Scentbird Subscription Review

About Scentbird 

About Scentbird

Scentbird is a monthly fragrance subscription allowing customers to sample a variety of scents rather than simply committing to one.

This Scentbird subscription review will cover all the key elements of the brand and its products to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of Scentbird 

Overview of Scentbird

Scentbird was founded in 2013 by current CEO Mariya Nurislamova, Sergei Gusev and Andrei Rebrov. They started the brand as a marketplace where fragrance lovers could experiment and try different fragrances, without the worry of purchasing expensive perfume bottles and having them go to waste.

This Scentbird subscription review gives potential customers details on how the company offers solutions to those who love sampling different perfumes and scents without the worry of committing to a full bottle.

Scentbird’s products are a mixture of authentic designer fragrances and other scent-related products with their own signature line of hand creams. The brand is hugely popular for a number of reasons:

  1. Scentbird’s subscription service makes it convenient for users to try a variety of niche and designer products
  2. Besides offering a fragrance collection of more than 450 individual scents, Scentbird’s site also sells scented candles, cosmetics, skincare and wellness products 
  3. Compared to similar fragrance subscription services and perfume stores, Scentbird’s prices offer more value for products received


  • All Scentbird designer fragrances are 100% authentic – there are no imitations or knock-offs
  • Scentbird products are free of parabens, sulfates and animal cruelty
  • Scentbird’s website offers a variety of search options including separating fragrances by classification, note, ingredient, brand, mood, occasion and personality preferences
  • Scentbird subscribers receive a 25% discount on their first shipment
  • First-time subscribers also receive a free reusable travel fragrance case 
  • All Scentbird fragrances abide by TSA regulations for air travel carry-ons
  • Non-subscribers are able to purchase a la carte products at a slightly higher price point
  • Scentbird customers can pause subscription services or skip months at a time based on their preferences
  • The Scentbird website offers personalized recommendations for their subscribers


  • Scentbird products are only available for purchase via the company website
  • Only Scentbird subscribers have access to the full online collection of fragrances available for sale
  • Scentbird only ships within the US
  • Fragrances are considered to be hazardous materials when shipping, so this can sometimes result in ground shipping delays

I’m sure as you’re reading this, you’re thinking that’s a lot of pros and cons. So let’s dive right into this Scentbird subscription review.

How Does Scentbird Work?

How Does Scentbird Work?

Scentbird prides itself on the convenience it offers customers by way of browsing, selecting and receiving fragrances delivered to their doorstep. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Scentbird account (any users browsing the site will automatically be directed to setting up a personalized account)
  2. Choose whether you would like to receive 1, 2 or 3 products per month
  3. Select the subscription plan that works best for you
  4. Browse Scentbird’s 500 plus fragrances, cosmetics, skincare and wellness products 
  5. Select the specific items you would like to receive in your order

Upon subscribing, customers have 12 hours to select the products they wish to receive. They’re also able to choose ahead of time for their upcoming monthly deliveries. If no selections are made within the 12-hour window, customers are sent the cologne/perfume of the month.

Scentbird customers are automatically billed upon subscribing. After receiving the initial delivery, subscribers are billed on a monthly basis with Scentbird packages arriving approximately 10-12 days after each payment.

Scentbird offers a trademarked service called TruScent Recommender to its customers. This database is made up of thousands of scent profiles and perfume reviews. The more a subscriber rates their fragrance selections, the more personalized their recommendations become.

While writing this Scentbird subscription review, I thought the TruScent feature was really beneficial, since recognizing which scents you prefer is not always clear. Unlike makeup, for example, where you can easily recall which shades work best, you may not even know you like patchouli or cardamom or other scents, or may have never bothered to look at all the different scents contained within a bottle of perfume.  

Scentbird Subscriptions


Scentbird Subscriptions- Women

Scentbird subscribers are given full access to all products available on the website. This includes over 400 designer and niche fragrances marketed to female customers. When browsing products, customers are given useful information about each scent including:

  • An image of the product in its original decanter
  • The name of the product
  • Where the fragrance fits in terms of: type, personality, occasion, season, attributes and complexity
  • A brief description of the scent
  • The main fragrant notes included in the scent
  • A customer provided star-rating

If applicable, further details for each scent are provided including whether it is a best seller, only offered for a limited time, currently out of stock and/or a premium product. Premium products are clearly marked and cost an additional $5, $10 or $15 on top of the subscription price.

