Warby Parker Glasses Review

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About Warby Parker 

Warby Parker Glasses Review

Warby Parker sells premium prescription glasses for men and women, offering their products at reasonable prices through a direct to consumer model. Founded on a rebellious spirit, the owners set out to produce affordable designer eyewear by cutting the middleman out of their process. This Warby Parker glasses review is designed to give you the full picture of the company so you can make an informed decision when purchasing glasses. 

Overview Warby Parker  

Warby Parker Glasses Review

The founders of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Andy Hunt, and Jeff Raider, were inspired by the American novelist Jack Kerouac. They took on the adventurous spirit contained within Kerouac’s On the Road, based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across the United States. 

Blumenthal, Gilboa, Hunt, and Raider envisioned a company that could take the path less traveled, part of a generation of people the novel inspired. They would go on to name the company after two of Kerouac’s famous characters, which began with one of the founders on a backpacking trip during his undergrad.  

While on this adventure, the founder lost his glasses on the trip. He ended up spending months squinting at his textbooks in college, having discovered how expensive it would be to replace the glasses. He and his friends, who would one day become founders, recognized that a monopoly existed in the eyewear industry, which is why the costs were so high. 

Warby Parker was born out of the desire to create an accessible alternative. The founders’ previous work with non-profit organizations influenced their charitable business practices. Part of their socially conscious business model is their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program, helping to alleviate impaired vision around the world by providing people with free access to eyewear. So far, they’ve distributed over five million pairs across the globe. 

Warby Parker Glasses Review

By 2018, Warby Parker was distributing free glasses to 33 countries. They’ve estimated that by 2021, the earning potential for low-income families can surpass $1 billion. 

Neil Blumenthal was a former director for VisionSpring, a non-profit social enterprise that trains people to start their own businesses selling affordable eyewear to people in developing countries. VisionSpring has been Warby Parker’s primary partner since the beginning. 

Warby Parker Glasses Review

Warby Parker customer service is amazing and takes and transparency seriously. You can see for yourself in their latest global impact report. They use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard to ensure ethical sourcing of materials and measure the environmental impact of their products. Warby Parker has a stated commitment to lower carbon emissions. 

Having partnered with third-party testing agencies, Warby Parker also partners with compliance organizations to verify the third-party testing results meet performance protocols. The end result is beautiful, durable, and sustainable glasses that are actually considered medical devices. 

While every Warby Parker frame is designed in-house, their custom-designed cellulose acetate comes from a family-run factory in Italy. This makes the Warby Parker Italian-style Nesso series all the more credible. Other Warby Parker suppliers and manufacturers are located in countries such as the US, Canada, China, and Japan.

This Warby Parker glasses review will unpack how they are making a difference for consumers, one pair of frames at a time. 

Warby Parker Eye Exam

Warby Parker Glasses Review

Before you order a pair of Warby Parker frames, you’ll first need a valid eyeglasses prescription and a report on pupillary distance (PD), which measures the distance between your pupils. This is used to help center your prescription correctly in your frames.

In case you don’t have a PD with your prescription, there are online tools available to help you measure the distance between your pupils. Then you can write down the results on your prescription, scan and submit it to Warby Parker by email. The Warby Parker app called “Prescription Check,” allows customers to renew their prescriptions from their laptops and iPhones. 

If you would like to sign up for a comprehensive eye exam, you can visit select Warby Parker stores, including new locations in Canada. Depending on the location, some eye exams are done by independent optometrists. While searching for a Warby Parker near me, I was pleasantly surprised that they have a location in the heart of downtown Toronto. 


  • An optician will make adjustments if your frames don’t fit 
  • Warby Parker app allows you to renew prescriptions online
  • Helps you with PD reports 
  • Warby Parker insurance accepts HSA and FSA plans 
  • Positive customer reviews on their website 


  • Home Try-On program is not available in Canada 
  • Not many locations in Canada 

Warby Parker Eyeglasses Review 

Warby Parker frames are the most stylish designs on the market, and the care that goes into them makes your eyeglasses extra durable. With over a hundred styles to choose from, this Warby Parker glasses review showcases a few of their most popular frames.


The Percey Striped Sassafras mimic the aesthetics of the wild, vibrant Sassafras (trees) found in Ontario and several US states. Using hand-polished cellulose acetate, these bookish classics are built with round lenses and an attractive keyhole bridge. Available in either extra narrow, narrow, medium, or wide, the Percey is offered in ten different styles and are designed to fit everyone. 

