Branch Furniture Review

About Branch Furniture

Branch Furniture Review

Branch is an e-commerce brand that specializes in making high-end office furniture. Designed as a more accessible solution for the everyday white-collar worker, this company offers various trendy and modern chairs, desks, and filing cabinets

They have provided furnishings for well-known companies such as Tumblr, Google, and Shopify. Branch has also been featured on numerous online publications including Forbes and TechCrunch

Working from home this year, and dreaming of some upgrades? This Branch furniture review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Branch

Branch Furniture Review

In 2018, Greg Hayes realized that customers only had two options when choosing a furniture company: premium or subpar. One was expensive and exhaustive, while the other was affordable and quick, but didn’t measure up in quality.

Hayes decided to take it upon himself to establish a brand that maintained its high standards while being budget-friendly.

To pull this off, the brand invented their 3-step process to buying furniture without the ridiculous markups, wait times for delivery, or bad quality:

  1. Meet Branch: browse the line of affordable, quality office furniture (up to 50% less expensive than competing brands)
  2. Get Furnished: Installation of 5-15 days with delivery and assembly included
  3. Relax: Enjoy your new furniture with a 10-year warranty and trade-in your old furniture

With that process as their guarantee for better, reliable furniture, Branch officially launched with its headquarters located in New York City. 

Before we get into the products themselves, here is a statement made by Branch.com:

 “We sell direct, so our collection costs half as much as premium furniture of comparable quality. And we provide end-to-end service: space planning, delivery, white glove installation, even the ability to trade in used furniture when you move or grow.” 

Before we get into this Branch furniture review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • Branch offers a curated selection of home furnishings and accessories
  • Customers save 50% on their products compared to competing brands 
  • Many positive customer reviews on reliable online resources
  • Many promotions and sales, including 40% off the Work From Home collection
  • Refer-a-Friend Program
  • 10-year warranty on all products
  • Offers Affirm installment payment plans
  • 5-15 day delivery and assembly included
  • 30 day returns policy


  • They do not offer international shipping, except to Canada 

While the motto: quality versus quantity can ring true for some customers, others simply aren’t able to shell out hundreds of dollars for furniture.

Fortunately, Branch offers a great selection of office furnishings that won’t break the bank, and without sacrificing standards. 

Currently, they sell chairs, desks, couches, cabinets, and other accessories on their website. This Branch furniture review will provide you with a list of their bestsellers to help you get started. 

Branch Chair Review

For those who work a 9 to 5 shift hunched over a screen, a good chair can help increase productivity and focus on the job. Branch has three designs within this category that are all sleek, ergonomic, and economical.

This Branch furniture review will take a look at some customer favorites down below. 

Branch Ergonomic Chair Review

Sometimes the most stylish of seats can end up being quite uncomfortable. For those looking for a chic design that delivers on both fashion or function, you may want to consider looking into Branch’s Ergonomic Chair.

This model features three-way adjustable armrests, lumbar support, tilt lock, and hybrid canisters to ensure proper posture and distributed weight.

Built with high-density foam with 7 points of adjustment, this seat can withstand 300lbs of weight. Made for all shapes and sizes, you can work comfortably without shifting your seat in irritation. 

Additionally, this Ergonomic Chair comes with a double layer of reinforced mesh to eliminate pressure points with breathable support. If that wasn’t already enough, their polymer and aluminum base is made out of 95% recycled material. 

It’s designed in Italy, and comes in either black, gray, or blue. You can also opt for the frame to be either gray or black. For an office essential that can help you power through those write-ups and spreadsheets, the $396 Ergonomic Chair is available at a bargain for $276 only. 

Branch Guest Chair Review 

Meetings and interviews can be quite nerve wracking. If you’re meeting with an important client, it’s best that they feel comfortable during those hour-long pitches and conferences.

The Guest Chair by Branch showcases a beautiful, unintrusive, and simple design to suit any office space. Its modern silhouette features a swivel base, a contoured seat, a firm cushion for weight distribution, and coated white steel accents for durability and style.

It’s also built with ribbed fiber weave in order to withstand years of commercial use. Offered in either burnt orange or smokey gray on top of a stand of white legs, this model embodies a sense of professionalism and trendiness. 

The Guest Chair is currently on sale. Instead of its $380 markup, it costs $336 instead. 

Branch Conference Chair Review 

While you don’t need the full luxury experience for your pitches to be met with nods of approval, the Conference Chair at least provides comfort and style in its design.

Made out of polymer and woven mesh, this office seat is built with a recessed lever to allow for height adjustment. 

It also features a curved silhouette in order to match the natural curve of the body, reducing pressure on your back and knees.

Greenguard certified for internal air quality, this model has also exceeded the durability standard for commercial use by BIFMA

Designed in black, the seat can easily blend into any office environment without looking out of place. The Conference Chair is readily available to purchase on their website for $445

Branch Bistro Chair Review 

Great to place in the break room or lounging area, the Bistro Chair is designed in a low contoured back that’s made to encourage upright posture.

