Find Your Trainer Review

About Find Your Trainer

Find Your Trainer Review

Find Your Trainer is a fitness subscription service that helps you find your personal trainer to ensure you reach your exercise goals. They also offer a program called Fyt Duo, where users can access video consults, personalized workouts, tracking, and non-stop motivation from their own personal trainer. 

Find Your Trainer has been featured in numerous publications including Refinery29 and InStyle. Plus, they have a 2.9k Instagram following with helpful tips on weight loss, trainers offered, and healthy recipes.

Looking to get fit? This service could be a great option for you. Keep reading this Find Your Trainer review as we take an in-depth look at the brand, its plans, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their services are the right fit for you. 

Overview of Find Your Trainer

Find Your Trainer Review

Find Your Trainer is all about feeling good about yourself as you keep track of your exercise goals. To founder David Hung, establishing the business was quite personal, as he struggled to keep healthy and fit for the majority of his life.

It wasn’t until a life-altering moment, where Hung was involved in a car accident, and assigned to a personal trainer to aid with recovery. And with this, his healthy lifestyle journey began. 

“These two experiences, combined with my experience working in tech and consumer, gave me the inspiration to start to Find Your Trainer to make getting in shape with the help of a trainer as easy and accessible as possible,” said Hung in an interview with

Based in New York City, Find Your Trainer was established in 2013 with the help of Evan Karp and Joshua Martin. Users are matched with a professional personal trainer based on their exercise goals and engage with their assigned partners at a time that is most convenient for them. 

“Most people choose personal training when they want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger, or feel better,” via a statement on their official website. “Understanding your personal fitness goals and current ability will help you find the right personal trainer.

Next, this Find Your Trainer review will outline some pros and cons of the company. 

Find Your Trainer Review


  • Users can book sessions with their fitness instructors whenever it is most convenient with their own schedule
  • Sessions can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home 
  • Find Your Trainer ensures that all of their instructors are certified, insured, and background checked 
  • Many positive reviews and satisfied customers
  • Affordable prices for customers per plan/session


  • Find Your Trainer is only available to customers in the United States (all 50 states)

How Does Find Your Trainer Work?

Find Your Trainer Review

It all starts by filling out a quiz on their website. Customers are asked to input their desired exercise goals and personal specifications. For example, if users would like to lose weight, build strength, become healthier, prepare for an event, or recover and rehabilitate.

The quiz asks how active you are, which ranges from ‘I never work out’ to ‘I work out daily.’ Afterward, users are to input their gender and age group

The quiz then inquires where you would like to train, which includes your home, gym, outdoor areas, virtually, or a private studio, while having you input your zip code. The next questions are when you would like to train and your trainer preferences. This varies from a drill sergeant, a supportive nurturing coach, or an educator and teacher.

You can also choose if you prefer your teacher to be female, male, or if you have no preference. Lastly, you are asked to input your name and email before you can view the matches selection for ‘find a personal trainer near me’.

There is a large Find Your Trainer national database full of professional trainers that the website will recommend just for you. After you’ve chosen your trainer through your matches, you then have the opportunity to build your training plan and look forward to your next workout! All sessions are approximately 55 to 60 minutes long

According to the company, they “typically consist of a brief warm-up, a high-intensity workout mixing strength-training and cardio exercises, and a brief cool-down period.” Customers have one year to book their sessions. Customers are not charged again until the last session is booked. 

On the website, customers can find all of the details of how Find Your Trainer works. There are currently 3 pricing plans; 4 Session Subscription, the 12 Session Subscription, and the 24 Session Subscription.

Additionally, they have a Find Your Trainer app called Find Your Trainer Pro. By utilizing the app, messaging and scheduling is made simple and user-friendly. Customers will also receive notifications for bookings.

This Find Your Trainer review will explore each pricing plan and give you insight into what each individual plan offers, and what to look out for. 

