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Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

Soulmia’s collection of on-trend apparel has made a splash in the world of fast affordable fashion. With lines for both men and women, the brand’s wide selection is adored by folks across the globe.

The company has captured the attention of shoppers for its cute and clever graphic tees and highly-coveted swimwear, which we’re sure has something to do with its 172k followers on Instagram.

We’ve also found mentions of Soulmia in The Daily Mail, Forbes, CzechCrunch, and CNW Group.

If you’re looking for great deals on stylish apparel, keep reading this Soulmia review. We’ll thoroughly examine the brand, show off its bestsellers, provide customer ratings and discounts, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Overview of Soulmia

Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

Who doesn’t want to look like they just stepped off a private jet? In a world where influencers rule, men and women around the world want to look like the beautiful people they follow and admire.

But Soulmia isn’t just about looking good, it wants to blend comfort with style, and its collection of soft cotton tees and adorable summer dresses reflects that.

The brand believes that “everyone can embrace their true self with style”—meaning that fashion gives people the chance to express their identity. Of course, affordable options make that much easier.

That’s something Soulmia hopes they make easier for those who shop it, regardless of gender or size. But our favorite feature? The brand doesn’t put limits on the types of clothes certain bodies can wear.

Being an e-commerce brand also means that it can offer an incredible variety of items which is one of the many reasons customers flock to its website daily. Oh yeah, that variety? There are more than 10k different items available.

Shipping to over 40 countries, Soulmia’s headquarters are located in England, but its factories are in China.

Weirdly, the brand stays pretty tight-lipped about certain details, including its founder, CEO, and how long it has been around. From what we can gather, the company is fairly new.

Now that you know a little more about the brand, this Soulmia review will move on to its pros and cons.


  • Wide selection of men’s and women’s apparel with over 10k options
  • New styles added daily
  • Inclusive sizing of up to 5X for women and 2X for men
  • Shoppers write of good quality, generous customer service, and on-time shipping
  • Tons of deals, discounts, and Soulmia promo codes for orders over $39
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Some customers experience difficulty with getting in touch with customer service, long shipping times, and poor quality items
  • A short return policy might expire before you receive your order
Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

The brand might be known for its fun selection of graphic shirts, but it also offers casual and dressy fashionable picks for both men and women. In the next section of this Soulmia review, we’ll walk you through the varied styles that the company has to offer.

Soulmia Review

Graphic shirts add a little extra joy in life, and Soulmia’s collection is heartbreakingly adorable and laugh-out-loud funny. Below, you find an array of the brand’s best-selling cotton-blend t-shirts, with fun, quirky, and edgy designs.

Soulmia Boo Bees Graphic Tee Review

Super cute would be an understatement. The Boo Bees Graphic Tee features two happy little ghost bees buzzing away on the front of the capped-sleeve t-shirt.

With a more modern look, this t-shirt can be tied in the front for a fun and light summer throw-on whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

This Soulmia review discovered that the tee comes in nine different colors, but classic black is always a crowd-pleaser and is a nice contrast to the yellow buzzers.

Express your funny side with the Boo Bees Graphic Tee for $8.

Soulmia Funny Coffee Bear Slogan Graphic Tee Review

Remember that old summer camp tee from back in the day? The rigid collar, the ultra-soft fabric? The Funny Coffee Bear Slogan Graphic Tee is like that shirt, just more amusing.

With a grumpy, know-it-all bear savoring what’s probably one of his few joys in life—coffee—this shirt may make you and those who pass by you truly LOL.

The words “that’s what I do, I drink coffee, I hate people, and I know things” are boldly written around the bear, making a clear statement to the world. 

Available in nine colors, we’re really digging the spicy mustard color, probably for its nostalgic, summer camp feel. Let the world know you hate them with this Soulmia coffee funny tee for $9.

Soulmia Dabbing Unicorn Graphic Printed Short Sleeve Tee Review 

Having kids is a blessing. But, giving them back to their parents at the end of the day is an even greater blessing. Just kidding, but also, not really.

If you love being an aunt or if you have one you appreciate, the Dabbing Unicorn Graphic Printed Short Sleeve Tee is a fun way to let them know they’re awesome.

With an adorable unicorn dabbing on the front, confetti, and a color-blocked sunset in the background, this shirt is a celebration of those people who make your life a little brighter.

The title “AUNTIECORN” is proudly printed across the top of the image, with “LIKE A NORMAL AUNT BUT MORE AWESOME” underneath.

Choose from 10 pastel and muted colors for this fun shirt that’s $9. To get a matching one for your uncle, search for the Soulmia muscular unicorn tee.

Soulmia Noot Noot Penguin Graphic Short Sleeve Tee Review 

This graphic tee is not for the faint of heart. What first appears to be the sweet TV show character Pengu, with his bag packed and ready for adventure, quickly turns into a controversial, edgy tee that is best reserved for those 18+.

With bag in hand, Pengu says, “NOOT NOOT MOTHERF***KERS,” or what we take to mean, “I’m out of here.” Available in nine colors, the forest green is especially pretty with this truly visually appealing graphic.

