Ora Organic Supplements Review

About Ora Organic 

Ora Organic Supplements Review

Ora Organic is a plant-based wellness company that develops nutrition supplements to increase your vitality. The brand offers products for men and women to improve overall health, fitness performance, and digestion. 

The brand’s fame skyrocketed with the Ora Organic Shark Tank episode in February of 2017. They’ve won two NEXTY awards at the Natural Products Expo, been featured in Women’s Health and Us Weekly, and have a following of 50k on Instagram. 

This Ora Organic supplements review will take a close look at the brand, best-selling products, customer reviews, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are right for you. 

Overview of Ora Organic 

Ora Organic Supplements Review

The brand’s name comes from the New Zealand Maori greeting ‘Kia Ora,’ meaning ‘be well.’ Their mission is to help health-seekers through their plant-based, tasty nutrition products. Since launching in 2015 from the Ora Organic San Diego location, the company has been steadily increasing its products over the years. 

At the Ora Organic headquarters, co-founders Will Smelko, Erica Bryers, Sebastian Bryers, and Chef Ronald Chang create products they would ingest themselves, making sure to steer clear of anything artificial, and choosing organic when possible. The brand’s supplements are plant-based because they believe it’s the most ethical, sustainable, and healthy choice for us and our planet. 

Ora Organic Supplements Review

Next up in this Ora Organic supplements review are the pros and cons of the brand:


  • A variety of supplements geared towards different needs 
  • Mostly plant-based, natural, organic ingredients
  • Delicious and effective products
  • Can be found any many online retailers
  • Many positive reviews on multiple online platforms
  • Subscribe to save 20% and get free shipping on orders over $50
  • Outstanding customer service
  • 60-day return policy


  • Some customers do not like the taste or texture of their products

The brand’s products are a great addition to any lifestyle to boost energy, performance, and digestive health. These aspects all affect our overall health, and we all need a little help being healthier from time to time. This Ora Organic supplements review will outline how their subscription process works, followed by an overview of the bestselling powders and capsules.

Ora Organic Subscription Review

Ora Organic Subscription Review

Ora Organic’s subscription service lets you stay on top of your game without having to think about it. Their supplements are shipped promptly and offer a flexible schedule for steady deliveries to help upkeep your training or diet. 

You can subscribe to as many products as you like and receive 20% off your order. Supplements can be delivered every 30, 45, or 60 days. Orders can also be skipped, delayed, or switched around with ease. All US and Canada shipments over $50 receive free shipping. 

When you subscribe, your subscription auto-renews monthly. This Ora Organic supplements review notes that you can cancel your account at any time, but it must be at least 5 days before your next shipment is scheduled or you will be charged.

Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder Review

There’s a running joke that vegan products don’t give the body what it needs. Of course, protein is essential for muscle growth and bodily function, and the Organic Vegan Protein Powder proves that you don’t need to have animal protein to reap its benefits. Plus, there’s no bloating, gas, or stomach pain, as is often the case with typical whey supplements. 

This powder contains 20 organic superfoods to turbocharge your cells, while 22g of protein work to fuel muscles and speed recovery. With just 5 net carbs, this product aligns with many diets. Keep things classic with chocolate or vanilla flavors, or add some spice to your day with Vanilla Chai. This Ora Organic protein powder includes 20 servings for $38, or $30 when you subscribe. 

Ora Organic Greens Powder Review

It can be challenging to get the right amount of veggies in a day, especially the variety needed to make an impact. The Greens Powder contains over 20 different vegetables, herbs, and algae. Infusing our bodies with a daily dose of antioxidants and assisting with digestion, this product boosts the immune system and increases energy. Check out the Ora Organic Vitamin D pills as well for an added boost of feel-good nourishment. 

The potent blend of greens packs a delicious and nutritious punch. The powder has a light citrus flavor without any artificial ingredients. You’ll get 30 servings per container of this cleansing and mood-boosting supplement for $28, or $23 if you subscribe to their plan.

