Felix Gray Glasses Review

About Felix Gray

Felix Gray Glasses Review

Felix Gray has an innovative line of glasses designed to improve your health and lifestyle. With styles for kids and adults ranging from optical lenses and sunglasses, to cutting-edge glasses to prepare you for sleeping, Felix Gray is on a mission to help everyone. 

Spending hours staring at your computer or phone screen can wreak havoc on your eyes. Every screen emits blue light, which has been linked to eye strain and headaches. Felix Gray glasses filter blue light to protect your eyes. Recommended by Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Gizmodo, and BuzzFeed, Felix Gray computer glasses are getting noticed.

This Felix Gray glasses review will dive into why screen time can be hard on you and your eyes, how these glasses can help, customer feedback, styles, pricing, and policies, so you can decide if they’re right for you.

Overview of Felix Gray

Felix Gray Glasses Review

Felix Gray’s mission is to reduce your eye strain, increase your comfort and productivity, and let you enjoy your life outside of work. Felix Gray eyewear was founded by people who experienced first hand the eye strain and headaches that result from spending their days in front of a screen. The founders aspired to design glasses that block blue light, while being trendy and fashionable for everyday use. 

A third of Americans spend 8 hours in front of a screen every day, and 60% report they experience symptoms of eye strain. Given so many of us are working from home, this isn’t surprising—though still concerning. Felix Gray glasses are designed to combat and alleviate the symptoms of eye strain associated with screen time, including dry eyes, headaches, eye fatigue, and blurred vision

Felix Gray brings Italian style and German engineering to shake up the typical (and often boring) computer glasses market. Headquartered in New York, Felix Gray glasses are made in China using Italian acetate and German metal. The brand offers four categories of eyewear: Optical (available in prescription, non-prescription, and reading), Sunglasses, Sleep Glasses, and Kid’s Glasses

Every Felix Gray product features blue light blocking technology and glare reduction. The sleep glasses feature unique amber lenses designed to help you maintain healthy sleep patterns. The lenses are clinically tested by Felix Gray to target the range of blue light that interrupts your natural sleep rhythm and inhibits melatonin production.

Felix Gray’s polarized sunglasses are designed to filter blue light and enhance colors. They block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and have a backside anti-reflective coating to reduce indirect glare. You might be surprised by how many sunglasses brands carry shades that don’t offer much in the way of sun protection—since this isn’t something they want to advertise. 

Let’s delve into this Felix Gray glasses review to see how successful (or not successful) they are in improving the wearer’s way of life. Here are the highlights: 


  • Fashionable frames for men, women, and kids in a variety of styles
  • Durable frames made from handcrafted Italian acetate and German metal, featuring scratch resistance
  • Affordable entry point; prices start at $95
  • Tons of favorable reviews from reliable sources
  • Risk-free trial 
  • Free shipping, returns, and exchanges 


  • More expensive than other blue light blocking glasses, though cusotmers claim that Felix Gray products also work better
  • Only available online so you can’t try them on first

The Science Behind Blue Light

Felix Gray Glasses Review

Many of us experience headaches, sore eyes, and difficulty sleeping because of our screens, but what is the root cause? The blue light emitted by our computers, tablets, and smartphones is often the culprit, because it emits more energy compared to other colors. There is no clear consensus among eye experts on whether blue light from our screen time is the cause or contributor to digital strain, but what we do know is that it’s bad news. 

What is acknowledged widely is that our sustained exposure to blue light is disruptive to natural circadian rhythms. Our bodies are not used to this many hours of light, and screen use at night can throw off our sleep patterns. Long gone are the days of our ancestors, who woke up at dawn and went to sleep a few hours after sunset. Even if you go back 20-30 years, our parents weren’t spending nights working on personal computers and scrolling through social media in the middle of the night. 

Times have changed, and our eyes are not better for it. Fortunately, modern and progressive brands continue adapting to fit the lifestyles of their customers. Next up in this Felix Gray glasses review, we’ll provide a breakdown of what you can expect for the entire eyewear line.

