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About Hubble Contacts

Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble Contacts is an American-based brand distributing Taiwan-manufactured contact lenses through an e-commerce subscription model. This brand aids those experiencing no or mild astigmatism (blurred vision) and is available for essentially all ages, including teens, so long as patients have a valid prescription.

A recent study1 sought to investigate the effect of eyeglasses on the perception of attractiveness. The results showed that the participants rated the pictures of people without glasses as more attractive than the pictures of people with glasses.

These results suggest that eyeglasses can have a negative impact on how attractive people are perceived to be, and that contact lenses may be a better option for those who want to maintain their confidence.

Hubble contact lenses are relatively low maintenance, considering that you do not need water or contact lens solution since you are instructed to change them daily. Over-wearing is a giant no-no in the eyes of the founders of Hubble Contacts.

This Hubble Contacts review aims to provide details on the key elements of the brand and its products to guide you, dear reader, into making a thorough purchase decision.

Overview of Hubble Contacts

Hubble Contacts Review

My eyesight is unfortunately not 20/20, so I must wear glasses during university lectures to enable myself to see the projector screen. Otherwise, failing to see equates to failing the exams. Appearance-wise, I look like a 1980’s librarian by sporting a funky afro and always having my head in a book.

Thankfully, there’s Hubble Contacts that will put an end to my somewhat retro style. They raise the bar for contact lenses by offering high quality tied with affordability, beating their competitors by a landslide. What are Hubble Contacts, you might ask? They are contacts manufactured in St. Shine, Taiwan with advanced injection molding and is FDA-approved for the benefit of the consumer’s health and to guarantee satisfaction. 

Established in 2016, the founders Benjamin Cogan and Jesse Horwitz paired together on a mission to save you from damaging your eyes by overwearing contact lenses. This often happens when you are avoiding the expense of having to replace them and further drain your wallet. Hubble Contacts wants to flip that lose-lose situation to a win-win at the click of a mouse. Your first stop: scheduling an eye exam then taking a quiz.

Hubble Contacts Eye Exam & Quiz

For the eye exam, visiting a doctor is your first destination on the road to receiving a prescription for Hubble Contacts. Please note, the doctors that appear in the search results are not Hubble’s employees or contractors. Aside from that, there is no need to sweat or fret during this step (hey, that rhymes!) because it is a simple process. 

Next, the brand’s website comes furnished with a quiz to determine your usage of contacts. They ask four questions, inquiring if you sleep with contacts, how long you have been wearing contacts, and all that snazzy jazz. After about thirty seconds of answering those, a new page pops up and exclaims, “Congrats!” and provides a click-button to claim their offer. 

At the bottom of that page, there is a rather unnecessary countdown ticking along as if the world’s going to end if you choose to idle by and refuse to accept the deal of a lifetime… Okay…. Anyway, once the countdown reaches zero, the Hubble Contacts website redirects you to another page where you must fill in your prescription, doctor and checkout information.

How Do Hubble Contacts Work?

Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble Contacts are fit for easy insertion and said to provide comfort and crystal-clear vision. Their thin edge makes their transparency more effective and the high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material prevents the contacts from drying out and burning your eyes. This Hubble Contacts review wouldn’t be complete without looking at both the good and the bad:


  • Hubble Contacts come delivered in aesthetically-pleasing packaging
  • Many people often praise how soft and comfortable these contacts are
  • Both their lens packs and boxes are 100% recyclable
  • Possess a clean, professional and easy-to-navigate website


  • Hubble Contacts currently does not sell lenses for people with significant astigmatism
  • They do not carry multifocal/bifocal and/or coloured contact lenses, so there is a lack of variety in their inventory
  • Their contact lenses pose a health risk since their materials are outdated and possibly dangerous
  • The names of the founders are missing from their main website; I had to scout LinkedIn to understand who ‘we’ was referring to on their Our Story page

Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble Contacts are manufactured with UV protection and 55 percent water content, which supplies them with enough moisture to avoid dryness. Their lenses are currently offered with power ranging from -0.50 to -12.00 and +0.50 to +6.00. 

Now, when it comes to Hubble Contacts for astigmatism, I have some bad news in this Hubble Contacts review. Their lenses’ single BC (basic curve) and single DIA (diameter) point towards helping those with no or little astigmatism (less than -1.00 cylinder).

Another odd quirk of theirs is selling only daily contact lenses, not bi-weekly or monthly lenses. This ensures maximum comfort for the wearer while simultaneously meeting the highest standards of safety. 

There are those who believe there is a Hubble Contacts scam because their best interest almost fails to align with the customers. Their cheap pricing is deliberate since it matches the mediocre quality in the makeup of their product. This kind of carelessness does not fare well in the long run for this Hubble Contacts review and hurts customer feedback. 

For this Hubble Contacts review, I am truly on the fence with them and can neither fully defend nor support them. At first, I found myself ecstatic over the idea of affordable contact lenses and thought my prayers were answered. Alas, the feeling was short-lived. I’m only left in the dark and having to decide whether they are worth trusting. Spending money is not the only repercussion I’d have to endure if the product turns out faulty—the condition of my eyes are my primary concern in the aftermath.

Viewing the testimonials scrawled across their website, from Vogue, Buzzfeed and countless others certainly shines a positive light on them. This merely gives me cold comfort while writing this Hubble Contacts review; the media can be a slightly unreliable source that is out of touch by not always levelling with actual everyday people.

