Maria Black Jewelry Review

About Maria Black

Maria Black Jewelry Review

Did you know recycled gold jewelry is an option now? Yes, in case you didn’t know, some jewelry brands are using recycled gold materials to make their jewelry more sustainable, ethical, and all the while, still beautiful. One of those brands just so happens to be Maria Black.

They don’t stick to just recycled jewelry of course, but they have introduced a collection of sustainable, fair-trade bedazzlers.

On the Maria Black store, you’ll find all the regulars: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even a few extra quirky additions like colorfully themed coins and charms. Seek and ye shall find!

With their 113k followers on Instagram and 40k on Facebook, the brand has a loyal following who keep up with new releases and buy, buy, buy.

Maria Black has also racked up some clout points in Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Refinery29... Not to mention all the celeb endorsements: Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, and more have adorned MB’s jewels on red carpets and all.

What’s our mission today? This Maria Black jewelry review will give you more background info on the brand, what the best-sellers are like, bird’s-eye pros and cons of buying, customer reviews, and FAQs like shipping and returns. 

Overview of Maria Black

Maria Black Jewelry Review

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Maria Black is founded by… Maria Black. Crazy, right? She did indeed found the brand in 2010.

The company’s mission? To encourage jewelry wearers of all shapes and sizes, genders, and nationalities to “create your bespoke look.” Maria Black’s raison d’etre is pretty much giving you the power to be your own stylist, free of judgment and fashion ‘rules.’

Recently, the company dove straight into more ethical business practices. Their new IMPACT gold collection is made from 30% fair-trade gold and 70% recycled gold. More sustainable. More equitable. More fun. They strive to be better when it comes to ethics and sustainability. 

How about a look at the pros and cons of buying from Maria Black?


  • A variety of unique, modern jewelry in multiple styles to choose from
  • Sustainable, fair trade options made with recycled gold
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Express international shipping
  • 90-day return policy
  • Financing options available through Klarna 
  • Products made in London


  • No free returns
  • Shipping is $20
  • More expensive than other brands

Those are the big-picture pros and cons of our Maria Black jewelry review. Now incoming, the products themselves…

Maria Black Rings Review

Maria Black rings are one of their most popular sellers, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the variety. But for now, take a look at these couple of customer favorites.

Maria Black Mom Ring Review 

The Mom Ring is the matriarch of the Maria Black family rings. It’s just a smooth, modest ring with the word “MOM” spelled out for all to see.

It’s simple but adorable and heartwarming, making it the perfect mother’s day gift. Also, it’s not terribly dainty, but it has just enough thickness to be comfy and classy.

This ring is available in the following formats and prices:

  • 925 Sterling Silver, White Rhodium Plated – $126
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow 22K Gold Plated – $158

Both are equally precious. Size-wise, they offer the Maria Black Mom Ring in 46 to 60.

Maria Black Dad Ring Review 

The Dad Ring is the Mom Ring but for dads. It’s a very simple, straight-to-the-point accessory. The silver or gold ring (you choose) is medium thickness and the letters on top spell “DAD.

This Maria Black Dad Ring comes in sizes 46 to 60, so take your pick of that after you choose one of these material, look, and feel options:

  • 925 Sterling Silver, White Rhodium Plated – $126
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow 22K Gold Plated – $158

Maria Black Bro Ring Review

The Bro Ring is for the bros or for a bro. Whether you’re buying this for a homie, a real brother, or to knight yourself as an official bro, it really doesn’t matter here, just know that this is a ring that says “BRO” on it.

This Maria Black brother ring comes in these variations. Choose wisely, bro:

  • 925 Sterling Silver, White Rhodium Plated – $126
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow 22K Gold Plated – $158

Make sure to keep in mind that the Gold Plated has sizes 46 to 60, but the White Rhodium Plated seems to only have 50 to 60 right now.

Maria Black Girl Ring Review 

The Maria Black Girl Ring is a cutesy accessory for your best gal pal, a daughter, niece, yourself, who knows? The word “GIRL” is splayed out on the top of your ring in neat capital letters. The piece has a classic feel to it. 

