Glamnetic Lashes Review

About Glamnetic Lashes

Glamnetic Lashes Review

Glamnetic is a magnetic eyelash brand for women and men that eliminates the mess out of applying and wearing false eyelashes. The brand has also now branched out into other beauty accessories like fake nails and beauty tools

Glamnetic net worth is in the multi-millions, so it’s no surprise the brand has received a ton of attention, with a following of 263k on Instagram and nearly 50k Facebook followers. Publications like Forbes have highlighted the CEO because of her opportunistic and problem-solving approach to beauty products. 

This Glamnetic Lashes review will give you an overview of the brand, some of their bestsellers, what customers think, plus answer common questions to help you decide whether or not to try Glamnetic Lashes yourself. 

Overview of Glamnetic Lashes

Glamnetic Lashes Review

Glamnetic Lashes CEO, Ann McFerran, a Los Angeles based artist and entrepreneur, felt self-conscious of her thin eyelashes growing up. Many, like Ann, suffered from the difficult lash application, hard to use glue, and difficulty with lash removal. As a frequent user, she thought there must be a more efficient and less messy adhesive than the traditional sticky glue

Ann noticed the gap in the market and jumped in headfirst. The jump has paid off, considering Glamnetic net worth continues to skyrocket since it was launched in 2019. Glamnetic Lashes operates out of its Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. 

Glamnetic Lashes Review

The pros and cons are up next in this Glamnetic Lashes review:


  • Offers a variety of magnetic lashes, magnetic eyeliner, fake nails, and accessories for men and women
  • Free shipping on orders over $30
  • Lash collection includes unique real or faux vegan mink, and colorful options in cateye, round, and wispy styles
  • Lashes are reusable up to 40 times
  • Lower cost per wear than traditional lashes
  • Glamnetic website includes a virtual try-on and lash quiz


  • Some complaints about lash quality and challenges in accessing customer service

Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes Review

Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes Review

Lashes are a girl’s best friend (or a man’s best friend)! Faux lashes elevate your eyes and add drama to any makeup look. Glamnetic’s magnetic lashes are available in different lengths, thicknesses, and widths, and are made from either real or faux mink.

Glamnetic lashes are reusable up to 40 times and each set comes with 6 magnets for attaching the lashes and a magnetic storage case. They require application using magnetic eyeliner (available separately).

This Glamnetic review will highlight some of the brand’s most coveted lash styles. You may find yourself uncontrollably batting your own lashes with these:

Glamnetic Viral Lash Review

Flirty without being showy, Viral lashes give off a Marilyn Monroe vibe. These lashes are medium wispy and round in shape, with alternating fibers ranging from 10-15 mm thick.

Made from high-quality synthetic fiber, these vegan, cruelty-free lashes have the same fluffiness, curl, and dimensionality as real mink. The Viral lashes are trimmable, allowing you to customize them based on your eye width.

Take a look at what these lashes look like with different eye shapes:

This Glamnetic lash set comes with 6 magnets and a magnetic case. Viral is $30 for one set and $76.50 for a 3-pack (reduced from $90). 

Glamnetic Lucky Lash Review

These feminine cateye lashes are seriously alluring. Lucky Lash subtly pumps up the volume of your lashes for a close to au-natural look. This lash set is great for everyday wear to have you feeling extra pretty, but not in an in-your-face way.

Made from faux mink, Lucky Lash works in your favor for cruelty-free beauty. These Glamnetic lashes range from 12-13 mm in length and come pre-cut, so they’re ready to wear.

One Lucky Lash set costs $30, or you can save on a 3-pack for $76.50 (discounted from $90)

Glamnetic Livin’ Lash Review

The Livin’ Lash works to accentuate the beautiful lashes you already have, featuring a round shape and 100% real mink. Glamnetic’s most natural-looking lashes are 11mm in length, perfect for a bare-faced or minimal makeup day.

These daily wear lashes are lightweight, windproof, waterproof, and sweatproof, so you can put them on in the morning and go about your day without a care in the world. 

For the perfect application, cut the lashes down to fit your eye width. The Livin’ Lash is $30 for one set or $76.50 for a 3-pack (regularly priced at $87).

Glamnetic Eyeliner Review

For some of us, eyeliner is an essential to make our peepers pop, and Glamnetic lashes won’t work without it. The brand’s easy application technique starts with its magnetic liner that secures the lashes and keeps them in place for as long as you need.