If anything terrible were to happen to my eyes, I would:

  1. Scream and cry;
  2. Cut a deal with a higher power in return for near-perfect vision; or 
  3. Issue a complaint against Hubble Contacts for recklessness and causing bodily harm. 
Hubble Contacts Review

My only hope is for them to take a gander at this Hubble Contacts review and recognize the dire need to adjust and update their contact lenses. Contacts require good oxygen permeability since the eyes rely on receiving oxygen from the atmosphere to avoid fatigue and redness. 

I appreciate the fact that they are environmentally-friendly and appear to have a great amount of support, which is very impressive given that Hubble Contacts was established in 2016. Four years later and their business is still booming. Good for them. I may disagree with their ill and questionable practice, but I must admit that their marketing is admirable. 

Their shortfall was well-hidden underneath the heap of glowing reviews. Hubble Contacts drew a crowd and built a bandwagon for followers to join in to show off their precious Hubble Contacts with a selfie, hashtag and testimonial. Through relentless research, however, I managed to unearth a shady finding within this Hubble Contacts review that might hinder their growing success and bring their sales to plummet if they go on without caution and better judgment.

How Much Are Hubble Contacts?

Hubble Contacts Review

Your first shipment will arrive jam-packed with 30 Hubble lenses after they approve of your prescription. You simply pay $1 for shipping and handling and, don’t forget, any applicable sales tax. Afterwards, you will receive not just 30 but 60 lenses every 28 days, for $36. 

Are Hubble Contacts Good?

Hubble Contacts Review

Customer ratings seem to rave passionately over Hubble Contacts, deeming them as a ‘serious game-changer’, a ‘relative bargain’, ‘legit’, and having ‘wonderful customer service’. Their customers believe themselves to be converted, contact lenses from other brands cut down to last place as they have failed to measure up to the glorious standard set by the all-around comfortable and all-seeing Hubble Contacts.

Hubble Contacts Warning

Hubble Contacts Review

Fair warning: Hubble Contacts sounds too good to be true, unfortunately. According to Dr. Roxanna Potter from, Hubble Contacts utilizes a poor practice in allowing patients to use an outdated and dangerous material in the contact lenses which endangers patients’ long-term eyecare. Here, the company blatantly values profits over eye health. It’s quite upsetting to see greed blinding a brand from following a proper code of ethics.

Hubble Contacts Promotions & Discounts

Hubble Contacts Review

On the main page, Hubble Contacts advertises 20% off your first order on all other contacts brands. For me, this promotion illustrates Hubble Contacts as a benevolent competitor working and willing to partner with other brands for the sake of earning the customer’s trust, and eventually their money, too.

Where to Buy Hubble Contacts

You may only buy Hubble Contacts through the brand’s online store. They are not yet available on Amazon or in retail. Plus, they do not occupy any offices that you can visit in-person. Maybe in due time they will reconsider.


Hubble Contacts Review

How to Cancel Hubble Contacts

To cancel Hubble Contacts, you will find that the Hubble Contacts login gives you access to click a hyperlink that automatically cancels your subscription. If this is not your forte, you ought to either call them at 1-844-334-1640 or email them directly at [email protected].

Shipping Policy

At this time, Hubble Contacts ships to the United States and its territories including Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and military APO/DPO/FPO addresses. Also, they ship internationally across countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

To keep you aware, the cost of shipping is $3 on each delivery after the first shipment.

Return Policy

Hubble Contacts does not accept returns, but they encourage you to reach out by phone or email to formulate an alternative solution that will tailor to the needs of the customer as much as possible.

Contact Hubble Contacts

The Hubble Contacts contact information is briefly stated underneath the subheading for ‘How to Cancel Hubble Contacts’. To reiterate, the Hubble Contacts phone number is 1-844-334-1640.

The Hubble Contacts customer service team is best reached via email: [email protected]. Alternatively, you also have the option of sliding into their DM’s through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where they are available to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding their product.


1.AlRyalat, S.A., Jumaah, M., Al Hajaj, S.W., Al-Noaaimi, F., Alawneh, Y. and Al-Rawashdeh, A. (2022). The Effect of Wearing Eyeglasses on the Perception of Attractiveness, Confidence, and Intelligence. Cureus. doi:10.7759/cureus.23542.

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Asked by Jamie (2 years ago) Reply

The website sucks. There’s something so wrong with it. Two days ago, I logged in to change my subscription date. After I changed it to June this year then I changed the frequency. And the page refreshed, my subscription date became something in the past, which is March 2020. Since I don’t want it now, I didn’t pay attention to it, thinking I can change it later when I want the next order. The next day, I got a notification of my credit card payment with it. But I didn’t get any order confirmation nor shipping confirmation, which I got the first time. I contacted them and they said once you see the charge, the package is already sent because they use a third party service… blah…what I can do to get my money back is to wait for them to send me a shipping label and return the package when I get it. This is such BS! why should I pay for something not ordered by me? They forced you to buy the package, if you don’t want it, you gotta wait for it to arrive and return it…They use this kinda scamming and fishing way to make money. No matter how good the contact is, their marketing method just made me sick.

Terrible customer service
Asked by Katie Gabrielle (2 years ago) Reply

I used Hubble for years, loved the service and product, and I recommended them to everyone I knew with contacts. Then I had my prescription updated and it was 3 weeks of back-and-forth via email and FB messenger to have them cancel my subscription. I am beyond frustrated that they couldn’t simply call my optometrist for clarification. They were simply unhelpful and inept. I have switched to Waldo contacts.

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