MB suggests wearing it as a stacking ring. We suggest (in jest) if people question why you wear a ring that says GIRL on it, you can always say it’s a cool, progressive feminist statement that they just wouldn’t get because your artistic vision is decades ahead of the curve… or not.

…But we digress. So here are your price options:

  • 925 Sterling Silver, White Rhodium Plated – $126
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow 22K Gold Plated – $158

Each option comes in sizes 48 to 58. 

If you’re looking for something a little more boyish, they also have a Maria Black Boy Ring, in case you’re interested.

Maria Black Ally Ring Review 

The Ally Ring is a dainty twirl ring that is undeniably elegant, classy, and simultaneously manages a vintage and futuristic look. With 5 diamond accents on top to show off your shiny glamor moment (or lifelong moment), the piece is stunning and so unsurprisingly a bestseller.

Extra good news about the Maria Black Ally Diamond Ring: it’s made from the brand’s recyclable fair-trade IMPACT gold, meaning it’s a more ethical and sustainable pick. Yay for diamond shimmer greatness!

The Ally Ring is born from 14K White Gold and is White Rhodium Plated. The total carat is 0,071 / GH / SI. In sizes 43 to 59, all are invited to adorn this crowd-pleaser. At $567, it’s quite a bit of cash, but the diamonds are the real deal, so what else can be expected price-wise.

That’s the Ally Ring, but if you’re looking for more twirly Maria Black twirl rings, they’ve got those too: check out the gorg Diamond Cut Twirl in Yellow Gold or White Silver.

Maria Black Necklaces Review

Maria Black necklaces are another essential part of the brand. These are some featured best-sellers, so keep an eye out for one that might twinkle your stars extra bright.

Maria Black Helena Lilac Necklace Review 

The Helena Lilac Necklace is the epitome of elegance. It’s a classic pearl necklace with a twist: not literally a twist, but a circular charm hanging in the center, colored in a simple, feminine lilac shade.

It isn’t just any lilac either, because the resin is hand-mixed, creating a truly individualistic look on you. It’s all you, baby. Your time to shine.

The Maria Black Lilac Necklace is 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold Plated for $238.

Maria Black Cosmopolitan 55 Necklace Review

The Cosmopolitan 55 Necklace has a classy name, indeed, but also, she’s a simple chain necklace in gold or silver.

It can be dressed up, oh certainly: you can even peruse other areas of the Maria Black world and add some of the brand’s own charms and coins, fitting perfectly on this bad girl. Make your statement, whatever that may be.

The length of the chain is 55 cm, and the prices and materials are as follows:

  • 925 Sterling Silver, White Rhodium Plated – $348
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow 22K Gold Plated – $442

Maria Black Earrings Review

Maybe you’re not into necklaces or rings. Maybe you’re looking for Maria Black piercings. Are you? Well, either way, here are some absolutely stunning earrings from your girl MB.

Maria Black Agosto Earring Review 

The Maria Black Agosto Earring is one of those jewelry pieces that makes you do a double-take because it’s genuinely unique and ahead of the trend in the best way. It’s not one of those earrings you see a million clones of from every brand from Claire’s to Tiffany’s. No, no.

This earring is something special, with its swirly, dangly goodness adorned by a pretty, oval pearl. In 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow 22K Gold Plating, this curvy boy will hang from your ears with… fashion.

The freshwater pearl is, in dimensions, 1 x 9 mm, and the piece as a whole is 70 mm tall. These Maria Black earrings are priced at $136.

Maria Black Guidance Ocean Coin Review 

The Guidance Ocean Coin is a cool circular blue-ocean-colored coin that you can add to a ring or necklace of your choice. Express your individual style with this light blue, lighthearted charm/coin.

Turns out Maria Black Ocean Coin isn’t its own currency, so you won’t be cashing in, but you will be cashing out $64 if you buy this fella. In 925 Sterling Silver, 22k Gold Plating, this piece is as well-constructed as it is cute.

Who Is Maria Black For? 

