Glasses USA Review

About Glasses USA 

Glasses USA Review

Glasses USA changes the way people buy glasses. The brand is the largest online eyewear retailer offering various high-quality house brands and name brands with a wide range of styles and lens types for men, women, and kids. Some of their brand name selections include Prada, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Gucci. 

If you search “Glasses USA Hilary Duff,” you will find the Glasses USA and Hilary Duff collaboration, which is one of many partnerships Glasses USA has. Plus, the brand has an impressive following of 173k on Instagram.

Glasses USA has also been featured on Ellen, and is involved in numerous charitable organizations. Last year, Glasses USA ranked as one of the top five online retailers of prescription eyewear

This Glasses USA review will explore the depths of the brand and its products, as well as customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Glasses USA 

Founded in 2009 by Daniel Rothman, Eldad Rothman, and Roy Yanner, the Glasses USA headquarters is located in New York. The founders of Glasses USA realized that many people were overpaying for glasses, as they were perceived mainly as a health necessity, and stores took advantage of it. 

Glasses USA’s mission is to “help everyone see better by offering quality glasses at affordable prices.” With that in mind, the brand offers its customers a range of styles and prescriptions including single vision lenses, contact lenses, kids’ glasses, and more

The brand also is involved in numerous charitable organizations. For example, Glasses USA created their “Pink Glasses” in support of breast cancer awareness. For the month of October, Glasses USA will donate $5 for every pair sold.

Glasses USA also supports the LGTBQ+ community and initiatives with their “Pride Glasses” collection. For the month of June, Glasses USA will donate $5 to the True Colors United organization for every pay sold. 

Glasses USA Review

What’s more, the Glasses USA website has an easy sizing feature and prescription selection feature that allows customers to choose a size of sideband for their correct size of glasses and frames, as well as any special requests for your prescription lenses. 

Plus, every product offers a detailed description of the frames, measurements, shipping, and returns, for that specific item, and also includes the product’s reviews. 

This Glasses USA review will now take a look at the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Ten years of expertise in eyewear for men, women, and kids 
  • Certified 100% authentic brands such as Prada, Ray-Ban, and Oakley 
  • Virtual try-on option available before purchase
  • Over 2 million customers have purchased their products
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free US shipping & returns
  • International shipping
  • 365-day warranty 


  • Customers report of glasses breaking soon after purchase 
  • Problems with customer service, shipping, warranty, and refunds

Glasses USA Women’s Glasses Review

Glasses USA Review

Glasses have come a long way from offering only a correcting purpose. In today’s society, they not only need to be functional, but they must be fashionable! Grab a pair of Prada, Gucci, Coach, or Michael Kors glasses to add a smart, sophisticated edge to your look.

Or, put in even more thought and purchase a simple designer pair that will match with every item in your wardrobe. This Glasses USA review will take a look at some of Glasses USA’s bestselling women’s glasses. 

Glasses USA Muse Corvallis Review

The Muse Corvallis is an elegant and stylish frame featuring a retro-inspired design. Crafted from premium acetate, its sleek arms, rich hue, and silver accents exude a classic cool. What’s more, these glasses are available in two different color options: Tortoise or Shiny Black/Clear, so you can mix and match depending on your outfit of the day. 

These glasses feature a plastic frame with a rectangle shape and are suitable for both men and women. For the more nitty-gritty details, these stylish glasses work with Single Vision, Near Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, and Non-Prescription lenses.

The Muse Corvallis is a fusion of vintage and modern that will surely compliment whoever is wearing them. With a DEAL60 coupon incorporated, these glasses come to the incredibly low price of $27, down from the original price of $68.  

Glasses USA Ottoto Bellona Review

The Ottoto Bellona features a stylish, round frame that doesn’t play by the rules. Crafted from premium acetate, they have a decorated model bridge, elegant arms, and an adjustable silicone nose pad for a comfortable fit.

The Glasses USA Muse Corvallis are available in seven different color combinations, and each frame is more whimsical than the next. These glasses are available for Single-Vision, Near-Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, and Non-Prescription. 

