15 Best Soap Brands for Men

How to Choose the Best Soap for Men

Cleanliness is key to healthy living both physically and socially. No one wants to hang around you if you’re stinking up the area. 

“A lot of men have more body hair than women. As hair is porous, it can easily trap odors and odor-causing bacteria,” said Dr. Anna Chacon.

“Body hair can also trap moisture, especially with armpit hair. It is an enclosed area where moisture can trap and prevent sweat from evaporating, creating an environment for odor-causing bacteria to thrive.”

Meet the Expert: Dr. Anna Chacon, MD

Dr. Anna Chacon is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Chacon enjoys practicing all aspects of dermatology. She is licensed to practice in 50 US states, and is quickly becoming the leading teledermatologist in the nation.

Dr. Chacon obtained her concentration in Economics and medical degree from Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education. That led to a research fellowship in dermatologic surgery at the University of Miami and the completion of an internship in surgery and a dermatology residency at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Chacon completed her dermatology residency at Los Angeles County + University of Southern California Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, where she served as chief resident.

Sometimes soaps can dry out your skin or skunk you out with its overpowering scents—but that’s why we’ve put together a list of the best soap brands for men.

By putting 15 best soap for men into one article, we’re hoping to show off some previously unknown options that can get you looking and smelling great for a fair price. 

Don’t waste your money or time, rather stay clean and dress to impress for a date, an event, or just daily chores.

Reduce the excuse, keep it clean, and remember – wash behind your ears!

15 Best Soap for Men

Ahead, you’ll find our top 15 choices for the Best Soap Brands for Men on the market. Let’s get into it.

1. Alaffia

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

We’re starting our list of the best soap for men strong with Alaffia, a brand founded in 2003 with the dream of providing natural products commercially to help health, beauty, Fair Trade, and social causes all from one location. 

Featuring products crafted from shea butter, coconut oil, and African black soap, this brand includes categories for hair, skin, babies, kids, and lifestyle to keep you looking your best in all areas of life.

Built by a loving couple, Alaffia pulls their name from a greeting meaning “a state of peace, health, and well-being,” all of which are traits this company yearns to incorporate through their products. 

Their goal is to promote self-care through naturally sourced products to better your health routine as you age. Start the routine young with the babies & kids’ section, building up hygienic habits through life for healthier hair and skin.

You may be familiar with some of their go-to materials, but African black soap is often overlooked despite its numerous benefits. 

Made from plant and peel ash, this soap works wonders for a variety of skin types as it’s fragrance-free, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and helps battle acne. Kind of an all-in-one wonder.

Best-selling products range from $10 to $20, offering a decent amount of product for a good deal. Stay away from heavy scents and get your skin that natural glow with Alaffia.

2. Oars + Alps

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Drowning in deals, Oars + Alps does their best to break down their prices for natural products that will make a world of difference. 

Launched by Mia Saini Duchnowski and Laura Lisowski Cox, a dynamic duo who were seeking a solution to their active husbands’ stenches, this brand brings natural sources to grooming to simplify the grooming process through easy ingredients you can trust.

Partnered with DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals, this brand’s inventory covers a variety of skin products for the face, hands, anti-aging, and more. 

If you’re interested in more than one product, you can build your own bundle for a discounted price that includes a free sample of a product of your choosing.

Ingredients are what make this one of the best soaps for men on our list. Working with unique plants like Alpine Caribou Moss, Witch Hazel, and Safflower, this company finds uncommon solutions to extremely ordinary problems to help clean and purify your skin.

Using three key natural-based scents, this brand aims to keep you smelling fresh with a bit of citrus to brighten the room as you walk by. Pricing runs a little higher with items typically costing between $15 to $30 depending on the product.

3. Ursa Major

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Tired of buying separate products for the men and women of your household? Ursa Major produces all-natural, gender-neutral products that care for a variety of skin types and concerns. 

Inspired by the astounding outdoor elements, Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle forged ahead with a brand built to power you through plant-based ingredients that work hard at a faster pace.

Removing chemicals and synthetic fragrances from the equation, this duo works through their passion for healthy living to create products they absolutely adore. 

Tested by their workers to ensure products are effective, clean, creative, and quick to use, this brand only sells items they love and want shared with the world.

Products are made with lightweight textures to remove that feeling of slapping on product and painting your skin for portrait-level beauty. Clean up with ease and naturally refreshing scents through Ursa Major’s variety of face, hair, and body bundles.

This brand’s products come in a range of prices. Some of their daily items go for $15 to $30 while eye creams and heavier items ask higher prices of $40 to $60.

