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About Women’s Best 

Women's Best Review

Women’s Best is a premium sportswear and fitness nutrition company targeted at women. They sell clothing such as leggings, sports bras, and health supplements including hair vitamins and collagen drinks. 

Women’s Best gained notoriety over the years as they have teamed up with famous exercise influencers such as Krissy Cela, Tammy Hembrow, Brittne Jackson, and Vicky Justiz. With a following of over 3 million on Instagram, it’s no wonder that Women’s Best has been featured in news outlets such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Health

Does Women’s Best live up to the hype? This Women’s Best review will help answer that question as we explore the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more. 

Realizing that most fitness and dietary companies target men as their main demographic, brothers David and Luke Kurzmann decided to create a company specially designed for women. In the past, the brothers were involved in competitive sports, weight training, and nutrition, at a very young age.

As they grew up, they gained experience in the exercise and health industry, as their first business was an online customized workout and nutrition program. 

Women’s Best was founded in 2015 as the brothers took what they learned and applied it to their second startup. Working out of an office space in Austria, Women’s Best had a small staff of six people. They experienced hardships along the way but managed to overcome the obstacles and transform into a successful brand. 

Just as it is in sports, it is important for us to never standstill. Always think ahead. Go the extra mile. We reach those goals with a team of over 40 employees in the headquarters in Innsbruck,” said David Kurzman via his website. 

Women’s Best slowly grew into a powerhouse of a company, as they have over 900,000 loyal customers in over 150 countries. Their products are also available in over 14,000 stores globally

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Pros & Cons

Women's Best Review

Before we really get into this Women’s Best review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • Wide Range of Products: Women’s Best offers a wide variety of products designed to support women’s fitness and wellness goals. Their product line includes protein powders, weight loss supplements, vitamins, pre-workouts, fitness apparel, and more. This allows customers to find products that cater to their specific needs.
  • Emphasis on Women’s Health: Women’s Best focuses on creating products that are tailored to women’s health and fitness goals. They understand the unique nutritional needs and challenges faced by women and strive to provide solutions that support overall well-being.
  • Quality Ingredients: Women’s Best claims to use high-quality ingredients in their products. They emphasize the importance of sourcing premium ingredients to ensure the effectiveness and safety of their supplements.
  • Social Media Community: Women’s Best has a significant presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where they have built a community of followers. This community allows customers to engage with the brand, receive fitness tips, and connect with other individuals who share similar health and fitness goals.
  • Transparent Information: Women’s Best provides detailed product information on their website, including ingredient lists, nutritional information, and usage instructions. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions about the products they are purchasing.


  • Price Point: Women’s Best products may be relatively more expensive compared to similar products from other brands. This could be a limiting factor for individuals on a tight budget.
  • Individual Sensitivities: As with any nutritional supplements, individual sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients may occur. It’s essential to carefully review the ingredient lists and consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific dietary restrictions or concerns.


Women’s Best offers various fitness and health-related categories including nutrition, sportswear, and beauty supplements. They also have a section called the athlete series, where users can shop specially designed items created by famous exercise influencers on Instagram and YouTube.

This Women’s Best review will take a look at only the best from their nutrition, beauty supplement, and clothing categories. But first, let’s take a look at what truly sets this brand apart from the rest:

