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Clearly is a Canadian-based online eyewear company with a head office in Vancouver, BC. The online retailer sells high-quality glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. A glasses & contacts review found that the brand has reached international status since its beginnings in 2000, now offering hundreds of hand-selected eyewear.  

This glasses & contacts review will go through the products and services Clearly offers, product prices, and what customers think of the brand. This will help you make an informed decision as a customer when it comes to buying Clearly products. 

Overview of Clearly Glasses & Contacts Review

Clearly prides itself on creating unique and interesting glasses designs for everyone, and they are passionate about making designer prescription eyewear and contacts accessible to all customers. The company does this by being a direct-to-consumer brand, allowing their customers to take on the savings of not having many brick and mortar stores. This e-commerce model allows customers to buy high quality products at a fraction of the cost.

Clearly designers are trendsetters, not followers, and their designs are the perfect combination of classic artisanship and the most innovative eyewear technology. If you need glasses, you can be confident that Clearly provides tailor-made eyewear and prescriptions especially for you, including contacts.

We’ll discuss their contacts in more depth later on in this glasses & contacts review, but the main thing to remember is that the company takes personalization very seriously. They have a variety of popular contact lens brands on offer and the website filters these by lens type, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

There are a lot of things that set Clearly apart from their competitors, and in this glasses & contacts review we will cover them all:

Technical innovation. Using your smartphone or desktop, you can try on Clearly frames with their innovative Virtual Try On tool. Simply click “try on” under the frames you like, enable your webcam, and you’re good to go. Clearly stays up to date with the latest developments in eyewear technology, such as being at the forefront of creating some of the first actually stylish non-rimmed glasses. 

Curated especially for you. Using Clearly’s My Fit feature on their website, customers can add the measurements of their current glasses frames to find the best pair of Clearly frames to suit their face. Clearly has a variety of highly innovative lenses to try from, and customers can find the best lenses for their needs by looking at a variety of options depending on their prescription and the style of their glasses. Some examples include the Advanced Air Single Lenses and Digital Progressive Lenses.

Making eyewear accessible for all. Clearly offers a range of glasses for as little as $9, meaning everyone can have fashionable glasses without the price tag. They also often run online promotions, offering discounts on their high-end designs as well. Because they are an online retailer, they can pass on savings to their customers. Clearly also offers a price match guarantee. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of Clearly is their company mission. They run a program called Buy One, Give One, which aims to improve the lives of vision impaired people across the globe through a partnership with the Essilor Vision Foundation. For every pair of glasses purchased on their website, Clearly donates a pair to someone less fortunate. Glasses & Contacts Review

To date, the company and Essilor Vision Foundation have enabled millions of people much needed access to vision care. I find it incredibly touching to know that if I buy products from Clearly, not only am I getting an excellent quality product, but I’m also contributing to a good cause. 

Clearly Eye Exam

It is really easy to book an eye exam with Clearly. They have two stores in Vancouver, and one in Toronto where they offer eye exams. All you need to do is contact the stores directly or via the website to book. 

How Do Clearly Contacts Work? Glasses & Contacts Review

Clearly contacts work just like any other contacts, but they’re easier to purchase online. Once you’ve found the pair best suited to your needs, simply enter in your prescription details and purchase.

One thing I really want to highlight in this glasses & contacts review is that they provide really helpful shipping information on each product page, so you can work out how long it will take for the lenses to arrive, and get information on specific shipping costs for your order. I find it super handy having the shipping information so easily accessible. 


