Vega Protein Review

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About Vega

Vega Protein Review

Vega is a plant-based nutrition brand. Its clean, protein-packed powders and snacks boast high vitamin and mineral profiles to help you meet your goals in the gym and the kitchen.

With over 500k followers on Facebook and a ton of features in high-profile publications like Healthline and Good Housekeeping, the brand has proved itself. And, it has done so not only in the vegan world but with anyone looking for a delicious, nutritious protein option.

Looking to clean things up in your diet or put on some plant-powered muscle? This brand may be able to help you with that. To see if it aligns with your needs, take a peek at this Vega Protein review.

We’ll go over important information about the brand and its products, fill you in on what customers have to say about them, and more, to help in your final decision.

Overview of Vega

Vega Protein Review

The story of Vega is simple and it starts with the classic problem-solving scenario. The problem? No tasty vegan protein powder options on the market. Solution? Well, we think you know.

It was in British Columbia in 2004 that Charles Chang and Brendan Brazier set out to create the plant-based powder to help with athletes’ recovery. Brazier, a triathlete himself, needed something that would speed up his recovery time and help him get back on the road.

Turning to nutrition to do just that, he developed a powder that brought together protein, vitamins, and micronutrients to make Vega One.

Over the years, the brand developed more and more products to suit different needs—everything from better digestion to more energy to sports recovery—but has also switched ownerships, from WhiteWave to Danone, to now WM Partners, a private equity firm.

Throughout it all, the plant protein products have made their way into over 20,000 stores across the US and Canada.

Before we get into some of the exciting selections the brand offers, this Vega Protein review will give you a rundown of its pros and cons.


  • Eight different Vega plant-based protein powders to choose from
  • Incorporates protein, micronutrients, and more in each powder
  • Tons of delicious flavors like Salted Caramel or Vanilla Chai
  • Accessible—available in over 20k stores
  • Customers say the product is tasty and mixes well
  • Multiple ways to save
  • Option to return even if it’s been opened


  • Only ships within the US and Canada
Vega Protein Review

There’s a constant assumption made by non-vegans that those who don’t eat meat or dairy don’t get enough protein in their diets. It’s funny because, though meat is a concentrated source of protein and dairy ranks pretty high on the list, plant-based sources like peas, beans, and even some greens fare extremely well on the protein scale.

The main protein source within Vega meal replacements and powders is peas, but to round things off in terms of nutrition, the brand also uses hemp and Sacha inchi seed protein. The brand’s selection of muscle-fueling products includes powders to suit a ton of different needs, whether that’s overall health, sports, or an extra dose of greens.

The brand offers quite a few different dessert-inspired flavors that do a good job at masking earthy flavors and melding well with the creamy nature of the protein itself.

In the next section of this Vega Protein review, we’ll introduce you to a selection of the brand’s protein powders, snacks, and electrolyte enhancers to level up your active life.

Vega Protein Review

We all need protein to survive. It’s an essential building block required by our muscles and brains, but it’s not the only important compound we need. Vega rounds off its supplements with other nutritious elements like greens to feed hungry cells and probiotics to promote healthy digestion.

Below, you’ll read about the brand’s bestsellers, ranging from delicious shakes and sips to tasty snacks.

Vega One Organic All-In-One Shake Review

Getting a full spectrum of vitamins each day isn’t easy and it sure isn’t cheap. Though eating the rainbow sounds like a good idea and we should always try and shoot for that, complete nutrition shakes are the next best thing.

The Vega One Organic All In One Shake contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, greens, protein, adaptogens, and even probiotics to help you reach your nutrition goals.

With 20 grams of protein per serving, 1 billion cfus probiotics, and 7 grams of digestive-healthy fiber, this delicious shake makes an ideal breakfast, lunch, or mid-afternoon snack.

Available in 7 flavors, like Berry and Vanilla Chai, the options as to what you can do with this powder are endless—protein cookies, anyone?!

With 19 servings per 876g tub, the Organic All-In-One Shake is $45 (normally $60).