Besides selling fine fragrances geared toward women, Scentbird also features an array of scent-related products:

  • 132 skincare products (lip, eye, cleansers, masks, moisturizers and treatments)
  • 52 wellness products (CBD oil drops, teas, bath soaks, vitamins)
  • 20 personal care products (lotions and oils)
  • 12 scented candles  (Black Currant & White Musk, Cucumber & Lotus, Dark Roast & Caramel etc.)
  • 12 cosmetics (face, eyes and lips) 
  • 3 gift choices: a gift subscription starting at $44, gift boxes comprised of 3 pre-selected luxury scents for $59.95 and/or Scentbird gift card with personalized value

Scentbird has created a series of Fragrance Playlists for women. These customized collections are designed to complement popular perfume categories and fit specific themes such as: work, women-run-brands and date nights. Each playlist also includes other Scentbird products that fit the chosen theme.

I thought this was a cool feature for someone who may not know where to start with scent selection. Especially since Scentbird’s fragrance list is extensive and frankly a bit overwhelming for perfume newbies.


Scentbird Subscriptions- Men

Fragrances geared toward male customers are displayed on Scentbird’s site in the same way as women’s scents. Popular scents include: X Masculine by Clive Christian, Danger by Roja Parfums and Man Black Orient by Bvulgari. Other masculine items include 22 skincare products specific for face, eyes and/or shaving. Customized Fragrance playlists are also offered for male Scentbird customers.

How Much is Scentbird?

How Much is Scentbird?

The most common way to purchase Scentbird products is by becoming a subscriber. Only subscribers have full access to all Scentbird fragrances.

Subscription options begin as a monthly package for $11.21-$14.95/month. Customers have the choice of receiving 1, 2 or 3 products each month with their subscription package. I’m assuming that subscription products refer only to fragrances – and that any other Scentbird product would incur an additional cost for purchase. Unfortunately, there isn’t much clarity on the Scentbird website in this respect.

The longer the subscription, the more savings customers experience. Packages include:

  • 3-month subscription for $43.50
  • 6-month subscription for $84
  • 12-month subscription for $162

Each subscription package includes up to 3 8mL bottles of your choice of scent. This works out to approximately 140 sprays per bottle.

For customers wishing to purchase products a la carte, prices vary depending on the item. However without subscribing, customers pay a slightly higher price per product.

In writing this Scentbird subscription review, I came across specific products that are considered premium items, which include an additional $5, $10 or $15 charge. These are clearly marked on the company’s website, so it’ll never be a surprise fee.

Scentbird Subscription Review: What Customers Think 

Scentbird Subscription Review: What Customers Think

A google search revealed many customer and blog reviews of Scentbird products and customer service – the majority of them glowing. Most customers agreed that:

  • Scentbird provides authentic designer fragrances for a decent price
  • Fragrance amounts received were generous for the cost
  • While many comparable sites offer a larger fragrance selection, Scentbird offers the most value in terms of product and price point

In one Scentbird subscription review, a customer liked the option to temporarily pause or skip a subscription while another claimed to be happy with their shipment process and timing.

Following a Scentbird customer complaints search, an alarming amount of red flags were exposed. In fact, over 800 Better Business Bureau complaints were lodged against the company. Some of the accusations filed include:

  • The company overbilling customers 
  • Customers having difficulty in cancelling their subscriptions
  • Delivery problems
  • Customers being charged but not receiving orders
  • Terrible customer service

I will admit, I find it difficult to sweep 800 complaints under the rug. It all sounds quite shady, and makes me hesitant to purchase the products myself. Especially since other fragrance stores offer free samples anyway.

Scentbird Competitors

Scentbird Competitors

Scentbird’s top competitors include: Olfactif, Debonair Scent, AFI, TheFragranceBox, Birchbox, Pinrose, Atelier Cologne, Scent Think, Royal Aroma, Neom Organics, Scent Box, Perfume Surprise, and Hott Perfume.

