Outerknown Clothing Review

About Outerknown Clothing

Outerknown Clothing Review

Outerknown Clothing proves you don’t have to compromise on sustainability or style with their curation of sustainable and ethical clothing.

Outerknown proudly boasts that 90% of the fibers sourced are organic or recycled and that they are compliant with Fair Trade USA’s ethical practices and FLA accreditation. The brand also expanded into social media as the Outerknown Instagram boasts over 100k followers

This Outerknown clothing review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products as well as customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth buying. 

Overview of Outerknown Clothing

Outerknown Clothing Review

Kelly Slater is a professional surfer who founded Outerknown clothing in 2015. Kelly wanted to challenge the fashion industry and make it so that people and planet both prosper.

And so Kelly created Outerknown to help make it easier for people to shop sustainable brands and make a more positive impact.

The mission of Outerknown is to transform the way we outfit the world by inspiring the industry to reimagine design and embrace circularity

This Outerknown clothing review will now take a look at the pros and cons of the brand.


  • Offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories 
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical practices 
  • Upon sign up for their newsletter, you can receive Surf Ranch exclusive, limited-edition gear
  • Ongoing and frequent sales offered  
  • Offers free shipping and has free return policies 
  • International shipping offered


  • Problems with size inclusivity, quality, customer service, and receiving orders 
  • Products have been reviewed as being expensive in comparison to other brands 

Outerknown Women’s Clothing Review

This Outerknown clothing review will now explore Outerknown’s women’s bestselling items. Every woman needs clothes that last, are high quality, and are great for the outdoors (in more ways than one).

The Outerknown woman’s collection is chaulked full of great options that can add a little extra style to your everyday wardrobe while lasting you a long, long time. 

Outerknown Women’s Blanket Shirt  

The Women’s Blanket Shirt feels exactly how it sounds. It is crafted from heavyweight organic cotton twill and is an essential layer you’ll own for years.

It has a cozy versatility that works as a shirt or a light jacket with a rounded hem, chest pockets, and buttons made from nuts.

Depending on the color combination, this comfy shirt either gives off a 50-s inspired “housewife” aesthetic or a cute cowgirl vibe. This relaxed-fit flannel comes in 11 different plaid combinations so you can personalize your look to be either grunge or dainty.

The $235 Women’s Blanket Shirt will become an everyday staple of your wardrobe with its comfortable and flattering design. 

Outerknown Strand High Rise Skinny Jeans

The Strand High Rise Skinny Jeans are a great-fitting pair of skinny jeans you can wear any day anyway. They’re made with organic cotton with a bit of stretch for a full range of comfort and are perfect on the booty with a high-rise fit.

These classic jeans are available in 3 flattering shades that could make them casual but can also be dressed up for a night out on the town with a pair of heels.

What’s more, the slimming skinny-fit of the jeans will give you legs for days. The Strand High Rise Skinny Jeans are $203

Outerknown Station Jumpsuit

The Station Jumpsuit is one of Outerknown’s most beloved pieces! With the perfect blend of comfort and style, this jumpsuit is inspired by vintage utility coveralls.

Made from a garment-dyed soft organic cotton and linen blend for a lived-in feel, this jumpsuit is designed with long sleeves to carry you through cold months and has an easy front zip so you’ll be ready in minutes. 

No need to worry about coordinating your outfit with how convenient this piece is. But, the best part about this jumpsuit? It comes with loads of pockets so that you can leave your purse at home!

Coming in 4 distinct colors that would flatter any skin tone, the Station Jumpsuit is a minimalist vision and is available for $283

Outerknown Buena Vista Blanket Poncho

The Buena Vista Blanket Poncho captures the vibe of Outerknown’s coastal lifestyle. Truly an oversized blanket that you can wear anywhere you go, this blanket is designed to be ultra-relaxed and easy to layer over your favorite sweater and jeans.

The poncho is made with a brushed recycled polyester and wool blend and is lined with the softest organic cotton flannel.

The blanket inspires visions of sitting around a bonfire on the beach late at night gazing up at the stars to trekking up your local hiking trail. The Buena Vista Blanket Poncho costs $520. 

Outerknown Women’s Veja V-10 Suede Shoe

The Women’s Veja V-10 Suede Shoe is an easy-to-slide-on-and-go sneaker that goes with everything. They are made from eco-sustainable materials including wild-harvested rubber from the Amazon rainforest. These shoes are also detailed with: 

  • Water-repellent suede panels
  • A leather upper
  • A V logo made of rubber 

These Veja shoes are reminiscent of the classic skater shoe with a timeless design that will never go out of style. The Women’s Veja V-10 Suede Shoe comes to a total of $238.  