The Striped Sassafras, Chestnut Crystals, and Root Beer with Ecru start at $95 and include prescription lenses. You also can make three easy payments of $32. If you have more to spend and want something uber-stylish, check out the trendy Oak Barrel with Cerulean, along with the Rose Crystal with Riesling Endcaps. 


Maybe you’re looking for more of a square design with a subtle keyhole bridge? The Felix models are another versatile and stylish staff pick available in medium width. The Felix Pacific Crystal is an elegant-looking pair of glasses that look great on a wide range of faces. Its shiny-grey exterior matches well with virtually any outfit. 

Also made from hand-polished cellulose acetate, there are two other styles to choose from, Sandalwood Matte and Whiskey Tortoise. Prices start at $95, including prescription lenses, and you also can make three easy payments of $32. 

Nesso Series 

Warby Parker glasses Review

Instead of listing more of the fabulous standard designs, we thought that for this Warby Parker glasses review you should be aware of their next level eyeglasses.  Named after the Italian word for “link,” the Nesso Series is an assortment of Italian-made designs that take the idea of luxury and make it attainable at a reasonable price. 


Designed with Indigo crystal and polished gold, the Nesso Series’ Lovell is one of five different designs for men. If you’re not into the Indigo look, however, you should know that the Lovell is also offered in a root beer style with polished gold. 

Starting at $195, you can pick from five different designs: Garland, Whittier, Lovell, Harriet, and Florie. Created with lustrous detail, the front and back of the metal face are concealed by the smooth acetate. Each lens is also wrapped at the top and bottom with a metal ring. 

Each design comes in upwards of 20 different styles and colors. The extra polish, along with the signature interlocking and creative wraparound accents, really sets them apart from the rest. If you’re looking for some quality glasses, the Italian-made options will have you dreaming of Sicily, even if you’ve never been there. 

Warby Parker Lenses

Some great news in this Warby Parker glasses review: every pair you order comes with prescription lenses. You also get your very own Warby Parker frames case and lens cloth to keep them safe. It’s worth noting that Warby Parker glasses come with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant lenses, designed to block out UV rays

A Warby Parker glasses review found a variety of options for lens types:

  1. Single-vision: A type of prescription most people order for a specific type of vision they have (i.e. fear or far). 
  2. Progressives: Similar to bifocal and trifocal lenses, the progressives are designed to correct reading and distance vision, along with any other need you might have. 
  3. Non-prescription frames and readers: These are another type of “single-vision prescription” you can pick that provide magnification. 
  4. Prism: These lenses are sometimes recommended by physicians if your eyes have difficulty working together.  
  5. Clear: For complete, uncolored vision.
  6. Light-responsive: To easily transition sight from the clear indoors to the dark outdoors, these lenses are designed to adapt to the light of your environment. 

Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses Review 

If you are looking for a substitute for regular lenses, blue-light-filtering lenses are worth exploring. In a world where we increasingly spend more time in front of screens, Warby Parker blue light glasses also have built-in technology to help protect your eyes from strain

These blue-light-filtering lenses are offered in polycarbonate or 1.67 high-index material that is used to block out both UVA and UVB rays. They are designed with a higher amount of blue light than their standard lenses and also include superhydrophobic (water-repelling) treatments.  

Blue-light-filtering lenses are available for an additional $50 when you make your order. 

Warby Parker Sunglasses Review

With close to 40 sunglasses designs to choose from at Warby Parker, it can be tough to know which ones are the best for you. In this Warby Parker glasses review, we’ll take a look at several staff picks to help guide you. 

Keep in mind that you can try on five pairs at a time, at home, for free!


Inspired by smooth, sanded oak, the Durand Oak Resin Matte is perfect for those days on the beach when you want to relax and hide behind some shades that work like tinted windows. Available in medium and wide sizes, the Durand has three distinct styles to choose from: Rose Water, Oak Resin Matte and Whiskey Tortoise with Classic Blue lenses. 

The Durand is kind of a “middle of the pack” model, as they are not entirely square, or round. This makes for a nice, balanced look and feel for those days under the glaring sun. Prices in the US start at $95 and include polarized lenses or three easy payments of $32


While writing this Warby Parker glasses review, I like the classic Jet Black look. It’s a timeless pair of frames that goes with whatever you’re wearing. The suave green-grey lenses are an added bonus.

But if you’re reading this Warby Parker glasses review and not into the Jet Black look, Downing sunglasses have four other styles to choose from including English Oak, and English Oak Matte with Bottle Green lenses. Prices start at $95 and include polarized lenses, or you can make three easy payments of $32.