Pair with oversized shades, ripped jeans, and high-tops for a laid-back look that matches the energy of this tee. Get out of town with this punky Soulmia Noot Noot Penguins Graphic Short Sleeve Tee for $11.

Soulmia Lemon On A Pear Sing Graphic Tee Review

Poking fun at Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” lyrics, the Lemon On A Pear Sing Graphic Tee is happy and light. It features a little peppy lemon on the shoulders of a pear, both signing their hearts out.

Available in eight colors, this tee looks like it has more of a silky feel to it than the others, although it says it’s made from the same cotton blend. Tuck the classic grey one into a dark denim skirt, add a messy bun, and enjoy the sun in this positively joyful tee. Get it for $6.

Soulmia Pew Pew Madafakas Meme Graphic Printed Sweatshirt Review

A solid wardrobe has at least one piece that makes you laugh and one that keeps you cozy. The Pew Pew Madafakas Meme Graphic Printed Sweatshirt combines the two for an all-around feel-good vibe.

With an edgy baby chick outfitted with wayfarers and a black handgun in each… wing, this thick cotton sweatshirt will keep you warm on chilly winter days while bringing a little humor into your life.

The top shouts “PEW PEW MADAFAKAS” and comes in five on-trend colors. Complete your closet with this snuggly Soulmia madafakas sweatshirt for $18.

Soulmia Sleeveless Split Hem Floral Print Sexy Midi Bodycon Dress Review 

Milkmaid tops are super popular right now, mostly due to their ability to accentuate all chest sizes. The Sleeveless Split Hem Floral Print Sexy Midi Bodycon Dress hugs your curves in all the right places.

This polyester blend dress has a bit of stretch, but the slit up the leg is what allows for more movent… and sex appeal.

Detachable straps mean you can make this a tube dress, but we like the delicate nature of the straps that might casually fall off the shoulder, offering a flirty look.

Made in black and brown with a sweet flowery pattern, this Soulmia floral bodycon dress is a great choice for dates or even a summer wedding. Pump up the desire in this feminine dress for $10.

Soulmia Men’s Retro Ethnic Geometry Graphic Button Up Hawaiian Shirt Review

This isn’t your average Hawaiian shirt. The print blends the tribal nature of Hawaiian culture with your choice of three modern colors to create a really cool and fun design that would work well with black chinos or any wash of jean shorts.

With a button-down front, the Men’s Retro Ethnic Geometry Graphic Button Up Hawaiian Shirt has a slight stretch thanks to its polyester blend. Plus, its short sleeves make it the perfect choice for an outdoor Summer event.

Reinvent the classic American-dad-on-vacation aesthetic with this bold shirt for $15.

Soulmia Cow Print Bucket Hat Review 

1990s fashion trends are back. Whether they’re here to stay is a mystery, but for now, people around the globe are digging the throwback style.

The Cow Print Bucket Hat has a cute black and white patchy design that would look adorable with low pigtails and red heart-shaped sunnies—and don’t forget the glitter lipstick!

When you’re not in the mood for animal print, simply turn it inside out for an all-black design. Yes, it’s basically two hats in one.

Try this hat out on the beach with a contrasting Soulmia bikini cartoon swimsuit for a totally 90s kid’s vibe. It’ll make you want to channel your inner Britney, grab the latest issue of Tiger Beat, and turn on Nickelodeon.

One size fits all with this trendy, nostalgic hat that’s $6. 

Soulmia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

If you’re like us, you may have fallen in love with the brand’s trendy apparel. But, it’s important for this Soulmia review to find out what its clothing and ordering process is really like.

Below, we’ve compiled reviews from three different websites that shed some light on Soulmia clothing and what customers have experienced when ordering from them.

Looking at the brand’s website, we saw that all of its products are highly rated, but each item only has dozens of reviews, if not less. Here’s an overview:

  • Sleeveless Split Hem Floral Print Sexy Midi Bodycon Dress: an average of 5/5 stars from 20 reviews
  • Noot Noot Penguins Graphic Short Sleeve Tee: an average of 5/5 stars from 60 reviews
  • Men’s Retro Soulmia Flamingo Hawaiian Shirt: an average of 5/5 stars from 7 reviews
  • Soulmia Pew Pew Pew Cat Graphic Printed Tee: an average of 4/5 stars from 91 reviews
  • Embroidery Kangaroo Pocket Soulmia Rabbit Ear Hoodie: an average of 5/5 stars from 14 reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the Soulmia Pew Pew Meme Cat shirt. Most shoppers say that it’s soft and has a comfortable neckline.

In terms of the quality, one comment reveals that it’s made from “a good cotton fabric, not itchy, very breathable. I can see it’ll last a long time.” Considering the low price of this shirt, quality is always a plus.

Lower star ratings report a tight fit and many suggest sizing up if you’re going to buy it. Of the graphic print, one comment reads, “T-shirt decals are thick rubber which is hot and cracks.” This isn’t ideal, but it’s an inexpensive shirt, so details like this aren’t too surprising.

