Bouqs Flowers Review

About Bouqs

The Bouqs Co. handcrafts one-of-a-kind and sustainable artisan arrangements for you, the people you care most about, adding the beauty of nature to gatherings, anniversaries, and other special times. Arrangements are delivered in less than 2 hours and the gorgeous, environmentally friendly bouquets last.

Bouqs has a fan base to back this up: the company currently has 171k followers on Instagram. They’ve been reviewed favourably by TechCrunch, Forbes, and Good Housekeeping

All this sounds great, but is the flower delivery service worth the money? This Bouqs Co. review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you answer that question. 

Bouqs Flowers Review 1

Overview of The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. was established in 2012. Founders by John Tabis, the CEO, and Juan Pablo Montufa, the Chief Supply Officer. were passionate about the simple, meaningful act of giving and receiving flowers. To John and Juan, the gift of flowers is a “noble exchange.” 

The company ethic is based in “transparency, responsibility and simplicity,” and the mission of Bouqs is to create genuine moments of emotional connection, from decor for birthdays and weddings, to showing up at your date’s doorstep with red roses. Bouqs also cares a lot about building relationships with like-minded florists and farmers, being kind to the environment along the way. These values really resonate with us! 

Bouqs makes a difference to farmers around the world by engaging in farm direct sourcing. The company partners with eco-friendly farms that minimize waste, recycle water, and employ sustainable growing practices. They sidestep traditional supply chain, and that’s part of what makes them such a people focused brand. 

Bouqs Flowers Review

John and Juan combine interesting backgrounds to run a flower business their finest. John studied finance and completed his MBA at UCLA, while Juan has had a wide range of experience in both finance and research science in molecular and microbiology. The team is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California. 

Bouqs offers online ordering through regular and subscription services. We’ll get into both of these in detail and showcase some of their elegant and uniquely designed floral arrangements.

If you’re looking for a summary of our Bouqs flowers review, here’s our highlights:


  • Stunning arrangements
  • Dedicated to helping customers create memories through their floral arrangements
  • Bouquets feature unique designs that take flower and color combinations, and gorgeous themes to the next level
  • Environmentally friendly and supportive of sustainable farmers
  • Great membership deals
  • Florals stay fresh for longer compared to store-bought flowers
  • For high end floral arrangements, the prices are reasonable (though still pricey)
  • Easy subscription cancellation and flexibility


  • Only ships within the US
  • Customers have high praise for the company and their products
Bouqs Flowers Review

The Bouqs Co. Bouquet Bestsellers

This review shines a spotlight on Bouqs Co. Bouquet Bestsellers to help you with your search for the perfect arrangement for the special people in your lives. Whether you send someone an elaborate or basic bouquet, you’re telling them that they’re on your mind. 

We know how important it is to send flowers that have the right feel and show your appreciation of the people you care about most. This Bouqs flower review aims to help you with the selection process and to find the florals that speak to you most. 

Bouqs Picnic 

Bouqs Flowers Review
The Bouqs Co. Picnic
Lavender Alstroemeria, Sunflower, Pink and Peach Roses

In our Bouqs flowers review, we appreciate the eclectic mix of colors and array of flowers in the  Bouqs Picnic arrangement. The delicate peach pink roses were the first to catch our eye and we fell in love with the energetic mix of lavender alstroemeria and the cheerful yellow of the sunflowers, offering a warm, bright touch. 

The Bouqs Picnic bouquet is a burst of energy but it’s not over the top—some shades stand out in the color scheme, but the arrangement is mostly grounded in softer tones. This summery arrangement will complement an elegant backyard party or a lunch date with a special someone.

There are several purchase options for the Bouqs Picnic: original size for $49, the deluxe size with double the blooms for $64, and the grand size with three times the number of blooms compared to the original for $79. You can also purchase a mason vase or a signature vase for only $10, which is a very fair price for a vase. 

Bouqs Glowing

Bouqs Flowers Review
The Bouqs Co. Glowing
White Hydrangeas and Lilies

Simple, subtle and elegant, was the impression we got upon taking in the Bouqs Glowing bouquet in our Bouqs flowers review. White hydrangeas and lilies—it must smell heavenly. The greenery creates a sense of calm with the peaceful wash of white. 

This bright and clean arrangement is perfect for that individual who adds light to your life, or to show that you’re thinking of them and that you care. We think the Glowing arrangement gives just the right message for an everyday reminder of love and appreciation. 

If you’re interested in purchasing this flower arrangement, the original costs $49 and contains 12 mixed stems, the deluxe costs $64 and has 24 mixed stems, and the grand has 36 mixed stems for $79.

Bouqs Love You Forever

Bouqs Flowers Review
The Bouqs Co. Love You Forever
Campanella, Free Spirit, and Star Blush Roses

Does he love me, does he love me not? If you’re the recipient of this flower arrangement, trust the name—they love you forever. The Bouqs Love You Forever bouquet is a sweet blush arrangement is an irresistible mix of campanella, free spirit, and star blush roses. 