Maria Black Jewelry Review

That’s the kicker: they’re for everyone! Maria Black is pretty much for anyone and everyone—all are invited to this party. The brand has an impressive diversity of styles, and we bet you’ll find something you’ll like, whoever you are.

Comparison: Maria Black vs. Melinda Maria

Maria Black Jewelry Review

To give our Maria Black jewelry review that extra umph, let’s compare the brand side by side with a competitor: Melinda Maria. And yes, the names are weirdly similar.

Here are the commonalities we can mark down:

  1. Both have the name “Maria” in the brand name – just a fact!
  2. Each brand has various types of jewelry in a range of styles
  3. A-list celebs flock to wear their bling

Now, here’s what Melinda Maria does differently:

  1. 2-year warranty
  2. Less expensive on average
  3. Free US shipping
  4. American company
  5. For a younger demographic

Basically, Melinda Maria is for you if you’re big into the whole L.A. Instagram fashion scene. If you’re a young woman who likes trendy styles, wants free shipping, and is on a tighter budget, this might be the better option for you.

But if those conditions don’t apply, then go with Maria Black for more high-end products.

Maria Black Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Maria Black Jewelry Review

It’s now the time in our Maria Black jewelry review to turn it over to customer opinions. We need to hear what’s up right from the mouths—okay, keyboards—of those who have actually bought the stuff and can actually tell us whether to spend our money on MB or flee in horror.

Luckily, (we hope) there will be no fleeing of any kind because reviews are mostly positive. 

Since there are no reviews on the site’s product pages and barely any on external sites, we had to resort to testimonials from the likes of TrustPilot, Nordstrom, and Yelp. A well-rounded selection, if we do say so ourselves.

First up to the judging table, TrustPilot is full of people who, quote, “can not recommend Maria Black highly enough.” Now, people don’t say that for no reason, so what’s the real deal here? Well, firstly, the quality of the products:

They say the jewelry is “even better in real life than they look in the pictures.

And on customer service? One buyer swears, “Any time I’ve had any questions or needed help on getting the size right, they’ve been so helpful and responsive.” Awww, ain’t that sweet.

More good stuff: “pieces are beautifully made and presented” with oh-so unique, “creative designs,” and “prompt customer service” that provides “excellent, speedy and friendly” assistance when you need it.

One customer was left saying, in a sort-of funny, formal kind of way, “Thank you for such a pleasurable transaction.” Ah yes, thank you, kind jewelers, for this optimal interaction.

Another Maria Black jewelry review left on the king of customer review sites, TrustPilot, reads:

I was impressed by how quick I received my orders. Beautiful product, I ordered a ring and earrings. As the size of one of my orders was not correct I contacted customer service. Such a nice, professional and still personal reply.

Last one from TrustPilot and then we move on, we swear, but we had to show you this testimonial of above-and-beyond customer service:

I had a really bad experience with a NYC retailer and reached out to the brand directly. They were super quick in replying, very personal and made sure to compensate for my bad experience even though it wasn’t their fault in the first place.” 

Maria Black Jewelry Review

By that account, we gather that customer service goes out of their way to satisfy the customer.

Reviews left on Nordstrom were also insightful. Of the Senorita 70mm Endless Hoop Earrings, a whopping two customers rated it as 5/5 stars. One review sums up all the happiness, mentioning only one negative that doesn’t seem to be much of a negative after all:

“Very nice, larger than I expected, nice weight but not heavy. Easy to wear. 

The other customer backed this up, saying the earrings are “simple, good size, good quality,”—a simply stated opinion, worthwhile all the same.

The Senorita 35mm Endless Hoop Earrings also received an all-around positive review, which should give you hope about the quality and design:

I purchased these in the gold and I wear them almost every day. They are easy to put on and are the perfect size. They are made well and look great too.

Lastly, check out this quick review of the Heroes Karen Necklace: “Love this necklace! Its subtle and lays nicely on the neck.

Multiple people on Nordstrom mentioned how the jewelry is typically of the dainty variety, but in the feminine elegance kind of way, not the “I could snap this in half with one pinky” kind of way.