Find Your Trainer 4 Session Subscription Review

Find Your Trainer Review

For those looking for an easy introduction into the world of fitness, the Find Your Trainer 4 Session Subscription is their basic pricing plan. Customers can look forward to 4 appointments with their assigned personal trainer. Say hello to your new healthy lifestyle and get ready for squats, lunges, pushups, running, and more.

With the 4 Session Subscription plan, there are no signup or membership fees, sessions are valid for one year, insurance is available for all scheduled sessions, dedicated customer support, and members have the opportunity to earn FYT rewards with each session.

It’s important to note that customers are never expected to pay the trainer. But customers can save money if they opt to participate in partner or small group training sessions. 

If you’re worried about the qualifications of your trainers, there’s no need. All of Find Your Trainer’s instructors have an excellent understanding of the human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise science.

All trainers are certified through an NCCA accredited organization and have met the standards within the personal training industry. Start strong with the Find Your Trainer 4 Session Subscription plan.

Find Your Trainer 12 Session Subscription Review

Find Your Trainer Review

If you’re looking for a ‘medium level’ exercise plan, the Find Your Trainer 12 Session Subscription is just what you need. Advertised as their most popular pricing plan, this 12 session workout pairs you with a certified trainer and gets you moving in no time.

If you’re getting serious about your workout routine, you can opt for a more strict personal trainer that will push you to the limit.

Similar to the 4 Session Subscription, there are no signup or membership fees, insurance for all scheduled sessions, and other additional advantages that are listed on the website.

You can also save money with the 12 Session Subscription plan if you train with a partner or join a small group training session. It’s typically motivating and fun to work out with someone, so this is a great option to have if you’re comfortable with it.

Find Your Trainer states that anybody can use a personal trainer. This includes beginners, jumpstarts, those looking for actual results, older adults, time-strapped people, gym haters, and those who want to rehabilitate their injuries.

“Working out, but not getting results? Give your current workout plan a tune-up with a personal trainer who will tailor a program that will meet your exact fitness needs and goals,” via the company website. Integrate the Find Your Trainer 12 Session Subscription as part of your daily routine to get fit and healthy. 

Find Your Trainer 24 Session Subscription Review

Find Your Trainer Review

Adding a new routine to your daily goings is a big commitment, especially if you’re starting a workout regimen in your schedule. The Find Your Trainer 24 Session Subscription is for those who are determined in their exercise goals, whether it’s to attain that figure for a future event or want to look and feel healthy again. 

Alongside its subscription perks of earning FYT rewards and being insured for all scheduled sessions, this 24 Session Subscription plan is completely flexible and customizable in terms of timing and where you’d like your workout sessions to happen.

Like all the Find Your Trainer personal training plans, customers have the option of having a partner train with them or to partake in small group training sessions.

Is hiring a personal trainer worth it? Find Your Trainer states that working with a professional is the fastest way to achieve results. Your matched instructor for your Find Your Trainer 24 Session Subscription plan will assess your current level.

Based on your level of fitness, they’ll create a customized training plan. “Skilled personal trainers maximize every moment that you have dedicated to working out,” via the website. 

How Much is Find Your Trainer?

Find Your Trainer Review

Personal trainers start at $29 per session. Across all 50 states, fitness instructors cost between $29 to $166 per session. Certain components affect the cost of a personal trainer, which includes the session location, personal trainer certification, session duration, sessions purchased, and the session type.

Find Your Trainer says that session costs are lower when the personal trainer travels to the person’s home, building or gym, or at their local park. In regards to session types, customers can save money if they choose to workout with a partner or participate in a small group.

Partner training is 1.5 times the individual rate and small group training is 2 times the rate. If you wish to purchase either option, you can select the people you work out with, and only one person is required to pay the session fee. 