Built with a high-density cushion, it also comes with a coated set of white legs for a touch of class and added stability.

This model would look great tucked into the brand’s Bistro Table, and some complimentary potted plants on the side for some visual contrast.

Offering in either burnt orange or pastel blue for the seat, the Bistro Chair can be seen as a stylish addition to your office space for only $204. For comparison, its original price was $231

Branch Desk Review

While at-home working days spent typing away from the ease of your bed may seem tempting at first, it’s often proven that working at a desk increases productivity.

Not only are you organized when it comes to stationery and papers, but it helps you stay in that office mindset. For those looking for a desk to call their own, This Branch furniture review will go over a few of their most popular models

Branch Standing Desk Review 

Sitting all day at work can put a strain on your back, hips, and legs. Standing not only helps you feel more engaged, but it can also help to improve posture.

The Standing Desk is built for those moments when your back begins to ache due to hunching over a computer. The extended three-stage lift is adjustable for people up to the height of 6’8”

Using EasyGlide, this desk is smooth to adjust with dual motors so your laptop, lamp, and coffee all stay in place safely.

This Branch Furniture standing desk also comes with a smart panel that supports centimeter-level accommodation and four memory presets. 

The top itself is made out of impact and stain-resistant melamine. Made to lift the capacity of 265 pounds, this nifty work surface is built with a brushed cable port and an optional desk power for easy use.

Available in either woodgrain or simple weight, you can keep your spirits high with the Standing Desk for only $739

Branch Office Desk Review 

The Office Desk by Branch offers a more traditional model that features no bells and whistles in its design.

Featuring thoughtful details such as a beveled work surface, a brushed cable port, and adjustable white flared legs, this sturdy piece of furniture can be placed in your private studio or at your office space. 

Supporting over 650 pounds for those heavy files or thick textbooks, the Office Desk can be linked for maximum flexibility.

Customers can select a quad or 6 person desk option for open concept benching. Offered in either woodgrain or polished white, this sophisticated model will cost you $396

Branch Quad Desk Review 

Teamwork makes the dream work. We’d imagine that would be the background concept when it came to the design process for Branch’s Quad Desk.

Considered the “foundation for clear thinking and inspired doing”, this model features four brushed cable ports and a central wire column on the bottom. 

It’s made for efficient organization reflected upon the connectivity and cording systems. Crafted with a beveled melamine worktop, you won’t have to worry about leaving water rings.

It is held together with a modular steel frame and anodized aluminum legs that are made to hold up to 650 pounds per desk.

Offered in either sleek white or earthy woodgrain, but the A in the team by purchasing the Quad Desk for $1,555.

Branch Credenza Review

Not everything can fit on your worktop amidst the mess of files, pens, and books.

To help keep those necessities easily accessible, the Credenza cupboard makes sure that items are properly stowed away within its multiple components.

Featuring 5 storing dividers, this model either be bought with its cabinet oriented on the left or right side. 

The Credenza either comes in woodgrain or plain white. This Branch furniture review recommends moving it below a row of coat hooks to make full use of your space. Shipped fully assembled, this handy piece of furniture costs only $556

Branch Small Filing Cabinet Review

Many of us need organization in our lives, even in our home offices. The Small Filing Cabinet can be your easy go-to place for all of your paperwork and documents.

With an included lock and wheels, curved edges, and steel construction that comes in black and white, this cabinet can be moved into the kitchen for getting through tax season with the family, or fit seamlessly under your home or office desk.

Note that this Small Filing Cabinet comes in one size: 20″H x 12″W x 20″D, and retails for $179, down from $249.

Branch Conference Table Review

Offered in a trendy, yet minimalistic design, the Conference Table is perfect for those team meetings.

Available in three sizes, this worktop can help your employees feel more at home with its inviting design. It features details such as a beveled desktop, a brushed cable port, a steel frame, and flared aluminum legs. 

It’s intended to be impact and stain resistant, so pass around those sandwiches and milkshakes. This model is available in either cream or wood for the top. The Conference Table is available for these price points:

  • Team for 6-8: $1,115
  • Executive for 8-10: $1,435
  • Board for 10-12: $1,555

Branch Meeting Table Review

Need a little table for brainstorming … or just a game of cards on your downtime? The Meeting Table is the versatile, durable, and compact solution.

Made with steel construction and a white or woodgrain finish, this desk can fit perfectly in any office space while also being stain-resistant and two-toned on the top surface.

Be advised that this desk comes up to 30″ tall and 48″ in diameter and comes with White Glove installation for only $1,095.

Branch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Branch Furniture Review

This Branch furniture review has found a generally positive customer response for this brand. On their website, there are over 1,190 comments posted for all of their products.

