Sweaty Betty Review

About Sweaty Betty  

Sweaty Betty Review

It’s time to make perspiration pretty. Sweaty Betty is a clothing boutique that sells high-end performance wear, ranging from long sleeves, leggings, hoodies to sports bras. Designed specifically for women, this online apparel shop focuses on minimalistic styles and classic silhouettes. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about outfit clashing here. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with Sweaty Betty’s collection, which is probably why they have over 650k followers on Instagram. The brand is also featured in numerous media outlets, including Yahoo News, Forbes, and InStyle magazine. 

When it comes to exercise, it’s best to find clothing that works as hard as you do. With that in mind, let’s hope that this brand offers substance without sacrificing style. Keep reading, as this Sweaty Betty review will take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Sweaty Betty  

Sweaty Betty Review

It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Poetic sweet-nothings aside, I think we can all agree that loungewear leaves us shapeless, sexless, and buried under folds of unbreathable polyester. Founder Tamara Hill-Norton thought the same, as she found a veritable lack of women’s performance wear that catered to her active lifestyle. 

Her frustrations quickly grew into a viable business opportunity. With the help of her husband, Norton decided to establish her own athleticwear company in 1998. 

Today, Sweaty Betty believes that high-performance clothing has the power to uplift women by offering a seamless fit and flexible build. This London-based brand is also passionate about conserving the environment, which is shown through its use of recycled materials. 

Before we get into this Sweaty Betty review, let’s go over some initials pros and cons: 


  • A wide variety of high-performance clothing to choose from 
  • Sustainably and ethically made
  • The Sweaty Betty foundation supports physical education for girls 
  • Offers Klarna as an alternative payment option 
  • Free shipping on all orders 


  • May seem pricier than other retailers 
Sweaty Betty Review

Loungewear: a clothing style that doesn’t care if you sleep or sweat in it. No matter the situation, it’s best to find a hoodie or a pair of leggings that are versatile for any activity. From running to marathon naps, we usually look for materials that are durable, flexible, and versatile to pair with any outfit. Case in point, Sweaty Betty, an apparel company that offers all three values. 

Its collection is cool, collected, and modern, which helps each clothing piece blend with various ensembles. Currently, Sweaty Betty offers only women’s garments, ranging from leggings, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, jackets, sports bras, and more. They’ve literally got you covered from head to toe since they also sell shoes as well. 

Unless you’re settled on a specific design, this Sweaty Betty review will highlight a few of the brand’s best-selling products for some upfront recommendations. Let’s dive in! 

Sweaty Betty Leggings Review

You usually opt for leggings instead of the ol’ pair of jeans—but hey, I don’t blame you. They’re comfortable, flexible, and hassle-free when it comes to outfit pairing. 

For a clothing piece as versatile as this, it’s always recommended to find a set that can last the test of time. Fortunately, there’s no need to do the regular internet sweep in the search for the coveted pair. 

This apparel brand offers a wide selection of leggings to choose from, ranging from its power, super sculpt, zero gravity, and all-day collections. Moving forward, this Sweaty Betty review will highlight two of the brand’s best-selling pairs for readers to compare. 

Sweaty Betty All Day Workout Leggings Review

Lunges and lounging require effort, dedication, and a comfy set of clothing. In that case, the All Day Workout Leggings can provide that coveted fit ideal for any high or low-performance activity. 

Lightweight and breathable in construction, these 4-way stretch pants can last through several yoga positions or un-ergonomic couch postures. Did I mention that it’s incredibly soft to the touch as well? 

Best of all, these pants are made out of sweat-wicking material, meaning that they can quickly dry over time. Wearers are also treated to a drawstring cord for added adjustability and a sneaky slip pocket for extra storage. 

Offered in 5 different colors, make the All Day Workout Leggings a wardrobe essential for just $78

Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt Sustainable 7/8 Workout Leggings Review

If Meghan Trainor isn’t bringing booty back, I’m sure that the Super Sculpt Sustainable 7/8 Workout Leggings will from Sweaty Betty. These ultra-flattering bottoms feature compression technology, a high-waisted cut, and a hidden side pocket for phone storage.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s made out of 17 recycled bottles to curb waste. Not only are these pants good for your butt, but for the environment as well. 

