P.volve Workout Review

About P.volve Workout

P.volve Workout Review

P.volve is a full-body fitness method that’s accessible to everyone. Based on resistance, high-intensity, and low-impact methods, P.volve workout is designed to strengthen and sculpt your entire body.

Originally designed for women, P.volve’s workouts cater to all fitness levels through studio classes, one-on-one training, and an online streaming service

Based on functional training, the methods are geared towards minimizing impact and injuries. Featured in Elle, Goop, Forbes, Vogue, and WWD, P.Volve is receiving major press.

This P.volve workout review will look at the offerings, results, programs, and pricing to give you all of the information you need to decide if the workout method is the right fit for you. 

Overview of P.volve Workout

P.volve Workout Review

P.volve workout was founded by Stephen Pasterino, better known as “P”: a self-described fitness fanatic, Stephen learned the importance of functional science during his time at The Gray Institute. He was motivated to create his own fitness method after years working as a personal trainer.

Stephen says the women he trained were frustrated by their bulking up, instead of becoming more lean like they wanted. He set out to design a functional workout and incorporated his understanding of physical therapy to create a low-impact system for a natural, toned physique

Stephen understood that many people did not have the time to attend a class. With that in mind, he developed an online streaming service to bring his workouts into people’s lives around the worldon their schedule. The P.volve philosophy is that all bodies are meant to be strong

The P.volve Workout Method Review

P.volve Workout Review

P.volve is a highly accessible fitness method, with studio classes, one-on-one training, and home streaming. This P.volve review will look at both online and in-person options, and whether people are noticing P.volve results. The program operates under six guiding principles:

  • Train functionally
  • Engage consciously
  • Move diversely
  • Rotate actively
  • Exercise progressively
  • Connect mindfully

The P.volve method is resistance-based, high-intensity, and low-impact. Training functionally means moving your body the way it is meant to move. Natural movements can deliver fitness results without injury.

P.volve Workout Review

Conscious engagement means stimulating muscles through controlled reps. Exercising progressively allows you to increase the intensity gradually. This avoids the common plateaus of exercise programs while still being low-impact and preventing injury. A mindful connection involves joining the brain and body with every movement

Let’s dig deeper with this P.volve review and see if the programs are successful in transforming their members’ health and physique. Next up, here’s a summary of our in-depth look into the brand:


  • Flexible workouts through studio classes, one-on-one training, and online
  • Streaming service allows access anywhere, anytime
  • Low-impact exercise designed for a natural, toned physique
  • Workouts are focused on proper form, decreasing risk of injury
  • Free trial to test out the method and regular sales for subscriptions
  • Discounts for longer subscriptions


  • All of the workouts are designed around using their equipment (though you can do them without)
  • This low-impact, gentle approach to fitness won’t give you a quick transformation
P.volve Workout Review

P.volve Home Kits and Equipment Review

Although the P.volve workouts can be done without P.volve equipment, they are designed to utilize their branded products. Home kits and equipment include resistance bands, dumbbells, gliders, rollers, and more. This P.volve review features a few of their most popular products for home workouts: 

P.volve Starter Kit Review

If you’re new to home workouts and exercise equipment, the P.volve Starter Kit is great for beginners. The kit includes essential P.volve fitness products including the p.ball,, 1.5 lb ankle weights, a heavy ankle band, and gliders

You receive a 3-month subscription to P.volve streaming services with this bundle. The included Starter Kit Strength & Sculpt program will introduce the basic movements and exercises so that you take full advantage of the equipment. You also get 30-day unlimited access to P.volve’s Live Virtual Studio.

Even if you’ve never been to an exercise class before, this starter kit will hopefully leave you feeling confident, capable, and safe. If you mess up as you’re getting used to the equipment, no one will be around to witness your embarrassment. Plus, the live online studio access can keep you motivated while exercising with others virtually.

The Starter Kit and Starter Program costs $112, discounted from $160. You can buy each of the items separately, but the bundle saves you 25%. The Live Virtual Studio access alone has a $160 value

P.volve Signature Kit Review

If you’re at an intermediate fitness level, the P.volve Signature Kit lets you progress with your results without the gym. This bundle includes the p.ball,, p.3 trainer, and a 3-month subscription to P.volve’s digital platform.

The included Transform Program will show you how to get the most out of the online platform. Same as the P.volve starter kit, while you can buy everything separately, you save 25% by purchasing the bundle. You also get 30-day unlimited access to P.volve’s Live Virtual Studio

If you have worked out and attended classes before, and looking to get back into it, the Signature Kit and Transform Program are the way to go. This P.volve workout kit is on sale for $112, reduced from $160.