The last site we’ll take a look at is Yelp, where a few folks have left their reviews of the company. One Maria Black jewelry review here described, “Customer services responded to my email promptly,” which is certainly always a plus.

When you have issues with products that are defective, orders that are missing, shipping that is delayed, etc., etc., it’s a big ‘phew’ to know that customer service has your back and will quickly respond to the problem to rectify it for you.

You want to buy from companies that genuinely care for you and want you to come back for more because of the positive experiences you have—meaning they care when something does go wrong (…which is inevitable for every company ever).

Also, customers loved the unique, elegant designs of the jewelry, saying, “I cannot deny that jewellry design is eye catching.

We hear they are especially captivatingly gorgeous when showing them off out on the town, as one Maria Black jewelry review wrote about the brand’s undeniably stylish looks. They testified simply:

I bought a couple of gold plated silver earrings from Maria Black … they are a really lovely design and I got complimented on them.” Who doesn’t love free, spontaneous compliments?

So, what we’ve learned from reviews: first, that they should seriously consider allowing reviews on their site. Seriously. Makes your job as a fiscally responsible customer much easier, not to mention positive ratings will boost your incentive to buy, but anyway, we’re getting off track…

On the external sites with customer opinions, TrustPilot, Nordstrom, and Yelp alike, customers are saying great, smiley things about this beautifully designed jewelry.

Mostly, customer service is wonderful, lovely, all things sugar and spice and everything nice, and the jewelry itself is well-made, uniquely built, and magnetic to compliments.

Is Maria Black Worth It?

Maria Black Jewelry Review

After all this analysis, what can we say? Yes, Maria Black jewelry is worth it! With all the enthusiastic customer reviews, variety of shiny, well-made, jeweled-up accessories to adorn yourself in (whatever your personal style is), and fast shipping to the US, we’re convinced.

The product lineup is so diverse and clearly inclusive of many different people’s styles and levels of fashion expertise, because who cares? Wear what you want to wear. Wear lovely jewelry as lovely as you are.

Also, if you end up hating what you ordered, you can always return it—you have 90 days, so no rush, no big deal.

Maria Black Promotions & Discounts 

Maria Black Jewelry Review

We are sad to report that we could not find a single Maria Black promo or discount code. What we can suggest to make sure you don’t miss out when the latest deal drops is to:

  • Follow the brand on Instagram or Facebook
  • Sign up for their newsletter

Where to Buy Maria Black

Maria Black Jewelry Review

Our Maria Black jewelry review found that you can buy the brand from a few places, some of which include:

  • or in-person stores across Europe
  • Nordstrom
  • Holt Renfrew


Maria Black Jewelry Review

Where is Maria Black made? 

Our Maria Black jewelry review found that the lovely, gor-jus pieces are made in London, England.

What is Maria Black’s Shipping Policy?

Maria Black ships from the UK, so shipping to North America can be a little pricey—but nothing crazy. Here is the shipping policy for US shipping:

  • $20 flat fee
  • Free on orders over $100
  • Delivery time of about 2-7 business days
  • Ships via GLS, FedEx, or DHL

What is Maria Black’s Return Policy?

About returns, we’ve got good news and bad news. 

Good news: 

  • You can return items within 90 days of delivery. Plenty of time to make your decision.
  • You can exchange items in-store
  • You can try on the jewelry before you return it, as long as it’s in its original packaging when you ship it back. 
  • You get a refund for returns

Less-than-good news:

  • Returns aren’t without a price. You do have to pay for shipping.
  • There are no exchanges online—only in-store
  • Jewelry that arrives damaged or defective will be cost-free for return, replacement, or repair

Other info: when you return earrings, the sterilization seal has to remain intact. 

How to Contact Maria Black

Maria Black Jewelry Review

Whew. You’ve reached the finish line of our Maria Black jewelry review. Now what?

Well, if you have more Qs, you can ask the brand’s customer service directly via:

Explore more options for everyday jewelry and statement pieces with these top designers:




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