These bottoms are definitely made for exercising since it comes in moisture-wicking material to reduce chafing. Breathable and soft in knit, customers can purchase the $108 Super Sculpt Sustainable 7/8 Workout Leggings in various designs. This includes fun patterns like red blur floral, pink art, and the pink drift floral print.  

Sweaty Betty Sports Bra Review

Ladies, there’s nothing like a flattering sports bra to put you in a good mood. Luckily for you, this online brand offers a wide assortment of fashionable tops fit for physical activity. To keep things short, this Sweaty Betty review will only spotlight two of the company’s most popular designs down below. 

Sweaty Betty Longline Sports Bra Review

Not keen on showing lots of skin? Don’t worry; Sweaty Betty’s got you covered with the Longline Sports Bra. Designed with a racerback, this conservative top keeps things concealed and safe during exercise. 

It’s not completely sexless, as this workout set features a seamless construction, a sculpted fit, and a flattering u-neckline for some breathability. As a bonus detail, it also comes with a deep underband that can hold cups A through C. 

Built with moisture-wicking technology, users can sweat up a storm without worrying about armpit, back, or underboob stains. Currently, it’s offered in a variety of colors, including black, blush pink, white, and navy blue. 

Of course, this $44 Longline Sports Bra isn’t complete without a set of leggings and a cute pair of trainers. 

Sweaty Betty Stamina Workout Bra Review

In the midst of Instagram selfies and casual workout days, it’s best to find a top that’s cute enough to post but built for strenuous exercise. 

The Stamina Workout Bra offers the best of both worlds, as it showcases a midriff cut, a u-shaped neckline, and a racerback for maximum flexibility. With a top like this, you don’t have to worry about ‘bounce’ since it’s designed with compression technology. 

Made with moisture-wicking material and deep underbands for added cups, this top can definitely last through multiple jogs, squats, and burpees. Luckily for customers, the Stamina Workout Bra comes in over 15 different colors and only costs $40 apiece. With a deal like this, you might as well grab two or three in case of laundry day. 

Sweaty Betty Jumpsuits Review

The best thing about jumpsuits is that, well, you can literally ‘jump’ into them. They’re one of the most hassle-free clothing items on the market since one-pieces are known to be comfortable, versatile, or universally seasonless for all occasions. With a garment this flexible, it’s no wonder that it’s included in Sweaty Betty’s collection as well. 

Here, this Sweaty Betty review will take a gander at two of the company’s hottest picks within its jumpsuit collection. 

Sweaty Betty Interstellar Boilersuit Review

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting some major utilitarian vibes from the Interstellar Boilersuit. This military-inspired one-piece showcases a drawstring waistband, a button-up high collar, 3/4 sleeves, and elasticated leg cuffs.

I’d imagine this is what a supermodel would wear during a high-profile parachuting lesson, but hey—whoever said you can’t wear this bad boy out on the town?

Made out of 100% polyamide, this one-piece makes for an ideal sweatsuit in terms of training. But for those looking for a more wearable ensemble, we suggest some laid-back sneaks and a stylish fanny pack for a streetwear-inspired look. 

Unfortunately, the Interstellar Boilersuit is currently out of stock, but it seems it’s due for a relaunch soon.  

Sweaty Betty Explorer Jumpsuit Review

If you’ve run out of things to wear, I’m sure that the Explorer Jumpsuit can act as a fashionable fill-in for laundry day. This super comfortable one-piece is designed for relaxing and lounging, which is all thanks to its breathable fit, drawstring waistband, and its lightweight construction. Best of all, this pantsuit comes with side pockets for phone and wallet storage. 

In terms of styling tips, we recommend some casual white sneakers and a streetwear-inspired bomber jacket for a more casual ensemble. Offered in black and navy blue, the Explorer Jumpsuit currently retails for $148

Sweaty Betty Tops Review

Bottoms and tops are like the yin yang of clothing. One cannot exist without the other, which is probably why this apparel brand sells a few on its website. From tanks to tees, this Sweaty Betty review will feature a few of our favs within this category. 

