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Halara Review

Breathe in…hold…hold…hold…breathe out. Stretch the body, preparing for the worst to initiate the best. Find the power in peace.

 Halara is all about the tranquility found in the little moments, promoting comfort, contentment, and classy styles in their endless lines of women’s athleisure.

Despite only being on the market since 2020, this brand has managed to make it big. Becoming a huge hit on TikTok, they’ve already managed to snag over 1.4M followers on Instagram alongside feature articles in Today, USA Today, Women’s Health, The New York Times, and more.

I’m not here to bolster a brand that’s already made their name. So, in this Halara review I will check out the company missions, products, prices, ratings, and more to determine whether this popular name is one to purchase.

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Overview of Halara

Halara Review

Ready to kick back and relax? Or gearing up for a long run? Either way, comfort is needed for the duration of the event. That’s where Halara comes in.

This brand is newer to the market, having made their debut in 2020 with founder Travis Varpness at the helm. 

Focusing on female fashion, this business wants all effort to surround the notion of possibility. I’m not talking about endless options for sizing, but instead for every version of the self.

Halara seeks to dress all “365 versions of you.” Whether looking for more feminine fun or comfy clothes to lounge back in, there’s something for everyone’s individual style (no matter how often it changes). 

Promising high quality for low costs, this brand keeps things accessible and affordable for the public.

Wanting shopping to be stress-free for customers, they took their name from the Greek language, translating to “take it easy” as they hope everyone will. 

There’s too much stress in life, so Halara asks customers to take a step back, enjoy the little things, and take in the beauty that life offers.

Halara Review

Supporting the beauty of life, this brand is all about sustainability. Working with a precise inventory system, Halara manages to minimize production and product waste through a selective supply and demand process. 

Less waste, longer-lasting pieces due to quality – sounds pretty good, right?

But there’s more to this brand than just these elements. In fact, I’ve got a whole list of highlights for you to consider:


  • Extensive line of comfortable athleisure wear for women
  • Women-led brand
  • Klarna payment plans available
  • Ships internationally
  • Uses quality materials
  • The brand is well-rated by customers

I have to acknowledge that this brand has a lot to offer. There are endless categories of inventory to select from, but I don’t have the time or space to check them all out. 

For the purpose of this Halara review, I’ll be sticking to two popular selections: dresses and leggings. These are only the tip of the iceberg that this brand has available, so be sure to shop around.

Halara Dresses Review

Halara Review

Dressing up doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. Sometimes it’s possible to look great while feeling great – that’s where the beauty of Halara Dresses comes into play. These favored designs are all about style in solid and soft materials that feel amazing to wear all day. 

I obviously can’t go over every dress on the site, so I’m picking a few popular numbers to feature for now.

Halara Everyday Cloudful Flare Activity Dress-Wannabe Review

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in an everyday look like the Everyday Cloudful Flare Activity Dress-Wannabe.

Let’s go over the pros of dresses in general – they’re light, flowing, complementary to the figure, and above all else, they’re perfect for spring and summertime fashion. 

As for the cons – there’s the lack of pockets and the fear of what one good gush of wind can cause (no one wants to be showing off what rests underneath). That’s why I’m happy to take a look at an everyday dress that has all the good and none of the bad in its single piece.

Available in a wide range of colors, this dress is all about flowing and fun. Crafted from their Cloudful fabric, this dress is all about a light texture and feel to survive those hot summer days. 

Paired with a built-in romper, this dress also protects from any flaring of the skirt and provides deep, ample pockets to fill with whatever will be needed throughout the day. 

Light in appearance but heavy-duty, this durable dress is down to try just about anything.

At the time of writing this Halara review, this piece is currently down to $40 from a regular price of $50.

Halara In My Feels Everyday Midi Chill Dress-La Land Review

A little casual, a little class, the In My Feels Everyday Midi Chill Dress-La Land treats every day like we’re living that 1940’s Hollywood life.

Designed to pay homage to those stars of the silver screen, this stylish fit is all about elevating your look to new heights. 

Available in seven darker tones from maroons to blues to blacks, this piece is a perfect transition from afternoon to evening wear. It even has a sleek side slit to flash a bit of thigh in the best way.