  1. Nutritional Supplements: Women’s Best specializes in providing a wide range of nutritional supplements tailored specifically for women. Their product lineup includes protein powders, meal replacement shakes, weight loss supplements, multivitamins, beauty supplements, and more. These products are designed to support various fitness goals, enhance overall wellness, and complement a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Fitness and Workout Support: Women’s Best offers products designed to aid in workouts and physical activity. They provide pre-workout supplements, energy boosters, and performance enhancers that aim to improve endurance, focus, and energy levels during exercise. These products can assist women in achieving their fitness goals and maximizing their workout potential.
  3. Health and Wellness Support: In addition to fitness-focused supplements, Women’s Best offers products that aim to support overall health and well-being. This includes vitamins, minerals, and other supplements targeting specific areas such as hair, skin, nails, digestion, and immune system support. The brand recognizes the importance of holistic health and offers products that go beyond fitness needs.
  4. Vegan and Vegetarian Options: Women’s Best caters to a variety of dietary preferences by providing a selection of vegan and vegetarian-friendly products. These options are free from animal-derived ingredients, making them suitable for individuals following plant-based lifestyles.
  5. Online Community and Resources: Women’s Best has cultivated an online community through their website and social media platforms. They provide fitness and nutrition tips, workout plans, healthy recipes, and motivational content to inspire and support their customers on their fitness journeys. This online community fosters engagement and connection among like-minded individuals.
  6. Quality and Safety: Women’s Best claims to prioritize quality and safety in their products. They emphasize the use of high-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes that adhere to industry standards. Their products are also tested for quality assurance, ensuring that customers receive safe and reliable supplements.
  7. Convenient Packaging: Women’s Best offers their supplements in various convenient forms such as individual sachets, single-serving packets, and ready-to-drink options. This makes it easy to incorporate their products into a busy lifestyle or on-the-go routine.
  8. Transparent Information: Women’s Best provides detailed information about their products on their website, including ingredient lists, nutritional information, recommended usage, and frequently asked questions. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions about the products they are considering.


Women's Best Review

Women’s Best offers a wide range of products, each with its own specific ingredients. The ingredients used in Women’s Best products can vary depending on the product type and purpose. Here are some common ingredients you may find in Women’s Best products:

  1. Protein Sources: Women’s Best protein products often contain one or more protein sources such as whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, casein protein, soy protein isolate, or pea protein isolate. These protein sources provide essential amino acids and support muscle recovery and growth.
  2. Vitamins and Minerals: Women’s Best incorporates various vitamins and minerals into their products to support overall health and well-being. Common examples include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.
  3. Fiber: Some Women’s Best products may contain fiber sources such as inulin or soluble corn fiber. Fiber supports digestive health and can aid in maintaining regular bowel movements.
  4. Pre-Workout Ingredients: Women’s Best pre-workout supplements often contain ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, and L-arginine. These ingredients aim to increase energy levels, enhance focus, improve endurance, and optimize performance during workouts.
  5. Weight Loss Ingredients: Weight loss-focused Women’s Best products may include ingredients like green tea extract, caffeine, Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). These ingredients are commonly associated with metabolism-boosting, appetite-suppressing, and fat-burning properties.
  6. Superfoods and Plant Extracts: Women’s Best incorporates various superfoods and plant extracts into some of their products. Examples include acai berry, goji berry, matcha green tea, turmeric, spirulina, and maca root. These ingredients are often rich in antioxidants and can provide additional health benefits.

7 Best-Selling Women’s Best Supplements

In the Women’s Best Nutrition category, products include supplements for protein, BCAA, essential amino acids, pre-workout and energy supplements, proteins, snacks and bars, weight management, vitamins, minerals and collagen, creatine, superfoods, essential fats, and other nutrition items.

Talk about all-around care for every woman’s needs! This Women’s Best review will highlight 4 of their fan favorites below. 

Women’s Best Vegan Protein Shake Review

Having a healthy drink before you start working out, or after you finished exercising, is a good routine to practice to fill up on energy. The Women’s Best Vegan Protein shake is just what you need to strengthen your muscles due to its high biological value and complete amino acid profile.

This plant-based formula made out of peas and fine rice has a low amount of carbohydrates and fats. 

There’s no need to worry about the taste or texture, as this protein shake is not bitter and doesn’t have an unpleasant, gritty feeling in the mouth. Not only does it come in one of the most delicious Women’s Best protein flavors, but it’s also offered in vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, and coconut.

The Women’s Best Vegan Protein shake, for just 2.0Ib (or for 30 servings) costs $27, which is 40% off its usual price of $44

Women’s Best Fit Pro Whey Protein Shake Review

Reward your muscles with an energy boost after an intense workout with the Women’s Best Fit Pro Whey Protein shake.

It has a proportion of over 60% whey protein and 35% whey protein concentrate, meaning it offers an excellent amino acid profile (which has high amounts of  Women’s Best BCAA) and low amounts of lactose, carbohydrates, and fats. 

In one protein shake, you also get premium milk protein originating from German cattle. Women’s Best states that their controlled grass-feeding guarantees the highest ingredient resource quality. They have also replaced the common ingredient, soy lecithin, with lecithin obtained from sunflowers

For this Women’s Best protein review, we found that this shake is available in 11 different flavors.

