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About GlassesShop

GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop is an online eyewear retailer based in the US. The company offers stylish and designer prescription frames at budget-friendly prices. 

Good Housekeeping magazine has dubbed the brand as the “best option for budget buy eyewear sites.”  It has also amassed a loyal social media fanbase with over 40K followers on Instagram and nearly 134K likes on Facebook. 

In the market for some new shades? This GlassesShop review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its eyewear, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out. 

Overview of GlassesShop

GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop was founded in 2004 by a group of doctors. They came together to create eyewear that delivered on both quality and reliability, but made available at modest price points. The brand decided to venture into ecommerce so that they could make the frames accessible worldwide. 

Owned by Scott Ma, the company’s headquarters are currently located in Michigan. Now that we’ve covered some background, this GlassesShop review will dig into some highlights of shopping through this online retailer:  


  • Great selection of modern eyewear for men, women, and children 
  • Low prices 
  • Different tints and polarizations available 
  • Potential customers can use the virtual try-on tool  
  • Positive buyer reviews on the ease of shopping online 
  • The brand offers guides and tips 
  • Various promotions and money-saving programs
  • Free shipping over $79 
  • Delivers in over 45 countries 

GlassesShop Men’s Sunglasses Review

Some men live in their sunglasses and only take them off come sunset. GlassesShop offers quality eyewear at budget-friendly prices, sunglasses for men included. Let’s take a look at this GlassesShop review of the site’s top-selling men’s sunglasses. 

GlassesShop Warner Sunglasses Review

There’s something dark, mysterious, and cool about the Warner Sunglasses. These aviator shades feature a polarized lens that offers full UV/UVB protection. We recommend wearing these with your most expensive cologne and some blue jeans to complete the look. 

The brand lets you choose between two different color options for the frame: gunmetal or golden. Plus, the bold polygon adds a bit of flair to the classic aviator design. If you’re unsure which size to choose, GlassesShop has created a diagram of exact measurements to help out. 

Available for prescription lenses, these Warner Sunglasses cost $36

GlassesShop Men’s Eyeglasses Review

Designer eyewear that looks good and feels comfortable can often be hard on the wallet. With that in mind, GlassesShop tries to bring affordable options to everyone. Let’s take a look at some of their best-selling frames for men. 

GlassesShop Oberlin Eyeglasses Review

For those who want to appear polished and professional, the Oberlin Eyeglasses could be an ideal option. Available in four colors, including horn black, these classic frames exude confidence with their bold rectangular shape. 

The Oberlin Eyeglasses are designed to flatter almost every face shape. Stuck on fashion ideas? This GlassesShop review recommends keeping things simple with tailored pants and a linen button-down shirt. These frames cost only $20

GlassesShop Matthew Eyeglasses Review

If you like the idea of having cool, convertible glasses that can provide some shade at a moment’s notice, take a look at the Matthew Eyeglasses

Available in four different colors, these rectangular men’s eyeglasses are made from polished metal. The frame comes with a magnetized sunshade clip with a polarized lens, so it can snap into place in a flash. 

Perfect for driving, the Matthew Eyeglasses can be ordered for $40. If you want to have some fun or you’re curious to envision yourself in this frame, check out the brand’s virtual try-on tool. 

GlassesShop Women’s Sunglasses Review

Not only do sunglasses offer vital protection from UV/UVB rays, but they can also be a fun fashion accessory to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the best-selling women’s sunglasses in this GlassesShop review. 

GlassesShop Xenia Sunglasses Review

The Xenia Sunglasses are all about making a statement—a vividly pink one, at that! These oversized polygon shaped shades feature delicate champagne detailing with a vibrant rose-colored mirrored lens. 

We think this model was practically created with Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods in mind. Once you’ve scored a chihuahua, designer tote, and an acceptance letter to Harvard, pick these GlassesShop Xenia Eyeglasses up for just $25

GlassesShop Mika Sunglasses Review

There’s nothing like an effortlessly cool frame that’s somehow both timeless and modern at the same time. The Mika Sunglasses could give you the vibe of a European mystery-woman leaving her life behind to start a new one. It could also be passed down from generations.  

These are a classic square frame with a beautiful speckle pattern featuring browns, blues, and purples set in Italian acetate. The dark protective lenses are great for versatile prescription glasses that you can wear while travelling. 