Talk about dazzling! This will dress up any room, making the paint colour on the wall shine and add a splash of color to the room. We’re sold on the Bouqs Love You Forever. The original costs $59, the deluxe costs $74, and the grand costs $89.

Bouqs Make A Splash

Bouqs Flowers Review
The Bouqs Co. Make A Splash
Sunflowers, Dark Pink Roses, and Hypericum Berries

The Bouqs Make A Splash is filled with bright, summer-savvy colours. When these flowers are in the room, your dopamine and serotonin will be in perfect balance—you’ll just feel good. From diving deep into our Bouqs flowers Review, we think that this bouquet would be one of the nicest ways to make a pal feel special and put them in a great mood.

A classic size bouquet of the Bouqs Make A Splash is priced at $59, a deluxe bouquet costs $74, and a grand bouquet costs $89

Bouqs Vibrance

Bouqs Flowers Review
The Bouqs Co. Vibrance
Sunflowers & Eucalyptus

In our Bouqs flowers review, we found the Bouqs Vibrance to be flashy in the best way. With a mixture of warm and dark colours, it’s a great transition bouquet for summer through to fall. The bouquet contains vibrant sunflowers and calming eucalyptus. It pops in a room and leaves you feeling sunny. 

You can get the Bouqs Vibrance bouquet as a one time purchase for $59, $74, $89, or you can become a Bouqs subscriber and receive the discounts and benefits associated with the purchase. 

The Bouqs Co. Flower Subscriptions

Bouqs Flowers Review

Can you think of anything sweeter than a flower subscription? A cheerful and sophisticated design element that’s delivered monthly to your home, or as a thoughtful gift. The subscription put us in a good mood just thinking about it. It’s especially convenient not having to run to the flower store to access the arrangements.

We liked the flexibility of the Bouqs flower subscription. Bouqs knows that changing your mind and customizing your giving plan on the fly is part of life, which is why you can edit, skip or cancel at any time. With the flower subscription, you get 30% off and free shipping starting at $36 a month. In our opinion, that’s a terrific deal. 

We know that one worry when you’re purchasing flowers is the freshness, but trust what customers say: according to them, these farm fresh blooms sourced from sustainable simply stay fresher—longer. 

How It Works

Bouqs Flowers Review

We provide a rundown of the subscription process in this Bouqs flowers review:

  1. Pick your Bouq: Pick from 4 curated collections available only to subscribers or
  2. Customize your plan: Choose how often. Edit or skip any upcoming deliveries

Bouqs has a happiness guarantee, so if something doesn’t feel right about your bouquet, let the team know and they’ll fix it! 

We discovered here are a number of collections to choose from, including: Farmers Market, Classics, Roses, and Seasonal arrangements. In terms of sizing, there are three options: 

  • Original: 10-16 stems
  • Deluxe (most popular): 20-32 stems 
  • Grand: 30-45 stems

The last step is to select your frequency of delivery: bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.


There are three price brackets for the Bouqs flower subscription: the Original is marked from to $36 from $52, the Deluxe is marked down to $48 from $69 and the Grand is marked down to $60 from $86.

Subscription Sign Up

Bouqs Flowers Review

Once you’ve been through the selection steps in your subscription, it’s time to sign up. Once you have an account with Bouqs, input your email and password and make any selections or changes you choose!

While Bouqs would love you to hang around, our Bouqs flowers review confirmed that cancelling is hassle-free, which we hope puts your mind at ease. There’s nothing worse than complicated steps and hidden clicks when you’re trying to leave a subscription behind. 

Bouqs Flowers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bouqs Flowers Review

When it comes to our Bouqs flower review we want to be thorough, honest and accountable. We turned to TrustPilot to get a sense of what customers think of Bouqs, the quality, the subscription, and the customer service—we were astounded by the positivity

Customers raved about Bouqs. According to them, customer experience was excellent and flowers arrived in a timely fashion and continued to do well long after the delivery date. This amazed customers who didn’t have similar experiences with other florists. 

People thought their flowers were gorgeous. Customers felt Bouqs was great value. Though a couple of customers complained about delivery challenges or the freshness of the flowers, they were in the minority. 

Are The Bouqs Co. Flowers Worth It? 

Bouqs Flowers Review

Truthfully, we didn’t take much convincing. We found Bouqs flowers to be breathtaking. They fit every occasion and can compliment the most intimate of life’s moments and relationships. When there are no words to say, a bouquet of Bouqs flowers does the heavy lifting. 

The company culture of sustainability and human connection is admirable and it extended to the heartfelt promise to customers to see that they experience thorough satisfaction. The idea of receiving flowers and giving flowers on a regular basis is something we can really get behind and Bouqs is the perfect way to do it. Our Bouqs flower review concludes that this is a lovable subscription!

The Bouqs Co. Promotions & Discounts 

In our Bouqs flowers review we were eager to know if there were any promotions or discounts. When you enter you’ll receive a Bouqs discount code to enjoy 15% off your first bouquet and weekday delivery. The first bouquet was initially $18 but now you can enjoy beautiful flowers for $12. Use the code: WELCOME15 and sign up today. 

