WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

About WaterRower Rowing Machines

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

WaterRower allows users to experience the tranquility of lakeside paddling from the comfort of home. Best known for their hardwood designs, their exercise equipment is made to be stylish, meditative, and sweat-inducing.

With a following of over 23.6K on Instagram, the WaterRower has been featured in the likes of several online magazines, including Cosmopolitan, InsideHook, Men’s Health, and British Vogue. 

Impatient for your next camping trip? Perhaps this sporting goods brand will provide some temporary relief.

Stay tuned, as this WaterRower rowing machines review provides an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of WaterRower Rowing Machines

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

It all began with a love of paddling. Part of the USA Rowing National Team, founder John Duke wanted to replicate his passion for lakeside oaring on dry land. Using his engineering degree at Yale University, he invented the first-ever WaterRower in 1988. 

Despite the popularized “industrial” aesthetic of other rowing machines, Duke went with a rustic approach, utilizing handcrafted wood to make his prototype stand out.

Happy with his design, he set off to mass-produce the WaterRower is a manufacturing facility located in Rhode Island.

With its flagship water-filled flywheel, the brand is able to simulate real-time paddling. They ethically source their wood from the Appalachian Forest. (Home to millions of maple, cherry, walnut, ash, and beech trees that the company uses for their designs.)

“An antidote to disposable manufacturing culture, all WaterRower rowing machines are made by hand and designed to last a lifetime. From humble beginnings, WaterRower has expanded to become a global fitness brand,” reads a statement made on the company website. 

Before we get into this WaterRower rowing machines review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons.


  • A variety of rowing machine models to choose from 
  • Elegant and rustic compared to other exercise brands 
  • Made to be ergonomic. It can stand upright and “is no wider than a dining room chair”
  • Manufactured sustainably out of ethically sourced wood 
  • Offers virtual training videos on their digital apps 
  • Not difficult to assemble at home 


  • Pricier than other models 
  • Aside from Canada and the United States, they do not offer international shipping 

How do you assemble a WaterRower Rowing Machine?

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

Consider the assembly process as a pre-workout session. Set aside 30 to 45 minutes, and use the handy instructional manual provided by the WaterRower. In terms of tools, you only need one 5mm Allen key, which is already included in the box.

This rowing machine comes partially constructed and is divided into two separate packages.

Once you’ve assembled the base, it’s time to fill the tank with water. The brand recommends using a hand siphon pump or a garden hose. It’s important that you fill it to the correct level, as overloading the component may result in some damage. 

For more specifics on assembly, this WaterRower rowing machines review highly recommends downloading the instructional manual on their website. If you’re a visual learner, we suggest watching their videos online. 

How long should you use a WaterRower?

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

Depending on your fitness goals, trainers can either use the WaterRower as an intensive way to lose weight or a habitual exercise to keep in shape.

When it comes to shedding a few pounds, 30 minutes per day is recommended as the minimum. It’s crucial that you make it a daily routine, as users should workout for at least 4 times a week

With that being said, that half-hour mark may not be enough time for those looking for a faster way to burn fat.

It’s important to calculate the desired calorie count for each exercise period, as it will help keep track of your fitness goals. This WaterRower rowing machines review suggests looking up a few articles for a more comprehensive read on the topic. 

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

The unwelcoming winter months, the long drive over, and expensive rental rates…These are just a few caveats with outdoor rowing. For those wishing to get back in the water, WaterRower offers users a simple fix, indoor paddling.

Customers can get in shape by using the brand’s extensive line of oaring machines. 

So far, their collection includes the WaterRower club, the classic Oxbridge, A1, Xeno, M1, and more. They also sell paired accessories and spare parts on their website.

Ready to set sail on virtual riversides? This WaterRower rowing machines review will go through some bestsellers to help you get started.

WaterRower Machines Review

Experimenting with a water tank flywheel and a polished hardwood rack, the brand does its best to replicate real-time paddling. What they do provide, is a unique full-body workout experience from home.

This WaterRower rowing machines review will go over some of their most popular designs, as well as some accompaniments, down below. 

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor Review 

The Classic Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor embodies the rustic undertones of summer camp, evergreen forests, and wildlife.

Built with American black walnut wood, this model showcases a gorgeous grain of gray, red, and purple hues. It’s not only for aesthetics, as this material is used to minimize sound and stabilize as you work out.

