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About CrazyCap Water Bottle

TheCrazyCap Review

CrazyCap is a powerful UV-C sterilization system packed into a tiny water bottle cap. Screw it onto your favorite bottle, and with the press of a button, destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The brand offers other helpful accessories as well, like silicone handles and carabiner clips, that compliment this valued tool in almost any situation. 

CrazyCap has landed features in Women’s Health, Backpacker, Us Weekly, CNN, Outside, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Bustle, Medium, and many other media sources. They have 8.5K followers on their Instagram page, where giveaways are sometimes hosted. 

The CrazyCap water bottle review will get down into the nitty-gritty of the brand and its bestsellers. We’ll provide insight on customer reviews, shipping details, and FAQs, while revealing any sweet deals the brand offers. In the end, you’ll be able to decide if this purifier is worth the buy.

Overview of The CrazyCap

TheCrazyCap Review

The brand was founded by Dr. Rakesh Guduru (also the current CEO), as a life-saving solution to poor water quality and plastic pollution. TheCrazyCap is just one of the innovations that its parent company, Microlyscs LLC., plans to pump out. 

The concept for The CrazyCap UV light water bottle was already in the makings in 2018, but the product wasn’t launched on Kickstarter until 2019. It appeared for sale online in the following year. Despite being in operation for such a short time, Time named the CrazyCap as one of 2020’s Best Inventions

Microlyscs LLC. is located in Weston, Florida. Before we fill you in on how the popular product works, TheCrazyCap review will give you a brief overview of some of the brands highlights.

TheCrazyCap Review


  • The brand recently upgraded the CrazyCap water sanitizer to clean not only water, but surfaces and objects 
  • Bottles are self-cleaning and BPA free 
  • No mold or mildew buildup
  • Uses UV light to kill 99.1% to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in 1–2 rounds 
  • Great for hikers, campers, and outdoorsmen who need a purification system on their trips  
  • Range of accessories available that make supporting and carrying the bottle easier
  • $1K giveaway photo contest 
  • Customers can redeem rewards for writing reviews 

How Do You Use The CrazyCap Water Bottle? 

TheCrazyCap Review

While what’s going on inside the bottle is quite advanced, using CrazyCap is actually extremely easy. All you need to do is fill your bottle, screw the cap on, and press the button on the top. 

From there, CrazyCap’s UV-C sterilization system kicks in—killing bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that are present within the water. It takes 60 seconds for sterilization. One round kills 99.1% of bacteria, while two rounds kill 99.9%. When the process is complete, go ahead and take a sip of clean water. 

CrazyCap continues to kill bacteria every 4 hours. Even when nothing is sullying your water bottle, the device cleans it automatically, without you having to do a thing.

CrazyCap Water Bottle Review

In the next section of CrazyCap Water Bottle review, we’ll go over some products offered by the brand—from the awe-striking, bacteria-killing bottle cap to replacement parts and necessary add-ons.

Before we dive in, here’s a PSA: all products over $35 can be bought with 4 interest-free payments, thanks to quadpay. Check out your options for safe and high-tech hydration:

The CrazyCap 2 Review 

The CrazyCap can be used on whatever clear water source you stumble upon—public bathroom sink, park fountain, questionable tap water in a hotel room. Scoop up into a thermos, and cap will do the rest. Just make sure that there is no debris (stones, mud, or other dirty particles) present. 

Crazy Cap Gen 2 purchase comes with one BPA-free bottle, the UV-C LED cap along with its rechargeable battery, a 360-degree charger, and a guide to show you how it all works. 

The vessel is made from stainless steel, keeping water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. The brand describes it as “virtually indestructible.”  It not only cuts down on plastic waste, but helps save some money, too. 

Choose from the 8 trendy colors and patterns, like Rose or Carrara Marble, and enjoy a gift courtesy of TheCrazyCap (handle clip or extra charger). Drink freely with TheCrazyCap 2 for $70 (on sale from its original price of $90).  

The CrazyCap 2 XL Review

For outdoorsmen, there is nothing worse than having your trusty bottle run empty on hiking trips or while camping. When out in the woods, water sources can be scarce. It’s important to collect as much as possible when a trustworthy stream comes along your path (or rather, you cross its path).

Not only does the CrazyCap 2 XL help you store a large amount of liquid, it kills whatever bacteria is floating around. It does the job until you’re able to find more viable clean water sources. Scale mountains or push your endurance with longer walks without having to worry about dehydration.  

