there are over 1,451 testimonials posted with an average of 4.8/5 stars. Users have noted that the device made their house smell nice, fragrances were not overpowering, and that they helped to mask unpleasant odours. 

Love everything about this! The diffuser itself is simple to use but hi-tech with bluetooth compatibility. The two scents I’ve tried, Citrus and Vanilla are true to the name. I have three dogs and live in an apartment. When you walk in the front door it smells like a beautiful spa, not an apartment with few windows and three dogs! I love it,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

The praise continued on some of their Amazon pages. For Aera’s fragrance system, several buyers gave it an average of 3.8/5 stars. They expressed appreciation for the device’s sleek design and the fact that it was easy to operate with the provided instructions. 

Others liked that the machine can be adjusted to diffuse more scent for larger rooms. One Amazon reviewer wrote for the Smart Diffuser

“First, love the clean and sleek design (packaging was also amazing, and I’m a sucker for that). The scent is distributed well without being too overly concentrated in the area closest to the device, i.e. it doesn’t assault you when you get close to it like other air fresheners,” 

This Aera diffuser review found a few complaints online. Most of these noted that the brand’s diffusers and fragrances were too expensive. One Reddit user shared his frustrations, “I pay $200 for Aera, then I have to pay $50 for the capsules. If I decide not to buy them, then the $200 Aera turns into junk with no use.”

Some commenters on their website stated that their scent cartridges didn’t last for a long time as stated. Others experienced their diffusers malfunctioning as well. A few users became accustomed to the aromas too quickly, and didn’t notice them after a few days.  

Is Aera Worth It?

Aera Diffuser Review

This Aera diffuser review readily recommends this brand to anyone looking for a quality fragrance dispenser. From sandy beach aromas to summertime florals, the company has a wide selection of scents to choose from. 

What’s neat about Aera is that customers can shop by occasion, and their collection is organized to make this easier. Fragrances are arranged for holidays, aromatherapy, anti-odor, home hygiene, and more. 

In terms of their diffuser, there are several advantages built into this machine, such as being compatible with Alexa and dispensing fragrances for up to 800 hours (when the settings are adjusted accordingly with small and large rooms).

The diffuser ensures that the scent reaches all corners of your living space, without being too overpowering or underwhelming. They are also quite transparent when it comes to their ingredients list. 

When it comes to negatives, this Aera fragrance machine is quite expensive, with the addition of fragrance cartridges. But for those who had enough of unpleasant smells lingering around their household, the brand may be worth checking out.  

Aera Promotions & Discounts 

Aera Diffuser Review

This Aera diffuser review found out that they have a rewards program in which customers can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and promotions. 

Although there is no Aera coupon floating around, they will always have the refer-a-friend program, where your pals can receive $50 off their first order of $200. As a result, you receive $50 in credit for each successful referral. 

Keep an eye on their social media for a future Aera diffuser sale or giveaway! 

Where to Buy Aera Diffusers

Aera Diffuser Review

You can buy Aera home fragrance systems by visiting aeraforhome.com. Their products are also carried by select stores such as:

  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom
  • Walmart


Aera Diffuser Review

Is Aera safe for pets? 

This Aera diffuser review found out that their fragrances are absolutely safe for pets. Aera’s scents are hypoallergenic and free of harmful VOCs.

How long do Aera fragrances last? 

Aera fragrances can last from 500–800 hours at most. This depends on the size of your room and the setting used on the device. The brand recommends connecting the AeraForHome app for activating predetermined ‘scenting schedules’, to lengthen the lifespan of certain aromas. 

What is Aera’s Shipping Policy?

This Aera diffuser review found out that standard shipping is always free for those living in the contiguous United States. They use FedEx as their main courier with their central facility located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Aera products usually take 3 to 5 business days to ship, and customers can monitor their packages using a tracking number found in their confirmation email. The brand does offer international shipping at a set rate. 

What is Aera’s Return Policy?

Customers have 60 days to send back their diffusers in case of any issues. Aera will cover all return charges for US customers (this does not apply to cancelled orders that are already shipped).

Sample sets are not eligible to return according to the company’s policy. You can initiate the return process by contacting the Aera customer service team. 

How to Contact Aera Customer Service

For questions that were not addressed in this Aera diffuser review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1-844-588-2372 (Monday to Sunday, 8AM–7PM PST)
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Using the chat function on their website

Filling out their message form online

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