Sweaty Betty Base Layer Ski Top Review

If you’re into the skiing lifestyle but are far away from those glorious snow-ridden mountains, you can at least compensate with the Base Layer Ski Top

Part of Sweaty Betty’s ski and snowboard collection, this slim-fitting long sleeve features a high-neck collar for extra coverage. Not only does it look great, but this layering piece comes with sweat-wicking material and quick-drying technology. 

To match with your athleisure ensemble, we suggest a snug pair of leggings and knee boots to keep you warm during your visit to the lodge. Sadly, it seems that the Base Layer Ski Top is currently sold out at the moment, but you should know it comes in a variety of different designs. 

Sweaty Betty Breeze Running Top Review

Whether you’re jogging to the store or at the gym, the Breeze Running Top can help you feel comfortable and aerated during physical activity. This long sleeve shirt is made out of a flexible fabric blend, which is further accentuated with a mesh underlay to eliminate sweat. 

Built with a dropped back hem for extra room, your body should collapse out of exhaustion and not by overheating. Don’t forget to pair the $88 Breeze Running Top with an appropriate pair of leggings and sneakers. It comes in black, white, and alpine blue. 

Who Is Sweaty Betty For? 

Sweaty Betty Review

Sweaty Betty is for those hooked on the athleisure lifestyle. And by that, we mean the literal combination of athletic wear and loungewear, as their garments can be worn in both activities. 

In terms of aesthetics, I’m sure those who covet minimalism and monochrome hues will love this brand’s clothing collection, since they’re usually known for a muted color palette and classic silhouettes. 

Comparison: Sweaty Betty vs. Lululemon

Sweaty Betty Review

Of course, Sweaty Betty isn’t the only athleisure brand for women. There’s a chance that you’ve already walked through one or two at your local mall. With that in mind, how does our company compare to big-name retailers like Lululemon? 

From product variation to price, we’ve listed down a few salient points for readers to take note of. Let’s get started. 

Sweaty Betty:

  • Known for its modern collection of athleticwear since 1998 
  • Caters to athletes, ethical shoppers, and loungewear enthusiasts 
  • Sells clothing, shoes, accessories, and exercise equipment 
  • Price ranges from $14 to $498 
  • Implements some sustainable and ethical labor practices (i.e, using recycled materials in its fabric blends)
  • Free shipping on all orders with a 45-day return policy 


  • Known for its wide collection of activewear 1998 
  • Caters to exercise enthusiasts
  • Sells clothing and accessories for men and women 
  • Price ranges from $8 to $698 
  • Implements some sustainable practices such as using recycled fabrics within its clothing 
  • International shipping with a 30-day return policy 

Honestly, it all boils down to personal budget. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way in buying performance wear, it’s probably best to opt for Sweaty Betty. On the other hand, those who can afford to spend a bit more may find Lululemon as a better alternative. 

Sweaty Betty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sweaty Betty Review

It only takes one Google search to know that Sweaty Betty is a favorite among the athleisure crowd. Their website holds hundreds of encouraging reviews for its best-selling products. Of course, it’s best to showcase this by featuring the ratings of some of the brand’s hottest picks. 

  • The All Day Workout Leggings: 378 reviews with 4.3/5 stars 
  • The Super Sculpt Sustainable 7/8 Workout Leggings: 480 reviews with 4.3/5 stars 
  • The Explorer Jumpsuit: 115 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 
  • The Breeze Running Top: 56 reviews with 4.6/5 stars 

If numbers aren’t enough to impress you, how about a genuine customer review? According to one happy buyer, the SuperSculpt leggings proved comfortable, flattering, and soft to wear. “I’ve got several pairs of SW leggings and love them all. These latest ones are so soft yet supportive they are a joy to wear – and the design is nice and funky too.”

