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Made In Cookware Review

About Made In

The direct-to-consumer marketplace is ever expanding, so it’s natural that cookware has entered the scene. Made In is an ecommerce startup that designs premium pans, stock pots, knives, cookbooks, and other kitchenware through their online store. Made In’s collection of kitchen essentials features quality stainless steel and carbon steel, engineered for durability and high performance. 

Made In built up a reputation in the kitchen realm, having been endorsed by prominent media outlets like Forbes and Business Insider. Since you’ve wandered onto this Made In cookware review, you’re probably wondering if the brand lives up to the hype surrounding it. Our in-depth look at Made In will answer that, highlight their top sellers, customer feedback, promotions and more, so you can decide for yourself if this cookware is worth the buy. 

Made In Cookware Review

Overview of Made In

Made In is a relatively new US-based brand, founded in 2017 by brothers Chip and Jake in Austin, TX. Their roots run deep with cookware, having been raised in a family with a 100-year history of kitchen supply. A century of pots and pans is pretty impressive.  

The brothers already had a solid knowledge base before starting their own company. Made In began with their intentions to rethink the kitchenware landscape they grew up in. Chip and Jake partnered with manufacturers in the US, France, and Italy to design superior kitchen products—like themselves, operating family-owned businesses that have spent generations learning the process of producing high quality kitchen tools.

Made In Cookware Review 1

Made In has come a long way since then. A little over three years later, their kitchenware is used in multiple 3-star Michelin restaurants and hotel groups across America. For the foodies out there reading this Made In cookware review, if you haven’t gone to a Michelin Star restaurant, put that on your bucket list. I once went to a three-star Michelin bistro in Paris and had the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted in my life. I still think of them fondly. 

The brand’s specialty is stainless steel clad and Made In’s mission is to build the top-performing 5-ply cookware and offer it for half the price of their competitors. Cladding, also known as ‘ply,’ refers to the number of metal layers along the base and sides of pots, pans, skillets, and so on. Cladding creates an efficient and evenly heated cooking surface. A higher ply doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality, though. It’s the overall distribution of the ply that has the greatest effect on heat distribution. 

Made In Cookware Review 2

We’ll get into the brand’s best selling products, but first, a sum up of this Made In cookware review:


  • Premium, long lasting cookware and kitchen accessories
  • Cookware performs strongly
  • Products are offered at half the price compared to other premium cookware retailers
  • Provides useful information on caring for cookware on the website and blog


  • Higher than average pricing
  • No estimates are provided for shipping and delivery time frames

Stainless Steel Clad Cookware 

Made In’s stainless steel clad collection consists of frying pans and nonstick frying pans, a butter warmer, a saute pan, saucepans, a saucier, stock pots, and silicone universal lids. All of Made In’s stainless steel cookware can be conveniently tossed in the dishwasher. Next up in this Made In cookware review, we’ll get into their top-selling frying pans and saucier: 

Frying Pans

Made In Stainless Steel Frying Pans are available in 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes, with the last two being their most popular options. On the website, you get a sense of their relative capacities: a 10” pan holds two chicken breasts and a 12” pan will hold three to four. The durable, 5-layered Stainless Steel Frying Pan is a workhorse—with its fast and even heat retention, they can heat up and sear meat in minutes, cook food slowly on low heat, and handle oven roasting up to 800F.

With the 10” Stainless Steel Frying Pan model pictured above, you can see that it’s pretty deep, so unless you stuff it with ingredients, you won’t have ingredients flying out of the pan. It’s lightweight with the ergonomic, stay cool handle, the pan is easy to lift and move around. If you’ve ever cooked with a pan and forgotten that the handle is hot and cursed your burning hand, you’ll know how useful (and much more safe) cool touch handles are. 

Made In advises against using metal utensils with their stainless steel cookware. While this material is tough wearing and designed to last, metal utensils can cause superficial scratches and ruin the sleek and polished look of the steel. The 8”, 10”, and 12” Stainless Steel Frying Pans cost $65, $75, and $89 respectively. You can also pay in four installments using Klarna, and you can find more info about this purchase method in the FAQ section of this Made In cookware review.


If you recognize this type of pan by sight and aren’t sure what it’s for: sauciers are specialized pans designed for creating sauces and gravies, but that’s not all they’re used for. A saucier is a multitasking tool and can be used for sauteing, preparing soups, stews, and risotto, boiling rice and vegetables, and more. 

The Made In Saucier has a uniquely rounded bottom to keep ingredients from getting stuck in the corners, and makes stirring and whisking easier. Its 5-ply construction evenly cooks sauces from the pan’s base up to the walls with no hot spots. The Saucier is lightweight and also features a cool touch handle, so maneuverability isn’t an issue. 

