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INC Authority Review

Entrepreneurship is becoming more viable from both a business and a personal satisfaction standpoint. Let’s look at some quick numbers – over 5 million new businesses registered in 2021, around 65% of all small businesses in the United States are profitable, and the industry employs more than 65 million Americans. 

However, starting a small business isn’t a fool-proof way to guarantee success, which is why many look to register their business as a limited liability company, or an LLC. These types of businesses keep your personal assets safe if someone tries to sue you or other damages mount against your company.

I’m not trying to start on a negative note, but personal protection is the biggest benefit of forming an LLC. There are other advantages, but it can still be a headache to figure it out by yourself. That’s why you should look into INC Authority, an American company that helps people form their own businesses with much less stress. 

The brand has over 4k followers on Instagram and purports to help more than 25k new businesses establish themselves every year.

This INC Authority review will provide you with all the vital information you need to know so that you can decide whether or not you want to start a business with them. You’ll learn about:

  • What is an LLC
  • What are the advantages of an LLC
  • What are INC Authority’s services
  • How much INC Authority costs
  • What customers think about INC Authority

Why You Should Trust Us

INC Authority Review

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview of INC Authority

INC Authority Review

Operating out of Nevada, INC Authority has been in the business for more than 30 years. They’re an online LLC-filing company that breaks down many of the oftentimes confusing barriers to entry that come with registering a business.

One thing that I appreciate about INC Authority is that they’re focused on small business development. This is evident in both the number of businesses they help per year and the wealth of free options they provide. I’ll go into those later in this INC Authority review, but first I want to touch on why you might want to file an LLC in the first place.

As I mentioned before, LLCs can be safer than corporations because there’s less chance for your personal assets to be damaged. That’s not the only advantage, however, as LLCs pay taxes on an individual level, meaning that you report them on your personal tax return rather than having to file a whole new one for your business.

Additionally, LLC owners have more control of the structure, management, and long-term plans of their business versus corporations. They also have state-regulated requirements and formalities, meaning that people who want the utmost freedom with their business should look into LLCs.

Plus, LLC owners aren’t stockholders like corporation owners are. LLCs are made up of individuals who own a few of the brand’s assets, rather than buying into a brand’s assets. 

In conclusion, LLCs provide more flexibility than corporations. Even with all that, it can still seem like a mess to try and file your own LLC. The rest of this INC Authority review will cover how the company works to lessen the load on new business owners.

To gather a better idea of how they accomplish this, let’s look at some of INC Authority’s highlights. 


  • Free LLC filing
  • Free 1-year registered agent
  • Discounts through major financial services
  • Bevy of premium perks that can make your business easier to run
  • High customer reception on TrustPilot

The bulk of this INC Authority review will cover what their free and paid plans provide.

How Does INC Authority Work?

INC Authority Review

This section of my INC Authority review will explain what the company handles when customers register a business under them.

The main thing that sets INC Authority apart from other LLC services is how many freebies they offer. For example, these are three services that your LLC will receive for $0 when signing up with INC Authority:

  1. Corporation processing fee
  2. LLC process fee
  3. A 1-year registered agent

Their other free services include name-checking (to ensure that there aren’t any other businesses in your state using the same name), a consultation with one of their experts to help you plan your taxes, filing papers like the S-Election form 2553, and a credit and funding analysis. 

By this point in my INC Authority review, you’re likely thinking one of three thoughts:

  • “This all sounds great! Sign me up!”
  • “Why are they giving all of this away for free? What’s the catch?”
  • “What’s the best online business niche for 2022?”

While I’m glad if you’re thinking about the first and can’t give you much of an answer for the third thought, I can tell you more about INC Authority’s “catch.” Their business model is based on building a trusting relationship with customers so that they can continue to work together in the future. 

Thus, they frontload many accessible features at the start of the process and provide more services if you sign up for premium content. These paid-for plans vary in price based on the size of your business and other factors, so I’m referencing information I found in Forbes’ INC Authority review for examples.

Forbes reports that INC Authority’s Intro Business Bundle usually costs $370 and includes:

  • State filing
  • An ownership certificate
  • An operating agreement
  • Separation documents

Some of INC Authority’s other premium services are federal trademarking, business credit, funding, marketing plans, SEO, and more. 

Finally, because of their connections with institutions like Bank of America, ADP, and PayPal, businesses that form under INC Authority get discounts with those services. 

Who Is INC Authority For? 

INC Authority Review

INC Authority is for those who want to build their first business. 

INC Authority Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

INC Authority Review

While I was looking for INC Authority reviews online, the only place with a notable number of customer reviews was Trust Pilot. There, more than 16,000 customers gave the brand an overall score of 4.8/5 stars

Most of the customer reviews pointed out that INC Authority’s team was knowledgeable and helpful. Customers felt relieved after speaking with a staff member because they feel energized to start their own business.

Here’s what one INC Authority review read like. “Our experience was great. He walked us through everything and made it so simple to understand. He was upbeat and fun to speak with. We definitely feel that we have a better understanding of all that goes into our business and are ready for the success that is to come!

I read a 5/5 stars review on Knoji that praised the brand for similar reasons. That user wrote, “Super easy website, with no extra charges to file my LLC. Also has upgrades to choose from. Would recommend!

The final INC Authority review I want to include comes from Trust Pilot and packages praise about the brand’s professionalism along with some criticism for their consultation. It read,

Oliver Muro did an excellent job going above and beyond in helping my LLC Business Start Up process run smoothly. Very Professional just Awesome. Great Staff. INC Authority I will recommend to friends and family. Consultation Appointment setups could be better with selected response times.

So, it seems that the majority of customers were very happy with the service according to their INC Authority reviews.

Is INC Authority Legit?

INC Authority Review

The only thing that stuck out to me as being slightly fishy was that INC Authority sometimes coerced customers to upgrade their packages, but this seems like a standard sales tactic. 

Is INC Authority Worth It?

INC Authority Review

The crux of this INC Authority is that this company can save you time and effort but not necessarily money. What I mean is that you don’t need an LLC service to file an LLC. While they certainly make the process easier, filing one yourself is much less expensive than filing one with INC Authority.

That being said, if you are going to use another company to file an LLC, then INC Authority should be the first one you check out. I’ve already ran down their generous free offers in this INC Authority review, and those alone push them ahead of the competition.

However, their continued support after the initial purchase may make them more attractive to certain customers who need guidance. If you look at it that way, then INC Authority is worth it.

INC Authority Promotions & Discounts 

INC Authority Review

I wasn’t able to find any INC Authority promotions or discounts at the time of writing this review. 

Where to Buy INC Authority

INC Authority Review

You can sign up for their services on their website,


INC Authority Review

Who owns INC Authority?

Greg Martin is the CEO of INC Authority.

Is INC Authority Right for You or Your Business?

Hopefully, you’ve come to that conclusion based on the information in this INC Authority review. The short answer is, if you’re unfamiliar with registering a business and/or busy with handling other aspects of being an entrepreneur, then you may want to look into INC Authority.

What is INC Authority’s Privacy Policy?

INC Authority discards all your private information after a transaction completes. 

What is INC Authority’s Refund Policy?

All sales are final. 

How to Contact INC Authority

INC Authority Review

I hope you enjoyed this INC Authority review! You can either use the chat function on their site or call one of their phone numbers, (877) 462-6366 or (775) 333-5902.

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