We also found promising reviews on other websites such as Trustpilot, Influenster, and Amazon. According to hundreds of buyers, Sweaty Betty clothing excelled in quality, fit, and, most importantly, affordability. Others commended the brand’s level of customer service. Again, we’ll let the ratings speak for themselves:

  • Amazon for the Power 7/8 Workout Leggings: 91 reviews with 4.5/5 stars 
  • Influenster: 47 reviews with 4.5/5 stars 
  • Trustpilot: 8,238 reviews with 4.8/5 stars 

“This is a super comfortable pair of leggings. I bought it for working out and compression so it was very tight around the middle,” one Amazon customer wrote for the Power Workout leggings. 

Some independent blogs, such as Yoga By Candace, also left a positive review of Sweaty Betty clothing. The author was quick to recommend a few select bras and leggings from the brand’s collection: “I particularly love that the (Infinity Workout) bra is supportive (perfect for a run!), and is also cute. Half the time I find a supportive bra, it winds up pretty low on the style scale. #notarealproblem.” 

Is Sweaty Betty Worth It?

Sweaty Betty Review

Online shopping for activewear should be considered an Olympic sport of its own. More often than not, we browse through hundreds of brands that offer an imbalance of quality versus quantity. 

As a result, we usually sacrifice one or the other. Fortunately, customers don’t have to settle for less when it comes to Sweaty Betty. From leggings to sports bras, the options are limitless regarding high-performance clothing. 

I won’t say that Sweaty Betty is the most affordable activewear brand on the market, but I will say it’s more reasonable compared to big-name retailers like Adidas. Altogether, this Sweaty Betty review recommends this company for its stylish collection of high-quality apparel. 

Sweaty Betty Promotions & Discounts 

Sweaty Betty Review

This Sweaty Betty review uncovered several ways to help customers save money. To keep things easy to read, we’ll provide the deets in point-form down below:

  • New customers are entitled to 20% off their first order
  • The Fit Kit: includes one legging and one Athlete Tank for a discounted price. Contains  a Stamina Sports Bra for free 
  • The Running Kit: includes a legging and top set for 20% off
  • The Yoga Kit: includes a legging and tank set for 20% off
  • Offers discounts for students, healthcare workers, and fitness professionals 

We suggest heading over to the brand’s website for a full list of offered promotions. 

Where to Buy Sweaty Betty   

Sweaty Betty Review

In the market for some athleisure drip? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. Aside from visiting their physical locations, you can also find them at select retailers, including:

  • Amazon 
  • Nordstrom 
  • The Bay 
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • FarFetch 
  • Selfridges 
  • Holt Renfrew 


Sweaty Betty Review

When Was Sweaty Betty Founded?   

Sweaty Betty is founded by owner Tamara-Hill Norton and her husband, Simon. 

Where is Sweaty Betty Based?   

Sweaty Betty’s flagship store is based in Nottingham, England. 

Where is Sweaty Betty Clothing Made?  

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t share any information as to where its clothing is made. Some sources online point to the U.K and China as its central locations. 

Is Sweaty Betty a Female-Run Brand?  

Yep! Sweaty Betty was founded by Tamara Hill-Norton and leads with a female-empowering rhetoric. 

Is Sweaty Betty Good Quality?  

This Sweaty Betty review uncovered a large majority of customers who rated the quality of their clothing with two thumbs up. 

Is There a Size Guide Available?  

Yes, Sweaty Betty offers a helpful size guide for its leggings, tops, bras, and shoes. We suggest heading over to the brand’s website for in-depth specifics on measurements. 

Does Sweaty Betty Have a Loyalty program?  

This Sweaty Betty review found out that the brand does indeed have a loyalty program. By joining in, members can accumulate points to gain access to insider deals and perks. 

What is Sweaty Betty’s Shipping Policy?

This Sweaty Betty review is happy to report that the company offers free shipping on all US orders. They also provide other delivery options, including express and international. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number via a confirmation email. 

What is Sweaty Betty’s Return Policy?

Sweaty Betty offers a 45-day window for customers to send back their products. Fortunately, they do provide a free shipping label for buyers to use. To initiate the return process, users must access the portal provided on the brand’s website. 

How to Contact Sweaty Betty

For inquiries unrelated to this Sweaty Betty review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Using the live chat function on its website 
  • Direct messaging the company through social media

It’s always better to have more options. Check out our reviews for other top activewear brands:

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