Made In’s 3-quart Saucier and lid was featured by NY Times for its solid performance. This pan is a bit of an investment for $99 up front or in four Klarna installments, but you’ll get a ton of use out of it since it’s so versatile.

Carbon Cookware

Made In’s carbon steel collection includes frying pans, a paella pan, grill frying pan, wok, a roasting pan and roasting rack, as well as pan sets and kits. Made In’s carbon steel cookware is induction compatible and also functions on glass stovetops.

Note that carbon steel should be seasoned prior to use, and never put it in the dishwasher. We’ll take a look at two of their most popular carbon steel frying pans:

Frying Pans

Made In’s Carbon Steel Frying Pan was described as the “best carbon steel skillet” by Chowhound, which is a pretty big deal. It’s available in 10” and 12” sizes and features a hybrid construction: the pan combines the capabilities of a cast iron skillet and a stainless steel frying pan. It has cast iron’s heat retention, seasoning, and non-stick elements, paired with the heat control, lightness, and cooking speed of stainless steel. These pans are oven safe up to an impressive 1800F. 

Like the Stainless Steel Frying Pans, these have great depth so you can stir and flip contents easily. The 10” size is ideal for searing a large steak or two smaller pieces of meat and frying up crispy sunny side up eggs. The 12” pan can sear two large steaks, saute vegetables, and even roast an entire small-sized chicken. I’m starting to get hungry as I write this. 

Made In Carbon Steel Frying Pans will set you back $69 for the 10” and $89 for the 12”, or you can pay through Klarna installments.

Grill Frying Pan

Made In Cookware Review 6
Made In 11″ Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Made In’s 11″ Grill Frying Pan was also featured in NY Times, so stellar performance is its MO. Its lightweight, conductive, and long-lasting carbon steel is engineered with 62 perforations, allowing for direct contact with flames. It’s perfect for outdoor cooking: light enough to bring on a camping trip and heavy duty enough for daily grilling on the patio. 

The Grill Frying Pan is heat tolerant up to 1800F and naturally nonstick, so you won’t waste time scraping ingredients off the bottom. It’s priced at $75 up front, or can be purchased through Klarna installments.

Knives, Kits, and Accessories

It’s obvious that good quality pots and pans affect how your meal will turn out, and the same goes for knives. Made In chef and santoku knives can be purchased individually, with attractive handle options in red, grey, and silver. You can also buy sets that include paring and utility knives if you want to assemble a serious knife collection. 

Made In also designs accessories to take your cooking to the next level. To keep your pots and pans in mint condition, a stainless steel cleaner and carbon steel seasoning wax are available. Made In offers an elegant, 100% maple butcher block, silicone universal lids for frying pans and pots, a handmade beechwood spoon, a sheet pan, and cookbooks. On to the top sellers:

8” Chef Knife

The Made In 8” Carbon Steel Chef Knife was deemed one of the best chef knives by Good Housekeeping. This popular product is 100% fully forged carbon steel, meaning it’s constructed from a single rod of premium metal. The knife features a NITRO+ hardening treatment that ensures a sharp and long-lasting blade, with a handle secured by strong stainless steel rivets. 

The Carbon Steel Chef Knife is lightweight and easy to maneuver with a 8.5” blade. Its versatile blade was specially designed to excel at slicing, chopping, dicing, deboning, mincing, and scoring dough. The Made In Chef Knife costs $89 and can be paid for through Klarna installments. To add a personal touch, you can get the knife engraved for an extra $20.

Cookware Kits

Made In also offers sets and kits to help outfit your kitchen, with some amounting to savings between 11% and 21%. We won’t list them all in this Made In cookware review, but here are some highlights: 

  • The Starter Kit includes the 10″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 10″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 2 QT Saucepan with Lid, 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid, Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax for $359 (reduced from $405)
  • ***Most Popular: The Sous Chef includes the 10″ Non Stick Frying Pan, 10″ Stainless Clad Frying Pan, 12″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 2 QT Saucepan with Lid, 4 QT Saucepan with Lid, 3.5 QT Saute Pan with Lid, 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid, Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax for $599 (discounted from $734)
  • The Executive Chef comes with the 8″ Non Stick Frying Pan, 10″ Non Stick Frying Pan, 10″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 12″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 12″ Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, Blue Carbon Steel Wok, 2 QT Saucepan with Lid, 4 QT Saucepan with Lid, 3.5 QT Saute Pan with Lid, 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid, 3 cans of Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax for $799 (reduced from ($1012)
  • The Frying Pan Set comes with the 10″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 12″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, Carbon Steel Wok, Seasoning Wax for $259
  • The Knife Set includes the Chef, Santuko, Paring, and Utility Knives for $275 (discounted from $317)

Made In Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Made In Cookware Review 9

Top media outlets sing praises for Made In, but customer feedback is equally (if not more) important. You can leave a Made In cookware review on the website, which features thousands of reviewer comments. From a total of 4260 ratings, 95% of customers gave Made In products 5 stars. Here are some statements left by customers: 

Stock Pot: “This is the BEST pot! This pot is awesome and used everyday.”