This is quite an extensive list, indicating just how popular fragrance subscriptions have become. It would be very time consuming to compare each subscription in this Scentbird subscription review, so we suggest focusing on the variety of fragrances offered and the reviews associated with each.

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Is Scentbird Worth It? 

Is Scentbird Worth It?

Before determining whether Scentbird is a worthy company, many factors must be considered, particularly:

  • Pricing
  • Value
  • Customer feedback

For the purposes of this Scentbird subscription review, there do not seem to be any qualms with the cost of product. Review Geek feels that Scentbird is the best over-all perfume subscription platform. This decision was based on their price points and designer fragrance selection. Scentbird appears to be an amazing option for fragrance junkies who enjoy experimenting with new and authentic scents. 

Though of course, we should take the red flags seriously. To maintain balance within this Scentbird subscription review, praise should be tempered with the 800 plus complaints filed to the Better Business Bureau. So long as they are willing to risk possible issues with shipments, customer billing and subscription cancellations.

Scentbird Promotions & Discounts 

Scentbird Promotions & Discounts

Upon creating a website account, new Scentbird customers receive a 25% discount to their first order.

Scentbird also offers a referral program for active subscribers. Through the promotion, customers receive a link to share with family and friends via email or through social media. Each time a new subscriber signs up using the provided link, both the referrer and new customer receive one free item to be included in their upcoming Scentbird subscription delivery.



Where to Buy Scentbird  

Scentbird products are exclusively available via their website. The designer and brand name fragrances currently for sale through Scentbird are available elsewhere in retail stores and online – but most likely at an increased cost.

At the time of this Scentbird subscription review, their fragrances and products are not available in any retail locations or on Amazon.

How to Cancel Scentbird Subscription  

Customers subscribing to Scentbird are able to cancel at any time. Here’s how to initiate the cancellation process:

  • Sign into customer account
  • Hover over customer name
  • Select Subscription Status
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription link located underneath shipment history

A few important notes to keep in mind on how to cancel Scentbird subscriptions:

  1. Subscription cancellation must be completed prior to the next billing date. If a customer cancels after they’ve been billed, they will still receive the remaining shipment(s). The act of cancellation will only prevent future billing.
  2. Due to the efficient turn-around for first-time Scentbird shipments, cancellations are not possible once an order has been placed. Even if a customer cancels their subscription immediately following first subscribing, they will still receive their first shipment. After that, the subscription plan will not renew.

Shipping Policy

Scentbird only ships within the US. While typically, orders are received 10 to 12 days after placement, delivery times may vary when shipping to the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. Once a package has shipped, Scentbird sends the customer an email containing relevant tracking information. No other shipping information is included on the Scentbird website.

Return Policy

If a customer receives a damaged Scentbird product, they have 30 days (within delivery date) to request a return. Here’s how:

  • Contact Scentbird staff by submitting a message through the company website
  • Include photo evidence of damage within the message
  • Once approved, customers will receive a replacement item or store credit

Any customer having second thoughts after receiving a Scentbird package or gift box has 15 days after delivery to return the purchase for a store credit. Products must be returned in their original condition. In order to initiate a return, customers should contact Scentbird staff through their website.

Unfortunately, Scentbird does not accept returns on any subscription shipments or a la carte product purchases unless damage has occurred.

Contact Scentbird  

  • Optimal customer support is offered via social media or directly through Scentbird’s website. Staff typically respond within 24 hours or less.
  • Scentbird website submissions are received Monday to Friday 24/7 and on Saturdays and Sundays between 7am and 5pm EST.
  • Currently, Scentbird does not offer telephone support.
  • Scentbird’s headquarters are located in NYC: 158 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

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I want cancel my subscription

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I MUST insist Scentbird cancel my subscription as outlined in my e-mail of July 5, 2020. I also requested return instructions for the first 2 PAID shipments, which I did not order, nor for which I did not subscribe!
I never even submitted a complete subscription or order.
Shall I add my unanswered cancellation to the other 800 Better Business Bureau complaints?

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