Featuring a display screen on the top, users can keep track of their heart rate, time, distance, speed, and intensity rate. Add a touch of elegance to your exercise gear, and get in shape with the Classic Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor for $1,495

Read the full WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Review to get a better analysis of this product.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor Review 

Made out of solid ash wood and stained honey oak, the Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor serves as a “dry land” alternative to the traditional lakeside boat. It’s finished with a coat of Danish oil, which might just outshine your other exercise equipment. 

Users can close their eyes and imagine they’re on tranquil waters, considering its excellent insulation against sound and vibration. Featuring a performance detector on the head base, trainers can keep track of their fitness goals with every push and pull.

Looking for a smooth, frictionless experience? Achieve that semi-meditative workout session with the Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor, priced at $1,295

Read more about the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine to see if it’s for your fitness needs.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor Review 

Stained in a stunning espresso-brown hue, the Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor provides a first-class experience when it comes to working out. Coated in rosewood, urethane, and Danish oil, this model is intended to resist scuffing, scratching, and soiling

It’s an ideal rower to have if you own a gym, health spa, or an exclusive training studio. Steer clear of “choppy waters” with its noise-free and smooth operation. Affixed with their performance display, users can easily keep a score of weekly progress and time spent exercising. 

Sweat in style with the Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor for $1,295.

WaterRower Xeno Muller Signature Edition Rowing Machine Review

Paddle like a trained professional with the Xeno Muller Signature Edition Rowing Machine. Made in collaboration with acclaimed US Olympian and record-breaker, you can simulate competitive sculling as if participating in a nail-biting event.

Row your way to victory in comfort and stability, with its 17” handle and secure footrests

This special edition model also comes with Muller’s signature on both sides, which can keep users motivated for that final victory push. 

The Xeno Muller Signature Edition Rowing Machine costs $1,395 at checkout. 

WaterRower Footboard Upgrade – M1 Models Review

The Footboard Upgrade – M1 Models keeps you from falling out of the boat, by ensuring security in every push and pull. Made as an upgrade to the brand’s line of WaterRowers, this nifty component features an adjustable heel rest

Affixed with pegs to accommodate height, trainers can row in peace without slippage or discomfort. Level up your rowing experience from a novice beginner to a trained athlete with the Footboard Upgrade – M1 Models for $95.

WaterRower WRPS375 Review

Included in the WaterRower parts collection, the WRPS375 is a load wheel e-clip for the seat axle. Made to be compatible with M1 and S1 models, this component is crucial for a smooth rowing experience.

To make the installation process easier, it serves as a slight upgrade to the brand’s original C-shaped prototype.

If you need help assembling this e-clip onto your rower, the company provides a 19-second instructional video online. Get yourself a few WRPS375 parts to spare, priced affordably at only $1

WaterRower WRPB405 – Syphon Pump Review 

It should come as no surprise that the WaterRower requires, well, the water of course. Compared to air and magnetic resistance machines, this type of model is able to accurately simulate the feeling of cruising through a calm lake. 

Considered as a final step in assembling your M1 or A1, users can fill up their tank by using the WRPB405 – Syphon Pump. This nifty tool uses the force of gravity to suction water through the tube. It is also compatible with all models. 

Made as an alternative for those who don’t own garden hoses, the WRPB405 – Syphon Pump costs a reasonable $5

WaterRower Danish Oil Review 

Like a well-polished Italian shoe, your WaterRower can look fresh and new with Danish Oil.

Optimized for Classic and Oxford models, this varnish leaves behind a radiant, glimmering finish. It also provides a bit of resistance to scuffing or soiling—keeping your machine pristine for longer.

In terms of usage, trainers can apply one coat of this product when their machine starts to dull. Packaged in a small bottle, the Danish Oil only costs $5

WaterRower Water Blue Review 

Once you’ve polished your machine with a few dabs of Danish Oil, add a couple of drops of the Water Blue dye to the tank.

This product is purely for aesthetic purposes, enhancing the look of your rower with every stroke. Watch as the vibrant, ocean-like waves crash amongst each other with every motion.

This coloring agent does not prevent algae growth, nor does it come with any cleaning substances. The brand dissuades the use of putting WaterRower purification tablets in. Best used with distilled H20, the Water Blue dye only costs $5 at checkout. 

WaterRower Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

This WaterRower rowing machines review found a positive customer response for this sporting goods brand. On Trustpilot, there are over 1,885 buyer testimonials with an average score of 4.7/5 stars

A majority of users noted that their designs looked attractive and proved effective for a smooth, meditative workout experience.