Saute Pan: “I am glad I made the right decision to go with Made In. These pans are great and you can feel the quality.”

Carbon Steel Pan: “I have the 10” and the 12” carbon steel pans. After seasoning, they are truly nonstick.”

Stainless Steel Frying Pan: “This is a nice and heavy, durable, multi-ply pan for a great price. Been enjoying frying and searing with it.”

Knife Set: “I bought the three knife set. Love the 8” chef’s knife. It’s well-balanced, the handle is comfortable and it just looks good. The two other knives are also a joy to work with.”

All this sounds great, but we won’t stop there in this Made In cookware review—I hunted for comments found elsewhere on the web. 

Wired wrote a Made In cookware review and noted that, “during the test, the Made In pans were all over the map.”  The author noted a “doming” in some of the pans, which Made In claims to have flat surfaces. The doming caused hot spots on the pans, and when oil was heated up in them, the oil made a rim around the pan and left the middle bare. The pans with this issue were then replaced Made In, and the author’s conclusion was: “the brand has strong potential, but the company seems to have production issues to work out before these pans are a safe bet.”

The Kitchen Witches also wrote a Made In cookware review, which was largely positive, with the exception of pricing, although the author did say the “cookware is worth the money, and it’s a company and product to get excited about.” A review site called The Cookware Advisor wrote that Made In delivers on their promise to provide high quality cookware at an affordable price, and the brand received a “strong buy recommendation.” 

Based on reviews both on and off the Made In site, it’s safe to conclude that purchasing their kitchenware is a solid bet. Although the price points are high compared to more budget-friendly cookware companies, you get what you pay for.

Made In Cookware Promotions & Discounts

Made In Cookware Review 10

Made In doesn’t have any promotions going on at the moment, but many of their sets are currently discounted. Keep checking their site for a Made In promo code. 

Where to Buy Made In Cookware

Made In products are sold exclusively online through their website,

Made In Cookware FAQ

Shipping Policy


Made In offers free shipping on orders over $50 within the Contiguous United States. Shipping is also available to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories, where delivery costs are subsidized by Made In. Shipping rates are generally $20-$80 depending on the dimensional weight of the package.


Made In also offers shipping internationally, and you can view countries available for deliveries by clicking the flag icon on the website. If your country is not on the list, you can still enter your address at checkout, and Made In may be able to find a carrier to ship your order. Unless noted in your shipping options, you’ll have to pay taxes and duties upon import into your destination country. 

Damaged Items

If you received damaged products from Made In, the company requires you to provide pictures and documentation to customer service at [email protected]. If your request is approved, Made In will file a claim with the carrier and the product(s) will be replaced at no charge.

Return Policy

This Made In cookware review turned up a generous return policy. All cookware, knives, and accessories, whether they’ve been used or not, can be returned within 45 days of delivery date for a full refund, exchange or store credit. Made In covers the cost of return shipping. 

On the other hand, consumable items (including wax, cleaner, and cooking kits), customized products, and final sale items are not eligible for returns. You can initiate a Made In return on the website, or by contacting [email protected].

Common Cookware Issues

Made In notes issues described by customers that relate to proper care of the products. The most common issues are improper use of heat, rainbow stain/heat tint, improper seasoning of carbon steel, and improper pan cleaning. You can find solutions to these problems on the Made In Chef’s Notes blog.

Klarna Pay Installments

Many Made In products can be purchased through four equal Klarna pay installments. You select this payment option at checkout. The first payment is processed when your order is confirmed, then the next three are taken automatically every 2 weeks.

Contact Made In

If you have questions beyond what was covered in this Made In cookware review, you can contact the team via: 

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Asked by Lucy (6 months ago) Reply

Where is this cookware made?

Answered by Recapper64 (5 months ago) Reply

This is taken from above “Chip and Jake partnered with manufacturers in the US, France, and Italy to design superior kitchen products”
If you go to what product you are interested in and scroll down to “Product Specs and Awards”. This will have the country of origin.
Some of the products also have further down Popular Questions. For example: If you look at stock pots you will find toward the bottom; Where are you stocks pots made?

