BonLook Glasses Review

About BonLook 

BonLook Glasses Review

BonLook is a Canadian eyewear company selling trendsetting options for men, women, and kids without the designer price markup or name tag. BonLook makes it easy to change up your look with a new pair of shades or specs because the affordable prices make it easy to add to your fashion collection. 

The following BonLook glasses review will cover key elements of the brand and its products, in order to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of BonLook 

BonLook Glasses Review

BonLook is a family-run, Montreal based company founded by Sophie Boulanger, a young business-savvy woman who wanted to shake up the monopolized optical industry. Sophie partnered with her brother Louis-Felix to create affordable eyewear, without the middleman markup. By cutting out the middlemen of manufacturing, BonLook takes charge of every layer of the business: from shipping to design. 

In writing this BonLook glasses review, it became apparent that the brand doesn’t skimp on quality materials. They use lenses produced by a partner to many eyewear brands, Essilor, and design their products using hypoallergenic stainless steel. BonLook has over 30 locations in Canada, in provinces including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. The store locations also have inhouse stylists, opticians and optometrists. The brand also sells their products online through their website.

BonLook is an innovative brand, releasing new collections every month. Their eyewear includes influencer-designed collections featuring a variety of trendy styles. BonLook has the Canadian- designed advantage for those who want to support local businesses, and a variety of collaborations with icelebrities and influencers like figure skating Olympian, Tessa Virtue, Montreal-based influencer and model Mairpier Morin, and award-winning journalist and feminist, Liz Plank. 

BonLook Glasses Review

BonLook also has a See Better to Succeed Program that offers a $250 reimbursement on a purchase of glasses for children under the age of 18. This is only exclusively offered in Quebec and implemented by the Quebec government to help parents ease the financial strain on parents who can’t afford to buy their children glasses. 

BonLook’s Competitors 

  1. Warby Parker: Warby Parker sells similar eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women. Both brands remove the middleman for affordable and accessible eyewear. They are a US company, but have a few Canadian locations. Warby Parker does not design products for kids, unlike BonLook. 
  2. Designer brands and optometrist offices: Optical industry brands that sell designer glasses for upwards of $600+ like Prada, Chanel and Gucci will always be a competitor, especially if your optometrist pushes their glasses after an eye exam and insurance covers the cost. 

For this BonLook glasses review, let’s check out the benefits and downsides of the brand:


  • Canadian-based company with over 30+ stores across Canada 
  • Affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses ranging from $149-$225 
  • Virtual try on method to help make online shopping easier and determine if a pair of glasses matches your face 
  • Face Shape Guide to help find flattering frames
  • Blue light protective lenses for those using electronic screens all the time, and anti-fatigue lenses for those who switch from one screen to another 
  • Extensive selection of lenses for every prescription including: single vision, progressive, custom, degressive, anti-fatigue, transitions 
  • Single vision lenses start at $149 and progressive, degressive and anti-fatigue start at $375 
  • Sells kids glasses for parents who want stylish options for their little ones
  • Free 30-day refund and free return shipping for orders over $80
  • Offers regular and petite sized frames 
  • See Better Program adds a charity element to the brand and help kids in need 


  • No US stores, but US customers can shop online
  • Most of the collections are designed in Canada, but not made in Canada
  • Some people may still want a designer logo on the side of their shades 
  • No BonLook home try on method 
  • No contact lens option 
  • Kids glasses can only be purchased in-store 
  • Free refund and shipping excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and BonLook does not cover custom fees
  • See Better Program is only offered in Quebec. 

BonLook Glasses Review: Eyewear 

For Women

Women’s BonLook eyewear has a plethora of options for every style, face shape, personality and occasion. Featured styles include: pink frames, oversized frames, cateye frames (pictured above) round frames, and collaborations with influencers and celebrities like: Liz Plank, Keiko, Maripier Morin, Tessa Virtue, Mitsou and more. Most frames use the highest grade of material such as cellulose acetate sheets. 

The Made in Canada collection is limited edition and manufactured by Fellow Earthlings, a company located in PEI. The Made in Canada collection is the priciest collection and starts at $225. Women’s eyeglasses range in price from $149-$225 and sizing includes a petite collection and medium to large (regular) sizes. 