The Ottoto Bellona is a playful frame that is casual, yet polished, and would compliment any face shape. Add a bit of whimsy to your spectacles with these round frames for $104.

If that price doesn’t tickle your fancy, these glasses are currently on sale for $41.60 with the included DEAL60 coupon. The Glasses USA Ottoto Bellona is suited for those who prefer larger frames and enjoy standing out!

Glasses USA Ray-Ban RX5228 Review

The Ray-Ban RX5228 is a slimmer take on the iconic way frame. Crafted from premium acetate, its sleek arms, silver accents, and rich hue continues to leave a mark now, just as it did in the early 1950s. These specks are for those looking for a subtle, yet stylish frame. These glasses remind this Glasses USA review of the iconic Clark Kent glasses. 

Not to deter you, but if you’re someone who struggles with making decisions, be warned about these frames. The Ray-Ban RX5228 is available in 20 different colors to choose from! Ranging from simple black for a more classic look, to a brown, purple, and tortoise colorway for a more playful take.

For the specs on these glasses, they come in Single-Vision, Near-Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, and Non-Prescription. These unisex glasses retail for $183. For that price, anyone could become the man with S on his chest. 

Glasses USA Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Review

The Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator’s tear-shaped frame is a quirky play on the classic aviator style. With its double-bridge and a thin yet durable frame, it is equally suited for everyday wear, or a sunny day on the beach. These glasses feel like an upgrade of CSI Miami’s Horatio Craine’s iconic sunglasses. 

These aviators emit mysterious and sexy energy that will make you feel powerful the moment you put them on. If you thought 20 different colors was a lot to choose from, think again.

These frames come in an impressive 70 colors and have different prices depending on the frame you choose. For example, the classic black shades are $154, while the silver and pink options are $184.

The Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator is available with a prescription in Single-Vision, Near-Vision, Progressive, and Bifocal. Put these glasses on and feel like a badass boss.

Glasses USA Men’s Glasses Review

Glasses USA Review

Wearing glasses should not have to be a chore. Wearing them should absolutely be about more than helping you see, even though that’s very important. Think of wearing glasses as a personalized form of self-expression and unleashing your inner confidence.

This Glasses USA review will take a look at the bestselling men’s frames available from the brand, and you can decide which of these frames will help you become the best version of yourself. 

Glasses USA Muse Gilford Review

The Muse Gilford is a trendy, square frame offering a classic shape for a modern makeover. Sporting glossy rims with smooth, shark-fin temples are a perfect example of new and old styles coming together for a refreshing result.

This Glasses USA review rescinds its previous statement. These are reminiscent of the iconic Clark Kent glasses with a dash of hipster vibes. The lenses come in Single-Vision, Near-Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, and Non-Prescription.

The Muse Gilford is the perfect combination of nerdy and stylish. Clark Kent would rock these frames, and Lois Lane would love them; she would forget all about Superman.

These frames are available in five colors, ranging from classic black to a clear and teal combination for a pop of color. The frames are currently on sale for $34.40 with the DEAL60 coupon. The regular price is $86.

Glasses USA Weston Review

The Weston style is a well-rounded frame for a well-rounded individual. Crafted from premium acetate, it flaunts monel temples and a rich tortoise hue.

The Weston frames are unobtrusive but compliment the face by enhancing its features. They would suit those who prefer a modest frame but are interested to try a trendy shaped pair of glasses.

The glasses are available with Single-Vision, Near-Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, and Non-Prescription lenses. The Weston glasses are charming but straightforward. They remind this Glasses USA review of the glasses you would see on an English professor at a prestigious university. Or, simply someone with artistic endeavors.

The Weston frames offer an artsy vibe that any hipster living in New York City would wear, unironically, of course. For this style, 11 different shades are available to choose from, and they are currently on sale for $38 with the coupon DEAL60

Glasses USA Elliot Review

The Elliot is a modern take on the iconic 1950s Browline style. Crafted from premium acetate and sporting sleek arms, silver accents, and a retro monel bridge, this frame exudes classic cool.

