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BloomsyBox Flowers Review

No matter what time of year it is or which occasion you’re celebrating, flowers don’t disappoint. They bring life and color into your home or office, and are equally as delightful whether you pick them up yourself or receive them as a gift.

BloomsyBox is an online subscription service that doubles that delight, delivering fresh, seasonal bouquets right to your doorstep. The company, widely known for its sustainable ‘farm to table’ approach, has been featured in multiple media outlets such as USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Bloomberg, and Forbes

With an Instagram following of 23k+, the brand is becoming wildly popular for their hand-picked floral arrangements sourced globally from eco-friendly, Fair-Trade farms. A BloomsyBox Martha Stewart partnership created a specialty rose collection, with varieties hand-selected by Martha Stewart herself.

Loving the idea of getting fresh, expert-curated bouquets delivered to your door? With this flower box delivery service, there’s so much more to love, and in this BloomsyBox Flowers review, I’ll leave no leaf unturned.

By giving you an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, I’ll help you decide if this subscription service is right for you. 

Overview of BloomsyBox Flowers

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

BloomsyBox began as a small sapling waiting to grow. The founder, Juan Palacio, has a natural green thumb from working on an arabica coffee farm with his grandfather in Colombia. Making the move from Colombia to Miami, he picked up a humble job selling flowers door-to-door in local hotels.

Palacio decided to do something more with his passion for flowers, as he taught himself online marketing. This led to his first-ever company, The Flower Exchange, a DIY flower bouquet service marketed to event planners and brides-to-be. 

Upon selling the company, Palacio transitioned his love of flowers into the BloomsyBox floral shop and subscription service, established in 2015. The company is based in Miami, Florida, where Palacio made a home after leaving Colombia. 

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

The company continued to grow and gain awareness, advertising their service through a BloomsyBox ad and a BloomsyBox commercial. Offering only freshly cut flowers, Bloomsy box solely partners with Rainforest Alliance certified farms, ensuring that no toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization process and that fair labor practices are enforced. 

“Our farm partners have made some of the most incredible contributions to the flower industry – from revolutionizing the way flowers are cared for after harvest, to creating brand new flower varieties in colors the world has never seen before,” according to 

BloomsyBox Flowers are farmed in Colombia, Ecuador, and California, hand-tied and delivered within 5-7 days of being cut. BloomsyBox florals are cut while in the bud stage, allowing them to last longer than typical arrangements and for you to watch them bloom over time.

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

Before I get this BloomsyBox Flowers review started, let’s go over the highlights for this magnificently modern floral delivery service.


  • Wide array of floral subscriptions
  • Weekly, bi-weekly & monthly delivery
  • Long lasting, freshly cut flowers
  • Sustainable & seasonal bouquets
  • Fair Trade growers
  • Farms use eco-friendly watering & growing processes 
  • Bouquets curated by expert florists
  • Reasonable prices
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews 
  • Ships within the continental US only
  • Delivers Tuesday-Friday

How Does BloomsyBox Flowers Work?

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

Have you ever received a surprise bouquet at your door? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being handed an arrangement of colorful and beautiful blooms that’s just for you, and with BloomsyBox, you can experience that weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Or better yet, gift the experience to a friend or loved one.

BloomsyBox has a great variety of flower delivery subscriptions to choose from, along with unique subscriptions for plants and greenery. With each one, you’ll view how many stems will arrive and can expect a different seasonal arrangement in every delivery.

When you place your order with BloomsyBox online, you will set your first delivery date. After that, your flowers will arrive on the same date each subsequent month unless you pause, skip, or reschedule an order.

If you’d prefer to buy one-off arrangements, you can, and BloomsyBox has a beautiful array of them to choose from. The focus of this BloomsyBox Flowers review will be on the brand’s subscriptions which make the perfect gift this holiday season.

BloomsyBox Flower Subscriptions Review

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

Displaying fresh flowers in your home is a proven mood booster, as they increase feelings of happiness and positivity. A beautiful, hand-picked bouquet adds hints of liveliness and vibrance to any room.