Hungry for more? Check out the recipes section to learn how to make Vega smoothies, treats, and snacks.

Vega Sport Premium Plant-Based Protein Powder Review

When you’re highly active, you need a little more protein than the regular Joe. The Sport Premium Plant-Based Protein Powder kicks things into overdrive with its 30 grams of protein from plant-based sources like pea, alfalfa, and pumpkin seed.

Also thrown into the mix is Tart Cherry, a fruit that helps speed up recovery, and 2 billion CFU probiotics to improve digestion.

One tub holds 19 x 190 calorie servings without a single trace of added sugar. Instead, this formulation used stevia leaf to sweeten things up.

Made in tasty flavors including Chocolate, Berry, Mocha, and Vanilla, enjoy this shake after a workout to fuel muscles and support recovery.

Get an 876g container of this Vega sport protein powder for $34 (was $50).

Vega Protein & Energy Plant-Based Protein Powder Review

When you say the word “keto,” it’s not always vegan foods that come to mind. Visions of bacon grease, “fat bombs,” and all-meat meals typically pop into our brains, but the thing about keto is, there’s no rule that says your fat content can’t come from plants.

Keto diets encourage the consumption of a wide variety of vegetables, you just need to make sure you’re coming in at under 30 grams of net carbs per day. 

Well, the Protein & Energy Plant-Based Protein Powder contains no added sugar, offers 20 grams of plant-powered protein, and has 3mg of MCT Oil to help you reach your goals. 

Speaking of goals, they’re made much easier with a little energy, which is why you’ll find 100mg of caffeine from organic coffee fruit in each serving of this Vega protein and energy formulation, along with maca.

In a 513g tub, this goal-attaining Vega protein powder is $30.

Vega Protein & Greens Plant-Based Protein Powder Review

Greens are one of the hardest things to get into our diets, simply because most of them are a little hard to eat. The ones with the highest mineral and vitamin content (think: kale, Swiss chard, etc.) aren’t the easiest to swallow.

Greens supplements are great for this very reason, packing a daily dose of cell-nourishing vitamins into one convenient, easy-to-eat pill or powder.

The Vega Protein & Greens Plant-Based Protein Powder blends these greens with tasty flavors like Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Tropical—but don’t worry, you won’t be tasting any undercurrents of kale.

Each serving boasts 20 grams of protein from a mix of peas, rice, hemp, and Sacha inchi seed. You’ll get your daily recommended dose of greens from sources like broccoli, alfalfa, and spinach—just ground up into tiny, tasteless particles.

With 0 grams of sugar and just 110 calories per serving, make refreshing Tropical coconut ice cream, or try mixing the Salted Caramel version with milk and a few other bits and bobs to create Vega banana protein pancakes.

Get a 22 oz tub of this brain and body-boosting Vega protein and greens powder for $33.

Vega Protein Snack Bar Review

Though protein bars often look like a candy bar, they’re packed with so much more than what your body will get from eating a Snickers.

The Vega Protein Snack Bar comes in Crunchy Peanut Butter or Crispy Mint Chocolate flavors. Each box includes 12 x 70 gram bars that pack easily into your gym bag, purse, or jacket pocket for quick fueling during outdoor adventures.

The bars contain 20 grams of brown rice and pea protein. Plus, they have 3.5 grams of something called “Branched Chain Amino Acids,” designed to effectively fuel and repair muscles, along with 480 mg of Tart Cherry.

Pick up a box for $20.

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Review

When playing hard, you sweat. With that sweat goes sodium, magnesium, and calcium, the very things your muscles need to perform properly. Without them, you may experience sluggishness, brain fog, and even cramping. You could drink water, but your muscles are calling out for something more.

That’s where the Electrolyte Hydrator comes in. It’s full of electrolytes and antioxidants which help your body hold onto the hydration better. Mix up a pack before or after your next workout to show your cells some love.