  • There is a huge variety of different brands and styles of contact lenses to choose from
  • You can search by contact brand or by lens type
  • Shipping for most products (excluding custom-made lenses) is 1-2 business days 
  • Clearly offers free returns
  • The company has friendly customer service in case you have any questions or concerns
  • Clearly offers a price match guarantee


  • Some people might prefer to see and touch sample contact lenses in a physical store, which is not something Clearly offers internationally
  • If customers have a favourite brand, it might not be available on the Clearly website. Clearly has a wide range of brands on offer, but they don’t have every brand
  • The variety of lens types may be confusing for those new to contact lenses. It’s a good idea to chat with your optometrist first so that you can make a better informed purchase decision when it comes to selecting lens type

Clearly Online Glasses & Clearly Reading Glasses

The hardest thing about the glasses on offer at the Clearly website is which ones to choose! They have such a wide variety of online glasses and reading glasses so you’ll be sure to find the material, style, color and design of your dreams.

The website first allows you to filter by men’s, women’s, kids’ or brands. For men’s, women’s and children’s glasses, customers can then filter by color, shape, material, size, rim and price range, so the options feel truly endless! You can find anything from the more affordable right through to high-end designer in an array of materials.

We’ll give you a sense of the stylish frames designed by Clearly:

The Moose Jaw glasses in tortoise shell made out of plastic sell for a mere $9.

The Perspective Billow-52 rimless glasses in gold and metal are priced at $75.

The Versace VE3253055 glasses in black plastic cost $305.

The sheer scale of options with Clearly really excites me! It allows customers to find a truly custom pair of glasses that suits their face shape, preferences and needs. 

Clearly Contacts Review

Clearly has an impressive range of contacts available to try, and as mentioned elsewhere in this glasses & contacts review, the website is designed for customers to search for lenses via brand name or lens type, which I personally find really helpful. If you know and trust a specific brand, you can just search all their available products on the Clearly website. However, if you would prefer to search by need, that option is available too. 

The Clearly website takes you through all the different types of Clearly contacts on offer, including Toric contacts, RGP contacts, Multifocal and Bifocal contacts. They also have a section for lens care, where you can find eye drops, solutions and eye care information. 

A glasses & contacts review lead me to the top selling contact brands they carry: Glasses & Contacts Review

How Much is Clearly Eyewear? 

Because Clearly provides such a wide range of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, it should come as no surprise that the price ranges vary a great deal. 

I pointed out earlier in this glasses & contacts review that the company offers glasses for as little as $9, which means they’ve truly lived up to their promise of making eye care accessible for all. However, on the other end of the scale, if you’re after some high-end designer shades or prescription glasses, Clearly has you fashionistas covered with glasses at the $340 price point. From my research though, most glasses are sitting very reasonably at the $100 mark.

Daily contact lenses are available from Clearly for as little as $3. These prices go up to around $50 for the more custom, specialized lenses. 

The variety in price ranges means that Clearly has something to offer every customer. 

Is Clearly Eyewear Good? Glasses & Contacts Review

Clearly eyewear has a generally positive rating online, with a lot of customers commenting positively on their friendly customer service, impressively fast shipping times and the range and quality of products on offer.

Customers particularly love the virtual try on feature available on Clearly’s website, which I explained earlier on in this glasses & contacts review. This feature really sets the brand apart from competitors, and is something I find really helpful for anyone who is too busy or unable to try glasses on in store. 

Clearly Promotions & Discounts 

To save more on your orders from Clearly, there are currently a number of promotions and coupons available. 


  • $15 off on orders $99+ with Clearly promo code THANKS15
  • $10 off on orders $99+ with Clearly discount code CLEAR10
  • Free shipping on orders $99+ with Clearly coupon FSOVER99
  • $10 off on orders $99+ with Clearly promo code TEN4YOU


  • Buy one get on free with Clearly discount code BOGO
  • 20% off all lens upgrades Clearly promo code LENSUP


  • 15% off sunglasses plus free shipping with Clearly discount code SHINE15


Where to Buy Clearly Eyewear Glasses & Contacts Review

The best way to buy Clearly eyewear is through their online store. Alternatively, if you’re in Canada you can visit one of their physical retail stores in Vancouver or Toronto. Unfortunately at this point in time Clearly products are not available for purchase on Amazon or any other online retailer. 