4. Kiehl’s 

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Coming onto this list of the best soap for men due to their history and quality products, Kiehl’s began in 1851 as a solo apothecary and grew to the advanced skincare brand recognized today. 

Well-loved by every age and gender, this brand’s popularity has made them top of the market for a number of years due to their functional and thorough product line.

This company makes your skin their business – in more ways than one. Offering not only great products with Vitamin C, essential oils, honey, and more, but also providing consultations to help you discover what products would best suit your needs. 

Combining nature and science in each formula, this brand strives to craft products to suit any skin and environment.

When it comes to testing, Kiehl’s actually goes the distance, sending workers to extreme environments like northern Greenland to see how skin fares in those climates when consistently applying the creams and foundations they’re given. 

Guaranteed in the coldest of climates, this brand delivers firsthand evidence of their ability to keep your skin from drying up.

Due to the extremely wide range of products available, it’s hard to give just one price point for the business. That said, glancing over their bestsellers, many of their most popular products sell for around $45 to $75.

5. Jack Black

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

After more than two decades in business, Jack Black knows what makes the best soap for men and includes those elements into every product in their line. 

Unrelated to the well-known actor, this brand gained their name by gearing their business towards providing the every-man (Jack) with the highest quality products (black belt level) available.

By reviewing a crowd of men and questioning their needs and desires regarding skincare, this business learned that all men want are simple products for an easy routine that haven’t been tested on animals. That’s all—just those three elements and a company was built. 

This brand works through mostly vegan ingredients (some exceptions are listed on the website) with cruelty-free practices regarding testing and manufacturing.

Offering products with two, and sometimes three, uses in a single container, this brand simplifies skincare to single bottles to handle the typically oily and thick skin of men. 

Products include exfoliants and moisturizers that work for skin, beards, and hair. Clean up yourself and the shelf in your bathroom by adding a simple product or two to your routine.

Prices for Jack Black products vary, but many costs live in the range of $40 to $80 depending on the item.

6. Dr. Squatch

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Need a manly scent to survive your day? Dr. Squatch has just the products for you. Natural soaps crafted in traditionally masculine fragrances to keep you smelling pine fresh while looking sparkling clean all day and every day (as long as you keep up with your routine!)

Using the ISO 16128 methodology (a long, complicated formula used to determine if an ingredient is natural) this brand uses products that are 98-100% of natural origin

This means you’re ridding your body of those harsh chemicals that are cheaper but cost your health more in the long run. Posting their full ingredients list online, this company is all about making the best soap for men out of the best materials on the market.

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Natural scents are used throughout their soaps, using essential oils of plants, fruits, and even woods to give you those rugged scents that are associated with men. 

With products designed to deal with heavier amounts of sweat and grime, this brand is determined to make skincare simple yet effective. Not sure what product you need? Take their helpful quiz to get quick advice.

Offering products for hair, skin, face, and more, Dr. Squatch’s prices are fairly low compared to others on this list. 

Their bar soaps (no body wash here, boys) go for $7 apiece, with some bundle options to get more for a better deal. Take a look at their variety of scents to find one that suits you.

7. Baxter of California

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

With over 50 years of experience since their founding in 1965, Baxter of California has worked to simplify men’s grooming into a stylish, hygienic, and easy process that any man will happily add to their morning routine. 

Launched by Baxter Finley after a desperate search for men’s grooming supplies coming up short, this brand started right out of the gate by launching their own products into the market.

Baxter of California gladly connects themselves to artistic cultures and movements, currently collaborating with Aaron Kai, a Hawaiian pop artist. 

With a modern focus on surfing, skating, and the cultures of those who thrive on those sports, this brand has introduced new products to keep your skin and hair fresh no matter what activity you’re into.

This brand associates grooming with self-expression, providing artists and sub-cultures their own way to show off their style to the world. 

A bit of pomade can really make all the difference when it comes to securing that perfect curl. Whether you’re focusing on hairstyle or keeping your skin smooth, this company has products for every possibility.

When it comes to their selection of body soaps, this brand offers a variety of bar and body wash options. Most products in this line tend towards $20 to $35.

8. Marlowe Skin

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Designed for their products rather than marketing style, Marlowe Skin is a company built around quality skincare. 

With simple packaging, simple products, and a simple brand name, this company understands that bottles don’t have to be beautiful in order to get the job done. Money gets spent on the product inside rather than the packaging.

Forget the stress that comes with grooming as Marlowe Skin’s quality products upgrade your skincare routine with a single bottle. There are no additional fragrances or harsh chemicals. This product is all about authenticity and elevating you to your best self.