It comes in Lemon Lime and Berry flavors and is designed to be mixed with water (this isn’t like Vega’s other shakes, milk may not translate well!)

Sold by the 40-serving tub or 30 packet box, the Electrolyte Hydrator is $24, (normally $30).

What Kind Of Protein Is In Vega?

Vega Protein Review

It’s a mix of plant-based sources. Some formulas use a blend of pea, hemp, and sacha inchi, where others have brown rice, alfalfa, and pumpkin seed.

The brand always uses a mix of sources to give you a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals along with solid protein.

Who Is Vega For?

Vega Protein Review

Vega is a completely vegan brand, but its protein powders and snacks are loved by those who are just looking for a clean source of fuel. Lactose intolerance is on the rise and more and more people are finding they react to dairy.

Vega is the clean and animal-friendly way to get your protein in. Its powder is low in sugar, instead, sweetened with stevia, meaning they’re suitable for those on low-carb diets.

Comparison: Vega vs. Shakeology

Vega Protein Review

Protein shakes aren’t just about protein anymore. As diets change and the hours in the day seem to grow shorter, the things we eat need to do have more than one purpose—and they need to get the job done quickly.

The realm of bars and shakes isn’t new, it’s just growing. There are several brands on the market that offer all-in-one shakes, precisely because of the high demand for fast, affordable, and nutritious food.

In this section of our Vega Protein review, we’ll be looking at Shakeology’s complete shake and how it compares to our featured brand’s product. For the sake of a fair comparison, we’ll be using our featured brand’s Organic All-In-One Protein Powder as it’s the closest thing it has to the competitor.

Let’s take a look at what’s exactly in each of the formulas one by one, then we’ll zoom in on the nutrition facts, starting with Shakeology.

Our competitor offers whey-based and plant-based formulas, but this Vega Protein review will be examining its vegan version. Made from a mix of pea, flax, quinoa, and rice, the powder also has a superfood and antioxidant blend, super-green and phytonutrients blend, adaptogens, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Vega actually has the same lineup, except its protein comes from pea, hemp, and Sacha inchi seed (known for its high mineral content). So far, the two products are pretty much equal, so let’s look at the nutrition data.

  • Vega Organic All-In-One Protein Powder – Chocolate – $45 (normally $60)
    • 19 servings
    • 170 calories
    • 20 grams protein
    • 5 grams fat
      • 1 saturated
      • 3 polyunsaturated 
      • 1 monounsaturated 
    • 7 grams fiber
    • 1 gram sugar
      • 0 grams added sugar
  • Shakeology Plant-Based Protein Powder – Chocolate – $125
    • 30 servings
    • 160 calories
    • 16 grams protein
    • 3 grams fat
      • 1 saturated
      • 1 polyunsaturated
      • 1 monounsaturated 
    • 6 grams fiber
    • 7 grams of sugar
      • 5 grams added sugar

There are quite a few big differences between these two products, and not just in price difference, but, let’s break down the pricing to see how different they really are:

  • Vega $60 tub = $3.15/serving
  • Shakeology $125 bag = $4.15/serving

When you look at it this way, the price difference isn’t too bad, but Vega’s sale takes it down to just over $2/serving. The protein, sugar, fiber, and polyunsaturated fat content are both quite different, too.

Vega Protein Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vega Protein Review

From the last section of this Vega Protein review, we can see that the brand’s protein powder is a really good value. To find out whether or not it’s worth the buy, we’re going to need to hear from customers about taste and quality as well.

In this section, you’ll read about those very things from a few different customers who’ve tried it. Let’s get started.

Checking out the brand’s website first, we put together a shortlist of a few of its bestsellers:

  • Organic All-In-One Shake: average of 4.1/5 stars from 3,505 ratings
  • Protein & Energy Plant-Based Protein Powder: average of 4.4/5 stars from 404 ratings
  • Protein & Greens Plant-Based Protein Powder: average of 4.1/5 stars from 3,505 ratings
  • Snack Bars: average of 4.7/5 stars from 130 ratings
  • Essentials Plant-Based Protein: average of 4.3/5 stars from 164 ratings

The All-In-One Vega Nutrition Shake seems to be the most popular option, so let’s take a look at what customers had to say about it.