One serving offers an impressive 24 grams of protein. For a 2.2lb bottle (or 33 servings), the Women’s Best Fit Pro Whey Protein shake costs $28, which is 30% off of the original price of $40

Women’s Best Slim Body Shake Review

If you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight but in a satisfactory and delicious way, the Women’s Best Slim Body Shake could be a viable option for you. This weight loss formula was developed by a team of  Women’s Best experts, and followed the requirements of the European Food Safety Authority

This plant-based Women’s Best shake is made out of pea, soy, and rice protein.

The combination of the three helps support muscle growth and maintenance, includes essential minerals and antioxidants, and contains superfoods with important vitamins.

The Women’s Best Slim Body Shake comes in 2 different flavors, vanilla, and chocolate. It is currently out of stock, but once it’s back, you can get yours for just $35, which has a 30% discount on the original price of $49

Women’s Best Pre Workout Booster Review

Feeling tired or unmotivated before you start working out is very common. But there are multiple ways to help liven your spirits, starting with the Women’s Best Pre Workout Booster. This special formula: 

  1. Increases muscle pump
  2. Raises mental focus
  3. Guarantees higher stamina during intense workouts
  4. Gives you more strength and endurance thanks to its ingredient creatine 

It also contains high-absorbent ingredients such as arginine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and tyrosine, which help you to accomplish the most in your workout.

There are 7 different flavors for just $28 (which is 30% off of the original $40), and the Women’s Best Pre Workout Booster is 0.66lb or 30 servings. 

Women’s Best Collagen Peptides Plus+ Review

While it’s important to maintain self-grooming like shampooing your hair and taking care of your cuticles, you can also help keep them healthy by monitoring your diet.

The Women’s Best Collagen Peptides Plus+ takes care of your skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones, with a combination of bioactive collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C

The collagen is sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows, so you know it’s 100% natural. The collagen peptides are easily soluble and can be consumed in many different ways, as you can add them to shakes, smoothies, soups, or mix them with your morning coffee.

Women’s Best recommends taking a daily 20 grams of collagen, which allows one pack to last for 26 days. The Women’s Best Collagen Peptides Plus+ is currently sold out, but once it’s back in stock, you can get it for $20, which is 50% off its original price tag of $40

Women’s Best Chewable Jelly Bean Multi-Vitamins Review

Make the routine of taking your daily vitamins something to look forward to. The Women’s Best Chewable Jelly Bean Multi-Vitamins contain essential nutrients to boost the immune system, reduce tiredness, promote energy and metabolism, and protect cells from oxidative stress.

Ingredients include Vitamins A, C, B6, B12, and D; folic acid; and zinc. It’s all contained in one single jelly bean, which almost feels like you’re eating a healthy version of candy. One bottle contains 150 jelly beans.

The brand recommends taking 5 beans per day, which allows one bottle to last for 30 days. Flavored in apple, raspberry, and orange, the Women’s Best Chewable Jelly Bean Multi-Vitamins are 40% off, making the original $30 just down to $18

Women’s Best Chewable Hair Vitamins Review

Our hair goes through a lot. Damage occurs from frequent washing, blow drying, curling, flat ironing, and the most damaging, bleaching and coloring. The Women’s Best Chewable Hair Vitamins are an easy solution to give your hair some much-needed love and attention. 

These vitamins help support hair and nail growth, promote thicker, longer, and healthier-looking hair, are 100% vegan without any artificial colorants, and contain essential vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins also contain ingredients such as Vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, and E; biotin; zinc; folic acid; and chromium. 

One bottle contains 60 capsules, and Women’s Best recommends taking 2 capsules per day. The Women’s Best Chewable Hair Vitamins come in 3 different flavors: sweet berry mix, berry, and berry orange and lemon. They are currently 50% off, sitting at $15 (original price of $30). 

3 Best-Selling Women’s Best Apparel

Women’s Best wants you to feel great and take care of yourself. But they also want you to look as good as you feel. Women’s Best includes apparel such as leggings, hoodies and jackets, shorts, sports bras, t-shirts and tops, and other accessories.

Keep on reading to see our take on 3 of their bestsellers within this category. 