In addition to caring for their clients, this brand supports their country by providing hygienic supplies to schools, homeless shelters, and relief funds to keep those less fortunate clean. 

Partnered with Clean the World, this brand works in an eco-friendly manner to aid those in need. One step at a time, they’re cleaning up the world.

Marlowe Skin products cover body, hair, face, oral hygiene, and more. For their body washes, this brand offers both bar and gel forms for $5 to $15, with slightly more expensive bundle packs to save you coming back to buy more.

9. Harry’s 

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

If you’re looking for a hygiene brand that takes shaving into account, then check out Harry’s, a company built on bringing affordable, quality razors into the men’s market. 

This brand puts men’s grooming and health at the forefront, going so far as to donate 1% of sales to nonprofits dedicated to providing men the access they need for mental health and therapy resources.

Harry’s team is made up of esteemed scientists, engineers, designers, and more, all working together to create sleek products that get the job done for a decent price. 

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Partnered with a variety of brands for their collaboration kits, this company works to bundle up all of the products you’ll need for a sleek shave and a soft face – just in time for date night!

Despite their focus on shaving products, Harry’s does offer a soap line of both gels and bar soaps to get the job done. This brand is probably one of the cheapest on our list, with the men’s soap products ringing in at $5 to $10. You’ll be able to save up and look great for any occasion.

10. Caswell-Massey

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Ready for a history lesson with this next brand? You’ll be paying respects to your ancestors as Caswell-Massey opened their doors in 1752 and has been working steadily ever since. Talk about dedication to the cause.

If you’re looking for a new staple scent, this brand may be one to check out. This company is known for creating the “first American Fragrance” on the market and actually still sells the scent today marketed as “Number Six.” 

Focusing heavily on fragrances, perfumes, soaps, and colognes, this company has lasted 300 years on their passion for providing quality products.

Dedication alone makes this brand one of the best soaps for men on the market. Constantly expanding their line while continuing to market their famous bestsellers, this brand isn’t afraid to branch out and meet current society while keeping their roots in mind. 

Every soap product has evolved to be free of harsh chemicals like parabens, focusing on natural ingredients that will instill confidence after every clean.

Their luxury bar soaps come in a range of styles and scents, with prices from $10 to $30 depending on the bar.

11. Cetaphil

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Working in the market for over 70 years, Cetaphil has become a household name for their moisturizing products that work miracles on chronically dry skin. 

One of the more medical brands on the market (and on this list), this company’s sole purpose is to get your skin the healthy glow it desires by cleansing those harsh chemicals out of your reach.

Other brands on this list may have ventured into skincare after starting elsewhere, but Cetaphil’s first product remains in their collection today as their Gentle Skin Cleanser. 

Marketed by dermatologists in the 1940’s as being better than soap, this brand’s recognition for clean and moisturizing products only grew as their product line developed over the years. 

Now a medical leader in regards to skincare as well as nail and hair care, this brand continues to offer simple solutions to standard problems.

With their line of moisturizers, cleansers, and a section dedicated to specific skin types on their website, this brand stands by their original mission and continues to focus on effect rather than presentation or fragrance. 

Most products come with a light, hypoallergenic scent that will keep you smelling fresh without taking over the office.

Products typically run in the lower cost range, running from around $5 to $15 depending on the size of the body wash.

12. Dove 

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Originally marketed as a women’s brand, Dove has spread its wings and flown into the men’s market with their Men+Care line of men’s body, hair, and deodorant products. 

Made with more traditionally masculine scents in mind, this company’s focus has always been soft skin that makes you soar.

Dove’s company launched in 1957 with their Beauty Bar, a product still popular in the market today. Dove products are made to deal with oily skin, a problem most people are prone to at some point in their lives. 

Through regular use, their products break down the unhealthy oils and moisturize your pores to get you a healthy complexion.

After years of dominating the female beauty market, this company combines essential oils with hydrating ingredients to treat your skin with the care it deserves. 

Why should women be the only ones allowed to glow? Renew your energy and your skin’s health by adding this brand to your daily routine.

Available in a number of retailers, this brand tends to cost $5 to $15 depending on the size and product. Some bundle packages are available for purchase to cut costs and help you save stress while shopping. 

13. Irish Spring

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Here’s to another history lesson about a brand we all know – Irish Spring. But have another run fact – did you know it was founded by Colgate? That’s right, the ever-popular toothpaste brand branched out in the 1970s to a whole new market to secure its path in the world of hygiene.

We’ll be honest, when it comes to a strong scent, Irish Spring tends to be one of the first men’s soaps to jump to mind. 

This brand doesn’t shy away from fragrance and, if used too much, it can lead to some overpowering situations. That said, if you’re looking for an easy clean routine, this company has you covered.