This Glamnetic review features their classic liquid liner, plus a new set of felt-tip liners. We’ll dive into the technical details of these magnet lash essentials and how they perform:

Glamnetic Magnetic Liner 

The Glamnetic Magnetic Liner is a must-have with their lashes, holding them in place all day. It’s available in Black or Brown, and is highly pigmented for beauty that stands out.

The liquid Magnetic Eyeliner is sweat-proof and smudge-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your eyeliner dripping into your eyes, or your eyelashes awkwardly blowing away in a strong wind.

Glamnetic suggests doing a test patch on your skin to make sure you have no allergies to this product. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

For best results, shake before use, glide along your upper lash line, and apply lashes when mostly dry. Remove with an oil-based makeup remover. Glamnetic Magnetic Liner is $33 and comes in a 6 ml tube. 

Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic Eyeliner

These magnetic felt tip eyeliners are new to the Glamnetic scene. The Soo Future! set includes magnetic liners in Black and Brown. Create a daring cat-eye, a striking Cleopatra look, or opt for more delicate, natural lines.

Glamnetic’s Soo Future! eyeliners are smudge-proof and quick-drying. They have precise tips for the perfect application, plus the formula is waterproof and long-lasting.

If you’re more comfortable applying felt-tip eyeliners, this set may be better compared to the liquid liner. The Soo Future! Magnetic Eyeliner set retails for $77.40 (reduced from $86).

Glamnetic Lash Bundles Review

This Glamnetic lashes review loves kits because they bundle fan favorites together for a great deal. From lashes to liners, you can choose at least two lash sets and save. Take a look at these popular Glamnetic lash kits:

Glamnetic Keep It Classy Kit

The Keep It Classy lash kit includes the classic Black Magnetic Liner, Love Lash, and Lust Lash. Both pairs are windproof and waterproof for long-lasting wear.

The Lust lashes are thin and delicate for subtle yet sexy bedroom eyes (15 mm). The Love lash is wispy with a timeless appeal, featuring fibers in varying lengths (13-15 mm) and a slight curve. These lashes are trimmable to fit your eye width and made from 100% real mink

The Keep It Classy kit is currently selling for $90 (discounted from $100).  

Glamnetic Jumpin On A Jet Kit

Designed for all-day, comfortable, and easy wear, this set contains the Lush Lash, Lavish Lash, and Black Magnetic Liner. Made from 100% real mink, this set is all you need to take with you, and your sparkling personality, no matter where you’re headed. 

The Lavish is striking and wispy with a 16mm length that can turn your night outfit from basic hot to regal. Lush is even more dramatic with a 17mm length, featuring thicker fibers for more volume and a femme-fatale look. Both are trimmable for a customizable length.

The Jumpin’ On A Jet kit is available for $90 (discounted from $100). 

Glamnetic Lashes Reviews: What Do Customers Think? 

Glamnetic Lashes Review

Glamnetic reviews Reddit users write reports of great customer service, that the lashes are easy to put on, and “look flawless.” While some customers new to the lash scene say there’s a learning curve, Glamnetic lashes are mostly loved on this forum.

Less happy Reddit reviewers describe some of the lashes as looking too big and fake, although this would be a matter of personal preference. Others commented that the liner does not work

We also looked at Glamnetic Amazon reviews in our hunt for real customer input. On this site, the majority of customers are fans. Customers write that the lashes are easy to apply, sturdy, and strong. Here’s how Glamnetic lashes perform on Amazon:

  • Virgo Vegan Magnetic Lashes: 3.8/5 stars out of 4,149 ratings
  • Lucky Vegan Magnetic Lashes: 3.8/5 stars out of 4,149 ratings
  • VIP Vegan Magnetic Lashes: 3.7/5 stars out of 59 ratings
  • Black Magnetic Eyeliner: 3.7/5 stars out of 1,172 ratings

Glamnetic has a 4.4/5-star rating out of 1,429 reviews on Trustpilot. These vary widely, where 69% of ratings are Excellent, and remaining customers rating the brand as Great or Average. Dissatisfied customers cited issues with shipping and contacting customer service, yet happy customers reported swift responses from the company.

Finally, this Glamnetic review ventured onto the Better Business Bureau to see how the brand performs there. Glamnetic has an A+ rating here, with an average of 1.6/5 stars out of 46 customer reviews. Companies receive poor letter ratings when buyer complaints are left unresolved.

Are Glamnetic Lashes Worth It?