The only bad part about receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers is that after they wilt, your table (and your heart) is left with a flower-shaped hole. BloomsyBox Flower Subscription ensures that never happens, delivering beautiful blooms to your home or a loved one’s on a schedule. You’ll have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Monthly Subscriptions
  2. Weekly Subscriptions
  3. Unique Subscriptions

Full of fresh, sustainable, and ethically-sourced blooms, each of these plans has a great variety of options specially curated by BloomsyBox’s expert florists. Coming up, I’ll walk you through all of your options.

BloomsyBox Monthly Subscriptions

As one the service’s most popular pick, Monthly Plans deliver 22-32 stems per bouquet depending on which subscription you choose. Offering 3 uniquely stunning possibilities, these plans make the perfect gift for you or someone special.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Original Review

One of my favorite things about BloomsyBox is the fact that they only use seasonal flowers. That means your bouquet will be sustainable, eco-friendly, and fit the feel of the season.

The Bloomsy Original Subscription delivers flowers to your doorstep every month, each bouquet with a total of 22-24 stems. That’s enough to keep in a single bouquet or split up into minis around your home. Sign up for $45/month.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Deluxe Review

Looking for something a little larger? The Bloomsy Deluxe subscription is a surefire way to make a great impression. Your bouquet will arrive with 25-27 of the freshest stems, packed with beautiful variety.

Considering that your average flower from the florist costs $5+ per stem, the fact that this bountiful option costs just $50/month is pretty astounding. On top of a great price, Bloomsy delivers a Fair Trade bouquet you can truly delight in.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Premium Review

Why choose Bloomsy over a bouquet at the supermarket? While inexpensive flowers have their place, they simply can’t compare. Often, less expensive stems have been around a while and by the time you get them home, they’ll wilt shortly after.

Bloomsy delivers the freshest and most premium arrangements you can imagine. Their bouquets are crafted by expert florists who know a thing or two about design. Because of that, your Bloomsy Premium bouquet will be flush with color and variety, perfectly curated for the season. Delivered with 27-32 stems, this subscription option comes to $55/month.

BloomsyBox Weekly Subscriptions

If fresh and frequent is what you’re after, then the BloomsyBox Weekly Plans are perfect. There’s a total of 2 options within this category, delivering 25-27 stems per bouquet weekly or bi-weekly. I’ll tell you more about both below.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Weekly Review

Shipped fast and long-lasting, the Bloomsy Weekly subscription is the best possible way to surround yourself with flowers always. The coolest part is that, like all of BloomsyBox’s subscriptions, this one is customizable. That means if you ever need to skip a week or want to send your flowers to a friend instead, you totally can.

In each delivery, your hand-tied bouquet will be full of different, seasonal blooms curated to bring you joy. Bloomsy Weekly costs $45/delivery.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Bi-Weekly Review

Many find that getting a fresh bouquet every two weeks is the perfect schedule. It gives you enough time for your existing bouquet to shine on its own, and often, some of your previous arrangement’s stems will still look fresh by the time your new one arrives.

Your Bloomsy Bi-Weekly subscription will arrive with a different kind of hand-tied bouquet every other week. And here’s a fun fact: all of BloomsyBox’s flowers are grown using eco-friendly growing and water processes. That may be why they look and stay so healthy. Choose this subscription for $50/delivery.

BloomsyBox Unique Subscriptions

This is perhaps my favorite category in this BloomsyBox Flowers review. Not only does it contain options like NYBG, Roses, and Pet-Safe Blooms, but it also offers Plant and Eucalyptus delivery. As a lover of the soothing greenery, I’m thrilled. The details of all of their monthly subscriptions are up next.

BloomsyBox The NYBG Subscription

Inspired by the New York Botanical Gardens (gasp!), The NYGB Subscription is a real showstopper. It packs 30-32 stems into each arrangement and a percentage of each purchase goes towards plant science and conservation. So cool.

If you’re looking to support a great cause along with receiving some of the most beautiful blooms possible, this subscription is an awesome pick. Each month your bouquet will arrive flush with seasonal picks curated by NYGB’s floral experts.

