Stickii Club Sticker Subscription Review

About Stickii Club

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

Do you consider yourself savvy in stationery? Perhaps it’s time to give Stickii Club a shot. Offered as a monthly subscription service, scrapbooking geeks can get their hands on a collection of unique stickers.

With a following of over 75.4k on Instagram, Stickii Club has also caught the attention of the press—including BuzzFeed, Marie Claire, and Glamour magazine. Over the years, its unique online service has won the brand multiple trophies, such as a My Subscription Addiction Readers’ Choice Award in 2021.

For those curious about learning more about this company, let this Stickii Club sticker subscription review be your leading guide. We will take an in-depth look at its membership, products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its service is worth signing up for.

Overview of Stickii Club

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

You could say that owner Rita Jiang had a passion for stickers. With a love for scrapbooking, she managed to transform her lifetime obsession into a viable career. After she graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Jiang decided to open up her own sticker subscription service in 2016.

Launched in her hometown, Stickii Club is considered the ‘Etsy’ marketplace of stickers. Partnered with hundreds of independent artists from around the world, this online service is home to thousands of unique decals and scrapbooking necessities.

Additionally, the brand makes it a mission to contribute back to the community. It donates a portion of its proceeds to youth charities like the Inner City Arts organization.

Working with talented indie artists allows us to unleash the power of stickers; there are so many styles, so many modes of expression, and it’s our biggest joy to deliver them in an affordable, truly artful subscription to sticker connoisseurs all over the world,” via a statement made by founder Rita Jiang.

Before we get into this Stickii Club sticker subscription review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Wide selection of unique stickers and decals in different styles
  • Support independent artists
  • User-friendly and well-organized website
  • Stickii Club donates 10% of its revenue to philanthropic organizations
  • Affordably priced
  • Provides international shipping


  • Customers are unable to choose their sticker packs when signing up for a subscription
  • No refunds on its membership plan
  • Offers a short return window of only 14 days

How Does Stickii Club Work?

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

On a scrapbooking binge? Unless you’re a level 10 Etsy shopper, finding unique designs can be a daunting task. For those who’ve ‘seen it all’ when it comes with decals and stickers, the Stickii Club subscription plan promises a monthly delivery of one-of-kind styles that you might have never seen before.

Customers can choose from three Stickii Club membership plans. This includes the Cute, Vintage, and Pop packs. Each selection offers a curated pile of themed stickers.

All options come with six decal sheets in total, three stationery pieces, and one Stickii storage insert to help keep your stuff organized and neat. If you can’t decide on what plan to get, members can sign up for the all-inclusive program, which compiles all three sets together.

Each Sticki Club subscription plan offers some flexibility. Customers can switch their original set for a new one by logging into their accounts. You may also skip certain shipments by choosing another delivery date. Subscribers are also entitled to a recurring monthly spoiler, in which the brand will provide a peek into its next three packs of stickers.

As a final note, customers are not required to sign up for a Sticki Club subscription to purchase the brand’s products. It offers many decals that are also sold independently, such as the adorable Stickii Club Pusheen stickers set.

For those looking for a ‘tasting session’ of what kind of designs it has in store, this Stickii Club sticker subscription review will provide readers with a small sample of customer favorites down below.

Stickii Club Sticker Subscription Review

Stickii Club Sticker Subscription Review
Stickii Club Sticker Subscription

This isn’t your regular, family-style scrapbook. Journaling is all about design and space. Whether it’s used as a therapeutic activity or a way to express creativity, make sure that you have an arsenal of beautifully made stickers at your side.

For those who find themselves running out of decals on a monthly (or weekly basis), perhaps it’s a sign to join the Stickii Club sticker boxes subscription plan.

As we mentioned before, the brand offers three membership sets: Cute, Vintage, and Pop. To help readers make a more informed decision about choosing a bundle, we will outline a few packs within each plan.

Each of the packs featured in this Stickii Club sticker subscription review was offered in a previous month. But, if there is a past pack that you missed, you can choose to purchase it individually while supplies last—either the whole bundle or individual sheets. Should you choose to subscribe, these examples show what types of decals you can expect.

Stickii Club Cute Pack

Stickii Club Cute Pack
Stickii Club Cute Pack

The Stickii Club Cute Pack is all about pastel colors, soft lines, and designs that make you say ‘aww.’ If you’re a lover of kawaii styles, the cute characters featured in these sets are for you. Up next, we’ll take a look at some top-sellers that’ll help you commemorate Christmas mornings and Summer vacations with charming stickers.

The Pusheen Winter Sticker Sheet

Ideal to use around Christmas time, the Stickii Club Pusheen winter set offers an adorable assortment of this iconic cat sledding, skiing, and sipping hot chocolate. Featuring a cool color palette of soft blue, pink, grey, and green, stationery enthusiasts can easily transform their journaling page into a December wonderland.