Shipping Policy

The great news about this glasses & contacts review is that I have found Clearly to have some very attractive shipping policies. First off, Clearly offers free shipping on glasses orders over $50 and free shipping on contact lens orders over $99. Clearly also offers free returns on all products! This applies for 14 days for glasses and 30 days for contact lenses, and means your satisfaction is very important to Clearly. 

Clearly has websites for, and ships to, the following countries:

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand

The shipping policy for Clearly products in Canada is as follows:

  • Wait times can vary depending on the product, and you can always double check wait times for production of the lenses or glasses on the product pages, underneath the heading “Availability”
  • Once in stock, lenses will take 1-2 business days to ship
  • Wait times for production of prescription lens glasses can take 2-9 business days, with shipping 1-2 business days after that
  • Non-prescription glasses will ship in 1-2 business days
  • Once shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information, so you can keep up to date on when your order is due to arrive

Return Policy

Clearly eyewear currently has the following return policy:

  • Within 14 days of delivery, glasses and sunglasses can be exchanged, or returned for free with a full refund
  • Past 14 days, only glasses and sunglasses that are in brand new condition and have not been worn can be exchanged. This is valid between 15 and 365 days since purchase.
  • Regular contact lenses can be returned within 30 days of delivery if they are still sealed and unopened. 
  • Rigid Gas Permeable lenses cannot be returned or exchanged as they are custom made for each person.
  • Accessories such as Clearly eyeglasses cases can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of delivery.
  • Contact lens cases can’t be returned or exchanged.

In order to return or exchange items, you can contact customer service. Information on how to contact Clearly is outlined below. For refunds, you will need to allow 1-2 weeks after the product has been returned for the refund to be processed. 

Contact Clearly

For more information on Clearly products, inquiries, and services, you can reach out to the customer service team directly on the website via an online contact form. Alternatively you can also call or email one of the stores via the contact information below:

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Advance Thin Air lenses
Rajkumar Jain
3 years ago Reply

Before placing an order online, need to know which brand (is it essilor) and the lenses thickness whether its 1.74 or 1.69 or 1.67 for Advance thin Air lenses. are clearly the best option!
3 years ago Reply

I ordered Rx eyeglasses and sunglasses from and they are terrific. During the Covid 19 lockdown in Ontario this was the best option and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I am a senior on a fixed income with no benefits so I was delighted with the prices. The online site guides one through the measurement process and the virtual try on is great. It’s was easy browsing through unlimited current frame choices. I wish I had ordered from this company sooner!

Celine McLaughlin
3 years ago Reply

I had a poor experience with Clearly Contacts and would not recommend them.
When I accidentally ordered the wrong prescription of contact lenses, I was told over the phone that I could return them, but only for an online credit. After I returned the lenses, I updated my prescription by getting an eye test and wore a trial pair of contacts from the optometrist to be sure the new prescription worked for me.
Once I was ready to order the proper contacts, I returned to the Clearly website only to discover that my credit had expired! When I sent an email of complaint concerning my expired credit and the delayed process I went through before reordering, they did not offer me my credit back.

John Lammers
3 years ago Reply

Everything was fine until I received my new glasses from Clearly. One of the lenses was cracked in the corner and the frame was partially detached from the lens. No shipping damage — this was a manufacturing defect.

I contacted Clearly online using chat. After I sent them 2 pictures showing the damage, they agreed to replace them for free.

But here’s the kicker. I’ve just received the replacement pair and the lenses are cracked in 3 places! You’d think replacements get extra attention, but I guess not. And again, no shipping damage — it was manufacturing and I guess a lack of QA.

Anyway, they’re replacing them again. Crossing my fingers.

Susan Davis
4 years ago Reply

I just wanted to thank everyone at Clearly for making my purchases, the best !, I can’t say enough about the service, the quick delivery and most of all the glasses . I ordered several pairs in different colors and shapes and I love them all, you know they say that glasses are the new fashion accessory, they really are ,I get complimented all the time on my frames.
Again, thanks so much for a great experience .

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