Expect longer-lasting blooms from this box, as these special flowers are shipped from the farm in less than 4 days. All arrangements arrive with a special edition postcard with drawings from NYBG’s LuEsther T. Mertz Library and a special flower food. This spectacular box rings in at $70/month.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Roses Review

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with roses. They are one of the most beautiful and best smelling flowers on the planet. Traditionally known as the flower of romance, do yourself a favor and gift them this season.

Since different types of roses bloom year round, you will get to experience a variety of beautiful blossoms in your home. Each month your Bloomsy Roses will arrive with 18-24 stems for just $50.

BloomsyBox Plant Subscription Box Review

I’m in love with this concept. With the Plant Subscription Box, each month you will receive a different plant. Every plant they ship is easy to care for and low maintenance, as well as healthy and unique.

Helping you create that gorgeous plant wall you’ve always dreamed of or fill your space with lush greenery, this subscription makes such a cool gift. It’s also an awesome way to discover new plants. Your plant of the month will arrive established and healthy, potted in white ceramic for a look that’s modern and versatile. Sign up for $60/month.

BloomsyBox Pet-Safe Blooms Review

I couldn’t leave this one off my BloomsyBox Flowers review. As an animal lover, I know that certain house plants and flowers can be toxic to pets—and I also know that pets just love chomping on them.

If you have a home full of animals, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Pet-Safe Blooms subscription. It packs in 25-27 seasonal and sustainable stems that won’t cause your fluffy pal harm if they accidentally ingest it. This monthly subscription is $50/delivery.

BloomsyBox Eucalyptus Review

Fill your home with the fresh scent of hand-snipped eucalyptus. Each month your box will arrive with 9-12 stems of the aromatherapeutic greenery sourced from some of the highest-quality farms around the world.

Ideal for spreading around your home, go ahead and break up your arrangement to add a relaxing tone to every room. The Eucalyptus subscription box is $40/month.

Who is BloomsyBox For?

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

BloomsyBox delivers sustainable, Fair Trade, stunning bouquets to your doorstep. With weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions available, no matter how frequently you would like to receive your blooms, they have a plan for you. Offering a wide range of seasonal bouquet types, they also have plant and eucalyptus subscriptions to suit every taste.

BloomsyBox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

The tough thing about flowers is that they’re perishable and delicate. With flower delivery you, of course, want your blooms to arrive fresh and intact, and that’s what this section of my BloomsyBox Flowers review will look into.

While doesn’t appear to have an overall rating, it does display some comments. One reads:

There are flowers I’ve never seen before and some I have, but never this beautiful. It has given me an appreciation for flowers. As long as the service continues to be this not notch, I will subscribe until I have no money to do so or I die.

I mean, can you get a better BloomsyBox Flowers review than that? It shows that there really is a difference between this service’s blooms and other brands.

After perusing the web for feedback, I found an excellent customer response for the brand. On Trustpilot, it’s rated 4.2/5 stars by 212 buyers. Here’s the snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 61%
  • 4 stars: 5%
  • 3 stars: 9%
  • 2 stars: 9%
  • 1 star: 16%

Most customers commented that the flowers were gorgeous and they were pleased with the way it was packaged.

“Perfect almost every time! With very few exceptions, the flowers are lovely and long-lasting. So happy to see them every month,” says one BloomsyBox review on Trustpilot.

Cratejoy named BloomsyBox as one of the best flower subscriptions for Mother’s Day. On the BloomsyBox Reddit page, the brand is also highly recommended for their floral subscription service.

A Reviewed writer who tested out the bouquets said, “when it comes to flower delivery services, BloomsyBox shines.” On the other hand, she noted that the service isn’t a suitable option for people who want customizable arrangements—and that’s a fair point.

BloomsyBox’s expert florists curate the arrangements for each delivery, and while you can shop by flower type for individual bouquets, subscriptions are generally surprises. That’s something I really like about this company though.

Overall, it’s crystal clear that customers love BloomsyBox’s arrangements. According to them, their blooms last longer, are healthier, and even bigger than others on the market. While not many mention this in their reviews, I also love that they’re grown with eco-friendly practices. It’s a win all around.

Is BloomsyBox Legit?