I LOVE MY WATERROWER! It has been a great, not to mention beautiful, addition to my home gym and provides another cardio & strength-building option to my workouts. The wood frame is stunning, and the water sound each stroke is therapeutic,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

Amazon holds over 357 global ratings for their Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor. Earning a score of 4.7/5 stars, customers have flocked to their comments section to voice their approval.

Users were overall pleased with how smooth the machine was during operation. Other commendable points included a straightforward assembly process, durability, and the pleasant sound of water rushing around.

Three years later, our machine is still going strong and has had no issues or squeaks or leaks! I really looked forward to rowing each day and trying to meet or beat my personal times. The swishing sounds of the water is very quiet, soothing and actually satisfying,” one customer wrote on Amazon. 

Independent blogs, such as Rowing Machine Reviews and Blue Gray Gal, were in favor of WaterRower machines.

Both authors stated that their models were beautiful in design and performed exceptionally. Writers were also satisfied with how quiet and jerk-free their models were, devoid of any friction as well. 

The machines are extremely well built and are beautiful to look at coming in Ash, Oak or Cherry wood…They are also extremely quiet in operation due to the wooden construction and the use of a strap rather than a chain,” shares Rowing Machine Reviews. 

This WaterRower rowing machines found a few red flags that customers should be aware of. On Trustpilot and Amazon, a few users received defective machines.

Others were not happy with their customer service team, as they were reportedly unhelpful in remedying concerns. 

Is WaterRower Worth It?

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

If you’re restless to get back into paddling, WaterRower may be the next best thing to outdoor sculling. Throughout our research, we’ve observed that it’s uncommon to see exercise machines with water tanks and wooden frames.

It serves as a refreshing break from the impersonal outlook of other competitive brands, and WaterRower’s models maintain a consistently rustic aesthetic throughout its designs.

A majority of online customers noted that this rower is more akin to a piece of polished furniture or a work of art—which demonstrates the high level of craftsmanship displayed in every machine. 

With that being said, this WaterRower does not come with a touch screen or a training program. Compared to brands like Hydrow and NordicTrack, this single feature can act as a dealbreaker, as most rely on this setting for entertainment and motivation. 

It is also quite expensive, as most models cost $1,200. For better comparison, some rowers on the market only retail for $300 to $500.

However, if you’ve already had a go with other magnetic or air resistance types, this WaterRower rowing machines review recommends checking out this company’s collection for an upgrade. 

WaterRower Promotions & Discounts 

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

This WaterRower rowing machines review found out that they have a Refer-a-Friend Program.

For each successful referral, customers will receive a complimentary gift voucher in the mail. As of lately, we haven’t come across any other promotions or sales on their website. 

Where to Buy WaterRower

WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

Got your eye on the WaterRower GX? Customers can purchase their entire line of products by heading over to Down below, you’ll find a list of retailer partners that offer the WaterRower for sale:

  • WaterRower Amazon 
  • Fitness Town 
  • Spartan Fitness
  • Nohrd 
  • Walmart


WaterRower Rowing Machines Review

How long does a WaterRower last?

According to some online sources, this WaterRower rowing machines review found out that their models last five years without maintenance. However, with proper care, this may extend past a decade. 

Is WaterRower warranty transferable? 

This WaterRower rowing machines review found out that their policy is not transferable to any other party. However, they do offer a free upgrade for their guarantee upon registration. 

How long does WaterRower take to ship?

Due to COVID-19, it usually takes 6–8 weeks for rowing machines to arrive. All products are built to order

Shipping costs will be calculated depending on where you live. For instance, those who live east of the Mississippi river will be charged a $70 delivery fee if they have a wooden model.

In terms of WaterRower dimensions, the brand lists the measurements of each box on their website. 

To help keep track of orders, customers can log into their WaterRower account to monitor their status. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer international shipping outside of the United States and Canada. 

Can I return my WaterRower?

This WaterRower rowing machines review hasn’t found much in terms of the return policy. If you are unsatisfied with your order, the brand recommends contacting their customer service team first before arranging shipment.

On that note, they do provide a list of warranties for their rowers. For example, their spare parts generally have a 90-day warranty, while the one for WaterRower M1 Hirise is around 3 years.

For detailed specifics and more information on this, we recommend visiting their website. 

How to Contact WaterRower

For inquiries unrelated to this WaterRower rowing machines review, you can contact the company through:

560 Metacom Avenue

Warren, RI 02885 United States

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