Women’s Best Camo Seamless Leggings Review

Leggings can be considered one of the most flattering pieces of athletic wear, and the Women’s Best Camo Seamless Leggings are no exception.

Coming in an all-over jacquard camo print, these leggings feature a high-waisted fit, a ribbed waistband for stability, and the Women’s Best logo printed on the front and the back. 

The leggings are made from 40% polyester, 40% nylon, and 20% elastane, which means that the resulting fabric is breathable and stretchy to accommodate and flatter your fit. This design comes in 3 different styles: grey, black, and green.

The Women’s Best Camo Seamless Leggings can be all yours for just $30, which is 50% off of its original price of $59

Women’s Best Camo Seamless Sports Bra Review

To compliment your Camo Seamless Leggings, you should add the Women’s Best Camo Seamless Sports Bra to your cart.

Designed in the same all-over jacquard camo print, this sports bra has removable padding and low to medium support for those lighter workouts. Paired with its sister leggings, your figure will look taller and leaner.

Made from 40% polyester, 40% nylon, and 20% elastane, this sports bra is made to sculpt your body due to its breathable and stretchy fit. The Women’s Best Camo Seamless Sports Bra also comes in 3 different styles: gray, black, and green.

Complete the set with this stylish workout top for 40% off, priced now at $24 instead of the original price of $39

Women’s Best Power Seamless Cycling Shorts Review

Bicycle shorts are all the rage in both athletic wear and athleisure fashion. Whether you’re off to the cycling machine, or pairing them with an oversized sweater and fanny pack for a streetwear look, the Women’s Best Power Seamless Cycling Shorts will stand out in either situation.

The high-waisted fit, seamless contouring detail, supportive structure, and ribbed waistband prove these to be high-quality biker shorts. Made from 90% nylon and 10% elastane, the fabric is breathable and flattering due to its stretchy knit.

These shorts come in 6 colors and you can snag the Women’s Best Power Seamless Cycling Shorts for just $20, which is the discounted price from the original $40 price tag. 

Who Is Women’s Best For?

Women’s Best is primarily targeted towards women who are interested in fitness, wellness, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The brand aims to provide products and resources that support women in achieving their fitness goals, whether it’s building muscle, losing weight, improving athletic performance, or enhancing overall well-being.

Women’s Best products are designed to cater to the specific nutritional needs and preferences of women. Their product range includes protein powders, meal replacement shakes, weight loss supplements, vitamins, pre-workouts, and fitness accessories.

The brand also focuses on creating an online community where women can connect, share fitness tips, and find motivation. They provide workout plans, healthy recipes, and fitness-related content to inspire and support women in their fitness journeys.

Women’s Best Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Women's Best Review

This Women’s Best review found that the majority of customers like the company and its products as of June 2023. On their website, there are dozens of 4 and 5-star reviews. Most of them are geared toward their nutrition and beauty supplements.

Women’s Best Canada reviews report that the products made a difference in their lives, and made them feel energized and healthy.

“If you want to drop pounds, I can highly recommend this product! It is simple to use, but has a huge effect! And what the best thing is, I have two Shape Body Shakes, meaning I don’t have to drink the same each day! Their Flavors are sooo tasty,” one reviewer wrote for their Weight Loss Bundle Pro package. 

There are also positive comments on the Trustpilot Women’s Best reviews page. They are ranked 4.6/5 stars based on over 7,300 reviews. Customers note that their clothing is of exceptional quality and their dietary products taste amazing.

“I love these training outfits so much. They are smart, great colors, and very flattering. They wash up well and no need to iron,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

But some people have reported disappointing experiences with the brand. In a review from Value NETWORK, Women’s Best received some bad press. They concluded that Women’s Best could be using more natural products in their formulas.

This Women’s Best review also found a few customer complaints and red flags. Some customers experienced issues with their customer service team, most of them waiting a long time for a response back, which were found on their Trustpilot webpage. 

Is Women’s Best Worth It?

Women's Best Review

The verdict of this Women’s Best review is that we readily recommend this fitness and health service if you’re looking for a company that primarily sells exercise-related products made specifically for women.

The great thing about their company is that you can find all you need on just one website, so you don’t need to have several tabs open looking for comparable brands and nutritional supplements. 

Additionally, there is a lot of information provided in each of their product descriptions, especially within their nutrition and beauty supplement categories. This is usually a good sign, as you’ll know exactly what you’re buying and ingesting.