Asked by Brad R. (5 months ago) Reply

I love Made In. I originally found out about their cookware through a TV ad featuring Grant Achatz and Brooke Williamson, two chefs that I follow closely. I searched for reviews on their site and found a million amazing reviews, in addition to your review here, which was enough to convince me to test out the frying pan (I’m a skeptic, so starting small). The stainless steel frying pan was definitely the best I’ve ever used..evening heating, a nice heft, etc. I came back and bought the non stick frying pan, the saucier, and the 8 qt stock pot to round out the rest of my stainless steel kit. Eyeing up some of the carbon pieces next. Thanks for the review and convincing me to try them out!

Asked by James (5 months ago) Reply

Maiden carbon steel pans not even close to de Buyers or Matfer. I recommended the later two to my sisters. They are slightly more than Maidin but well worth the price I have no experience with Mauviel would try them before Maidin. The one I have is the last one!!

Answered by Gordon Smith (2 months ago) Reply

Never heard of Maiden or Maidin cookware, might you be referring to Made In? If you are doing a review of a product, getting the name of the product wrong instantly destroys your credibility. You couldn’t even decide on how to mis-spell the name. BTW, the other word you were looking for but screwed up is “latter”, not “later” as in “I recommended the LATTER two to my sisters.” Coures in Spelling, English Grammar, and Compostition are strongly recommended.

Asked by Donald (5 months ago) Reply

I love my Made In products. I have the carbon steel frying pan, non stick frying pan, saucier, and knives. I have nearly a decade of restaurant experience, and I wish I had Made In in the kitchens I worked in. They are quite the game-changer.

Also, list in the Cons sections about shipping dates — I received all shipping info via email in a timely manner. Not sure why this is listed as a con.

I highly recommend Made In. Can’t wait to get more of their stuff!

Asked by Ben (4 months ago) Reply

Tom Colicchio is a legend – pretty cool he stands behind Made In. I recently bought a carbon steel fry pan and stainless saute pan from this brand and I’m super impressed with the performance so far

Asked by Jordan Johnson (4 months ago) Reply

Phenomenal cookware. I recently got their Executive Chef Set when I knew it was time to have an adult kitchen, it was the right move. If you want to be a better cook, start with Made In.

Asked by George (3 months ago) Reply

After tons of research, it was clear that Made In was the right choice. After purchasing the Sous Chef Set, I have become a much better cook and have no regrets! Cannot recommend this company enough.

Asked by Billson Phillips (3 months ago) Reply

I have a couple of their carbon steel pans and I have to say they are the best carbon steel pans I’ve ever owned. I worked in restaurants for years and these pans are seriously legit. Thanks for posting this Made In cookware review — super helpful!

Asked by Allison (3 months ago) Reply

I’ve been a cast iron person forever, I inherited them from my grandmother, but I figured I’d give these a try as they’re lighter and oh my goodness, so. much. easier. to season and maneuver. The best carbon steel pans, ever. Love them and the service was quick and human.

Asked by Brandon (3 months ago) Reply

I recently replaced my cookware with Made In when we moved into our new house and I can’t recommend it enough. The non-stick is perfect for my morning eggs, the knives are so solid and sharp, and they make the best carbon steel pans.

Asked by casey (3 months ago) Reply

Absolutely the best carbon steel pans on the market!!!! Their blue carbon is much easier to season, and the thinness – compared to cast iron – allows for better heat control and maneuverability!

Answered by Mary (3 months ago) Reply


Asked by Jenniferr Lee (3 months ago) Reply

My Made In carbon steel is my favorite piece of cookware I own! I never take it off my stove. This is the best carbon steel I’ve ever used and one of the best pieces of cookware I’ve ever used. I’ve worked in professional kitchens for years, and this stuff truly is tough.

I also love my saucier and butter warmer. They’re perfect for multiple dishes and tasks. The butter warmer was backordered when I purchased it, and their website and emails listed all of the expected ship dates. Once I purchased it, I received an email with my expected ship date, and then an email when it shipped.

I appreciate all of their transparency and detailed information. 10/10 would recommend this brand to anyone!

Asked by Sondra Downing (4 weeks ago) Reply

I purchased a blue carbon 10” and my blue carbon is gone, why

They need to communicate better
Asked by Bret (6 days ago) Reply

Why is it that Made In has no trouble spamming me to buy more stuff, but they can’t seem to update when my ‘in stock’ order will ever ship? You have my email address and all the spam is getting through, so I know you COULD update me. I guess it just isn’t as important as trying to get me to buy more stuff. Not to mention that you charged my card immediately for stuff that still hasn’t shipped going on 10 days now. I hope your cookware is as good as everyone says it is. I’m not expecting an ‘Amazon’ experience, but you could at least send me an email letting me know that something wasn’t really in stock. Signed up for the SMS updates, and haven’t seen any of those either.

Is there a Review of the non-stick 12" fry pan?
Asked by Virginia (1 day ago) Reply

I’m looking for a good review of the 12″ non-stick fry pan by Made-IN. Is there one?

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