Persol Sunglasses Review

About Persol

Persol Sunglasses Review

Persol is a luxury eyewear brand that sells sunglasses and prescription lenses. It’s one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world, and currently owned by Luxottica. 

The company’s sunglasses are also a style choice for many prominent celebs, including Jay-Z, Ryan Gosling, Reese Witherspoon, and Patrick Dempsey. They even have a decent social media following of 321K on Instagram. 

If this eyewear line is loved by celebrities, it must be good, right? Well, this Persol sunglasses review might be able to answer that. Join us as we take a look at the company, its bestsellers, policies, and more, so you can decide if it’s worth investing in a pair for yourself.  

Overview of Persol

Persol Sunglasses Review

Persol was founded in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, making the company over 100 years old. Giuseppe was the optician and photographer behind the invention of Protectors, which provided pilots and athletes with visual clarity. 

Giuseppe and the team of Persol are also known for creating the first flexible stem system in the 1930s called Meflecto. This ensured that frames could adjust to anybody’s face. The brand strives for high-quality, innovation, excellent workmanship, and style. 

Persol focused on research and development throughout the years while producing useful and fashionable products for their customers. It made its way to the United States in 1962, with the first American store opening on Rodeo Drive in 1991. In 1995, the Italian company was bought by Luxottica, a company that shared their values. 

This Persol sunglasses review will now give you a brief overview with a pros and cons list.


  • Wide range of sophisticated frames for men and women 
  • Persol has a solid reputation within the industry 
  • Prescription lenses available 
  • Buyers are given a financing option through Affirm
  • Products are sold in many international retail stores  
  • Free standard shipping
  • Two-year warranty
  • Generous return policy


  • Limited customer reviews on and off the website
Persol Sunglasses Review

There’s nothing that sets an outfit off more than a pair of suave eyewear. Persol offers cool and stylish sunglasses, prescription glasses and lenses. You’ll be looking like a famous actor, actress, or athlete in no time!

This Persol sunglasses review is going to go over some of the best-selling men’s sunglasses and eyeglasses. Don’t worry, though. They do have Persol women’s sunglasses, and their pairs can be unisex!

Persol Men’s Sunglasses Review

The Persol sunglasses men’s category seems to be the most popular among customers. If you’re looking for some reliable protection against UV rays, why not express your personality at the same time? 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the bestsellers! As a side note, these Persol glasses are available for financing with Affirm. 

Persol 714SM – Steve McQueen Review

The Persol 714SM – Steve McQueen sunglasses were first introduced as a folding version of a different pair of specs. Designed into a pilot shape, they also utilize the trailblazing Meflecto folding system. 

The Persol Steve McQueen style is iconic. They’ve even been worn by the legendary actor himself. With polarized or standard lenses, the 714 SM’s are simultaneously functional and fabulous. Additionally, they feature Giuseppe Ratti’s signature Arrow symbol, which has become a staple on shades by this brand. 

These 714SM – Steve McQueen specs retail for $480

Persol 649 – Original Review

If you’re in the market for another timeless classic, you should try out the Persol 649 originals. The tortoiseshell patterned frames make this a sophisticated and cool choice to complete your weekend look. They were initially designed for streetcar drivers but have since become somewhat of a fan favorite. 

These Persol sun lenses also provide 100% UV protection, protecting your peepers from harmful rays. Similar to the Steve McQueen’s, you’re able to choose between standard and polarized lenses. 

Looking to add a personal touch? You could add a monogram to the side for an extra cost. The 649 shades will run you about $261, and they come in 15 different colors.

Persol PO3019S Review 

The PO3019S is an elegant and classy pair of specs. They have a similar look to the 649’s but with thinner and square-shaped frames. They are described as capturing the brand’s core values over time. 

Additionally, because of the Meflecto system, this pair of men’s sunnies are contemporary and functional. The green lenses with the tortoiseshell design would pair perfectly with cream colors and denim.

You can also choose from 11 different lens color options—including light blue, grey, and brown. 

The Persol 3019 s retails for $261

Persol PO3105S Review

For more of a vintage look, this Persol sunglasses review suggests the PO3105S specs. The Cellor Original design debuted at Persol in the 50s, and now, they’re a staple within the collection. With brown lenses and matching tortoiseshell frames, the look just screams European summer. 

These shades definitely have that old school charm. And they’d be considered high fashion today. You can easily wear these with a relaxed, short-sleeved button-down and a pair of denim shorts. 