P.volve Ultimate Kit Review

Maybe you’ve checked out the free trial and decided it’s a good fit. The P.volve Ultimate Kit gives you an extensive collection of P.volve equipment. This bundle features the p.ball,, gliders, 2 lb. hand weights, the light and heavy ankle bands, 1.5 lb. and 3 lb. ankle weights

Like the other kits, you also get a 3-month membership to P.volve’s digital platform and 30-day unlimited access to the Live Virtual Studio. The included Strength & Sculpt program will demonstrate how to put your new equipment to work. 

This package is 25% cheaper than buying each piece individually. The P.volve Ultimate Kit is on sale for $143.50, discounted from $205.

P.volve Total Transformation Kit Review

If you’re aiming to get serious about your fitness journey, check out the P.volve Total Transformation Kit. This comprehensive bundle contains the p.ball,, gliders, 2 lb. hand weights, light and heavy ankle bands, 1.5 lb. and 3 lb. ankle weights, the slant board, precision foam roller, p.3 trainer

The P.volve Total Transformation Kit also includes a 3-month subscription to the digital platform and 30-day unlimited access to P.volve’s Live Virtual Studio. The included Summit 60 series will explain how to use all of your new equipment and how to familiarize yourself with the online platform. 

Buying this bundle will save you 15%, rather than buying each of the products separately. The P.volve Total Transformation Kit is currently available for $273, reduced from $390

P.volve Studio Classes Review

If you live in NYC, L.A., or Chicago, be sure to check out P.volve Studio Classes. Each studio is state-of-the-art, designed with your comfort, fitness, and health in mind. You can work one-on-one or join one of their signature classes. Classes are split into four different disciplines:

  1. The Foundation: if you are new to P.volve or simply new to fitness classes, this technique-focused class will get you started with safe form. You will learn the unique P.volve moves that you will carry throughout all of your classes and workouts. 
  2. Strength and Sculpt : as one of P.volve’s signature classes, you will learn a blend of body-sculpting exercises by using resistance training to tone your entire body.
  3. Cardio Burn: This high-intensity/low-impact class will get your heart rate up by using a mix of equipment and your own body weight. Be warned: this energetic class will leave you sweating like mad.
  4. Recover and Stretch: P.volve’s recovery flow will increase your mobility, while offering a sense of calm to both your mind and body, by combining restorative techniques with stretching exercises to gently elongate your muscles.

All classes except The Foundation can be found in virtual classes on P.volve’s online platform with the digital subscription. 

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

The P.volve Digital Subscription gives you access to their vast library of workouts. Their newly updated app lets you scroll through their video library and choose from more than 200 videos, with new ones added weekly. You can even customize your own program based on your goals. 

P.volve streaming will suggest the right workouts for you every week. Keep on track by easily flagging your favorite workouts and tracking your workout stats. You can also utilize their library of recipes to ensure that you’re eating properly. 

Transformation photos will show you your P.volve before and after progress, so you can see the magic P.volve workouts offers for your health. Take a look at this P.volve transformation for proof:  

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

If you’re looking to shed some baby weight, check out this mom’s impressive transformation:

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

P.volve workout offers a 14-day trial for you to test out the subscription. How much does P.volve cost? The monthly subscription is $20, and prices go down when you commit for longer: 

  • The 3-month subscription is $18/month 
  • The 6-month subscription is $17/month
  • The 12-month subscription is $15/month

This P.volve review must note that all subscriptions automatically renew

P.volve Workout Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

P.volve reviews on their corporate site are very positive. Nearly all reviews are 5/5 stars, and users frequently talk about their P.volve transformations. P.volve did a survey of what customers think of the workouts, and according to their findings: 

  • 84% reported a change in their thighs after 6 weeks
  • 96% said they felt stronger after 8 weeks
  • 97% of women feel healthier after 4 weeks

On the other hand, some P.volve reviews on the website noted that they had difficulty streaming the workouts and a tough time with customer service. According to one P.volve review: “I like the products, but have been having issues with streaming any workouts. I’ve kind of been in touch with customer service, I guess they’re really busy.” 

Although P.volve’s entire premise is using functional movements for fitness, some reviewers found the movements un-natural or impossible. A Refinery 29 reviewer noted, “most of the movements in a P.volve class are so far from activities of daily life that they are impossible to figure out.” Maybe that reviewer wasn’t particularly coordinated? Who knows.

P.volve has a few products available on Amazon, and both perform very well. The 1.5 lb. ankle weights have 4.6/5 stars out of 811 ratings, and it’s labelled as an Amazon choice product. P.volve’s 2 lb. hand weights have 4.8/5 stars out of 1,317 ratings.