The Elliot frames take you back to the time of milkshakes at diners and sock hops, looking for a girl to go steady with. You can purchase these frames with Single-Vision, Near-Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, and Non-Prescription lenses. 

The Elliot features a playful but professional style that would compliment any man’s face. The Glasses USA Elliot frames are available in five different and complementary colors and are currently on sale for $38 with coupon DEAL60 (regular price is $94).

These glasses may not help you nab a sweetheart, but at least you’ll look dashing trying. 

Glasses USA Revel Speed Review

The Revel Speed is a sleek and stylish, high-performance frame. Crafted from a lightweight thermopolymer, it features curved lenses for maximum protection and flexible arms for a non-slip grip.

No need to worry about these frames falling off, even during the most intense training sessions. The glasses are available with the option to choose Single-Vision, Near-Vision, and Non-Prescription lenses. 

The Revel Speed is ideal for athletes desiring that cool and intimidating look while training. These frames would be ideal for keeping the sun from our eyes while running, or for cyclists who need to block out the wind.

Whatever activity you enjoy, these frames will be sure to help make it more enjoyable. The Revel Speed comes in three colors that you can coordinate with your uniform or jersey. Grab a pair of these glasses before your next run or ride for $84.

But if you are on the fence about the price, Glasses USA is having a sale! The cost of the Revel Speed frames depends on the color, but use coupon LENSES25 for up to $25 off. 

Glasses USA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Glasses USA Review

This Glasses USA review will now explore what customers honestly think about the brand. Be warned, we’re going to include the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

First, let’s start off with the good. The Better Business Bureau gave Glasses USA a A+ rating. However, on sites such as Trustpilot, Glasses USA reviews give the brand a 4.5/5-star rating. Glasses USA has over 52,000 reviews, and the majority are positive

Glasses USA has thousands of 5-star reviews, with customers applauding the brand for its impressive variety, the accessibility of the site, the convenience, and the affordable prices

One example from the thousands of reviews for Glasses USA says, “Website was easy to use for my first time using it. I was pleased with the information given when I needed extra guidance to figure out what to select for my lenses.”

Another customer complimented the “Try-On” option stating, “Very helpful, and I like the “Try On” option for you, makes it much easier to choose the right pair for you.” 

Now, it is time for this Glasses USA review to move to the negatives. Let’s get down to business with the bad, and the ugly side, of Glasses USA. If one was to search “Glasses USA shipping review,” they may be met with numerous customer complaints.

Some customers have had bad experiences with Glasses USA shipping, with orders getting lost or taking ages to arrive, or never arriving at all. There have also been negative reviews regarding the Glasses USA warranty.

Customers warn that the Glasses USA warranty is misleading and has limitations that frustrate customers. A few customers have complained of their frames arriving damaged or within months of purchase the frames needing to be replaced. Lastly, negatives reviews are stating that the customer service is abysmal.  

Is Glasses USA Worth It?

Glasses USA Review

Where does this Glasses USA review stand?  After looking through the products and their associated reviews, and hearing customer feedback, we think their products are worth the buy. 

If you search “Glasses USA Reddit,” you will find thousands of positive reviews that heavily outnumber the negative reviews. While the negative reviews are daunting with complaints of damaged frames or problems with shipping, this Glasses USA review assures you that the brand has multiple areas that more than make up for it.

This includes free shipping, a price-match guarantee, 365-day warranty, and the 14-day no questions asked free returns. If you have ever owned a pair of glasses, you know what a hassle it can be, especially frames with an expensive price tag.

Glasses USA may be the answer to a widespread problem. They allow everyone an opportunity to own a pair of glasses with their affordable prices and a wide variety of frames

Earlier on in this Glasses USA review, there was mention of customers “trying on” frames. If you wonder how this is possible, search “Glasses USA try on at home,” and you will see that the company lets you try on glasses from the comfort of your home virtually

Glasses USA Promotions & Discounts 

Glasses USA Review

Glasses USA is currently offering a clearance sale on selected items. Many frames are significantly discounted. 