Originally beginning with a single bar, this soap brand has made its way to include a variety of products that incorporate essential oils, aloes, charcoals, and other cleaning variants so popular in the world of hygiene. 

If you’ve tried this brand before and weren’t a fan of the scent or feel, give one of their other bars a shot before closing the door completely.

All packaging materials are recyclable and the soaps themselves contain natural ingredients used to give your skin a clean scrub and rid you of any grime or dirt. 

Bars and body washes are available from Irish Spring, so you can grab one of their products for $5 to $15 and get scrubbing.

14. Tom’s of Maine

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Launched from the love of two parents, Tom’s of Maine was created in the 1970s due to a lack of natural options when it came to cleaning products for their kids. 

Focused on natural personal care, this brand has grown over their decades of business and joined up with Colgate in 2006 (toothpaste companies really are taking over the health game, huh).

Working through oral hygiene, antiperspirant, and body wash products, this brand has always been about bringing natural elements into self-care to make the practice healthier for us and the planet. Who’s going to argue about that?

Transparency is key with all ingredients and practices openly listed to keep the company held accountable for any actions. It keeps all inventory and manufacturing honest, providing the best quality items for purchase.

When it comes to finding the best soap for men, this brand joins the list for their coconut and lavender beauty bars (separate bars for separate scents) made of natural ingredients as well as vegan and cruelty-free practices. 

Maintaining moisture with every use, these bars are crafted to make you look and feel your best. These bars typically cost around $5 to $10 depending on the retailer.

15. Duke Cannon

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Ending our list of the best soaps for men, we’re adding this one to the article for any rustic, rugged men who just want a simple mountain man solution. 

Duke Cannon launched as a return to the working man’s need for skincare after a rough day in the trades. Valuing hard work, craftsmen, community, and country, this nationalistic brand prides itself on answering the call of the men who built the world we live in today.

Country and county folks are called forward by this brand with small-town pride at the heart of its roots. With simple names and styles, Duke Cannon styles many products after their inspiration of military heritage

In fact, one of their best-selling products, Big Ass Brick of Soap, was modeled after “products issued to GI’s during the Korean War.”

Currently, the brand remains partnered with the active military to provide quality cleansers to the men who fight to retain freedom. 

Working alongside the military, new products are actually suggested and tested with the Armed Forces before being launched into the public market. We’ve seen the new golden standard and they wear a uniform well.

With body, fragrance, beard, and face products available, this brand makes grooming just a few simple steps. 

Whether you’re looking at their Thick Body Wash or Big Ass Brick of Soap, these products are affordable and at a usual cost of $5 to $10 give you a great amount for your money.

What Is the Difference Between Bar Soap And Body Wash?

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

Bar soap and body wash have built up quite the battle over the years as to which method offers the best soapy suds. 

When searching for the best soap for men (whether it’s for you or someone you love), you’ll find a lot of options in both styles. But does one actually have the upper hand when it comes to keeping you clean?

A lot of body soap usage comes down to tradition, with people generally sticking to the type they were raised using. If you’re already loyal to bar soap or gel, then it’s no cause for concern. 

The main difference between the two comes from the added ingredients in body washes designed not only to break down the dirt but typically soothe your skin with a mix of moisturizers.

Outside of ingredients, there are a few key elements of difference to consider if you’re open to changing up your showering routine:

  • Skin Type – If you often find yourself battling with dry skin, then body wash can be your savior. These gel cleansers often contain additional components to hydrate and moisturize your skin after cleansing while bar soap will just leave you clean and dry. 

Body wash won’t solve all skin issues – applying lotion is always recommended! – but it’ll definitely make a difference and act as that first step to healthier skin.

  • Allergies – For those of us who find ourselves typically battling allergies against chemicals or fragrances, bar soap is actually the better option. 

Due to the creation process, bar soap is made without the parabens and other ingredients needed to give body wash its shelf life. 

Hypoallergenic bar soaps are quite easy to find, often pulling materials from natural oils and herbs to give your skin a healthy scrub.

  • Price – Sorry to say it, but body wash doesn’t stand a chance in this category. Bar soap often comes in packs of three to five bars with prices typically equivalent to one bottle of body wash. 

Plus, with the lasting quality of bar soaps, you tend to get longer use out of one purchase.

  • Environment – Eco-friendly practices are always in our minds and when it comes to the different soaps for men, bar soap wins this title with ease. 

Bar soaps don’t contain additional chemicals or components like exfoliating microbeads commonly found in body washes. 