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

Women’s Health magazine had positive comments for the fitness method. According to their P.volve review: 

“Ideal for those who like to workout at home, the equipment is lightweight and yet heavy-duty: You’ll get the workout you put in, basically. It’s also perfect for those with downstairs neighbours or sore joints, its low-impact nature makes it an all-round winner in terms of strength building and muscle toning.”

HuffPost described P.volve in a similar way, noting that it’s ideal for “those who are looking for low-impact at-home workouts that aren’t too intense, and those who are short on time and want efficient workout routines that focus on figure and form over pain and sweat.”  

The P.volve review Reddit forum features mixed feedback. Some P.volve workout reviews called the exercise intense, others say they didn’t feel they did much. Some people say they were sore the next day, while others noted that they’ve never been sore. With a range of people at different fitness levels trying out more than 200 videos, it is not surprising that there is no clear consensus.

Is P.volve Effective? 

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

Although the P.volve reviews vary, one thing remains consistent, the P.volve workout method will not cause harm or injury. Far from the old premise of “no pain, no gain,” this low-impact system is accessible for all fitness levels, including beginners. Those with past injuries will be able to ease back into regular workouts safely

People who are active and regularly working out may find incorporating P.volve into their regime is beneficial. Some of the major benefits that have been noted by happy customers is the effectiveness of the products and how they saw improvements after using them.

On the other hand, unhappy customers commented on how the movements did not feel natural. Some commented that it wasn’t a strenuous enough exercise, though P.volve is not a high-intensity workout and doesn’t claim to be.

With any product, trial and error may be necessary to know if it is right for you. If you can live with some of the noted drawbacks and potential issues with customer service, this P.volve review thinks that these exercise tools are worth the try. After all, you do get a 30-day free trial to test out the equipment and classes.

P.volve Promotions & Discounts 

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

You will find regular promotions on the P.volve website. P.volve has offered our community a special offer!

For a limited time, get a 30 day free trial of P.volve when you use the code ‘HBR30‘ at checkout.

For a limited time, the digital membership also gets you 30 days unlimited access to the P.volve Live Virtual Studio.

Sign Up for P.volve Workout

P.volve Digital Subscription Review

You can purchase P.volve equipment and sign-up for subscriptions directly from their website,

A limited selection of P.volve equipment is available on Amazon and at Walmart. You can also sign up for the Live Virtual Studio through Google Play, Apple, and iTunes.


What is the P.volve workout? 

P.volve workouts are based on functional movements, low-impact, high-intensity, and resistance exercises. Founder, Stephen Pasterino believes that exercise should never be painful. The workouts use a small number of reps to keep you progressing towards your goals.

How often should I do a P.volve workout?

P.volve recommends those new to exercise start with 1-2 workouts a week. If you are already active, aim for completing a P.volve workout 3 days a week. For the best results, try to get 4-6 workouts in every week

Can pregnant women do P.volve workouts? 

As long as your doctor has not given you any specific restrictions, the low-impact and functional focus of P.volve will be safe throughout your pregnancy.  

Can I lose weight with P.volve workouts?

Combined with proper nutrition, P.volve workouts can help you lose weight. 

What is P.volve’s Shipping Policy?

P.volve offers free ground shipping on any order over $99 within the continental US. You can upgrade to 2-day shipping for $20, or next-day for $25. International shipping is a flat rate of $20. Once you complete your order, an email notification is sent to your inbox which contains a tracking number.

What is P.volve’s Return Policy?

You can return your online P.volve purchases within 30 days of purchase. Unless the item is damaged or defective, P.volve will not cover return shipping. Refunds are processed in the form of the original payment once the returned item is received.

How do I cancel my P.volve membership?

Our P.volve review found some helpful information on cancelling the membership:

  • If you signed up for P.volve through the website, you can cancel the membership using your P.volve login
  • If you purchased your subscription through Apple or iTunes, you will need to cancel through Apple
  • If you purchased through Google Play, you will need to cancel through Google. 

Subscriptions will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period. Until you reach the end of your billing period, you will continue to have access to all P.volve digital streaming. If you purchased any digital downloads, you’ll still have access after your subscription is cancelled. 

How to Contact P.volve

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this P.volve review, you can access P.volve customer service Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm EST. Get in touch with them by filling out a contact form on the website, their website form, or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

You can also send mail, an email, or call the P.volve Studios directly: 

NYC P.volve Studio: 

Mail: 415 W Broadway floor 2, New York, NY 10012, United States 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (833) 378-6583

Los Angeles P.volve Studio: 

Mail: 8447 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (615) 981-4518 

Chicago Studio: 

Mail: 730 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661, United States 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (872) 250-8713 

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