Outerknown Men’s Clothing Review

This Outerknown clothing review will now examine the men’s best-selling items. A man’s wardrobe could always need some essentials that are worn every day or on special outdoor occasions.

Take a look at some Outerknown men’s apparel that includes shirts, shorts, shoes, and more that can keep a man company for any occasion they need. 

Outerknown Men’s Blanket Shirt 

The Men’s Blanket Shirt is Outerknown’s all-time bestselling style, and it might just be the coziest shirt ever made.

It is crafted from heavyweight organic cotton twill with buttons made from nuts. The shirt is sturdy yet incredibly soft, breathable, and designed for travel, stands up wrinkles, and the elements.

Designed with a comfortable fit, this men’s shirt features chest pockets and an organic cotton yoke. It would effortlessly complement any number of outfits with 35 plaid color combinations to choose from.

The Men’s Blanket Shirt comes to $235, and will quickly become your favorite go-to shirt.  

Outerknown Hightide Sweatshorts 

The Hightide Sweatshorts are fit for adventures of any kind. Whether taking a trip to the beach to soak up some rays or settling in for a binge session, these shorts can do it all.

Cut from terry toweling, they feel more like a soft beach towel than conventional shorts. The shorts are also designed with:

  • An easy to pull on electric waist drawstring
  • Zip pockets outback
  • The signature OK logo
  • A cozy brushed interior

These shorts have the classic surfer dude shorts vibe and come in 4 neutral shades that pair nicely with or without a shirt. The Hightide Sweatshorts are $140

Outerknown Groovy Pocket Tee 

The Groovy Pocket Tee is Outerknown’s softest top-of-the-line tee. The shirt is ultra-relaxed and made with a premium loose-knit organic cotton jersey.

Coming in 9 shades, this tee is a classic and straightforward forward design that flatters any body type and goes with literally anything.

At the time of this Outerknown clothing review, the other hot-selling tee, the Outerknown Fiji Pro had been discontinued. But this tee will enhance your look just the same.

The Groovy Pocket Tee comes to a grand total of $92 for a cozy tee that goes the distance.

Outerknown Lost Coast Moleskin Shirt

The Lost Coast Moleskin Shirt is tougher than flannel but looks just as good. The shirt is 100% organic cotton, woven tough, and brushed for softness and only gets better as it is worn and broken in overtime.

The warmth the Lost Coast Moleskin Shirt provides has got you covered, no matter the occasion or season. You’re also guaranteed to look dashing and stylish wherever you go.

The Lost Coast Moleskin Shirt comes in 7 colors and costs just $156

Outerknown Men’s Veja Esplar Leather Shoe

Made in Brazil, the Men’s Veja Esplar Leather Shoe is a classic low-top Vejas shoe.

They’re easy to slide on and are made responsibly with a leather upper, organic cotton lining, and wild-harvested rubber soles from the Amazon rainforest.

Throw on the shoes with a pair of surfer shorts and hit the beach, or a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. The shoe’s versatility has got you covered.

The Men’s Veja Esplar Leather Shoe comes to a total of $191. However, they’re selling out fast!

Outerknown Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Outerknown Clothing Review

It is time to move on to everybody’s favorite part. What do customers of Outerknown think of the brand? This Outerknown clothing review will attempt to dissect what customers think of the brand: first the good, then the bad. 

First up, the clothing blog entitled, Surfd reviewed Outerknown and scored it with a 4.9/5 overall. The review graded the brand’s:

  • Blanket Shirt
  • Sur Sweatshirt
  • Ascent Fleece Sweatpants
  • Kelly Slater’s Apex Trunks

From all of these products, Outerknown received scores of:

  • 4.5/5 stars – Performance
  • 5/5 stars – Quality
  • 4.5/5 stars – Design
  • 5/5 stars – Sustainability
  • 4.5/5 stars – Fun factor

This Outerknown clothing review was wowed by the Surfd‘s review as they consistently praised and respected Outerknown for their practices, mission, and apparel.

Eventually, the review concluded that “Outerknown is leading the way towards a new kind of product that blends sustainability and ethics with style, while not sacrificing high performance.”

Next, the Better Business Bureau awarded Outerknown a B+ rating, and on Facebook, customers of the brand give 3.9/5-stars.

This Outerknown clothing review had a hard time finding customer reviews as the only customer reviews on the brand appear either on the brand’s official website site or on Facebook. But, positive customer reviews applaud the brand on its dedication to:

  • Ethical and sustainable clothing
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Thoughtful designs

One reviewer on the brand’s website that loved the quality of the apparel wrote, “Love the quality of their clothes and the plastic-free packaging. Their customer service is always outstanding as well.”