The prices are also reasonable compared to other competing supplement and dietary brands out there. If you are in the market for a women’s only fitness brand, Women’s Best can be a good option for you. 

Some customers have reported that Women’s Best did not do what they were hoping for and that customer service wasn’t as helpful as they hoped.

This Women’s Best review cautions users to read the fine print on each product and to rely on their reasonable return policy if all else fails. 

Women’s Best Promotions & Discounts 

Women's Best Review

Women’s Best currently has most of their products on sale, in which you can get as much as 50% off selected items

They also have a rewards club for customers to collect points to receive exclusive offers and deals. Women’s Best also has a student discount code in partnership with Student Beans.

Currently, we haven’t come across any other Women’s Best discount code or promotions so far for this Women’s Best review. 

Where To Buy Women’s Best

Women's Best Review

Customers can buy Women’s Best products from or at:

  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Boots
  • Holland & Barrett 
  • Good Health
  • Life Pharmacy 
  • Super-Care Pharmacy
  • Vita


Looking for options when it comes to your fitness journey? Here are some brand alternatives to Women’s Best that offer a range of fitness, nutrition, and wellness products:

  1. Vega: Vega is a brand that specializes in plant-based nutrition products. They offer a range of vegan protein powders, protein bars, and nutritional shakes. Vega products are designed to support active lifestyles and provide plant-based protein options.
  2. Garden of Life: Garden of Life is a brand that focuses on organic, non-GMO, and plant-based nutrition products. They offer protein powders, meal replacement shakes, vitamins, and probiotics. Garden of Life products are designed to support overall wellness and are often made with clean and natural ingredients.
  3. Quest Nutrition: Quest Nutrition is a brand that specializes in protein-based snacks and nutritional products. They offer protein bars, protein cookies, protein chips, and protein powders. Quest Nutrition products are popular among those seeking convenient and tasty options to support their protein intake.


Women's Best Review

Is Women’s Best legit? 

Based on everything we found for this Women’s Best review, we can confidently say that yes, this company is a legitimate business

Is Women’s Best a good brand? 

The Women’s Best company has been ranked favorably among certified reviewer-based websites like TrustPilot and has a large following of loyal customers. 

Who created Women’s Best? 

Women’s Best is created by owners David and Luke Kurzmann

Where is Women’s Best located?

Women’s Best headquarters is located in Innsbruck, Tirol

What country is Women’s Best from?

The Women’s Best company is from Austria

Is Women’s Best true to size?

Women’s Best is reportedly true to size

Are Women’s Best leggings good?

Customers generally like Women’s Best Leggings, as they are squat-proof

How much is shipping from Women’s Best?

In the United States, Women’s Best shipping is free for orders above $120. Purchases below that price mark cost $9

How long does Women’s Best shipping take?

Women’s Best has international shipping including America, Canada, and other countries in Europe. American orders usually take 4 to 5 business days.

For Women’s Best shipping to Canada, there are two shipping options: standard and express. Standard shipping takes 4 to 5 working days and costs $10. Standard shipping is free for orders above $140

Express shipping takes 1 to 3 business days and costs $15. Express shipping is free if orders are above $240. You can find a full list of their shipping methods, delivery options, and prices on their website. 

Accepted orders take 1 to 3 business days after customers place their orders. Buyers will receive a tracking number in their email to monitor their packages. 

What is Women’s Best’s Return Policy?

Women’s Best has temporarily extended their returns period from 14 days to 45 days. All Women’s Best purchases made after November 15, 2020 have an extended 60-day return policy. Items must be returned in their original state, and only sealed items can be returned.

This Women’s Best review found that e-books and other digital content cannot be returned. Refunds will be processed within 5 to 7 days. 

In terms of the Women’s Best returns cost, the company states that the customer is responsible for any charges when returning the items. There are no Women’s Best returns free option or a Women’s Best exchange policy.

Customers can find return instructions and how to obtain a Women’s Best returns label by visiting their website. 

How to contact Women’s Best

If you have inquiries unrelated to this Women’s Best review, you can reach out to the company through the following methods of contact:

  • Scanning the QR code found on their Women’s Best contact page to send a text message
  • Messaging the brand through WhatsApp

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