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

100%. From customers’ mouths, BloomsyBox flowers are healthier and better looking than regular flowers. They deliver quickly and on time and they stay true to their word in terms of damage.

Are BloomsyBox Flowers Worth It?

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

After everything I’ve learned during this BloomsyBox Flowers review, for beautiful fresh flowers delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, I readily recommend this flower box delivery service. With tons of subscription options to choose from, flexible subscriptions, and absolutely gorgeous bouquets, it’s easy to see the difference that choosing BloomsyBox makes.

Their prices are quite reasonable, as compared to other competing flower delivery services that charge as much as $100. And don’t get me started about the price you’d pay at the florist. Judging from the feedback, it’s clear that the vast majority of buyers are happy with the flowers and service they receive.

One of the main advantages of buying from BloomsyBox Flowers is their partnership with Rainforest Alliance certified farms. Purchases go toward farm employees who are paid fairly and work in safe conditions, and you’re also contributing to a sustainable business.

My final verdict in this BloomsyBox Flowers review? I can’t recommend them enough.

BloomsyBox Promotions & Discounts 

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

Even though you can get fresh, sustainable bouquets for a fraction of what you’d pay at the florist, a discount here and there can never hurt. While writing this BloomsyBox Flowers review, I found that if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll get a $5 off coupon in your inbox.

I also recommend that you keep checking their website and social media for a BloomsyBox discount code or BloomsyBox coupon to use on your next order.

Sign up for BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox Flowers Review

Signing up for a Bloomsy Box account is an easy process:

  1. Visit: 
  2. Click on the profile icon located at the top right-hand corner of the website 
  3. Select the ‘create an account’ option to create a BloomsyBox login
  4. Browse through their subscriptions and choose the one that’s best for you


BloomsyBox Flowers Review

What is BloomsyBox?

BloomsyBox is a flower subscription service that offers hand-picked bouquets on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Customers also have the option to shop online without a subscription at the BloomsyBox Flower Shop.

What is BloomsyBox’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, BloomsyBox Flowers are only available for shipping within the US. Orders will be delivered on the desired day selected during checkout. All other deliveries will be made on the anniversary date of your first delivery. For example, if you ordered on the 23rd of November, your next order will arrive on the 23rd of December

BloomsyBox uses FedEx as their main courier, and only delivers from Tuesday to Friday. If your anniversary date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, delivery dates are moved to the following business day (which is Tuesday for BloomsyBox) of that month. you will also receive a tracking number once your order is placed. 

What is BloomsyBox’s Return Policy?

BloomsyBox does not have a return policy, since flowers are perishable. If you’re not totally impressed with your order, use the contact form to let BloomsyBox know and they will make it right. 

How do I cancel BloomsyBox Flowers?

To cancel a BloomsyBox Flowers subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your BloomsyBox account
  2. Click the ‘edit’ icon under your subscription on the left-hand side of the website
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the option to cancel the renewal of your subscription

BloomsyBox recommends canceling your subscription before your billing date to avoid renewing your subscription for the next cycle. 

How to Contact BloomsyBox

If you have additional inquires not mentioned in this BloomsyBox Flowers review, you can contact the company through:

  • BloomsyBox customer service email: [email protected]
  • BloomsyBox phone number: 1-800-518-0957 
  • Filling out the contact form on
  • Address: 3200 NW 67th Ave #290, Building 2. Miami, Fl 33122

If you’re not sold on BloomsyBox, check out gift selections from Bouqs Flowers.

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Jay Stephen
3 years ago Reply

I ordered BloomsyBox about a month ago and I’m canceling today. They can’t get the schedule right. They have in their records that flowers are being delivered on different days. Lastly both orders had several dead flowers in the batch. The customer service team has yet to address either issue.

Ruth Kjaer
3 years ago Reply

Just received my first delivery from a monthly subscription.i was so excited to get my flowers!!…….omg..AWFUL!!!!!…flowers were already dead…it was so depressing…rosebuds just fell off..leaves dropped off..petals on the other stems withered and died within 2 days …I was beyond depressed…I called and canceled my subscription…they didn’t seem to care or to be too interested as to why….they refunded and hung up…….I would never order again from them or refer them to anyone.

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