Another staff pick, Barkley sunglasses are good for virtually any occasion. Available in narrow, medium, and wide fits, the Barkley contemporary model comes in Antique Shale Fade with green-grey lenses, and Black Matte Eclipse. Prices start at $95, including polarized lenses. You can also make three easy payments of $32

Many of the Warby Parker sunglasses are unique and are built with different technology. So, if you want to find the best pair for you, you should scroll through the different pairs on their website.

Warby Parker Kids Glasses Review 

Warby Parker Kids Glasses Review

Honey, I shrunk the frames? This would not be a complete Warby Parker glasses review without considering the children. 

Warby Parker designs frames for kids between the ages of 4–8. The company recommends that kids older than eight years old have a look at the extra-narrow glasses for adults. All of the kids’ frames start at $95 and include prescription lenses. 


Maybe you want your little one to have matching glasses to your own? Warby Parker has shrunk down many adult frames to suit the little ones. Warby Parker’s Percey glasses for kids are available in several styles including Crystal, Striped Sassafras and Tidal Blue. 


If you’re looking for something elegant, maybe for a daughter, the Louise cat-eye frame and the extra-delicate silhouette is available in Amethyst Crystal, and Louise Blush Tortoise. The Louise is one of six classic frames that have been shrunk for kids between 4-8. 


For a more slender cat-eye frame, the Daisy is a classic choice. There are also three different styles to choose from including Cardinal Crystal, Oak Barrel, and Tea Rose Fade. Perhaps the Daisy frames provide more opportunity to match outfits. 

We unpacked the three steps you need for buying your kids’ frames: 

  1. Determine the style name, color and size you want to order 
  2. Provide an up-to-date copy of your kids’ prescription and PD 
  3. Place order either in-store or over the phone 

A Warby Parker glasses review found that all kids’ frames use polycarbonate lenses, recommended for people under the age of 16. These are Warby Parker’s most impact-resistant lenses. 

As part of the “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program, each purchase for kids’ glasses is matched by giving a pair to a child in need. 

Is Warby Parker Eyewear Good?

Warby Parker Eyewear Review

While researching for this Warby Parker glasses review, it became apparent that their eyewear is reliable. It’s like the frames and lenses are made with the passion and care only a small business could produce. The number of designs and styles available, combined with flexible spending programs, and a proven commitment to helping people with vision impairment around the world, this is the company to do business with. 

Their customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers are repeat clients who have been “converted” and have brought their family and friends to Warby Parker. Considering how Warby Parker takes great pride in customer service, you likely won’t be disappointed. 

However, a quick Internet search of “Warby Parker reviews” will find some disgruntled customers. On, the average Warby Parker glasses review was 2.5/5 stars, based on 37 responses. While there are many positive reviews on the same site, some of the negative reviews step from shipping and dealing with employees. 

It should be noted in this Warby Parker glasses review that The Better Business Bureau has given the brand an A+ rating. On the BBB, they have 2/5 stars, based on 17 customer reviews. 

Warby Parker reports that they have a robust customer service department that works with their data science and systems development teams to address and solve problems quickly. 

Warby Parker Promotions & Discounts 

Warby Parker Eyewear Review

For this Warby Parker glasses review, I searched for the best available deals. There is currently no Warby Parker promo code or a Warby Parker coupon on the company website. This is not to say that Warby Parker does not have other promotions and unique product and service features to be aware of. 

Since there are tons of unique offers at Warby Parker, we listed a few examples here:  

  1. There virtual reality app “Virtual Try-On” helps you show how a frame will fit on your face
  2. Warby Parker insurance is a feature that helps you select an insurance provider 
  3. In the US, you can try on five frames for free (Home Try-On program)
  4. Lots of accessories for eyeglasses to choose from
  5. They also sell gift cards
  6. There are various flexible spending options 
  7. Good reporting on customer service and global impact (social and environmental)

Warby Parker Careers

Warby Parker Eyewear Review

If you’ve liked what you’ve read in this Warby Parker glasses review, and are wondering if the company is hiring, you should be aware of the information on Warby Parker jobs. Warby Parker has been voted as one of the best places to work for the LGBTQ+ community. The company takes diversity and inclusion seriously and has made an effort to report on their progress. 

For Warby Parker, diversity is the “numerical representation of different identities.” Inclusion is the level in which employees feel their voices are being heard. 

Warby Parker Eyewear Review

The company is continuously refining how they recruit employees in an effort to add to their culture. Warby Parker builds a sense of community in the workplace by providing company outings, book clubs, and fun sporting events. 

They also use employee engagement surveys to prioritize projects and make future business decisions. Of course, all survey results are shared with employees. You can see what working for Warby Parker is like by searching “#teamwarby” on social media. 