The Mika Sunglasses are priced at $30. With shades like these, it’s best to let them do all the talking; casually throw them on with a sleek black dress or a wide-brimmed hat. 

GlassesShop Women’s Eyeglasses Review

The company carries women’s eyeglasses in just about every contemporary style imaginable, and most can be made into prescription lenses. This GlassesShop review will now browse through some of the most popular picks from this category down below. 

GlassesShop Rainbow Cat Eye Eyeglasses Review 

When was the last time you revelled in the presence of a spontaneous rainbow? If it never rains where you live, simply throw on GlassesShop’s Rainbow Cat Eye Glasses! This one’s for eccentric folk who love to make a colorful statement, bringing a bit of joy to people around them. 

Available in five different multicolor rainbow options, these women’s GlassesShop cat eye glasses are a medium sized frame that doesn’t sit too heavy on the face. Typically, this style looks best on oval or round faces. 

You don’t have to wait for the next pride parade to grab a pair of these Rainbow Cat Eye Eyeglasses, especially when the price is only $20

GlassesShop Rochester Eyeglasses Review

Some eyeglasses are intrinsically simple and no-fuss, but in the best way possible. And the Rochester Eyeglasses definitely fit in that category. Elegant and delicate, this model would best suit the artistic types who prefer to wear black turtlenecks and pore over vintage journals. 

These women’s metal eyeglasses are made in a typical wayframe shape that’s ever so slightly oversized. They’re feather-light and also offered in three different color combinations, with the black and gold option giving off classic 90s vibes. 

The Rochester Eyeglasses are priced at $30. For styling ideas, this GlassesShop review recommends pairing this frame with a neutral sweater and dainty gold jewelry. 

GlassesShop Mandy Cat Eye Eyeglasses Review

These days, many women are looking for eyewear options that make sense with their everyday outfit rotation. Not drawing too much attention, these Mandy Cat Eye Eyeglasses definitely fit the bill. 

The brand has shared several photos from customers flaunting this frame in different styles. The model is available in four different colors to suit various skin tones, with tortoiseshell being a standout choice. 

Made of acetate, they’re also super lightweight and durable. The Mandy Cat Eye Glasses are priced at an affordable $30

Who Is GlassesShop For? 

GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop is for those who don’t shy away from online eyewear shopping. The brand offers budget-friendly options that are still durable and fashionable. Men, women, and even children can find many designer frames for prescription lenses that fit the latest trends and styles.  

Comparison: GlassesShop vs. Zenni 

GlassesShop Review

Budget eyewear has been trending for the past few years, so it’s not surprising that so many online retailers are making a name for themselves in this industry. Today, this GlassesShop review will compare and contrast our featured brand with another well-known company, Zenni. 

First, let’s take a look at some of the similarities between GlassesShop and Zenni: 

  • They both carry eyewear at affordable prices—some sold for as low as $6
  • Men, women, and children can choose from an array of prescription glasses and sunglasses 
  • Both have a virtual try-on app and offer helpful guides to make online shopping for frames easier 
  • International shipping available 

There are also major differences between the two brands: 

  • Zenni has collaborated with stars and designers like Cynthia Rowley 
  • GlassesShop offers a 90-day warranty (with certain stipulations) while Zenni advertises a 30-day guarantee
  • GlassesShop offers many more coupon codes, promotions, reward, and a loyalty program 

It appears that the two online eyewear retailers are quite similar when it comes to pricing, informative guides, and style options. If you’re really looking to get in on those extra savings and perks, GlassesShop has more to offer. But if any of Zenni’s designer frames have caught your eye, check them out at

GlassesShop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

GlassesShop Review

Get those cleaning cloths out and give your foggy old lenses a good wipe. In this segment of our GlassesShop review, we will be peering at what customers are saying about the company. 

On Trustpilot, 703 reviewers rated the eyewear brand with an average score of 4.3/5 stars. 69% of the people viewed GlassesShop’s service and selection as ‘excellent’. 

A lot of customers keep circling back to the brand due to the affordable price points. If you like to switch up your frames a few times a year but don’t want to pay a hefty bill to stay ‘on trend’, you’re clearly not alone.