Simply break down the cardboard boxes they come in to recycle and the soap will disappear down the drain leaving far less residue behind than some gel body washes.

Bar soap comes in strong for most of these categories, but what you really need to consider when buying is what you’re looking for your soap to do. If your priority is being eco-friendly, saving money, and staying clean then bar soap will definitely do the job. 

If you suffer from dry skin, chronic skin issues, or acne, then there are body washes on the market that will help you much more than any bar of soap ever could. Just make sure to check the ingredients list before buying.

What Ingredients In Soap Help Clean the Skin Most Effectively?

“Triclosan and triclocarban are both antimicrobial chemicals that have been used in antibacterial personal care,” said Dr. Chacon. “These are effective against many different bacteria as well as some fungi and protozoa.”

Natural Soap vs. Commercial Soap

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

A large divide in deciding the best soap for men comes from the struggle of natural vs. commercial soaps. 

The biggest deciding factor that often leads to commercial soaps being purchased is the price as natural-made products tend to cost considerably more than alternative options. But does price automatically make it better? 

There are a few factors to consider before deciding what and how to buy:

  • Ingredients – Ingredients make up the main divide between conventional and natural soaps. While commercial soaps are commonly used, many include chemical ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, perfumes, and artificial coloring. 

These all make the soap look and smell great, but also lead to your skin soaking up harsh chemicals.

Natural soaps are made from natural sources such as healthy and essential oils. 

Making up the base of these soaps, grapeseed and coconut oils not only remove dirt and grease from your skin, but also provide a layer of moisture and protection to combat dry skin conditions.

  • Fragrance – Commercial soaps tend to rely on manufactured perfumes and fragrances. These ingredients can easily overwhelm those who are sensitive to strong odors, and in some instances can cause headaches and migraines. 

Natural soaps use essential oils as their base to add soothing smells that work with your body and, for the most part, are hypoallergenic. 

  • Additional Elements – Everyone loves a two-in-one cleaner or any special features when it comes to products. 

Bar soaps typically stay fairly standard in their design, but some natural soaps add extra ingredients designed for exfoliating, moisturizing, opening pores, and so much more. 

Kelp, charcoal, and aloe are some of the most common ingredients to find in natural soaps with these features.

Though prices may be higher, natural soaps are recommended when looking to buy the best soap for men (or anyone). Avoiding harsh chemicals, these soaps are designed to use natural methods to heal your skin.

“Natural soap is good for everybody. It’s made with essential oils and gets the richest, creamiest lather,” Dr. Chacon said. “Its natural ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic, making it much safer.”

Things to Consider When Buying Men’s Soap

15 Best Soap Brands for Men

We’re wrapping up this article on the best men’s soap with the ultimate cheat sheet. We’ve laid out the five key elements to keep in mind when shopping for your soap. 

If your loyalty already lies with a brand and style, fair enough, but try to keep an open mind while shopping around as there may be an alternative that will benefit you in a myriad of ways.

1.    Scent – Easily overwhelming, go into shopping knowing what you like. Some brands really hit you with their fragrances, causing headaches and sensitivity issues for users or those around you. 

When choosing scents it’s best to go with natural oils or scent-free options to keep you clean without suffocating those around you.

2.    Ingredients – Always read the ingredient list when buying soaps. We’re definitely recommending natural over commercial, but if you’re sticking to conventional brands then check out the back for parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals before buying. 

Try to avoid any soaps with harsh chemicals that will seep into your freshly clean skin.

3.    Skin Type – For those with dry skins, aim for brands designed with additional moisturizing elements. The best soap for men in these cases either comes from natural bar soaps or body washes. 

Both include hydrating features and are designed to soothe your skin as you wash rather than just leaving it dried out.

4.    Brand Reputation – Some brands will always be more recognizable. 

With more time on the market, there are ample reviews and articles on the biggest brand names, so if you’re looking to try something new in one of the conventional brands, take a look online and you’re likely to find the info you need. 

When it comes to brands, the best soap for men often comes from established companies who have built their business on keeping you clean and cared for.

5.    Price – Don’t believe all the myths you hear when it comes to price. Just because a soap brand costs big money doesn’t mean it’ll do great things for you. 

Follow your instincts, read the ingredients, and you’ll easily be able to find quality soaps for moderate prices in both natural and commercial selections.

Don’t fear change when it comes to your routine. Open yourself up to healthier possibilities that will work for your skin and your style by keeping these points in mind. It all comes down to personal preference and what will work for you—just make sure to keep that hygiene routine going because your friends and families will thank you for it.

You’ve got other options when it comes to men’s personal care. Check out these brands:


BirchBox Man

Harry’s Razors

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