Ora Organic Pre-Workout Powder Review

Pre-workout powders are a great way to push yourself at the gym. They provide energy, focus, and motivation to keep going so you can get the results you want. The Ora Organic Pre-Workout Powder helps boost endurance and focus while keeping your muscles pumped. The reasonable 90mg of caffeine (about 2 cups of coffee) will get you in gear for a successful gym session but without the dreaded post-workout crash.

This Ora Organic supplements review is a sucker for good raspberry lemonade, and that is one of the three delightful flavors available for this product. Beet Pomegranate and Ceremonial Matcha are the other two, and you’ll be happy to know these varieties are all-natural and not made in a lab: you’re getting real fruit infusions here. 

Combining adaptogens with nitric oxide boosting fruits and veggies, this amped-up Ora Organic pre-workout powder is available for $35, or $28 when you choose to subscribe. 

Ora Organic Probiotics with Prebiotics Powder 

It’s all in the gut. Our digestive system plays a more important role in our body’s health than we could ever imagine. But when you start taking the right supplements, everything can change. Probiotics with Prebiotics Powder is a good type of bacteria that can transform a sluggish immune system, balance our mood, and improve stress responses. Who knew adding bacteria to our bodies could be a good thing?

Their yummy flavors include Apple Raspberry and Lavender Lemonade, available in a variety of sizes. Take your probiotics any time of day by mixing them with water for a delicious and refreshing drink. You can buy this helpful and healing powder in the following forms:

  • 1 serving: $3
  • 7 servings: $16 or $13 for subscribers
  • 30 servings: $35 or $28 for subscribers 

Ora Organic Vegan Probiotics with Prebiotics Capsules 

Want an easy way to take your daily supplements? The Vegan Probiotics with Prebiotics Capsules use freeze-dried probiotics, so you can store and take them with you anywhere. Each capsule contains 16 billion probiotics, which this Ora Organic supplements review thinks is kind of insane. We’re so glad products like this are on the market because they really can make a difference. 

The capsules come with probiotics and the prebiotics that feed them, making it easier for those gut-loving little guys to do their jobs. Our digestive systems can be dysfunctional and defeated due to several reasons: stress, poor diet, too much exercise even, and sometimes they might need a little help to get them back in fighting shape. Get 30 servings of travel-friendly, convenient probiotics for $35, or $28 if you choose to subscribe. 

Ora Organic Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Powder

Feel squeaky clean with the Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Powder. Think of this as the clean version of Pepto-Bismol, helping your digestive system process large meals that can lead to upset stomachs. Pineapple is known for its cleansing properties, and bromelain works wonders at breaking down food. 

Alongside 15 digestive enzymes, the powder also has 1 billion probiotics working to heal your gut, and papain from the papaya fruit provides added detoxification. Help your body out with the tropical pineapple flavored digestive aid for $35, or $28 for subscribers.

Ora Organic Vegan-Collagen Boosting Powder

Collagen supplements are certainly having their moment, lusted after by us 30-40 somethings who want to hold off the wrinkles for another ten years. But most collagen products source their ingredients from animals, so vegans don’t get to cash in on this claimed miracle worker. 

This Ora Organic supplements review has searched high and low for a vegan collagen supplement, and lo and behold, here it is. The Vegan Collagen Boosting Powder uses Aloe Vera, Silica, and Vitamins C and E to increase your body’s collagen without the animal bone marrow other collagen boosters use. 

Ice cream-worthy flavors like Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate make this supplement the perfect addition to a smoothie, or, let’s be real here, an almond milkshake. 

How does this vegan supplement work exactly? It turns out aloe vera is a polysaccharide, something that is largely responsible for joining amino acids in the body to help create this potent protein. The youth-preserving and immune-boosting Ora Organic collagen are available for $35, or $28 for those who would like to subscribe. 

Ora Organic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ora Organic Supplements Review

This Ora Organic Supplements review found ratings on the brand’s website, Amazon, and Google that speak of the products’ quality, taste, and body effects. We’ll now go into tried and tested testimonials to help you get a better idea of what their products are like. 

Reviews on the brand’s website for the Vegan Collagen Boosting Powder gave a score of 4.4/5 stars out of 349 ratings. Some customers praise the product for its help improving joint pain, hair, and overall appearance of the skin. 