This 340 stainless steel the CrazyCap UV bottle holds 25 oz of water and keeps it cold for 24 hours. Available in Black Stone and Teak Wood, these attractive pitchers may just become your new hiking buddy. 

Stay out in the wilderness for longer with the help of the CrazyCap 2 XL for $84 (down from $104). 

The CrazyCap 2 Cap Only Review

An impressive fact about The CrazyCap is that this handy device is designed to fit bottles that many of us already have. We think this fact is worth appreciating, considering that the brand could’ve simply built it to exclusively match their own. Pairing with S’well and other similarly shaped vessels, the cap screws on easily. 

Some may already have a bottle and just need the cap. Or, unscrewed theirs and watched it roll right down the cliff they were admiring a gorgeous sunset from. Whatever the reason, the CrazyCap Only is here for you for $50 (originally $60). 

The CrazyCap Replacement Bottle Only Review 

Reusable bottles. We use and love them constantly, and definitely know their value. Though the CrazyCap bottle is technically infallible, accidents happen. Cylindrical things tend to roll, and where they end up determines if you get your beloved hydration companion back or not. Other times, we simply get tired of looking at it, and want an upgrade. 

The sweat and slip-proof Replacement Bottle Only is perfect for when you find yourself in need of a change. The 17 oz option is available in 8 colors, whereas the 25 oz  comes in Black Stone or Teak Wood only. 

It’s made from the same self-cleaning, vacuum insulated 340 stainless steel that keeps your various beverages insulated between 12 to 24 hours. You can pick one up for $18–$25. 

The CrazyCap 2 (Value Pack) Review

The CrazyCap is something that’s great for a whole family to have. Especially for those who lead adventurous lives. But trail-trekkers aren’t the only ones that need a refreshing boost of energy, and this sterilization system can be used by anyone who wants clean water at any time. 

The CrazyCap 2 (Value Pack) comes with two 17 oz 340 stainless steel BPA-free bottles, along with the water purifier itself, charger, and a guide. 

Even though you’re not given a whole spectrum of colors to choose from, Onyx and Sapphire will make even fashion critics happy. At a value of $180, this value pack is normally $140 and has been discounted to $109. 

The CrazyCap Handle 17 oz Review

Whether you’re taking a sip after a high-intensity workout, or simply prone to clumsiness—things slip. There’s no arguing that something with a handle is easier to carry. Made from durable silicone the Handle 17oz is made to fit TheCrazyCap’s bottle of the same size. It slides on easily, and rests comfortably at the top. 

Available in 6 colors, mix or match with your bottle for a funky combo—we like the Carrara Marble bottle paired with a bright popping Orange or bashful Rose handle. Get a grip with the Handle 17 oz for $7

The CrazyCap Carabiner Clip Review

Some events require you to do things hands-free; something as intense as rock climbing or as simple as a park outing with your 3 kids who “want ice cream now!” To add some more functionality, The CrazyCap’s Carabiner Clip lets you carry around your bottles with ease and keeps them accessible. 

The CrazyCap water bottle Carabiner Clip comes in Onyx, Hunter Green, and Sapphire and fastens securely to your backpack, purse, or belt loop. Made from silicone, this sturdy tool is $7. 

The CrazyCap Replacement Charger Review

Chargers are one of the most forgotten devices, and we don’t know what it is about them. While most of us keep our phones on us at all times, wires and docks are left behind at friends’ houses, on trains, and in hotel rooms. They’re never to be seen again, and the same applies to your CrazyCap charger

Thank goodness for the brand’s Replacement Charger. It pops right on top of The CrazyCap and plugs into anything with a USB port. This advanced portless device includes an over-charge function, as well as over-discharge and short-circuit protection. These smart features ensure that the CrazyCap lasts for years.

Bring your CrazyCap back to life with the Replacement Charger for only $8

CrazyCap Soft Silicone Boot 17 oz Review 

Don’t get us wrong, reusable bottles are great. But they’re so noisy! Every time you set them down, they make a loud, metallic ding! The CrazyCap’s Soft Silicone Boot 17 oz swoops in to save the day.  

It slides easily over the bottom of the CrazyCap bottle (or any that have the capacity to hold 9–17oz). This silicone boot protects from hard rocks, tile floors, and the road as you bike to your commute. Prevent having to deal with scuffing and chipped paint with the white Soft Silicone Boot for $8. 