This Stickii Club sticker subscription review recommends sticking these decals onto some Christmas-related memorabilia. Whether it’s Christmas market tickets or some leftover wrapping paper from last night, make each moment known with the $3 Pusheen Winter Sticker Sheet for only $2.

The Kawaii Treats Sticker Sheet

If you’re not artistically inclined, the Stickii Club kawaii treats collection can help add that ‘sketchbook’ charm without the need for a design school degree. This bundle contains six decal pages in total, including the Cute Chefs selection, the Chick Cafe assortment, and the Kawaii Milk pack.

While it’s up to the scrapbooker in question, we suggest saving these beauties for special occasions. Offered as a great present for stationery enthusiasts, give the gift of cuteness with the Kawaii Treats Sticker Sheet for $12 (from $17).

The Camping Cuties Sticker Sheet

Perfect for cementing those summer memories, the Stickii Club camping cuties set displays a charming variety of wild animals enjoying the great outdoors. With over 22 decals in total, this collection can help put an adorable twist to your botanical drawings or hiking sketches.

This pack would make a great gift for scrapbookers or those who can’t get enough of Animal Crossing. Made by artist EggButterToast, the $3 Camping Cuties Sticker Sheet costs a cool $2.

Stickii Club Vintage Pack

Stickii Club Vintage Pack
Stickii Club Vintage Pack

For the person who just doesn’t vibe with the trends of today, this option is for you. The Stickii Club Vintage Pack offers antique technology, old books, and stylized botanicals in earthy, muted, or golden color palettes. Lovers of dark academia or gentle steampunk designs will want to stay tuned as we cover three fan-favorites.

The Assorted Mushrooms Sticker Sheet

Take this as a sign to channel your inner cottage core girl. The Assorted Mushrooms Sticker Sheet provides a ‘fun’gi selection of a variety of chanterelles, oysters, and puffballs. Suited for those who love hiking, nature, and gardening, this selection adds a touch of fairy-like charm to every page. Fortunately, this $3 set is on sale for only $2.

The Vintage Stamps Sticker Sheet

If you love to travel, the Vintage Stamps Sticker Sheet features a whimsical selection of antique decals that give off major exploring vibes. Showcasing a muted color palette of burgundy, gold, navy blue, and blush, this collection can help transform those boring airplane tickets into a quirky adventure.

There are over 29 decals to choose from, which can cover nine pages in total if you space them correctly. Designed for journals and not for letters, the $3 Vintage Stamps Sticker Sheet is priced at $2.

The Vintage Astronomy Illustrations Sticker Sheet

This Vintage Astronomy Illustrations Sticker Sheet serves as the perfect gift for Zodiac fanatics or space lovers. Displaying an intricate black and white sketch of planets and constellations, this decal set can put a ‘scientific’ spin on any diary or agenda.

We suggest adding these adhesives to special nighttime events, such as star gazing dates or romantic walks beneath the full moon. Offered in sizes square or rectangular depending on the design, the $3 Vintage Astronomy Illustrations Sticker Sheet is on sale for $2.

Stickii Club Pop Pack

Stickii Club Pop Pack
Stickii Club Pop Pack

Arguably the most versatile of the three options, the Stickii Club Pop Pack is full of unconventional scenes and whimsical objects. In this collection, you might find colorful forests, magical animals, vibrant cityscapes, and yummy foods. Let’s take a look at some customer favorites.

The Chilled Out Sticker Sheet

Can’t get enough coffee? Make your caffeine addiction known with the Chilled Out Sticker Sheet set. Offering 12 decals in total, this delicious pack features a yummy assortment of lattes, cold brews, and espressos. This is a great bundle to have for morning to-do lists or writing down cafe hot spots.

Ideal for self gifts or birthday presents, we recommend pairing this with a tea set to make this collection complete. And, why not splurge on an additional collection, such as the Delicious Drinks assortment for $2? In terms of price, the $3 Chilled Out Sticker Sheet set costs a cool $2.

The Victorian Steampunk Sticker Sheet

For those who are fans of Clockwork Orange, The Golden Compass, or The Infernal Devices, the Stickii Club steampunk sticker set is what you need to add that science fiction edge to your journal. Featuring a unique collection of designs centered around invention, this set offers a slight antique feel due to its color palette and art style.

Ideal for science fiction lovers or bookworms, the $3 Victorian Steampunk Sticker Sheet will cost you $2 at checkout.

The Neon Nights Sticker Sheet

If you can’t manage to snap a photo of your favorite city, the Neon Nights Sticker Sheet set will capture that picturesque image for you. Showcasing a stunning collection of Tokyo avenues and streets, this assortment does its best to visualize the whimsical nature of Japan itself.

Perfect for dreamers and accomplished travelers alike, the $3 Neon Nights Sticker Sheet costs $2 in total.

How Much Is Stickii Club?