Glamnetic Lashes Review

By now, you may be wondering if Glamnetic is legit or not. Based on our research, it’s clear that Glamnetic received mixed reviews. Customers seem to either love or dislike the lashes; reviews are rarely in between. There are conflicting comments on how accessible customer service is, but most agree that the lashes are sturdy and easy to put on.

Based on what we found, this Glamnetic review suggests possibly purchasing your first pair from a retailer with a physical store, like Sephora, where you can see what you’re dealing with. You’ll see the lashes in person, get the right idea of the actual size, and skip the shipping and customer service worries. 

Now, that’s not to say every single interaction with customer service and shipping is bad. But there’s a lot less risk when you can hold the product in your hand and check it out before purchasing. On the other hand, if you prefer to do your shopping online, be prepared for a bit of a gamble with this lash brand.

This Glamnetic review definitely likes the look of these lashes, and how varied the styles are, from natural-looking to bombshell babe. That being said, based on the reviews out there, you may want to proceed with caution and have a good sense of the return process (more on this in the FAQ section below).

Glamnetic Promotions & Discounts  

Glamnetic Lashes Review

When you land on, the brand will prompt you with a ‘Mystery Offer’ that’s sent via messenger. Mystery Offers include a Glamnetic discount code!

Where to Buy Glamnetic Lashes

Glamnetic Lashes Review

You can buy Glamnetic directly from for the best deals and bundles. You can also buy online from the Glamnetic Sephora store or on Amazon.  


Is Glamnetic Lashes safe?

All of the Glamnetic Lashes products have been tested for safety. Their eyeliner has the same ingredients as other traditional eyeliners and mascaras, so it’s nothing new or scary.

Their formula contains no heavy metals or parabens, and the iron oxide found in the liner is rated as non-toxic. As with any eye product, if you have a pre-existing eye condition, consult with your doctor before use. 

Is Glamnetic FDA approved?

Glamnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides that are FDA approved and non-toxic. That means it is safe to use around your eyes, unlike traditional eyelash glue.

Does Glamnetic use real mink?

Glamnetic does in fact use real mink in some of their eyelashes. For those who prefer vegan eyelashes, the brand does offer a faux mink lash style made from high-quality synthetic fibers.

How many times can you use Glamnetic lashes?

If you take care of the eyelashes, you can use them up to 40 times. But you need to make sure you clean the magnets on the fake eyelash after every use and store them in the included magnetic case. 

How do you put on Glamnetic lashes?

According to Glamnetic, here are the steps for applying their lashes?

  1. Apply magnetic liner on the lash line
  2. Adhere the lashes when the liner mostly dry
  3. Press lashes down onto the magnetic liner and make sure there is a connection
  4. To remove, simply peel off lashes from either corner and clean your skin with an oil-based makeup remover.

How do you get Glamnetic eyeliner off?

Start by pulling your false eyelash off your eyelid. To clean the liner off your eyelid, use waterproof makeup remover, micellar water, or coconut oil. 

How long does Glamnetic take to ship? 

Glamnetic ships its products all over the world. For US shipping, most orders ship out within 48 business hours and take approximately 2-7 days for delivery

For international orders, including Glamnetic UAE locations, this Glamnetic review must note that there are two shipping options in the checkout process, and one includes duties that must be paid when packages are delivered.

  • For US & Glamnetic Canada orders over $30, shipping is free and takes 3-8 business days
  • Standard Domestic Shipping is $5 and takes 3-5 business days
  • Expedited Shipping is $15 and takes 2 business days
  • Overnight Shipping is $50 and takes 1 business day.
  • International Shipping (duties included/not included) is calculated at checkout and takes between 8-14 business days

What is Glamnetic’s Return Policy?

If your order arrives and the product is damaged, or you are unsatisfied, contact Glamnetic customer service within 14 days of your order delivery.

For returns, make sure the item is in new condition with undamaged packaging, that the product you wish to return is unused. Glamnetic can only accept returns from items purchased directly from 

To start the return process, follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected] 
  2. Write, “Return Request: [your order number]” as the subject
  3. In the body of the email, include your order number, the reason for the return, condition of the item, and photos of the item
  4. Glamnetic will review your order and get in contact with you for further instructions. 

How to Contact Glamnetic

If you require additional information on topics that this Glamnetic review did not cover, you can email [email protected] or fill out the contact form on All inquiries are answered within 24 hours, 7 days a week

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