With an average ranking of 5 stars, buyers have noted that their furniture is comfortable, made out of premium material, and comes with easy-to-comprehend Branch furniture assembly instructions. 

First up, Office Chair Picks reviewed the brand with a stellar response that detailed how the brand “hit that sweet spot between true ergonomic performance and affordability.”

The review detailed the brand’s assembly, first impressions, specifications, installation, with a specific interest in the Ergonomic Chair, even comparing it to other brands on the market, the review concluded that:

“When you look at the entire comparison — not just the online promises, but also the real-life buying experience — the Branch Ergonomic Chair emerges as the clear winner.”

Additionally, a majority of users stated that their prices are very affordable compared to competing brands. One customer wrote on the brand’s website: 

“I am thrilled with my new Branch office desk. Its sleek design is perfect in my small room that was converted into an office. Extremely well made and so easy to assemble. This now matches the super comfortable Branch office chair that I bought previously. Arrived in 3 days. Great customer service.”

Some blogs such as TechRepublic and Office Chair Picks have ranked this brand favorably. But, we found mixed reviews on a few select Reddit threads with some customers saying that their chairs were comfortable and that their customer service was top-notch.

Is Branch Furniture Worth It?

Branch Furniture Review

For affordable and high-quality products, this Branch furniture review readily recommends this brand. While there aren’t many items offered on their website, the company states that their collection is intended to be less overwhelming for customers.

This is compared to shopping at competing retailers that offer thousands of options that may be confusing and intimidating at first glance. 

All of the Branch office furniture is designed to look modern, trendy, and minimalistic. As a result, their models tend to make the working environment look more open and friendly.

There are also thousands of positive Branch office furniture reviews found online, and most have reported that their products are well worth the price.

But, some of the negative reviews do detail that the quality is not the best and that the furniture is nothing to boast about. But, when it comes down to it, many of the designs are for certain tastes and the brand does offer Affirm payment plans to ease the price point.

If you do have issues with the brand’s products, there is a 30-day return policy that you can take advantage of for a full refund.

The company also offers a complimentary space planning feature on their website to help customers find what they need. Overall, Branch could be your go-to in finding premium furniture. 

Branch Promotions & Discounts 

Branch Furniture Review

This Branch furniture review found a few promotions and discounts on the company’s website. Right off the bat, you can save $10 by signing up for the email newsletter. 

They also have a Refer-a-Friend program, through which friends can receive $20 off their first order of $150 or more. In return, you earn a $20 Visa gift card after each successful referral. 

Currently, Branch is doing a promotion on their Ergonomic Chair and other select models. By taking advantage of this offer, buyers get 30% off and enjoy free expedited shipping

Additionally, their Work From Home collection is 40% off and comes with free, contactless delivery

Where to Buy Branch Furniture

Branch Furniture Review

We’ve saved you the trouble of searching for Branch quad desks online. As it is an e-commerce company, customers can purchase their products exclusively by visiting BranchFurniture.com. 


What is Branch’s Shipping Policy?

This Branch furniture review found out that they only ship to customers living within the continental United States and Canada. This means that they do not offer international shipping. 

Branch will cover the delivery cost and provide white-glove assembly for all orders that total $1,000 and above. BranchFlex, which is their trade-in service, is “free for all qualifying products purchased by enterprise clients only within a Branch service area.”

Shipping and assembly can take as little as 5–15 business days. Larger orders may take more time. Customers can check the status of their package by logging into their Branch account.

What is Branch’s Return Policy?

So that Branch Furniture task chair didn’t work out for you. No worries—according to their company policy, customers have within 30 days of delivery to return orders.

Items must be in their original packaging and in new condition. Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs.

Branch will cover these prices for damaged items. That being said, purchases above $2,000, including corporate office orders, are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

How to Contact Branch

For inquiries unrelated to this Branch furniture review, you can get in touch through:

  • The Branch Furniture startup email: [email protected] (Monday to Friday from 9 AM–6 PM ET)
  • Visiting their showrooms located in New York or Toronto 
  • Filling out their Message Form online 

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Purchased a piece of furniture from Branch Furniture. It took several weeks to obtain, and was delivered to the wrong address. Reached out to Branch Furniture to advise them they had sent the item to our billing address rather than the location requested on our order. Branch Furniture was provided screen shots, and a PO listing the shipping address on the order placed. Branch Furniture refused to provide us with a shipping label so, we could ship the item to the correct address, and expected us to pay the $108.00 shipping expense to correct their mistake. Branch offered a measly $15 refund via paypal and ignored emailed requests to be reimbursed the $108. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM BRANCH FURNITURE. SHOULD YOU, MAKE SURE TO READ THEIR RETURN POLICY THAT STATES YOU PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING. After reading the reviews, and having our a terrible experience, it’s hard to believe Forbes would stand behind Branch Furniture.

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