There is an abundance of pleased GlassesShop reviewers that speak of how they were able to buy 2–3 pairs of eyewear at once (when it would’ve cost them the same amount for one pair at a competing brand). One customer left a 5-star review and wrote: 

“GlassesShop always has great glasses and great prices. The website is easy to use, customer service was fast when I had a question, and shipping was really fast too. I’ve been shopping with them for years and can’t recommend them enough.”

If you’re still harboring some doubts about online eyewear shopping, this next testimonial might put your mind to ease. This reviewer had a fruitful experience while shopping on GlassesShop’s website. They left the following comment on Google: 

“This was the first time I had ordered glasses online and I will be doing it again. I am happier with the glasses I purchased on than with the ones I purchased at the optometrist! If you have the measurements and numbers on the temples of your current glasses it is really easy to look for glasses that will fit you.” 

Another commenter offered some advice to potential customers, “I am very happy with the sunglasses with brown lenses and polarizing. They are progressives. It is just excellent to have sunglasses with those parameters so if there is an option for a better deal if you get two – definitely buy some sunglasses!” 

Is GlassesShop Worth It?

GlassesShop Review

This GlassesShop review has determined that the brand is worth checking out. It appears that an overwhelming number of buyers are content with their prescription glasses and eyewear in the end. 

With a virtual try-on tool, hundreds of options, international shipping, and discounts around every corner, the shopping experience can be quite fun. Who doesn’t want to walk away with two pairs of frames when they only intended on buying one? Treat yourself to some quality eyewear that you’ll enjoy wearing everyday. 

GlassesShop Promotions & Discounts 

GlassesShop Review

This GlassesShop review found a number of promotions available on the website. We’ve listed them for you below: 

  • Sign up their email list to receive 50% off frames and free shipping
  • Cash in on the GlassesShop BOGO glasses offer: buy one, get one 50% off with the code GSBOGO
  • Enjoy the August Warehouse 50% off sale with the code Aug50
  • New customer get one free pair with the code FIRSTFREE
  • Free shipping on all orders over $79
  • 35% off for students 
  • Refer a friend for extra savings 
  • Join the points program for exclusive rewards 

Where to Buy GlassesShop

GlassesShop Review

So you broke your trusty glasses after years of walking around with them…It was time for a change anyway. Get ready to revamp your look with GlassesShop’s collection, available exclusively at


GlassesShop Review

Who owns GlassesShop? 

Scott Ma, a formed doctor of Georgia Institute of Technology, is the owner of GlassesShop. Before running GlassesShop he worked at Accenture, Oracle and IBM.

Where is GlassesShop made? 

GlassesShop is an online eyewear retailer based in Michigan, US. It’s unclear whether their frames are manufactured locally, but we do know that they have an international distribution center.  

What is GlassesShop’s Shipping Policy?

GlassesShop ships within the US and internationally. Delivery is on the house for domestic orders over $79, while expedited and standard options are available for a fee ($6–$25). 

The arrival time depends on what type of eyewear you’ve ordered. Non-prescriptive frames are usually sent out within 1–2 business days; bifocal or progressive lenses, other tints, mirrors, or polarized finishes are shipped between 3–7 business days. 

International orders over $249 can qualify for free expedited shipping. You can track your GlassesShop order online once the order has been processed and shipped.  

What is GlassesShop’s Return Policy?

GlassesShop offers a 30-day return policy for customers who aren’t satisfied with their eyewear. You will either receive a 50% refund in the original payment form or 100% store credit, both excluding shipping fees. 

In case of a manufacturing error, GlassesShop gives you the choice between a full refund or store credit. The brand can easily send out a replacement pair. GlassesShop also offers a 90-day warranty on eyewear orders that covers defects (not accidents or negligence!).

Simply contact GlassesShop’s customer service team via email so that they can approve your return. Items must be sent back unworn and in their original packaging, including the case and cloth for cleaning. You also need to write your name, order number, and reason for return. 

Once GlassesShop has received your package, it may take a week for your refund to be processed. 

How to Contact GlassesShop

If you have any questions beyond this GlassesShop review, there are several ways to reach their customer service team: 

  • Phone: 1-855-202-0123 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM–5 PM)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online contact form 
  • Live chat 

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