Soulmia’s Trustpilot page has a mid-range rating of 2.6/5 stars from 273 customers. Looking at the breakdown, 36% of shoppers gave the brand an “excellent” or “good” score, while 50% have left a 1-star rating.

Starting with the positives, customers report that the company has a stellar customer service team.

Shoppers do speak of long shipping times, but they also say the brand was more than generous and accommodating during their wait, some providing refunds for orders that took too long to arrive.

As for the quality of its products, one Soulmia review said, “Size was normal, quality as any other item you would get at H&M. That’s what we expected to hear about them, and H&M clothing is pretty decent.

Now, let’s see what the major issues customers have with the brand are all about. Most scream of “poor quality” and bad customer service. Take this example:

The goods that arrived are absolutely different from what is offered, including the material.” Others mention long shipping times and battles in negotiating refunds. This doesn’t sound good, but we have hope that this isn’t the case for all customers.

Finding positive reviews for Soulmia has proved to be a difficult feat. There aren’t any blog sites that have reviewed its clothes, so we checked out a YouTube clothing haul of the brand to see for ourselves what the quality of the items received is actually like.

The “Is Soulmia Legit? Try On Haul & Review” video by Nancy’s Mosaic reveals some really nice looking clothes that she reports are all “true to size.” The quality looks great for the price and the details are super cute—things like large buttons, lace appliqué, and tie waists.

While the video doesn’t speak of any negatives about the brand, Nancy did say that in preparation for their notoriously small sizing, she bought two sizes larger than needed.

One of the items was much too large, but the others were right on point. So it does appear that sizing is a legitimate issue with this brand.

Good quality… poor quality, great customer service… poor customer service—we’ve read about both sides and feel dizzy from all the back and forth.

What we have learned is that Soulmia is a legit business, but that at times, the quality and shipping can seem iffy.

Is Soulmia Worth It?

Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

With its affordable pricing and wide selection, we think Soulmia is worth it. But, be aware that the quality may not be exactly as pictured in the advertisements.

So, is Soulmia a real website? We can say that undoubtedly, it is a real website with real clothes.

It’s unfortunate that some customers have experienced very long delivery times and difficulty with contacting customer service, so you should definitely be aware that this is a possibility when ordering.

When a website seems iffy, but you’d still like to give them a try, we recommend ordering an inexpensive item to see for yourself. This is a safe way to test out the quality, shipping, and size of a brand’s items before diving in head-first.

These issues aside, for many customers, the incredibly low prices make it worth the risk. From what this Soulmia review learned, the company delivers decent quality clothing, exactly what is to be expected from a brand with such great deals.

Soulmia Promotions & Discounts 

Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

Soulmia is all about the deals. Its apparel is already priced incredibly low, but it offers customers even more ways to save:

  • Up to 15% off on orders over $69 using Soulmia coupon code “FUN2021”
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Up to 60% off summer apparel and Soulmia bikinis
  • Father’s Day promo: buy 2 get 20% off
  • Shop New Arrivals and spend $15 to get a free gift
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to get 15% off your next order

Where to Buy Soulmia

Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

You can only get the company’s apparel directly from


Soulmia Boo Bees Shirt Review

What sizes does Soulmia have?

Generally, Soulmia carries sizes from XS-5X for their women’s apparel and S-2XL for men. For more information on the brand’s sizing, refer to the size charts on the brand’s website. 

What is Soulmia’s Shipping Policy?

This Soulmia review learned that your order will ship out in 1-5 business days from the time you place it online. Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number that you can use to follow your package’s progress.

Soulmia ships all over the world and delivery rates vary. We’ve included USA options below:

  • Standard 10-15 business days $6
  • Express 3-7 business days $15

What is Soulmia’s Return Policy?

If you have an issue with your Soulmia order, you can return it within 14 days of receipt of purchase. As you can imagine, if your order arrives after 14 days (and there’s a good chance it might) this can cause some issues.

If you received your order before the 14 days is up, you can return if it meets the following qualifications:

  • It must be unused & undamaged
  • You must return it in its original packaging
  • It cannot be a final sale or promotional item

To start a return or exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected] or use the Contact Page
  2. Specify whether you would like a return or exchange
  3. Soulmia will authorize your return and send you instructions and an address
  4. Package up your items
  5. Drop at your local post office

Your return will be processed in 3-7 business days from when it was received, but if you haven’t heard back from them in 2 weeks, Soulmia urges you to follow up.

How to Contact Soulmia

If you have any questions after reading this Soulmia review, you can reach out to the brand through:

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I bought 5 items when they claimed to have good discount. Received a first email which looked ok. Then a second email days after, I assumed it was following up on the shipment so I didn’t look into it. Turned out to be just 3 items when I received the parcel, and 2 of which were not what I wanted. I emailed customer service, they claimed the sku number and everything was correct, and “OUT OF GOOD WILL” gave me a discount code of 15% off, which was exactly what they have on the website that day. As I reread my second email, I found it quite different from the first one, the discounts were different, the items were less, yet I was NOT notified, nor did I see an apologetic word. This is freaking frustrating. I did not get what I saw and ordered on the website, and they obviously are not going to deal with it.

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