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

When it comes to price, the Stickii Club sticker subscription boxes plan costs $10 per month plus shipping. If you’re looking to get the Cute, Vintage, and Pop packs altogether, it costs just $30 in total. For those not savvy about memberships, the brand offers individual pricing for its decal packs. It usually costs $2-$3 for most decal sheets.

Stickii Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

Take this as a sign to buy more storage boxes because this company garners positive comments online. While the brand doesn’t boast many buyer reactions, we did find a few glowing testimonials while combing through its website and Facebook page. Most buyers were happy with their purchase and found Stickii Club’s stickers to be of good quality.

For instance, the March 2021 Pop Pack: Light Shadow collection holds five reviews with a general score of 5/5 stars. “The artwork is so beautiful and mesmerizing! I love how some of the packs now have stamps too, one customer wrote. “The instant I saw this pack I knew I had to get it, totally worth it.

And, the Fairytale Library sheets feature a perfect score from four customers. One shopper really appreciates the attention to detail: “They have a wonderful, rustic look to them, and certain emblems or embellishments on each sticker shimmer in this holographic gold that I really enjoy.”

Cratejoy hosts a total of 227 user reviews with an impressive score of 4.8 stars out of 5. Several buyers were quick to comment on the brand’s wide selection of unique stickers. Others wrote encouraging testimonials on quality, price, and design variation. Take this example:

This is my first time receiving this subscription and I was very pleasantly surprised and content with what I received. I received 3 sheets of white background stickers and 3 sheets of clear streamers and I loved all of them.”

Independent blogs, such as Hello Subscription and Super Cute Kawaii, also gave favorable testimonies towards the brand’s membership plan. Both writers commended the brand’s one-of-a-kind designs, especially the Vintage Pack and Cute Pack.

Plus, the two authors noted the flexibility of its monthly subscription programs—customers can change or edit their orders at any given convenience. Take this example from Hello Subscription:

The Retro Pack tends to have skeletons, creatures with horns, and other creepy things occasionally. I think it’s cool that you can change to the other styles, I love having that flexibility.” 

By far, the majority of customers report high-quality stickers with intricate designs. We do hope more shoppers share their experiences with the brand because testimonials are very limited.

Is Stickii Club Worth It?

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

Given the value, quality, variation, and price of its collection, this Stickii Club sticker subscription review encourages you to give Etsy a break and have a go at this brand’s membership program. 

People, it’s time to start supporting independent artists. With hundreds of different creators featured on its website, you’ll find it easy to discover something that you’d like. Compared to those mass-produced stickers that are commonplace in every department store, Stickii Club can offer customers a one-of-a-kind pack that shines among the rest.

It’s kind of like treasure hunting, but for stationery. The company’s website is also very user-friendly, organizing its stickers into categories like animals, Halloween, or space. So, shoppers should have an easy time finding something that suits their style.

Its prices are quite reasonable too, as a six-sheet pack, with extras, only costs $10 per month. For a way to lend a helping hand to independent shops and artists, Stickii Club acts as your online marketplace for scrapbooking goods.

Stickii Club Promotions & Discounts

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

We found out that members can get a 5% discount by using the Stickii Club coupon code: STICKIIMEMBER5 at checkout.

Currently, the company is doing a site-wide anniversary promotion in which all products, such as the Stickii Club magic forest pack, are 40% off.

Sign Up For Stickii Club

Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

Itching to get a monthly pack of stickers? This Stickii Club sticker subscription review will provide a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for its plan:

  1. Click on the ‘Sticker Subscription’ tab on its landing page
  2. Choose from three of their available plans
  3. Fill out the shipping and payment details in order to make an account


Stickiii Club Sticker Subscription Review

How do I cancel my Stickii Club subscription?

The Stickii Club subscription plan comes with no commitments or cancellation fees. To end your monthly membership, customers must simply log into their accounts. From there, click on the ‘manage subscriptions’ tab followed by the ‘edit’ link.

Follow each prompt in order to successfully cancel your plan. It’s worth noting that customers can also skip their next scheduled delivery.

What is Stickii Club’s Shipping Policy?

When it comes to its membership plans, this Stickii Club sticker subscription review found out that customers will need to pay for shipping. Fortunately, delivery is quite cheap, as it only costs $1 per pack. Its services are available worldwide, including Canada and Australia. To keep its costs low, the brand doesn’t provide tracking numbers for smaller orders.

What is Stickii Club’s Return Policy?

In terms of individually priced sticker packs, customers have until 14 days to return their orders. All of its subscription plans are considered final sale and non-refundable. We also found out that the company does not cover any shipping costs under its policy. To initiate this process, contact the brand for further instructions.

How to Contact Stickii Club

For inquiries unrelated to this Stickii Club sticker subscription review, you can contact the company through:

Looking for more options? Check out PipSticks, a brand that provides a wide selection of beautiful decals at your pleasure.

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