Another complimented the brand on its sustainability, “Everything from the products to the customer service. Not inexpensive, but the quality and sustainability are worth every penny.” 

Now to the bad feedback. While Outerknown has a lot of loyal and satisfied customers, few negative reviews are swirling around. Widespread complaints amongst customers state Outerknown’s customer service is terrible.

Multiple customers say they’ve sent numerous emails to the Outerknown customer service team only to be ignored. Other complaints focus on

  • Items not arriving
  • Wrong items being delivered
  • The price point

One reviewer on Facebook was displeased with shipping issues as well as the customer service:

A customer service representative who was helping me with shipping issues suddenly discontinued communication after I mentioned I needed a return for items that did not fit. I also tried contacting someone through the website, with no response. That was over a month ago.”

Is Outerknown Worth It?

Outerknown Clothing Review

What does this Outerknown clothing review think? Is Outerknown worth buying? Ultimately, this Outerknown clothing review believes the brand is worth a try.

While the brand caters to a specific aesthetic, the beach babe and surfer dude vibe, it also has many other great virtues. The brand focuses on ethical and sustainable clothing in the world of fast fashion which is refreshing and something that should be applauded. 

Do not let the negative reviews deter you. With Outerknown clothing you can find many great options that are not only fashionable but eco-friendly, too!

Plus, if you get your own Outerknown login you can access the Surf Ranch exclusive, limited-edition gear.

Ultimately, any brand that supports the improvement of the environment while never compromising on style is a brand worth supporting.

Outerknown Promotions & Discounts 

Outerknown Clothing Review

There is one Outerknown promo code available at this time, ‘SECRET15’, which gives 15% off your first purchase.

Currently, there is no additional Outerknown discount code available. However, there is an Outerknown sale ongoing, a Men’s Warehouse Sale with up to 70% off on selected items. 

Where to Buy Outerknown

Outerknown Clothing Review

Outerknown stores are located worldwide. To find the closest location to you, go to the “Store Locator” section of the Outerknown site.

Though the brand is available on Amazon, the best selection is on the official site:


Outerknown Clothing Review

When was Outerknown founded?

Outerknown was founded in 2015.

Where are Outerknown clothes made?

Outerknown’s clothes are made worldwide. The brand has manufacturers in Peru, China, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and California. 

What is a Blanket Shirt?

The Blanket Shirt is Outerknown‘s bestselling style of shirt. The brand boasts it’s the coziest shirt you’ll ever wear. 

What sizes does Outerknown have?

Sizing for Outerknown is dependent on the item. Women’s clothing tends to size from S-L and Men’s clothing comes in S-XXL

What is Outerknown’s Shipping Policy?

Outerknown offers worldwide shipping. Some shipping types include: 

US Orders 

  1. Standard Outerknown free shipping on orders over $100 
  2. Next Day shipping is $15 on orders under $249 or free on orders $250+ 
  3. 2nd Day shipping is $25 on orders under $249 or free on orders $250+ 

International Orders 

  1. Free standard shipping on orders over $200
  2. Orders under $200 price vary based on destination

US orders with standard shipping will arrive in 5-10 business days. For international orders, the delivery time is based on location.

For more information, go to the “Shipping Information” section of the site. Outerknown will send an email with a tracking number to check your Outerknown order status. For further questions, email [email protected].

Outerknown offers international customers the ability to pay upfront for all import costs related to the order, so there are no hidden costs. 

What is Outerknown’s Return Policy? 

Outerknown accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase as long as they are in original condition (unworn, unwashed, and with tags). Outerknown doesn’t offer international exchanges. 

To initiate a return, simply:

  1. Go to the “Returns & Exchange” section on the brand’s official website
  2. Enter the order number and billing zip code.
  3. View the order history and select the product you want to return. 
  4. Select a reason for the return, and Outerknown will give a direct exchange or full refund option.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each item you wish to return.
  6. Review and verify your selections and submit your return.
  7. After submitting the return, it will show 2 options for returning your item(s).

You can either return the item via a Happy Returns Location or in the mail. For more information, go to the “Returns & Exchanges” section. For international returns, email [email protected]

Duties and VAT are not refundable and international customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

How to Contact Outerknown

To contact Outeknown customer service, you can reach them via:

1. Email [email protected] 

2. Phone: (310) 558-2080 

3. The official Contact Form on the brand’s website

Customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM (PST)

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