5 Best Chicken Coop Brands

Choosing The Best Chicken Coop Brands

5 Best Chicken Coop Brands

More and more people are starting to raise their own chickens. While I fully encourage that, taking care of chickens is different than owning a dog or a cat. Chickens have different needs and requirements. Thankfully, most of those can be met by a good chicken coop.

Of course, you’ll learn about the best chicken coop brands in this article, but I’ll also tell you what you should look for when you’re looking at chicken coops and answer some frequently asked questions about them. But first, let’s clear the air about chicken coops and their history.

Chicken coops are designed to keep poultry safe from predators and environmental conditions. Stress and subpar living conditions can both cause disappointing egg lays, with lower quantity and quality eggs. That means that it’s important to buy a chicken coop that will keep your birds safe and happy.

While chicken coops are becoming common in suburban backyards as well as farms, they are actually a recent invention. Before the early 1900s chicken coops were rare. Chickens would nest in hedges and wander freely, but their egg laying was sporadic. Coops made chicken farming much more effective and productive, revolutionizing the breakfast tables everywhere. Now chicken and eggs the staple of many modern diets.

5 Best Chicken Coop Brands

So whether you’re a farmer or looking to start raising your own chickens, it’s important to shop from the best chicken coop brands. You don’t want to raise chickens that aren’t up to snuff, or, more accurately, up to cluck. With all that history dealt with, let’s get into the top-of-the-line chicken coop companies that you should have on your radar.

1. Aosom

Best Chicken Coop Brands

The first company to earn its place on my list is one that doesn’t specialize in them, but still has a large selection of quality chicken coops. Currently, you can find nearly 60 different chicken coops on Aosom’s website, making them one of the best chicken coop brands for variety and choices.

If that seems like a lot of choices, Aosom conveniently divides its coop products into five easy-to-search categories:

  1. Large chicken coops
  2. Medium chicken coops
  3. Small chicken coops
  4. Chicken runs
  5. Chicken coop accessories

They have chicken coops that are closer to cages with basic metal structures, and they also offer more homey options like the PawHut 84″ Wooden Chicken Coop, Chicken House Poultry Hen Cage with Covered Big Run, Nesting Box, and Perches, Green.

Speaking of price, one of the best things about shopping with Aosom now is that they offer big savings on many of their most popular items. For example, at the time I am writing this, the coop highlighted above normally lists retail @ $550, but you can get it for $340. Discounts like that are par for the course with Aosom.

Overall, you should consider Aosom as one of the best chicken coop brands since they give you plenty of choices in regards to size, price, and material. 


  • Almost 60 different chicken coops for sale
  • Many choices available: from basic cages to furnished coops 
  • Big sales every month
  • Free shipping offered on ALL products (coops included)
  • They are a growing national company with warehouses all over the country, so shipping times are fast
  • They have a US-based customer service department, so help is quick, available and responsive when needed.
  • You can learn more about Aosom and its history here

2. Tractor Supply

Best Chicken Coop Brands
Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply is another brand with a generous supply of chicken coops. They have over 50 that you can choose from and over 200 if you stretch your search parameters a bit.

The most popular of their coops among customers include:

  • Producer’s Pride Sentinel Chicken Coop, MDC001: $400
  • Petmate Superior Construction Chicken Coop, 70401D: $600
  • Producer’s Pride Extra Large Sentinel Chicken Coop, MFC-LS: $1,000

Rather than producing their own coops, Tractor Supply is a product hub where manufacturers distribute their coops. This gives you a great selection and variety because not only can you comb through different sizes, materials, and styles, but you can also shop by specific producers whose coops you trust. 

That’s not much of a surprise given that Tractor Supply is the largest outdoor goods retailer in the United States. They’ve been making waves and setting standards in the industry for 80 years. Their longevity has allowed them to establish branches in nearly every state in America. They have over 2,000 locations, meaning there’s likely one not too far from your neighborhood.

This is an unsung benefit because it means that they’re easily accessible to most Americans. You can ship your chicken coops to specific Tractor Supply branches to save you money on shipping and handling. More money in your pocket means more money for chicken feed, so you’ll be saving money to put it towards what matters most.


  • Can provide at-home assembly upon delivery
  • Over 2,000 locations across the USA
  • All online chicken coops have a flat shipping fee of $79
  • You can ship products to certain stores for cheaper shipping fees

3. New Age Pet

Best Chicken Coop Brands
New Age Pet

While the previous two best chicken coop brands are great for product selection and accessibility, New Age Pet earns its place on this list for their sustainability. It’s a smaller company, meaning they have fewer locations and a less diverse product pool. But that allows them to focus more on the quality of their chicken coops.

That quality is what sets New Age Pet apart from other brands. Their chicken coops are made with ECOFLEX, which is the brand’s wood plastic composite material that’s non-toxic for both people and animals. Many of their coops are also odor-free and can repel the nasty smells that come from our feathered friends.

They don’t publish their prices online as it seems that you have to purchase their coops directly from their retail locations. Thankfully, you can find New Age Pet coops nearly anywhere. Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, and Lowe’s all carry their goods, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Overall, New Age Pet is the brand to turn to if you’re looking for coops that offer your chickens a bit more tender, love, and care.


  • All chicken coops are made with non-toxic materials
  • Made with wood-plastic composite ECOFLEX
  • Coops are odor-free
  • Sold through many third-party distributors like Amazon and Tractor Supply
  • Most items are covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

4. Roost & Root

Best Chicken Coop Brands
Roost & Root

All the other best chicken coop brands I’ve spoken about so far have only featured those products as part of their larger product reservoir. That’s not the case with Roost & Root.

