For Days Clothing Review

About For Days Clothing

For Days Clothing Review

For Days is a sustainable men’s and women’s clothing brand that focuses on creating better clothes for a cleaner planet with organic materials, a closed-loop system, and zero waste. For Days truly caters to the environmentally conscious consumer: it helps you keep clothing out of landfills and supports efforts to make the world more sustainable. 

ForDays has been featured in Vogue, Fashionista, and Forbes, and their Instagram boasts close to 90,000 followers. 

This For Days clothing review will take a deep dive into the brand and its products. We’ll also look at the customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if this apparel is worth buying. 

Overview of For Days

For Days Clothing Review

For Days was founded in 2016 by Kristy Caylor and Mary Saunders and is located in Los Angeles, where all its products are manufactured. For Days’ mission is to “upgrade your relationship to clothing, creating a life with less stuff and junk, and rather creating a life filled with living.”  

The slang meaning of “for days” is “a lot” or “many,” and the brand gives that idea an environmentally friendly twist. For Days’ SWAP program allows you to swap out any item of clothing, at any time, for any reason. Everything you send back gets recycled, creating a closed-loop system

Sustainability is For Days’ guiding principle. They use only the highest-quality eco-friendly materials, minimizes waste with reusable packaging, and company-wide carbon offsets. The brand uses 100% recyclable materials, which helps the customer save 700 gallons of water every time they send in an item to be upcycled.

To date, For Days has saved 300,000 gallons of water, 19,000 pounds of CO2, and 73,000 pounds of waste. In 2019, the company participated in the Los Angeles Renewable Energy Program and committed to the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles, and in 2020 it was certified as a carbon neutral company. 

For Days also supports the Ellen McArthur Foundation and Connect Fashion Global Initiative, which advocate a circular economy model that keeps products and materials in use and designs out waste and pollution. 

For Days Clothing Review

This For Days clothing review will now look at the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Clothing contains 100% recycled materials 
  • Apparel comes with recyclable packaging 
  • Operates on a closed-loop system with zero waste
  • Customers can return clothing any time through the SWAP program
  • Supports multiple initiatives to benefit the environment
  • Free shipping and returns on all orders 


  • Reported issues with customer service and shipping (ex. incorrect products)
  • No international shipping

For Days Review

Does it seem like your closet and drawers are always filled to bursting with clothing? Did you know that America throws away 80lbs of clothing per person per year? Did you also know that an astonishing 85% of clothing donations end up in landfills

Not to worry: For Days creates 100% recycled and recyclable products ranging from men’s basics and women’s basics to masks and T-shirts. When you’ve worn the hell out of it, swap it for a new one! 

This For Days clothing review will now go over the brand’s best-selling products. Hopefully, by the end of this you’ll be a convert. 

For Days Baby Tee Review 

The For Days Baby Tee is a classic basic tee with a ’90s vibe. It’s fresh, young, and perfect to layer under a dress or jumpsuit. The fit is very slim, so it’s recommended to go up one or two sizes for an optimal fit. It’s made from dense 100% organic cotton that will hold you in and hold its shape, but with a bit of stretch around the ribs. 

Throw on this tee with a pair of jeans and boots, grab a beanie and jacket, and you have a classic fall look. The Baby Tee is available in four neutral colors and goes for $28

For Days Easy Tee for Better Days Review

This comfy and relaxed basic can become your favorite worn-in tee. It’s made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton, offering a soft and clean feel that also saves raw materials, carbon, and water

The Easy Tee for Better Days shirt is suitable for wider body shapes, is a standard length, and has room in the neck for a relaxed feel. Pair this with your favorite pair of jeans for a crisp and comfortable look. Get this stylish and sustainable shirt for $28

For Days 40’s Half Zip Review

The For Days 40’s Half Zip is retro-cool. It’s fashioned from a vintage ’40s sweatshirt, and the result is a feminine, cute, and eco-friendly sweater. The sweater features a wide rib waistband, slightly dropped shoulders, and a wide collar

The sweater is a mid-weight fleece made with 100% organic cotton that only gets softer with washing. The style is flattering, modern, and can be dressed up or down. Pair this half zip long sleeve with a wide-leg pant for the perfect retro aesthetic. Grab the sweater in either black or cream for $52. 

For Days For Better Days Vintage Sweater Review

The Better Days Vintage Sweater stands for freshness, optimism, and banding together to move toward a better future. The sweater has a classic sporty shape that is loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough to be versatile. 

This will become your new everyday sweatshirt. It’s made with 100% organic cotton and the fleece wears in well, giving a very vintage feel. Pair this neutral sweater with jeans, joggers, or even a long skirt with sneakers. The sweater is available in 5 neutral colors and is $48.

For Days Fleece Dress Review

The For Days Fleece Dress is like the perfect sweater in dress form. It’s made with 100% organic cotton and it’s super-easy to wear. Match it with tights and boots, or rock it with some sneakers for a more casual, laid-back look. Any way you decide to style this dress, you’re bound to look amazing. 

The dress hits mid-thigh, and it has a roomy body fit with sleeves that come slightly above the elbow. This minimalist dress is perfect for everyday wear, and will soon become a wardrobe staple. If it’s a bit too oversized for your liking, check out TheWeekender Dress

For Days Date Night Dress Review

Want a perfect fall-to-winter foundational piece? The Date Night Dress is what you’ve been looking for. It features a slim, flattering fit with a slight stretch. Wear it solo for those transitional days, and then add tights and layer under a sweater as things begin to cool down. 