We encourage you to continue to check back at the website for a Bouqs promo code or additional discount codes. 

Bouqs Flowers Review

Where to Buy Bouqs Flowers

If you’re looking to purchase Bouqs flowers, the only place to do that is on their website,


How long do Bouqs flowers last?

Forbes reviewed Bouqs flowers and said, “a week later, and somehow, the flowers are more beautiful than they were before.” Bouquet is backed by a 100% happiness guarantee. They make a promise to customers that they will quickly address issues, if any arise. 

Bouqs flowers last longer because they’re sustainably farmed and some have lasted up to two weeks. With proper care, our Bouqs flowers review highlights that Bouqs flowers will last 5-7 days

Change or Cancel The Bouqs Co. Subscription

It is easy to change your subscription type or the frequency of your deliveries. Bouqs gets that life can get hectic and they’re adaptable. To do so, log into your Bouqs account and click Manage Subscriptions. Select the Settings tab, where you can click the cancel button. Make sure to cancel your subscription in advance!

The Bouqs Co. Shipping Policy

If you’re ordering through Bouqs subscription or scheduler services, shipping is a breeze, since it’s ∫! For all other orders, Bouq customers who have a registered account will be charged $12 and Bouq customers without an account will be charged $18∫ 

Bouqs ships to all 50 US states but they currently do not ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands or APO/FPO addresses. Bouqs floral arrangements created at farms ship Tuesday-Saturday and Bouqs created by their team of florists ship 7 days a week. Enter your zip code before proceeding to make sure your area is available for delivery.

The Bouqs Co. Return Policy

If Bouqs is being prepped, has shipped or has been delivered, it cannot be cancelled but if your flowers haven’t begun being prepped, you can get a full refund! Check the next section for contact details.

Contact The Bouqs Co.

In our Bouqs flowers review, we discovered the ways to get in touch with Bouqs:

  • Click the pink widget at the bottom of the screen to chat with Bouqs from 6AM – 5PM, 7 days a week
  • Click the link located on the Customer Support Page for email correspondence

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Terrible Company
Asked by Betty Tolderi (3 years ago) Reply


Answered by susan johnon (3 years ago) Reply

Agree, I had the same experience

Answered by Cheryl (2 years ago) Reply

Agree! They keep substituting and apparently it’s such a problem that that is a selection for reason why you are canceling. My first bouquet was great. Crap since. I complained about quality last time so they discounted my next order. This one is all roses most of which are nearly bloomed out. And they just arrived today! Don’t waste your money. Flowers are not fresh. The bouquets I ordered NOT on subscription came from California, were fresh and lasted. Forget the subscription

Answered by j beachy (2 years ago) Reply

Yes, a truly terrible company. Do not buy from them, trust me! I ordered a 6 month subscription for the mother and they made it almost impossible to cancel.

Answered by Karen Trevino (2 years ago) Reply

Same experience here. Very sad company. Sorry you went through this too.

Answered by Les (2 years ago) Reply

Agree. Delivered dying flowers for Valentine’s Day. I ordered one month in advance and only with several emails was I able to get them Before Valentine’s Day even after specifying an early delivery date. This company is phony and uncaring.

Answered by Cathy (2 years ago) Reply

I sent my sister flowers for Valentine’s Day. They arrived February 13th. She loved them! On March 7th she messaged me saying the flowers were still blooming and had more buds left to bloom. I wish I could share the pictures she posted on Facebook.

Answered by Sylvia (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered an arrangement for them, which was lost. I asked them for a replacement and they had the audacity to charge my card again! The only reason I found that out is I happened to be looking at my activity and noticed it. Beware!

Answered by SRG (2 years ago) Reply

Same here. Flowers were all dead from shipping when they arrived. And the flowers were not like the ones in the photo and description.

Answered by Cheryl Perez (2 years ago) Reply

PLEASE DO NOT BUY YOUR FLOWERS HERE. Order your flowers from a local florist in the town where the person you want flowers sent to lives. Flowers arrived dead, with brown spots and old.

Answered by Nikki Alpert (2 years ago) Reply


Answered by Christeen Hanson (2 years ago) Reply

So fricking true. My daughter ordered a Tropics bouquet and what I got was fricking leaves

Answered by A M (2 years ago) Reply

Ugh. I should have read these reviews before ordering from this company. What a rip off! $67 for an arrangement with flowers that probably cost $10. Ugly, haphazard, cheap.

Asked by elizabeth orcutt (3 years ago) Reply

I also had a terrible experience. I could have bought a bouquet at the grocery store for far less and it would have been much better. I filed a review and was directed to customer service where they could help me make better choices. No offer of a refund or another bouquet or coupon on the next order. And trying to reach customer service was a lost maze of links that went nowhere. Basically they have blocked any ability to post a review or seek remedy for their lax bouquets. $100 wasted.