Where to Buy Warby Parker

Warby Parker Eyewear Review

Warby Parker glasses can be purchased on their website. They also have retail stores across the US and in select Canadian cities, including Toronto.  

Their showrooms always carry eyeglasses and sunglasses you can try on. If you already know what you want, they recommend calling first so they can be ready for you. All Warby Parker locations have opticians available to help you with eye exams and prescriptions. 

Warby Parker locations are mostly in the US including: 

  • Warby Parker NYC
  • Warby Parker Chicago
  • Warby Parker Boston
  • Warby Parker Austin
  • Warby Parker Atlanta
  • Warby Parker Seattle
  • Warby Parker Nashville
  • Warby Parker Denver
  • Warby Parker Houston
  • Warby Parker Philadelphia
  • Warby Parker Bethesda 
  • Warby Parker DC

Warby Parker Shipping Policy

Warby Parker offers shipping to the US and Canada. They also ship to Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and military APO/DPO/FPO addresses. 

Warby Parker shipping is always free. However, if you’re making multiple orders, they ask that you place each order separately for each prescription. There is no set processing time, as each order is different and may take more or less time. 

Typically, orders outside the US can take a little longer. If you want a quick turnaround, there is expedited shipping available in the US for $20, which cuts the wait time in half. 

For this Warby Parker review, we went on their website to breakdown shipping times in the US:

Order typeOrder turnaround time
Prescription orders (eyeglasses and sunglasses)7-10 business days once prescription and billing info is approved
Non-prescription5 business days (sunglasses); 7–10 business days (eyeglasses)
Home Try-On5 business days
Gift cards5 business days
E-gift cardsWithin an hour of ordering; E-gift cards scheduled for future delivery will be sent on the morning of the requested date
Contact Lenses5–7 business days (most lenses); certain specialty lenses may take longer to arrive
Accessories5 business days

We also went on the Canadian website and broke down the waiting periods: 

Type of order Ontario & QuebecOther provinces 
Non-prescription 6-8 business days 9-12 business days 
Single-vision prescription8-10 business days 12-14 business days
Progressive prescription 11-13 business days 14-17 business days 
Specialized lenses 11-13 business days 14-17 business days
Gift cards 3-5 business days 3-5 business days 

Warby Parker Return Policy

With the exception of gift cards [non-refundable], Warby Parker has a 30-day return policy that they say is hassle-free. Warby Parker returns will also give you a free refund if you aren’t satisfied with your order. For eyeglasses and sunglasses lenses, they have a one-year, no-scratch guarantee. They are currently unable to replace lenses for frames that are not built by Warby Parker. 

It’s probably a good idea to download the Warby Parker app to pay for and track your order. However, the app is only available for Apple users. But don’t fret. Warby Parker customer service agents are some of the best in the business and are waiting to help you out. 

Contact Warby Parker

Warby Parker hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. eastern time, every day.  You can contact them through email, chat, and phone. If you want to reach a specific Warby Parker location, make sure to check the closest one to you by consulting their store locator.

Phone: 888-492-7297

US email: [email protected]

Canadian Email: [email protected]

Keep your eyes open for more options. Check out our reviews for other popular brands:




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Asked by JOYCE VENTURINI (3 years ago) Reply

I need a pair of sunglasses and I have a recent prescription
Sphere cylinder axis add Vert Prism
right +0.50 -1.25 95 +2.75 3BU
left +0.50 -1.00 70 +2.75 3BU
anti-reflective Had a stroke so that is why the right eye is weird
Are you able to issue this non-standard prescription?
Thank you Joyce

Answered by Rob Steinberg (3 years ago) Reply

I’ve bought three pair. I won’t be buying any more. The lenses are far to easily scratched. I can usually keep a pair for 4 years or so, before I need to replace the lenses. WP lenses, even with proper polishing micro fiber clothes, develop scratches almost immediately. I’ve replaced one pair after 2 months (the first replacement is free), and will soon send in the second pair. Pity they don’t stand up, because otherwise, they’re quite goo.

Asked by Shelby (2 years ago) Reply

It’s frustrating that, in 2021, Androids and other devices are STILL incompatible with the WP “In-Home virtual Try-On”.
Also curious how to qualify for free glasses (eligibility req.s, referral needed, etc)

Not made in the USA
Asked by Mark Russo (2 years ago) Reply

I was told (by Warby Parker) that these glasses are US made. But upon receiving my new pair in the mail, I can see the frame are stamped “China”. I am very disappointed and will be returning this pair.

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