Wear this dress for Zoom meetings and then add a scarf, jewelry, or a cozy cardigan to shift into date-night mode. The dress comes in three vibrant colors that are easy to style. The Date Night Dress is $48

For Days Mask Review

In the midst of health threats thrown at us by the pandemic, it’s nice to know the 5 Smiley Mask Pack can keep you safe. These double-layered  masks are made with 100% organic cotton from Turkey. They can be sanitized and reused and are machine-washable

The mask is secured with elastic loops and has the option to add a filter via the pocket. It is also adjustable in height due to the pleats. Grab the 5-pack for $25. Do yourself, the earth, and everyone around you a favor and wear a mask. 

For Days Take Back Bag Review

Time to get rid of all the junk in your closet. Throw all your old stuff into the For Days Take Back Bag, and the brand will take all your old clothes (from any brand, in any condition) to make sure they never end up in landfills

Just use the prepaid shipping label and send it back to For Days. It’s as simple as that. As thanks for doing your part, For Days will also email you a code for $10 off your next $50 purchase. The For Days Take Back Bag is only $10. That’s a win for you and a win for the planet. 

For Days Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For Days Clothing Review

This For Days clothing review intends to reveal what customers honestly think of the brand: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Let’s start with the good. Trustpilot gives For Days 3/5 stars from 162 reviews. Customers applaud the brand for its sustainability, closed-loop system, SWAP program, 100% recyclable products and materials, fit, styles, and high quality. 

One positive For Days clothing review on Trustpilot complimented the brand’s quality, comfort, and philosophy. “High quality, comfortable, great-looking, and long-lasting. I love their recycling options and philosophy. They’ve become my favorite clothes in a short time!” 

Another happy Trustpilot user commented on For Days’ stylish masks. “I have purchased masks, which I love the coverage and feel of, the best masks I have ordered. I have recommended these to other people, and now they love them as well. I have ordered shirts, and the material is great, and they feel sturdy but very comfortable.”

The masks receive another shout-out on the For Days Facebook page. “Just received our face masks!! Best ever so soft and comfortable!! Thank you!!

On the Ethical Fashion community on Reddit, one poster responded positively to a skeptical question about For Days. “They’re a legit company, I own a few of their tees and really like them. When you go to swap out, they use reusable mailing sleeves.” 

With so many glowing reviews, could there be any bad or ugly things about the company? Well, there are a few. The most prominent complaints involve issues with shipping and troubles contacting customer service

Some buyers stated they waited months for orders to arrive or received incorrect orders. While trying to deal with these issues, customers have alleged that customer service either takes days/weeks to respond or doesn’t respond at all

One negative testimonial details such an experience: “I placed my order 2 months ago and still haven’t received it. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times, and I haven’t heard anything.”  The majority of customer comments on the For Days Facebook page are devoted to negative experiences such as these, resulting in a score of 2.5/5 stars.  

But that rating has to be put in perspective, as it is based on the opinions of only 13 people. The very high Trustpilot rating, on the other hand, comes from over 100 reviews, which indicates that the majority of customers are very satisfied with the clothing.       

Is For Days Clothing Worth It?

For Days Clothing Review

This For Days clothing review thinks the apparel is worth buying. There are so many great reasons to buy from For Days. Firstly, the fact that the brand is devoted to creating sustainable, 100% recycled clothing in a closed-loop system via the SWAP program is not only innovative, but also game-changing. 

In an era of fast-fashion and greenwashing, it’s refreshing to see a brand committed to truly changing the fashion industry and supporting the environment. Don’t believe the hype this For Days clothing review is dishing out? Try searching “For Days clothing review clothing” and see for yourself. The brand has many die-hard, dedicated customers. 

That said, this For Days clothing review acknowledges the negative reviews surrounding issues with shipping and customer service. With COVID-19 still ongoing, delays are to be expected, but waiting months for an order is a bit excessive. On the other hand, the company offers free shipping, so it’s not like you paid for expedited shipping and your order didn’t arrive. Life is about silver linings. Have some patience. 

If that’s not enough for you, look up “For Days clothing Reddit” and you’ll see that for every negative review, there are hundreds of positive reviews. Many customers have only had excellent customer-service experiences, and negative reviews are in the vast minority. So, don’t let those few negatives deter you. 

Believe this For Days clothing review: buying from this brand will not only declutter your wardrobe, but help you show love for the environment. Any company that actively helps create a better world for the next generation is a brand worth buying. 

For Days Promotions & Discounts 

For Days Clothing Review

At the time of this For Days clothing review, we couldn’t find any ongoing deals. What we did find: use For Days discount code FREETBB and get a free Take Back Bag with your order. 

Where to Buy For Days Clothing

For Days Clothing Review

The only place to purchase their apparel is through the official website,  


For Days Clothing Review

What sizes does For Days have?

Our For Days clothing review offers some insight into the company’s size options:

For Days Clothing Review 1

What is For Days’ Shipping Policy?

For Days only ships within the US. The brand offers free shipping, and there is currently no set time for delivery. To track your order, use the tracking information in the email confirmation sent by For Days. The tracking information is also included in your order summary.

What is For Days’ Return Policy?

The For Days return policy states you can return unworn items for credit within 7 days of receipt. You can also exchange an item for another color or size within 7 days of receipt. To return or exchange an item, follow these steps: 

1. Log into your For Days account

2. Indicate what you’re returning/exchanging

3. Print or email a mailing label 

4. Send the item back in the original packaging 

5. Keep the sticker attached to the product to indicate it is unworn 

How to Contact For Days

If you have questions that were not covered in this For Days clothing review, reach out to them using one of the methods below: 

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