Answered by Bryan (2 years ago) Reply

I wish I could give them zero stars… I placed two separate orders many days in advance saying they will be delivered by this Saturday (Feb 13th) in order to beat the Valentines day rush… it is now about to be Monday and neither order has been delivered yet. I tried because of a T-Mobile discount, but absolutely will never order from this incompetent company again. Absolute scam.

Answered by lucy B (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered the first bouquet of my subscription for my daughter’s birthday during Covid lockdown in NY, roses because they’re pet friendly. The flowers were stunning as evidenced by her photos and response. Since then I’ve gifted my own home, neighbors, (CA) friends(Oregon) and family( CA)…mostly unique variations of rose arrangements. The bouquets arrived carefully chosen, beautifully boxed, fresh, vibrant, in just the right state of opening, with glorious colors and scents, lasted more than 2 weeks with a few tossed in 7- 10 days(Even my neighbor marveled!).

Asked by Kellie Cline (2 years ago) Reply

I would have to agree. I sent a tropical Bouqs arrangement to my aunt. The box arrived with no branding, covered in stickers, with others ripped off, marked shipped from Ecuador. She thought it was a scam and trashed them. What a waste of money!

Answered by Charles Kraus (2 years ago) Reply


Answered by Carla (2 years ago) Reply

I have been using them occasionally for over a year or so but started a subscription last year for my mother in law. Have only had amazing results . . . Beautiful flowers, long lasting, and no issues. I plan on getting another subscription to use for myself and friends. They make it so easy with a 30% discount, free shipping, and easy to change.

Asked by Ana (2 years ago) Reply

Don’t waste your time or money ordering flowers from this company. I asked them to hold a delivery as the recipient had to travel unexpectedly. They refused and would not offer any solutions. I am very disappointed in their customer service. I did not ask for a new bouquet or a refund, but simply to hold the deliver so the flowers would not be stolen or damaged. I should have known there customer service was unacceptable when I never received a receipt for my transaction. I will never order from them again and I will let my family and friends know not to order from them either. They offer no customer service. $127 wasted.

Answered by charles kraus (2 years ago) Reply

Absolutely the worst company i ever had to deal with in my 75 years … total rip off … if you are not happy with flowers, service etc. , get ready for the biggest double talk and run around in your life ….

Answered by charles kraus (2 years ago) Reply

moderation… after 10 + emails ??? whats left to moderate ????

Answered by Charles Kraus (2 years ago) Reply


Asked by Izzesparks (2 years ago) Reply

My grandmother passed away unexpectedly from covid. And I purchased flowers to be delivered today for my mom, (because it was her mom we all lost) from Bouq. They never delivered the flowers, never told me there was an issue on their end, I had to call them. They did not apologize or offer any type of condolences. All they said was I can reorder the items! I am so hurt and upset. I have screenshots of the entire conversation.

Asked by Amelia (2 years ago) Reply

I should have read this site and comments with a much, MUCH closer eye but I made the mistake of not doing so. I contacted The Bouqs customer service team to inquire about a delivery to understand whether they deliver directly to a recipient in an apartment complex, leave them in the lobby or another option. I kept getting the same auto-generated “response” from the agent which 1) doesn’t answer my question and 2) doesn’t show any care for helping me.

Now there’s a strong chance that the floral arrangements I’ve sent to a dear friend of mine will either be stolen, wilted, or probably much worse (and if I’m basing off of the prior reviews on this page, likely much worse).

Don’t buy from here.

Answered by Dawn Shackelford (2 years ago) Reply

My 1st Mother’s day order arriving the Friday before, arrived on Tuesday after the holiday. My 2nd order for our 93 yr old gma arrived on time, but filled with moldy, dried out flowers. They were replaced, but I honestly couldn’t trust an order to arrive on time and fresh.

Birthday Flowers Arrived As All Closed/Green Buds
Asked by Customer (2 years ago) Reply

Flowers ordered online did not arrive as they appeared in the photos. The birthday bouquet I ordered for a friend’s 50th birthday arrived as all green closed buds. It will be DAYS before they bloom. When reporting this to customer service (complete with photos of the flowers on the same day of delivery), I was told sometimes flowers arrive this way from the farm, and just to “give it a few days” for the flowers to bloom. I’ve ordered from Bouqs many times, and this was a first. This was also, unfortunately, be my last.

Wilted, brown, dried out, leaves falling all over
Asked by Karen Trevino (2 years ago) Reply

Customer chat apparently didn’t believe me. Very disappointed on my birthday. No replacement offered or refund for my family that sent them. I would stay away from this company.

Saddest Flowers Ever
Asked by Frankie (2 years ago) Reply

I am still reeling from the awful flowers I received as a gift. Four separate bunches of freesias (my favorite) — each wrapped in cheap saran wrap, not even arranged in one graceful bundle, and flowers were all wilted.

Don’t use this company
Asked by Tracy DeBuys (2 years ago) Reply

Ordered flowers for my sister, they have been enroute to her for a week!!!! Wonder what they look like???? The blooms are supposed to last a week, they should by dead upon arrival!! So disappointed and you can’t get ahold of these people to save your life!!