This small American business has only been active for a decade, but they’re earned strong customer feedback and a devoted fanbase by focusing all their efforts on developing some of the best chicken coops available

Roost & Root’s slogan is “find your inner farmer,” a sentiment that means more than just throwing on a pair of overalls and listening to Kenny Chesney. They build chicken coops that help people become more self-sufficient, rely less on big factory farms for their meat, and treat their chickens with the care they need for the best produce.

They have seven different coops that range from 15 sq ft to 54 sq ft. Price-wise, you’re looking at anywhere from $749 for the Roost & Root Urban Chicken Coop (if you order with their early adopter price) to $2,790 for the Roost & Root Round-Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop.


  • Entirely focused on producing chicken coops
  • All products are made in America
  • Made to help people become more self-sufficient
  • 4.8/5 stars average score on TrustPilot based on more than 500 pieces of customer feedback

5. Omlet

Best Chicken Coop Brands

The final entry on my list of the best chicken coop brands is another major producer of pet products. However, Omlet’s goods have a more modern edge.

This is apparent in the Omlet Eglu, a chicken coop that prioritized freedom and simplicity. Its orb-like shape and construction were oddities in 2003 upon its debut, but it caught the eyes of buyers and allowed Omlet to build its brand.

That mindset has fed Omlet’s desire to create chicken coops that are easy to clean, simple to set up, and painless to maintain. As such, Omlet is the brand to shop from if you want coops that are less stressful for you to manage.


  • Unique designs
  • Coops are easy to clean and simple to set up
  • Focus on making easy-to-maintain chicken coops
  • Average customer score of 5/5 stars based on more than 8,900 pieces of buyer feedback left on their website
  • International shipping available in some countries

Which is Considered the Best Chicken Coop? 

Best Chicken Coop Brands

This is a matter of personal preference, but in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with either the Omlet Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coops with Runs or the Roost & Root Round-Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop.

Which Brand of Chicken Coop is the Best?

Best Chicken Coop Brands

Once again, what’s best for you won’t always be what’s best for somebody else. However, you can rest assured that all of the companies I picked for my list of the best chicken coop brands are worth your time and money.

How Do I Pick a Good Chicken Coop? 

Best Chicken Coop Brands

Now that you know which brands sit atop the chicken coop throne, it’s time for you to choose the right coop for you. Let’s go over some crucial details that you need to consider before picking one out.


Think about the brand with the mission that speaks to you the most. This could include their main goal, production practices, and their attitude toward raising chickens. Ideally, you’d want to shop from a brand that has the same mindset towards chicken farming as you do.


The choice of material can change how easily you can clean your coop, how much air can flow through it, how much protection it can provide your chickens, and how easily they may be able to escape if given the chance.

Chicken Run

Chicken runs are the enclosure attached to chicken coops. They are spaces where chickens can run around freely and safely. This is worth purchasing if you don’t have enough open area where the chickens can already roam.


This one is pretty obvious but it is definitely worth mentioning. You want a chicken coop that’s large enough to house all your chickens comfortably.

Nesting Space

Chickens and hens need to rest too, so think about where, how large, and how much nesting space each coop provides.

Flock Size

Obviously, the larger your flock, the bigger your chicken coop is going to have to be. Think about how much space each chicken needs before purchasing a coop.


Multiple levels can give chickens more space to roam as well as offer protection from smaller predators who may enter the coop.


Ventilation is important so that chickens can regulate their temperature during hot and cold weather, but it’s a fine balance between providing enough ventilation and enough security.


This goes hand-in-hand with the last point, but you want a coop that can keep your chickens warm without causing them to overheat.


Another obvious one, but think about what predators roam around your neck of the woods and pick a chicken coop that can keep them at bay.

Ease of Cleaning

This isn’t just a selfish question of how much poop you want to pick up. A cleaner coop is healthier for your chickens, which will also result in more lays and higher quality eggs.


Best Chicken Coop Brands

How big should a chicken coop be? 

A good rule of thumb is that 10 chickens should live in a chicken coop that’s 80 sq ft. You can scale that metric up and down depending on how large your flock is. 

What do you need to have inside a chicken coop? 

Every chicken coop should contain a nesting area, a feeder, a water supply, and a roosting area.

How do you clean a chicken coop?

Use a solution of water and vinegar to clean most surfaces in a chicken coop.

How do you insulate a chicken coop?

You can place straw or styrofoam inside your chicken coop (along the walls and the roof, ideally) to insulate it.

Where do you place a chicken coop?

The best location to place a chicken coop is somewhere where it’ll receive equal amounts of sunlight and shade.

How do you heat a chicken coop?

The best way to heat a chicken coop during the winter is with a heat lamp. Having good insulation will also go a long way to keeping your chickens warm too.

How often should you clean a chicken coop?

You should clean the bedding every month and do a complete cleaning job at least every 6 months.

How do you keep rats out of a chicken coop?

Stuff any and all holes in your chicken coop with steel wool and use hardwood flooring. Rats are contortionists that can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces so you want to be thorough in your search for holes.

Final Thoughts

Best Chicken Coop Brands

I hope you’ve learned everything you need to in my guide to the best chicken coop brands on the market today. Everyone’s needs are different, but these brands should provide you with a fair selection to give your chickens the best home.

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