5-star reviews consist of comments applauding the taste and texture of this shake. One Vega Protein review reads, “I’ve been religiously using whey protein for years but recently made the switch to Vega’s Protein & Greens. Less bloating, more nutrients and still plenty of protein.”

It’s wonderful when a product that’s healthy for you actually works and tastes good.

The cons list is varied. Some buyers mention its high cost, other the taste of certain flavors. While the price might look daunting at first, it’s an all-in-one shake, so you’re getting a probiotic, greens, protein, and superfood blend all in one. So, it’s saving you money in the long run.

We swapped over to Amazon to see if those high scores found on the brand’s website held up. They do. The Vega Protein & Greens Plant Protein Shake has a 4.6/5 star rating from 4,351 buyers.

Here’s the rating breakdown if you’d like to see how that score was calculated:

  • 5 stars 78%
  • 4 stars 11%
  • 3 stars 6%
  • 2 stars 2%
  • 1 star 4%

Buyers who are lactose intolerant express gratitude for this product and many say they love the flavor and how it mixes with other foods and liquids. One Vega Protein review that mentions this reads, “Great flavor, mixes well into oatmeal and smoothies, and smells delicious.” The mixing ability of protein is critical, so it’s good to know this one works well.

Though there are very few negative reviews, the most common complaint is about the taste. One comment reads, “This product has changed taste. I used to like it but this container has a strange, soap-like taste as best I can describe.

Apparently, the brand did change this powder’s taste. This particular one is vanilla, so perhaps chocolate or mocha would do a better job at hiding the flavor of the greens.

Since we felt like we had a solid grasp on the taste and texture of Vega’s shakes, we headed to the Better Business Bureau to see how well the brand does with customer complaints.

Finding an A+ rating and just 1 complaint made in the last 3 years, it looks as if this company does a great job at resolving issues as well as preventing them from being taken to the BBB in the first place.

With all of our research, we feel confident that Vega is a quality brand. Though some customers have picky palettes, and while we know certain flavors taste better than others, all in all, it appears that the brand’s protein powder tastes good and mixes well with other liquids and foods.

Is Vega Worth It?

Vega Protein Review

For a protein powder, Vega is a little pricey. But for its all-in-one, it’s a great value. Keep in mind that most of the brand’s powders have more than just protein. They also either have probiotics, MCT oil, greens, or a mix of all of the above.

There’s nothing that signals to us that its plant-based protein powder isn’t worth the buy, which is why this Vega Protein review wholeheartedly believes that it is. Not sure? Try individual packs. It sells its powder in single-serving packs at some grocery stores and online shops.

Vega Promotions & Discounts 

Vega Protein Review

Right now, the brand has a discount running for a couple of its products, like the All-In-One Shake and Electrolyte Hydrator. During this Vega Protein review, we spotted a few others too!

  • Get 20% off when you sign up to the mailing list
  • Members get free shipping on orders over $30
  • Non-members get free shipping on orders over $50

Where to Buy Vega

Vega Protein Review

The brand’s products are found in a ton of locations across the US and Canada. You always have the option of buying products directly from, but you can also find them in other shops, including Amazon, Walmart, Costco,, and


Vega Protein Review

Where is Vega made?

Vega makes its products in facilities located in the USA and Canada.

What is Vega’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Vega only ships within the US and Canada. The brand offers the following shipping options:

  1. Standard 3-5 business days $10 or free for orders over $30
  2. Express 1-3 business days $18

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to follow your package’s progress.

What is Vega’s Return Policy?

If you need to return your product or are not happy with it, fill out the Return Form on the company’s site and send it to [email protected]. You have 30 days to do so from the date of purchase.

How to Contact Vega

We hope that you found all of the information you needed in this Vega Protein review. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to the brand by using any of the following methods:

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