Ora Organic Amazon reviews for their Protein Powder in Vanilla Chai rank the product at 3.9/5 stars out of 193 ratings. One very happy customer wrote, “this is the best plant-based protein in the world. It is worth the price.” Another praises its stomach-friendly formula and overall effects. 

On Google, Ora Organic supplements reviews gave the Vegan Organic Protein Powder 4.8/5 stars out of nearly 1,300 ratings. One 5 star commenter loves the flavor and says that the product “mixed perfectly. To say I am impressed would be the understatement of the year.”  

There were a handful of negative reviews sprinkled throughout all the praise. Most complaints revolved around the apparent chalky quality of some of the powders, causing them to have a gritty texture that did not mix well. Other customers did not like the taste of some of the products, often saying they were too sweet.

Is Ora Organic Worth It?

Ora Organic Supplements Review

First off, this Ora Organic supplements review will say how impressive the customer service team is. For every complaint left on their website, a representative has responded, and in most cases issued a refund without the customer even asking for one. This just goes to show how seriously the brand values making sure everyone is satisfied with their products.

Vegans, or those with allergies, often struggle to find supplements that perform as well as those made with animal byproducts. Plant-based supplements have a reputation for having a bad aftertaste and an unpleasant consistency. Though some customers feel that way about the brand’s products, the majority love the way their products taste and mix into liquids. And we can’t forget that money talks, as the Ora Organic net worth was listed at $10M in 2018.

Now, this Ora Organic supplements review will address the effectiveness of their products. We’ll preface this by saying that everybody is different, and our diets, lifestyles, and genes come into play when experiencing results from anything we take. Fortunately, we saw customers mentioning good results across the board, ranging from small changes to significant leaps in health.

If you’re looking for a highly responsive and hands-on brand that creates effective protein goodness, this Ora Organic supplements review wholeheartedly recommends the brand.

Ora Organic Promotions & Discounts 

Ora Organic Supplements Review

At the time of this review, signing up for their newsletter nets you an Ora Organic coupon code for 10% off your first order

Where to Buy Ora Organic

Ora Organic Supplements Review

Ora Organic is available in many online stores. The best place to buy is always directly from the company website to apply discounts and be covered under their return policy. These products and discounts can be located via Ora.organic

You can also buy their products from Amazon, Nine Life, Desert Cart, Vitamin Shoppe, and Walmart. Enter your zip code on the Store Finder section to find a store near you. 


Ora Organic Supplements Review

Where are Ora Organic products made?

All products are made at Ora Organic facilities in the US. High-quality ingredients are brought in internationally.

What is Ora Organic’s Shipping Policy?

Ora Organic currently offers to ship to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. For the US and Canada, orders over $100 ship for free. Shipping options, times, and prices are as follows, 


  • Standard shipping: 3-5 business days, $9
  • Expedited shipping: 2-3 business days, $13


  • Standard shipping: 7-10 business days, $10-15 
  • Expedited shipping: 1-3 business days, $20-$25

Australia, New Zealand, UK

  • Standard shipping: 7-10 business days, $10-20

What is Ora Organic’s Return Policy?

Ora Organic’s return policy for opened products applies to the first bottle of each product you buy. They will refund your order up to 60 days after purchase. For unopened products, you have 60 days from purchase as well, but your product must be entirely unopened. If your return is valid, the company will issue a full refund. 

To start a refund, email [email protected]. Include your order number, confirmation that the product is unopened, and the reason for the return. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees.

How Do I Track my Order?

The Ora Organic official website has a shipment tracking page. All you need is your order number and email address.

What Method of Payment can I use?

The brand accepts most credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Paypal and Amazon Pay are valid payment methods.

How to Contact Ora Organic

If you need any other information that this review did not provide, you can reach the brand by the following methods,

  1. Email [email protected] 
  2. Call (858) 429 5591
  3. Chat on ora.organic 

The Ora Organic customer service team is available 9 am-5 pm CT Monday-Friday.

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