The larger the session pricing plan purchased, the deeper the discount offered. For example: 

  • 12 Session Subscription has a 5% discount 
  • 24 Session Subscription has a 10% discount  

Find Your Trainer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Find Your Trainer Review

This Find Your Trainer review found a generally positive customer response while researching this brand. On their testimonials page, there are dozens of Find Your Trainer reviews that have seen a notable and positive difference in their bodies and overall health. Most have commented that personal trainers helped them reach their exercise goals

“I’m so out of shape. I was embarrassed. But Vin didn’t make me feel that way. I’m going to move forward even though it will be tough. I appreciate his support,” one reviewer wrote on

Another reviewer wrote that they had multiple trainers work with them, but only found results by using Find Your Trainer. “By far Lisa is the best. She makes working out fun and she is very knowledgeable about training. Her rate is higher than others in the area but she is worth every penny!”

Find Your Trainer also has rating on Trustpilot, with a 1.4 star rank and over 163 reviews.

“Alexandra is a wonderful personal trainer! I’ve been working with her for a few weeks and already notice a difference in my body. She takes the time to understand your fitness and lifestyle goals. She will motivate you during every session and always corrects your form,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

This Find Your Trainer review did find some customer complaints. Some customers had difficulty in communicating with their matched trainers and challenges with booking an appointment.

“Very disappointed. The first trainer I contacted said the drive was too far. The second trainer I booked. I emailed her to confirm and never heard back from her,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

Additionally, one review from Top Consumer Reviews brought up one point that proved inconvenient for users about Find Your Trainer.

“If you’re looking for local personal trainers and like the capability of booking a specific date and time for your first session, FYT could be the right service for you. Just keep in mind the package booking requirements, since you’ll have to pay for several upfront.” 

Is Find Your Trainer Worth It?

Find Your Trainer Review

This Find Your Trainer review says that this workout subscription service is worth it if you are looking to get in shape. Their online program makes it easy to find a personal trainer that will accommodate your needs and help you reach your fitness goals.

Their pricing plans are reasonable and affordable, so there’s ultimately no excuse that it’s too difficult to start working out. Additionally, several customer testimonials detail wonderful experiences with their matched personal trainers.

This Find Your Trainer review found through research that instructors help ensure that customers are meeting their exercise goals, and are professional in booking appointments and communication. 

This Find Your Trainer review suspects that they could open their services in Romania due to the trending search of Find Your

They also have a new virtual training session, in which customers can book workout sessions virtually through Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger. Get your heart pumping and your body moving by finding your instructor on

Though some took issue with having to pay for sessions upfront and had difficulty communicating with their trainers, this Find Your Trainer review acknowledges that online communication can be challenging, and paying upfront for services is sometimes how subscription plans work. But you can choose their full refund option at any time if you are unhappy with their services. 

Find Your Trainer Promotions & Discounts 

Find Your Trainer Review

The 12 Session Subscription plan currently has a discount of 5% off, while the 24 Session Subscription plan is 10% off. 

So far, this Find Your Trainer review hasn’t come across a single Find Your Trainer promo code or a Find Your Trainer coupon code. 

Sign up for Find Your Trainer

Find Your Trainer Review

To sign up for a Find Your Trainer login, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide. 

  1. Click on the ‘get started’ button on the top right-hand corner of
  2. Type in your zip code to initiate your Find Your Trainer application


How do I delete my Find Your Trainer account?

This Find Your Trainer review found that customers simply need to contact their customer service team to delete their FYT trainer login. 

How do I cancel my Find Your Trainer subscription?

To cancel a Find Your Trainer trainer login, customers are to email the customer service team. It’s important to remember that users must cancel their subscription before their last session is booked. 

What is Find Your Trainer’s Return Policy?

Find Your Trainer has a Money Back Guarantee on the occasion that a customer is unsatisfied with their first session.

The company will refund your entire purchase, but all Find Your Trainer refund requests must be initiated within 7 days of completing your first session. No refunds will be issued for unused sessions or reloads. 

How to Contact Find Your Trainer

If you have additional questions that were not answered in this Find Your Trainer review, you can contact the company by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out their message form online
  • Accessing their chat room on the website

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