There’s an ongoing Glasses USA 50% off promotion for new customers. This is an excellent deal when compared to shopping in-store.

Where to Buy Glasses USA

Glasses USA Review

You can shop eyewear exclusively through


Who owns Glasses USA? 

Daniel Rothman owns Glasses USA Inc. 

Can you use insurance on Glasses USA? 

Yes, Glasses USA is recognized as an “out-of-network” provider for most vision insurance plans. For more information regarding reimbursement, visit the “How to Buy Glasses Online With Insurance” section of the Glasses USA site. 

How long does Glasses USA take to refund? 

According to Glasses USA, refunds take up to 10-14 days to be processed. 

Does Glasses USA ship internationally?

Yes, Glasses USA offers international shipping. More information on this will be provided below. 

How long does it take to get glasses from Glasses USA?

Glasses USA offers worldwide shipping. Locations include the US, Canada, Australia, and more. Glasses USA offers a few shipping methods, and the cost reflects those options.

  1. USA/ Canada Standard shipping is free and takes 7-10 business days US Expedited shipping is $10 and takes 5-7 business days 
  2. US Express shipping is $13 and takes 3-5 business days. 
  3. UK/International Expedited shipping is $22-25 and takes up to 14 business days.

For Glasses USA tracking, visit the “Track Your Order” section of the site. Enter your email and order number to track your order. All international shipments are subject to import taxes and VAT. 

Does Glasses USA have free returns?

Glasses USA returns are an easy process. Glasses USA has a 14-day no questions asked free returns policy that entitles you to a refund, product exchange, or a 100% store credit. 

Go to the Returns Form Page and follow these steps: 

  1. Fill in the Order ID, and email address used when ordering glasses. 
  2. Print prepaid return shipping label and put it on the envelope. 
  3. Return glasses in the original case and put them in an envelope.
  4. If returning more than one pair, place both pairs in one envelope. 

How to Contact Glasses USA

Glasses USA has a few options to contact Glasses USA customer service. Glasses USA contact information is as followed: 

1. Phone number: 1-844-244-1186

2. Email: [email protected] 

3. Glasses USA Contact Form

4. Live Chat  

Glasses USA customer service is available 24/7 to help you with anything you need. 

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Perfect Gift Of Vision For Our Dear Ones
3 years ago Reply

Got this one for my husband and he absolutely loves it, his eyes feel much better after a long day of work, will order a pair for me soon :).I highly recommend for the people who work on computer for multiple hours.

Lowsy Company
Shea Thompson
3 years ago Reply

I ordered 6 months of contacts from this business, and 5 out of every package of 30 of those contacts were bad, they had been melted or something due to heat exposure.

I thought I’d ride it out after the first few of them, thinking maybe I caught a bad couple batches, but literally every single one of these packs of 30 has had 3-6 bad contacts.

I finally reached out to them a few months after I’d made my purchase, and they simply said that because I had gone longer than the return date, they wouldn’t replace ANY of the contacts that had gone bad.

This is ridiculous… what am I supposed to do, open and try on every contact I buy for the entire 6 months worth of time immediately when I receive them to make sure the product they sold me wasn’t bad or damaged?

I will never buy from them again, they’re customer service is absolutely terrible and they take no responsibility for their lowsy handling of their product lines.

Not BBB accredited not located in the U.S.A. and poor after sale customer service
Matthew r van etta
3 years ago Reply

14 emails back and forth and when i asked for help they simply told me to look online.
4 phone calls ( 2hrs )
already paid my $30.00 copay for there insurance and still no glasses and its going on 3 weeks.

Missing Glasses
Vance Yoshikawa
3 years ago Reply

I ordered my glasses over a month ago. I have contacted them via email and phone and can’t get a straight answer. They keep telling me it will be “on its way.” I ordered an additional pair through the local optician and have had those classes for a few weeks already.

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