Never again
Asked by B Cervetti (2 years ago) Reply

Mistake not to read reviews before sending. Ordered flowers to surprise my mom when they offered a special discount off their regular $50 bouquet. It was so small, she ended up putting the arrangement in a drinking glass. The calla lilies were literally the size of a fork. Wilting filler flowers and two pieces of greenery. Not nearly like the nice bouquet in the pictures, sent with no water or plant food. She liked the thought, but told me not to order from them again, said whatever I paid was too much.

Answered by Anne Shaughnessy (2 years ago) Reply

My daughter ordered flowers from Bouqs for me for Easter. They were supposed to be delivered on Friday, April 2. They weren’t! They were at Dulles International Airport on the weekend and were finally delivered today April 5. Needless to say, they were quite dead! There will be no more orders from Bouqs.

Asked by Robert Coffey (2 years ago) Reply

Ordered a bouquet and paid extra for fast delivery yet on the day its supposed to arrive and after being charged I find out that the order was never fulfilled, they didn’t even tell me I had to sit in li e on the chat option to find out. Terrible business, don’t recommend to anyone.

Never buy from Bouqs
Asked by Steve (2 years ago) Reply

Ordered one bouquet weeks before the scheduled ship date. Was notified days before the scheduled arrival that I wouldn’t be receiving my flowers, and by that time it was too late to get flowers elsewhere. No refund was offered, but a backup bouquet was promised. That backup bouquet didn’t arrive either.

Don’t trust this scam of a company.

Answered by Amy (2 years ago) Reply

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Received as a gift. Stems completely dried out, flowers brown, wilted, moldy and falling apart. Completely ridiculous! Can see how any major company could promote them.

Ordered twice/Garbage, They are thieves!
Asked by Lori (2 years ago) Reply

Tried twice now. Flowers were old and withered, sent in boring box, not arranged. Customer service is chat and awful. They will argue with you, run game saying they will bloom later. Lies. Bottom line is not to trust this company with delivering quality flowers for your loved one.

Worst flowers I've ever got!
Asked by Shirley (2 years ago) Reply

This article is clearly a product placement ad, as evident by the overwhelming negative comments in response. I wish I had read those comments prior to having my husband order me flowers for Valentine’s Day. Everything from the delivery, packaging to the actual flowers from this company is just absolutely awful! My flowers were delivered to the wrong apartment. Luckily I have honest neighbors who brought them back down to the common area for us to find. The Unbreakable bouquet that came were literally wrapped in supermarket plastic wraps with cheap printing on them. If it wasn’t for the box it came in, they literally look like they are from your neighborhood grocery, doesn’t make for a nice gift receiving experince at all! The worst is the flowers themselves. My husband got me the Deluxe Unbreakable bouquet, which is supposed to be double the bloom. However, the whole bouquet barely make up a full bouquet to fit a vase. They also wrapped it as two (cheaply wrapped) bouquets, so I knew exactly what would have been in a Regular Unbreakable bouquet. According to the Bouq’s website, a Regular Unbreakable bouquet consists of 15 stems, while the Deluxe will have 30 stems. Here’s a breakdown of the Regularly Unbreakable bouquet – 4 stems of green, 2 stems of lilies and 3 stems snapdragon, the rest of it was a bunch of bear grass. So in essence only 1/3 of the bouquet is flowers, and even with filler stems, you are only at a total of 9 stems (nowhere near 15) thus it’s not enough to fill a regular vase. The flowers themselves are also very poor quality. Lilies look anemic and barely able to open, leaves are already turning yellow after 2 days. (Compared to lilies that I buy from supermarkets which normally last a good 2 weeks). The snapdragons also looks damaged. In the end, we probably could’ve gotten the same (better quality) flowers for about 1/4 of the price at a supermarket or went to the florist who would’ve wrapped the same bouquet beautifully and still be cheaper. I’ve actually used Bouqs to sent gifts in the past which after seeing the actual product myself, am a bit embarrassed that I used them. It’s also quite telling that their website doesn’t allow users to leave reviews nor share pics of their flowers. Needless to say, I would NOT be using them again in the future.

Only half delivered; looks pathetic
Asked by Benjamin (2 years ago) Reply

If I could give negative stars, I would. This company has now TWICE failed to deliver the flowers actually purchased. There is no accountability or desire to rectify the situation. If you planning on giving the product as a gift, be aware that what’s received will not be what you ordered. Further, what does arrive looks nothing like the photos – – THIS IS A COMMON COMPLAINT if you read actual consumer reviews and not their own blasts. Stay away. There are other options.

Poor customer service
Asked by Marilyn Horwath (2 years ago) Reply

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Ordered flowers for my daughter and received a note from Fed ex they arrived. Called my daughter and she never received them. Tried to call to talk to customer service but they are working from home and only use chat which is a joke. They basically told me they were delivered and maybe somebody stole them. My daughter was home all day with 3 roommates and they have a fence so if they were delivered there is no chance they would be stolen.
If you want a reliable, customer service friendly flower company I would not choose Bouqes I most certainly wouldn’t subscribe for a monthly flower delivery. What a nightmare that would be.