The CrazyCap Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

TheCrazyCap Review

The CrazyCap review wouldn’t be complete without including real customer feedback. We took a look at what buyers had to say about the CrazyCap in comments left on the official website, Shopper Approved, and The Prepared, for some insight on the brand’s bestsellers. 

The CrazyCap is rated 4.6/5 stars by 350 reviewers overall on the company’s website. Customers were pleased with great customer service, and shed some light on details that they love about the cap. 

In terms of the quality of water sanitization, one buyer wrote, “Water feels and tastes fresh and smooth.” Another 5-star commenter shared what his entire experience with the CrazyCap 2 was like: 

“The water I’m drinking seems cleaner than ever (Brita? Ha!). It works great, and is very convenient. And I haven’t even used it for water in the wilderness (streams, etc), which will make it even more useful! Also, customer service has been amazing.” 

ShopperApprove’s collective rating for the cap at 4.7/5 stars, based on 819 ratings. More than 80% of customers left 5 stars, while only 6% left reviews under 3 stars. This is a pretty impressive score. 

Shoppers mention that overall, the process of ordering and receiving the CrazyCap went smoothly. One wrote that “delivery was fast,” while another simply stated, “Great service.” 

One CrazyCap water bottle review by The Prepared analyzes the sterilization system for health and safety purposes. After a leak test, the reviewer found that the bottle was sturdy and that liquids did not spill out. She also verified during a week-long test for mold and mildew that after that time “there was no moldy odor whatsoever.”

Is The CrazyCap Water Bottle Worth It?

TheCrazyCap Review

The CrazyCap is a smart invention that appears to be helpful, convenient, and more importantly, stands up to tall claims. It’s easy to use and the price is reasonable. Does the CrazyCap really work? According to customers, it absolutely does

Some might be wondering what the difference is between the Crazy Cap Gen 1 and Gen 2. The second model is shorter than the first, but the battery life is compromised. However, the CrazyCap 2 sterilizes many surfaces, unlike the older version which can only purify water. For details and more information on the upgrades, we recommend visiting the brand’s official website.  

The brand has also caught the attention of news sources, and received a ton of praise in the short time they’ve been up and running. Not only is their mission environmentally friendly, but they also help customers save money with a number of promotions. The lifetime warranty of 10 years is a cherry on top. 

The CrazyCap review has a verdict: this hydration purifying tech is worth the buy.

The CrazyCap Promotions & Discounts 

TheCrazyCap Review

The CrazyCap review discovered a bunch of different promotions, including:

  • Discount for Heroes (includes First Responders, military veterans, teachers, medical staff) 
  • Rewards for writing reviews
  • $1K giveaway photo contest
  • Free US shipping on orders over $50

Where to Buy The CrazyCap Water Bottle

TheCrazyCap Review

The CrazyCap is available in stores across America. You can buy it directly from the official website: If you’d rather pick one up in-store, head to one of the following retailers:

  • QVC
  • Scheels
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon Prime
  • CVS
  • Staples 
  • The Shopping Channel
  • Macy’s
  • Dillard’s
  • And more!


How do you charge a Crazy Cap?

To charge your nifty device, simply attach the charging cap over the top of the CrazyCap and plug the other end into any USB outlet. It takes about four hours to charge, and should last for a week. 

What is the CrazyCap’s Shipping Policy?

The CrazyCap orders are processed in 1–2 business days. They send out packages within the US, as well as internationally. All delivery costs are calculated at checkout, but the company does offer free shipping on orders over $50. 

Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to locate their orders. This CrazyCap review has compiled these additional details: 


  • Standard: 3–5 business days
  • 2-Day: 2 business days 
  • Overnight: 1–2 business days


  • Standard: 7–10 business days
  • 2-Day: 2–3 business days

What is the CrazyCap’s Return Policy?

You can return the CrazyCap within 30 days from delivery. To qualify, your order must include the following things:

  1. The item must be unused and in its original packaging
  2. It must be in the same condition as received 
  3. You will need to include proof of purchase or a receipt

Return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. The CrazyCap sends you a prepaid shipping label, but the amount will be deducted from your total refund. 

The CrazyCap will validate returns and notify you via email. Full refunds will be issued into the original form of payment. 

How to Contact The CrazyCap

We hope that you found this CrazyCap review informative. If you have any specific questions for the brand, reach out by using the methods of contact below:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call: 1-833-MICROLY
  • Chat with a customer service agent on the website

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