These Persol folding sunglasses will run you about $317. They also come in six different colors.

Persol PO3108S Review

Statement sunglasses can turn some heads. And with the PO3108S specs, you’ll definitely get people talking. These glasses are part of Persol’s Typewriter collection.

Keeping up with the studious look, the bridge has a keyboard letter decal and an engraving on the sides to imitate a typewriter’s metal bars. The polarized blue lenses paired with the brown frames are unique and beautiful.  

A bonus, these $320 PO3108S shades can be worn by both men and women. 

Persol PO9649S Review

The last pair of specs in this Persol sunglasses review are the PO9649S. These bear a similar shape to the 649s, but with a sleeker and more unisex frame. They embody the so-called ‘cult classic’ style. 

These Persol frames, similar to the previous ones, have a self-assured essence to them. The black and green color variation is perfectly matched with any outfit and occasion. So, whether you’re attending brunch or part of a wedding entourage, you’ll be looking sophisticated and fashionable. 

The PO649S will run you about $261. They’re available in 15 color combinations.   

Persol Eyeglasses Review

The brand doesn’t just offer contemporary shades. They also have a selection of eyeglasses that falls into the theme of their timeless style. So, let’s go through some of their top-selling specs. Of course, there are also some Persol prescription sunglasses on display for those who need them!

Persol PO3007V Review

The PO3007V is a contemporary take on a retro style. It features a square shape and a slender frame, so you can appear as the most thoughtful person in your lecture hall. The brand offers the option to add prescription lenses to these frames too, so they can become your permanent companion. 

These eyeglasses were born in Italy from cotton acetate and pigments that are only seen in Persol items. This also makes each frame different and exciting to look at. With its luxurious and unisex design, the Persol 3007 ranges from $182–$266 in price depending on which color combination you choose. 

As a side note, adding prescription lenses to the PO3007V can cost between $210 and $360

Persol PO3092V Review 

The vintage-inspired frame trend continues with PO3092V Persol eyeglasses. These round frames are slightly sophisticated and youthful all at once. Additionally, the neutral tones offer a classic and intellectual look. 

If you’re not into the earthy tones, other colors are available—including the bright yellow ‘honey’ frames. Depending on the version you choose, these PO3092V glasses will run you between $185–$266

Persol PO3050V Review

The retro look isn’t for everybody. In that case, Persol offers the PO3050V frames. These black rectangular frames are a bit more modern and simple—there aren’t any frills or fuss when it comes to these specs. 

Because of their shape, they may appear more masculine than feminine. But, anyone can rock these simple glasses. They’re an eyewear staple and will have you looking like the leader of a boardroom. 

The PO3050V style retails for $251

Is Persol Handmade? 

Persol Sunglasses Review

Persol glasses are handmade in Turin, Italy. They’ve been handcrafted there since the company’s founding in 1917. 

Does Persol Use Plastic Lenses? 

Persol Sunglasses Review

Persol doesn’t use plastic lenses. Instead, the brand uses crystal lenses that are made of glass.

How Can I Tell If Persol Is Polarized? 

Persol Sunglasses Review

If you have a pair of polarized Persol lenses, you can tell by looking at a bright and reflective light source with your glasses on. For example, you could look at water or a mirror. 

While looking at it, tilt your head a bit to see if the light intensity increases. If it does, then you have polarized lenses. If not, then they’re just tinted shades. 

Who Is Persol For? 

Persol Sunglasses Review

Persol offers luxury frames for both adult men and women. From their Instagram feed, their target demographic seems to be gen-z and millennial consumers. 

That being said, you can definitely find pairs for all ages and face shapes from Persol’s vast collection of designer shades. And, if you’re someone who wears prescription lenses, they can provide you with stylish frames. 

Comparison: Persol vs. Ray-Ban 

Persol Sunglasses Review

There are many sunglasses retailers on the market today. So, how does our brand match up with other long-standing competitors? This Persol sunglasses review researched Ray-Ban’s products and practices to see what customers have available to them. 

First, we’ll take a look at some of their similarities: 

  • Both Persol and Ray-Ban are older companies with a loyal customer base 
  • Both offer some unisex products 
  • Buyers can order prescription lenses at both stores
  • Financing options are available
  • Both brands have manufacturing facilities in Italy 

On the surface, it seems like the two companies have many overlapping factors. There are a few differences when you look closer, though: 

  • Ray-Ban offers sunglasses for men, women, and children as well 
  • You can design your own Ray-Ban’s on their website
  • Some Ray-Ban styles are more trend-driven
  • Ray-Bans are slightly more affordable than Persol 

If you’re into the classics with a modern twist, Persol is the brand for you. But, if you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest sunglasses trends, Ray-Ban could be a good fit. So, which one will you choose?