Felix Gray Glasses

While the Felix Gray collection features a diverse range of frame designs and glasses types, it’s important to note that:

  • All of their styles are unisex.
  • Sizes are written as three numbers, i.e. 49-17-140. These numbers correspond to measurements in mm. The first number is the lens width, then the bridge width, then the arm length.
  • All lenses are anti-glare, blue-wave blocking

How much are Felix Gray glasses? Pricing is the same regardless of the frames: $95 for sunglasses and non-prescription/computer glasses (including kid’s) and $145 for prescription lenses and sleep glasses. This Felix Gray glasses review focuses on some of their best sellers.

Roebling Blue Light Glasses

The Roebling Blue Light Glasses are reminiscent of days in the library with a hint of a wild side. These unisex glasses have a round lens frame that will compliment most faces. The keyhole bridge adds some interesting detail to the overall bookish meets stylish look.

The Roebling Blue Light Glasses come in a classic tortoiseshell called Amber Toffee, Sazerac Crystals (which is a very fancy description of a dark tortoiseshell), a limited edition light blue called Seneca Mist, and clear plastic Panorama. These Felix Gray glasses measure 49-18-140, meaning they’re suitable for a narrow- to medium-sized face.

Faraday Blue Light Glasses

These Faraday Blue Light Glasses make a bold statement with their wide, square frame. This smart-looking pair has a Clark Kent or Super Girl meets the runway vibe. These Felix Gray glasses have a larger frame (size is 53-17-145) with a low bridge fit

The Faraday Blue Light Glasses would best suit a slightly larger face, or someone who wants their glasses to make a proclamation. These frames come in a striking Black, tortoiseshell (Sazerac), clear (Panoramic), or a super cool, hipster-woodsy Artichoke green.

Nash Blue Light Glasses

The Nash Blue Light Glasses brings elegance to a more traditional square frame, less attention-grabbing than the Faradays, but no less of a style statement. The Whiskey-Tortoise shade above combined with the keyhole bridge adds a nice touch that makes them subtly out of the ordinary. 

These timeless frames are also available in Artichoke green, Black, and limited edition Horn (a bit of a brown, grey combo). The Nash Blue Light Glasses are slightly narrow (49-17-140), and the versatile frame will suit many faces. People with a narrower face may find they fit better than other styles.

Carver Blue Light Glasses

The Carver Blue Light Glasses are another fresh turn on a classic style. The rectangular frames will appeal to people looking for a more sleek and modest look. Though still stylish, the more subdued look will blend in rather than stand out. The Carver design has a more masculine air to it, but ladies can pull off an attractive boyish look as well. 

The Carver Blue Light Glasses have a medium size (50-17-145) that works with nearly any face shape. The Carver comes in three colors: Mahogany is a beautiful rich red tortoiseshell, Midnight Surf is a deep, oceanic blue, and Black is, well…black. 

Hamilton Blue Light Glasses

Sporting Italian acetate and bold styles, the Hamilton Blue Light Glasses feature an entirely metal frame. This Felix Gray design has a charming round shape that both ladies and lads can wear. A bespoke feel in a classic style, these frames will work at the office, in a virtual meeting, or out on the town.

The Hamilton Blue Light Glasses are available in Gold or Silver with a tasteful metallic finish. The thin frames and bridge have a delicate and understated feel. With a 49-21-140 size, this Felix Gray design will be most comfortable on narrow- to medium-sized faces.

Lovelace Blue Light Glasses

These cateye Lovelace Blue Light Glasses are made for catching eyes. A throw-back to a classic 50s style, these rounded frames will look equally daring and fun on anyone. Think Audrey Hepburn glamor if her sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s had a fraternal glasses twin.  

The Lovelace Blue Light Glasses are available in a vivid blue Cayuga, Serengeti that looks like a broader tortoiseshell, and a limited edition soft pink called Rose Mallow. The medium to wide frames (51-15-135) work best on average and larger faces, making an impact without being overwhelming.

Felix Gray Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Felix Gray Glasses Review

Of the Felix Gray glasses reviews posted to their website by verified buyers, 98% are rated 4/5 or 5/5 stars. Sleep glasses and sunglasses have comparable ratings: 94% and 100% receive 4/5 or 5/5 stars, respectively. Many reviewers note that customer service was excellent and that the Felix Gray return policy is simple and hassle-free.