For Men

BonLooks men’s eyeglasses selection is a bit different than the women’s collection. First, there is only one collaboration collection. The collection is with NHL superstar Taylor Hall. Second, the men’s eyeglasses offerings include more horn-rimmed, aviator, and titanium options than the women’s collection for a more polished and hipster kind of look. 

BonLook’s styles for men include square framed, round frames in gold matte (pictured above), rectangle frames and round frames, all in a variety of colours (tortoise, matte black, grey) and metals (gold, silver, brass). The men’s collection starts at $149 and extends to $225. 

BonLook Glasses Review: Sunglasses  

For Women

The BonLook sunglasses collection features regular lenses (without prescriptions) and prescription sunglasses for those who need it. The collection comes in a variety of styles like: oversized, cat eye, seventies inspired round, tortoise shell, cool modern and more.

The sunglass collection ranges in price from $149-$225 and also features petite styles and medium to large (regular) collection. The sunglasses also feature 100% UV coating protection. The BonLook oversize style, Marlo in Latte is pictured above. 

For Men

The BonLook sunglasses collection for men features similar styles to their eyeglass collection, with both prescription and non-prescription available. The sunglasses also feature 100% UV coating protection. Their stylish options include square, round, and lux options, like Sharp Lux in Black Copper pictured above. The prices are the same as the eyeglass collection, ranging from $149-$225. 

BonLook Glasses Review: Kids 

The BonLook Junior collection features best selling BonLook adult glasses in small styles for little ones. The glasses are made from polycarbonate lenses and have spring hinges that bend, offering durability. The limitation to the Junior collection is they can only be purchased in-store, meaning only Canadian customers can buy it. 

BonLook Glasses Review: What Do Customers Think? 

BonLook Glasses Review

The BonLook glasses review section is hard to find on their website. This could be a miss for them as people could share their opinions right under each frame. However they have a widget at the bottom that shares some reviews including:

  • “Love my new glasses! Frames are comfortable and great quality,” – Kelly, Ontario (re: Imagine Petite in Sepia Kiss)
  • “I have a small head so usually I end up fitting children’s glasses better than adults. The unfortunate thing is kids glasses don’t look as nice. I love these glasses! They fit perfectly and the rose colour sort of has a tan to it so they are very subtle. I hope BonLook keeps these smaller frames around – they’re the best I’ve found.” – Emily, Pennsylvania (re: Spark in Rose) 
  • “Glasses look good, frames fit perfectly and I received excellent service both in-store and on the website. Thanks!!” – Sebastien, Queben (re: Trade in Mud Clear) 

There is commentary on their Instagram account for people commenting on their purchases:

  • “I just received the Elevate and I love them,” – @Baomagic
  • “Love that entire collection!” – @thebrandisfemale (referring to the Made in Canada collection)
  • “I need to go try those out. I’m waiting for my ‘imagine petite terra’ but I already want more” – @thequeenelvira 

Still not sure about BonLook? Check out our Hubble Contacts review.

BonLook Sizing 

  • BonLook has petite and regular sizing 
  • The regular sizing fits medium to large
  • Petite sizing is only available in the women’s collection, meant for narrow faces and smaller features where bigger glasses may overwhelm

BonLook Promo Code 

  • Buy one pair of glasses and save $75 on your second
  • Promo code: MAKEITTWO at checkout 

Where to Buy BonLook  

  • Online at, or in 30+ stores in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba


Shipping Policy

  • BonLook ships free for any order over $80 to Canada and the US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). Under $80 there is a $10 fee for US and Canada. International orders are charged $35
  • International orders take 10-30 business days. Canada takes 10-12 business days, and the US takes between 8-12 business days. For progressive or high index lenses the shipping times are longer and vary. International orders are charged differently and also do not include duties or customs. 

Return Policy

  • BonLook will return any regular-priced products that are in mint-condition within 30 days of your order. They are strict with the 30 day return period, and won’t accept returns after this date. The return will also include a refund if required. 
  • All sales items are considered final sale, the only offering BonLook will give for sale items is store credit. 
  • BonLook won’t cover customs or duties fees. 

Contact BonLook  

  • Phone: 1-877-755-6659
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Customer service hours: Monday to Sunday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET
  • Live chat bot on website

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