Persol Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Persol Sunglasses Review

This Persol sunglasses review wouldn’t be complete without looking at some customer testimonials. So, we went searching. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews on their main website, but we found some on Amazon, Trustpilot, and Task & Purpose. Customer ratings are limited beyond these sites. 

There are a few criticisms regarding Persol’s customer service, but we’ll get to that later. Here’s the average Amazon star rating for some of the items in this review: 

  • Persol 714: 4.4/5 stars from 873 ratings
  • PO3019S: 4.4/5 stars from 166 ratings
  • PO3108S: 4.6/5 stars from 357 ratings
  • PO3050V: 4.4/5 stars from 163 ratings

The classic 714’s generate a mainly positive response. One customer writes, “Folding up your glasses is always an interesting conversation starter. High quality and they fit and look great. Definitely, a cool, old-school movie star vibe about them, which I really like. I was looking at quite a few pairs of glasses, and I made the right choice.” 

Another reviewer writes, “I own a pair of authentic 649 Persols purchased directly from the store, so I had a point of reference. They came promptly and in original packaging, unworn and in new condition. I can only speak about my experience, and it was good. The sunglasses were a great buy.” 

The PO3019S frames received some rave reviews. A satisfied customer says, “I love Persol sunglasses. And I really love these Persols. They look great, and they fit great. The case is solid and very cool as well. When I lose these or if they’re stolen, I won’t hesitate to buy another pair. In fact, I might as well do that right now.” 

The PO3050V gets some love, too, with one customer writing, “I love Persol, and these fit my needs and my style. I took them to my optometrist and had my prescription lenses put in with a slight tint. They hold up well and have great Italian style!” 

This Persol sunglasses review also found an article on Task & Purpose where the author expressed their love of the brand. They believed that the pair they owned was worth the price. Overall, they found them stylish and well-made. The only minor criticism they had were the alphanumeric names, which they did say was nitpicky.  Of course, they still praise Persol for its products. 

Is Persol Worth It?

Persol Sunglasses Review

Finding a good pair of sunglasses is definitely an investment. They protect your eyes from the sun and even help with your vision if you add on prescription lenses. Persol offers elegant handmade frames that you can treasure for years. 

Based on this Persol sunglasses review, we would say that their products are worth checking out. They offer high-quality shades that bring a sense of style to your overall look. Plus, they’re one of the oldest sunglass designers with a reputable reputation. 

Persol Promotions & Discounts 

Persol Sunglasses Review

At the time of this Persol sunglasses review, there is an ongoing Labor Day deal where you can buy a premium lens treatment with $50 off polarized lenses. 

Persol also has a Makers Loyalty Program. By signing up, you can get a monogram engraving on your glasses, VIP treatment, access to members’ sales, and more. Other than that, we couldn’t find any other active promotions or discounts. 

Where to Buy Persol

Persol Sunglasses Review

You can buy all Persol eyewear directly from their website at To find the nearest partnering retail store or optician, we recommend using the brand’s online store locator. 


Persol Sunglasses Review

Where is Persol made? 

Persol sunglasses are handcrafted in Turin, Italy. Their manufacturing practices have been in effect since 1917.

What is Persol’s Shipping Policy?

Persol does not ship internationally from their US site. Not to worry, though, because they operate worldwide through local versions of the online store, including Canada, Italy, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information regarding duties or taxes.

Free domestic shipping is available, and packages typically arrive within 5 business days. The brand will provide tracking information as soon as your order has been shipped out. 

What is Persol’s Return Policy?

Persol has a 45-day return policy. This does not apply to products that are engraved (unless you find defects with your order). The brand also offers a 2-year warranty on its eyewear. 

Regarding additional specifications, this Persol review found that the package needs to have the Return Label attached and must be sent back to the company within 14 days after you’ve notified them. You can do so via the online returns form, phone, or email. 

How to Contact Persol

We hope you enjoyed reading this Persol sunglasses review. For any other questions, feel free to reach their customer care team at the following: 

Persol monitors their phone lines from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST, and Saturday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM EST. 

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