I wish I read reviews first!

Asked by Helen Hart (2 years ago) Reply

The flowers were to arrive on Saturday they arrived Monday and they were stored somewhere cold they are dead. I am sure my son paid good money for these what a shame for his 84 year Mother.

Frozen Flowers Two Days Late (to my 85-year-old mother)
Asked by Ned (2 years ago) Reply

I sent my 85-year-old mother flowers from this company, which I scheduled to arrive two days before Valentines day to avoid the rush. The flowers arrived a day late and frozen. OK, that kind of thing happens. But, when I tried to rectify the situation, I found that customer service was almost non-existent. You can e-chat with a person about your concerns and you can cancel your “subscription,” but they won’t “call you tomorrow” as they say they will and they will stick you with the charge for not only the late and frozen flowers, but will also charge you to cancel your “monthly subscription” — a $35-dollar fee that they will kindly send you in the form of a gift certificate for more frozen flowers. This, my friends, is a scam. I’m going back to god ‘ole FTD, which — by the way — still uses a nationwide network of locally-owned florists. The importance of this is that locally-owned florists are actually located in the community where your flowers will be delivered. Locally-owned florists have not only a reputation and a business to maintain, but you can also go talk to them, and may even run into them in the grocery store. There is a different kind of, well, old-fashioned service that comes from folks that live and work in your community. Flowers that come from California, from a big company that has a picture of their CEO riding a skateboard, sounds and looks fun, modern, and hip. But, California people don’t seem to understand winter in the Midwest. Flowers get delivered alive here, even in single-digit temperatures, but people that know how to handle flowers in the climate in which they live. The concept this company has is interesting and new-agey, but when you can’t get flowers to people at Valentines time, something is wrong with your concept. As you may know, Valentine’s Day is the number one day for florists every year. If you can’t not only survive, but also shine, in the flower business on this day, bad weather or not, then you ain’t ready for prime time. I’m still hoping there might be some sort of refund, but I’m hot holding my breath. Take my advice, call FTD. They may not be as hip as this California company, but they will deliver your flowers alive, and if they don’t they always make it right — somehow. That somehow is the crucial ingredient that this crew just doesn’t get. They basically take your money and run. Not a very romantic story for Valentines.

Wilted Tulips
Asked by Saul Murillo (2 years ago) Reply

1. Delivered 3 days late.
2. Received wilted tulips and only half of them came back.
3. Base included only fits half of the bouquet.
4. No customer service. 4 people jumped in the chat in less then 5 min. and none helped me.
5. Ordered from them because of T-mobile Tuesday. Big mistake!

Don’t waste your money
Asked by Leo (2 years ago) Reply

I pre-ordered my flowers 6 days in advance before the Valentine’s Day rush. They needed to arrive on a specific day. The flowers weren’t sent out from California until the afternoon before they were suppose to arrive in Nee York City. Needless to say the package never arrived on time and the day was ruined. To make things worse, all the time wasted and money spent were for a bouquet of half wilting or wilted flowers. Some of the flowers were even looked like they were frozen at one point. This is most likely from poor storage conditions by the delivery service that was needed because the flowers never arrived as scheduled. The bright side of all of this is I was able to go on 1-800FLOWERS website on Sunday and order an equivalent bouquet for a much lower price with an extra charge for same day delivery. About 30-45 minutes go by after my order was submitted, I reached out to customer service to find out what time would my guaranteed delivery arrive. Before they could find out, I refreshed the tracking for the order and it was already delivered! In conclusion, the flowers were nice looking on the website but over priced. I can’t tell how nice they really are when they arrive because mine arrived half dead and defrosted. The customer service was terrible. I tried to reach out to customer service the whole week when I didn’t get any tracking or shipping updates until the day before! I’ve ordered plants and flowers online through other websites and I have never had such a terrible experience before. When ordering live plants online a consumer always has worries and doubts. From my positive experience through other online plant and flower shop websites, I decided to go ahead with my order. Sadly, I have experienced every fear a consumer would have ordering live plants/flowers online through The Bouqs Co. but never again.

Asked by Josh & Lyndsey (2 years ago) Reply

Gotta say we were highly disappointed in the flowers that arrived. It was a lack luster arrangement and highly overpriced. We will be cancelling our monthly subscription and taking our business to a local florist.

Asked by LV (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered two bouquets of flowers for my mother in law, as this is the first year without her husband. One bouquet arrived 5 days late and DEAD, to commemorate her first Valentine’s Day without her husband. Because of this delay, BOUQs decided to cancel the second order, WITHOUT TELLING ME, so my mother in law got NO FLOWERS on the anniversary of her husband’s death. They only told me when I contacted them on the day of to ask where the flowers were. Obscene and unacceptable customer service.

Very bad service/ lack of communication/ poor response time.
Asked by Kenneth D Steger (2 years ago) Reply

Terrible experience. Ruined a very special occasion for a good friend. Flowers never arrived on their birthday. Their response, We are not responsible for the bad weather which could cause delivery problems. I tracked the order and it has been sitting in Tennessee for two days. The weather has been sunny and beautiful here in the South. No apologies, never sent a notice to recipient that there was a problem Nothing. Very embarrassing.