These glasses really seem to be beloved. Even the sole 1-star reviewer said they like the glasses, the fit just didn’t work for them. Multiple reviewers mention starting with one version then buying more from the line; one Felix Gray glasses review read, “After buying these in clear blue light, I decided to get the sunglasses. Best sunglasses I’ve ever had.”

The attractive appearance of the glasses comes up frequently in reviews. Clearly, the style is appealing to people, but do Felix Gray glasses work? Several of the reviews noted significant improvement in digital strain. One Felix Gray blue light glasses review noted, “my eyestrain is gone. No more red eyes or headaches.” Very promising. 

Reading a Felix Gray glasses review on their own corporate site is great, especially since the company also features negative comments from customers. Still, it is always worthwhile to look at outside sources. To dig a bit deeper, let’s look at Felix Gray reviews on Reddit. The reviews are mixed; people universally love the looks, but there is skepticism behind the science of blue light glasses. These comments were on the efficacy of blue light glasses in general, not ones produced by Felix Gray.

When in doubt, consult an expert. Dr. Cellini did a YouTube Felix Gray glasses review. As a radiologist who spends nearly the entire day in front of a screen, he’s the ideal expert to evaluate the impact on eye strain (other than a ophthalmologist, that is).

Dr. Cellini’s Felix Gray glasses review was overwhelmingly positive. Like the rest of the reviewers, he loves the aesthetic. More importantly, he found the glasses were effective. He now wears the glasses regularly throughout his shift and reports experiencing fewer headaches and less eye strain.

Are Felix Gray Glasses Worth It?

Felix Gray Glasses Review

Reviewers are enamoured with the designs of Felix Gray glasses and how they look wearing them. Felix Gray has also cultivated an environment of exceptional customer service. The takeaway in this Felix Gray glasses review is that buyers appreciate the speed with which their queries or concerns are addressed and the overall level of service and support.

Felix Gray’s manageable price point and keen sense of style, combined with great customer service and a free trial period, makes them a solid bet. Although the science is limited, there is some independent corroboration of the negative impact of screen time and the benefit of blocking blue light.

With so many people spending countless hours in front of screens daily, for work and play, these concerns are serious and more relevant than ever. Felix Gray reviews, both on and off the brand site, are incredibly positive about the impact of the glasses.

Felix Gray Promotions & Discounts 

Felix Gray Glasses Review

Keep these glasses on your radar in November, because a Felix Gray Black Friday sale is coming! Aside from this deal, our Felix Gray glasses review found that the brand rarely offers promotions or discounts. They strive to bring a premium product at an affordable price, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for further discounts. 

Felix Gray does encourage people to subscribe for their mailing list and promise occasional special offers to subscribers. They offer a discount on orders of 15 or more, so if you’re setting out to outfit your entire office, they can help you out.

Where to Buy Felix Gray Glasses

Felix Gray Glasses Review

The Felix Gray site is the first stop for shopping. With free shipping, returns, and exchanges, shopping directly through is pretty easy. You can also order Felix Gray glasses on Amazon.


Felix Gray Glasses Review

Are blue light blocking glasses covered by FSA?

A critical question in your decision making is probably: does insurance cover Felix Gray glasses? According to their website, all Felix Gray blue light glasses are FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) eligible.  

How long does Felix Gray shipping take?

Felix Gray ships to anyone in the United States, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and military APO/DPO/FPO address. Non-prescription, kid’s glasses, and sunglasses generally ship within 3-5 business days. Prescription glasses ship within 5-7 business days. 

Once your glasses ship, you’ll receive an email with tracking information. Standard shipping is free via USPS. You can also expedite to a 3-day or next-day shipment for an additional cost.

How do I return Felix Gray glasses? 

There is a 30-day risk-free return policy. You can change your frame style or color during this time as well. To return or exchange you log into your Felix Gray account, select your recent order, and click “return or exchange”. The Felix Gray team will reach out to assist you.

How to Contact Felix Gray

Felix Gray Glasses Review

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Felix Gray glasses review, you can contact the team via: 

  • Online chat on their website (
  • Email: [email protected]
  • FB messenger: @felixgrayeyes

Phone: 646-663-4575 (Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm ET

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