Garbage Blossoms
Asked by Alexis (2 years ago) Reply

They are shady in every sense of the word. Out of five orders – only two were as pictured. No matter what you order they will throw in mismatched garbage blossoms and your bouquet will not look like what you ordered. Then Customer Service will insult your intelligence by giving you some cockamamie “explanation” about guard petals and whatnot -no matter what your issue is – and even if you send pictures of the WRONG bouquet. Don’t bother.

Asked by Katherine (2 years ago) Reply

HORRIFIC customer service. CHEAP flowers I could’ve gotten from Trader Joe’s for $15 — and Trader Joe’s would have been better quality! Price point was $120! Looks NOTHING like the photo… instead of a gorgeous combination of pink roses with delicate white flowers and berries it was mostly daisies with two tulips (one pink, one orange) and a yellow lily, one of the UGLIEST arrangements I have ever seen. There was no customer service number listed, I emailed them, received a generic response stating they can use other flowers that are seasonal, blah blah blah. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES FLOWERS FROM THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL BE EMBARRASSED AND DISAPPOINTED.

Don't be fooled by their website!
Asked by Heather Luecke (2 years ago) Reply

Bouqs has great marketing but the aesthetic they exhibit on their website is not matched in the flowers they deliver. The flowers I ordered look the same as what you could buy in a Kroger grocery store – cheap, mismatched, and common. All the negative reviews posted here are TRUE.

Asked by Lisa (2 years ago) Reply

This is the 2nd time I’ve recieved flowers from you. The card says it’s from you (Bouqs) “with love”. Sure it’s nice to get flowers for free but what the heck?!!!

Bouqs promotes stalking
Asked by Andrea LaGioia (2 years ago) Reply

The Bouqes Co promotes stalking in the name of the all mighty dollar. I Received flowers several times anonymously and they will not tell me who sent them. They say they have a privacy policy but it is against the law. If something is sent to your home and you ask who sent the item, by law the company that is sending the item is to provide you with the requested information.Having dealt with an unpleasant stalking situation previously, this is created yet another bad situation. My husband and I are not happy about this.

Asked by Moni (2 years ago) Reply

The Bouqs company is misleading in their subscriptions. If you change your mind about a subscription, even seconds after you click to sign up, you will subjected to a $36 fee. Most bouquets are available on other sites for much cheaper, and include a vase- which for Bouqs is a 10$ optional item. Do better.

Worst Flowers and no customer support!!
Asked by Mary Kay Foody (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered flowers for my daughters birthday a month in advance. They arrived looking bent and dying. Was told the flowers need time to hydrate and they will perk right up. After 3 days flowers buds fell off 4 of the flowers before even opening up and 3 of the flower stems were bent. Daughter disposed of flowers even before her birthday. Attempts at reaching out to customer service (or better to say…no-service) were unsuccessful. Flowers should arrive beautiful and put a smile on the recipients face…..this didn’t happen. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY at BOUQS… another florist!!

Worst mother's day flowers, or any day..
Asked by Sheila OMalley (2 years ago) Reply

The wild about you bunch, got here, brown, broken leaves, flower heads all broken off, it’s full of side if highway, empty field weeds. I tried to fix it but my husband flipped out. They stuck broken flowers into the succulent, to appear as a flower, but then pops off. A child would pick these, weeds, barely any flowers, purple dried up. I can’t believe they did this, and said they’d credit $10. Really, a $48 bouquet, and it’s garbage. Never try this place, they don’t care. I have plenty of pictures.

Multiple orders issue not resolved
Asked by Roberto Mosquera (2 years ago) Reply

On April 16, 2021, I placed an order for April 17. On April 27, 2021 I placed 3 orders for May 8 for Mother’s Day. On both occasions, on day of expected delivery, the orders’ status did not change, stayed as “Pending” and I reached out to TheBouqs to inquire. Both times they claimed that there was an issue with my credit card. After the April 16th order’s experience with my credit card, I used a different credit card for the April 27th. Yet they claimed both orders had payment issue. The orders display as “Pending” and not once has it ever said that “Payment Declined” “Order Error” or anything similar. Not once was I contacted by text, email, call. Yet they spam me with promotional texts and emails.
On May 8th, I spoke via chat, with an “Dranje” and they said that my credit card company should have contacted me that my payment did not go through. And I questioned, why would a credit card company contact me for an order that did not go through? And they had no answer. I questioned the status of the order on their web site, and they had no answer. I questioned why was I not contacted in regards to my payment, and they had no answer. They said I should place a re-order and use Paypal or ApplePay, and not use my credit card(s).
In summary, they ruined four gifts (1 birthday and 3 mother’s day gifts) and offered no solution. After two failed orders, I will no longer order from them, nor will I ever refer them to anyone.
Note: I am/was not a first time customer. I had placed 13 previous order and I had a one time, a monthly subscription for a year with them. But after today, I will never buy from them again.

Much better flowers at grocery store for a fraction of the cost
Asked by cathy (2 years ago) Reply

I received a bouquet as a Mother’s Day gift. What my children ordered and what I got where wildly different. What I got came in a box, not even a wet paper towel around stems. The type of sunflower in the pic and the type of sunflower I got are 2 different species. The dominating greens I got were big and clunky and not at all what my children saw in the pic, and again, a whole different species of green. I contacted company by way of FB messenger and they keep defending one thing, when my complaint focused on another. They deceived and defrauded the buyers. Their standards are very low, and their ethics are lower. Protect yourself.

Asked by Jess (2 years ago) Reply

Purchased flowers in plenty of time to arrive BEFORE Mother’s Day. Checked the shipping, and they were stuck in Miami for over a day. Now the shipping says they will arrive AFTER the holiday. What is the point of picking an arrival day if they aren’t going to get there by the time? I can only imagine what they will look like since they have been shipping for DAYS! Do not waste your money.

Worst company - unreliable and lame
Asked by Greg (2 years ago) Reply

They did not deliver the bouquet I ordered for Mother’s Day. When I got an agent in the chat, he claimed that my card payment didn’t go through. I paid with a Groupon and a credit card, and nobody as much as alerted me that there was a problem with the order, despite me placing it a week ago. I’m going to report them to the local BBB. Do not deal with them – they are as dysfunctional as their customer service is.

Asked by Kathy Miranda (2 years ago) Reply

Terrible. Do not order for Mother’s Day! I ordered April 17th, 2020 and they did not arrive on the day promised. I was told they could only offer me a refund of shipping costs and a replacement bouquet IF they are not acceptable (they were shipped on May 6th and now told they will arrive May 11th). I wanted a full refund. They will not give one. Just a replacement. Who wants a replacement after Mother’s Day? Terrible customer service, terrible delivery. Never again, Bouqs!

Asked by D Lombardi (2 years ago) Reply

My daughter set up a flower delivery 3 wks in advance of Mothers Day…….. They arrived AFTER Mothers Day …… and half Dead!!! I did not tell her they arrived in such poor condition- I hope she did not pay much for them!!! SUPER disappointed!!!

Horrible service
Asked by Laura (2 years ago) Reply

My delivery came almost 2 days late. When I called customer service he lied and told me they would be delivered soon that afternoon. I guess he meant soon the next day end of day. I really had a hard time understanding him and was totally frustrated and aggravated for overpriced flowers I chose because they would’ve delivered the next day. Sending flowers is a happy thing and this took all the joy out of it for me. They should have taken 50% off. Never again

Asked by Tina Wong (2 years ago) Reply

Received mothers day bouquet Sunday. Monday petals dropping. Cut ends and changed water. Wednesday more petals. Roses turning brown and dry. Texted customer service; they were prompt to answer. Requested a photo, then they hung up on chat. So will see how they respond.

Don’t use this florist
Asked by Donna Hobby (2 years ago) Reply

I sent flowers to my husband’s BOSS. I was informed that they were delivered. Husb never heard from her, which is unlike her. Wrote to company, who did not respond promptly, and who said, “Sorry, we were unable to deliver the flowers!” [!!!!!!] They then proceeded to offer me credit!! So, basically:

1) they lied about delivering them (!)
2) then they never told me they couldn’t (!)
3) then gave no reason why they couldn’t (!)
4) then offered me CREDIT !?!

I insisted on refund, and they never got back to me!!

Do Not Use BOUQS
Asked by Kim Smith (2 years ago) Reply

I guess the reason they don’t have a customer service phone number is because they know they mess up frequently.
Ordered flowers for a funeral a week ahead, the charge went thru the credit card fine, and the week came & went- no flowers!!! So when i emailed (apparently only way to contact customer service)
they said some lame excuse about the credit card not going thru – if i could add a picture here, i’d show that i was charged.
I have the order number, the confirmation number and the supposed delivery date…. if they can give all that THEN THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONTACT ME REGARDING PAYMENT! THEY HAVE MY PHONE, MY EMAIL, ETC.
don’t waste your time or money with these people – Bouqs is NOT reliable

Bouqs is the WORST
Asked by Amanda Gibson (2 years ago) Reply

They lure you in with a 30% off coupon off your first order only to have barely any inventory that qualifies for the 30% discount. They say that you can order next day and allowed me to place the order for my sister’s birthday only to cancel the order. When I spoke to customer service they apologized and sent a different arrangement on them however said they do not deliver on Sundays or Mondays so she would have to get the bouquet late. Since the order was on them I thought it would be worth it, only to find out that they still charged me for the order they canceled. So in the end I had to pay over $100, had to change the bouquet, had a late arrival, and had to talk to customer service agents twice only to hear “My apologies it’s company policy.” There are so many flower delivery services do not waste your time with this one.

Asked by Ron (2 years ago) Reply

Very dissatisfied with the company. I never received the flowers for our 43 anniversary. No explanation from BOUQ’s or their carrier

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