Small straps keep this piece in place, letting the tight bust flow into a loose skirt. Resting comfortably on the curves, this dress earns its title as a bestseller for one reason: pockets. 

Each side has a subtle pocket following the hemline. Invisible to the eye until in use, all women know and appreciate that pockets are everything.

Right now, this dress is on sale for $35, down from $55.

Halara Everyday V-Neck Ruffled Hem Mini Chill Dress Review 

Any fans of figure skating here? The Everyday V-Neck Ruffled Hem Mini Chill Dress takes the stunning skater style and brings it to life in a new manner.

Long sleeve, short skirt – what else could be asked for in an iconic style? Pinched at the sleeves and waist for a form-fitted appearance, this Halara dress is all for those late autumn to early winter vibes. 

Even the colors support the later seasons in their dark shades that always stun the crowd. Soft in looks and feel, this material appears almost velvet-like in texture and doesn’t disappoint in the sensations it leaves on the skin.

Cozy in the cooler months, the short, ruffled hem also flows in the wind, ready to grab the next breeze. Pair it with some tights in colder weather to complete that seasonal style.

Grab this piece while it’s on sale for $30 rather than its regular $40 price.

Halara Leggings Review

Halara Review

I’ll admit, Halara Leggings may just be our favorite category. Comfortable enough for a morning run and a post-run nap, these leggings keep you casual and classy all at once. 

Blending form and function of athletics and loungewear, these best-selling leggings are popular pieces for a reason.

Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Leggings Review

Trying to be comfortable and cozy while lounging with a favorite furry friend? Forget the concerns associated with those hairy times and instead cuddle close with the Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Leggings.

Right away, I have to note that these leggings are also available in Cloudful fabric, but since that fabric has already been noted in this Halara review, I’m focusing on a new introduction – pet hair resistant Patitoff. 

Available in six cool-toned colors, these leggings find their beauty through the ease of simplicity. Pet hair just pats right off, leaving clothes looking clean in no time.

I’ll admit, even without the fun and functional tech of this fabric, I have to say these leggings are no joke. 

Form-fitting with a slight V-curve below the belly button, these are a perfect pair to throw on for lounging, workouts, or running out to get chores done. Comfortable and casual, they work for pretty much everything.

Stock up while this one is on sale for $34 rather than their regular $55 price.

Halara Crossover Pocket Split Hem Flare Leggings-Smile Review

Feeling a little flashy? Want a pop of color added to your life? Throw on the Crossover Pocket Split Hem Flare Leggings-Smile to really brighten any day.

I’ll admit, these leggings have a lot going for them. There are a number of features in the title alone, so let’s take some time to break them down. 

First – the crossover design plus pockets. That’s right, these comfortable leggings feature a fun crossover along the waist with deep pockets sitting just below for easy access.

Aside from the stylish colors and design, I have to note the fit. While these leggings keep things comfy, they also let loose a little. I’m talking a drop below the knee into a straight fit rather than keeping things skin-tight the whole way through. 

Adding a split hem at the cuff that flares out for a bit of fashion, these leggings will be sure to make just about anyone smile.

At the time of writing this Halara review, it seems like everything is on sale so it’s time to stock up. Grab these for $35 rather than the regular $50 price.

Halara In My Feels Super High Waisted Foldover Pocket Full Length Flare Leggings Review

Sometimes we just like to keep things nice and simple when looking for a good fit. That’s why the In My Feels Super High Waisted Foldover Pocket Full Length Flare Leggings exist.

It’s a long name, I know. However, each part of it really does offer an additional feature and I’m not one to argue against more elements. 

Let’s start with the high waist – sitting at the belly button, the lengthy top portion of these leggings fold over with ease (thus “foldover” in the title), allowing customers to personalize the piece to the height they prefer.

I’m never one to ignore pockets, so I had to mention the two side pockets that perfectly fit a wallet, phone, and keys when ready for a run. 

Extending down the leg with a relaxed fit, the cuffs of these full-length pants flare out to keep things cool and comfortable during the most intense workout.

These leggings are available for $35.

Who Is Halara For? 

Halara Review

Athletes, loungers, fans of comfort, gather round as this brand is for you. This female-oriented brand is all about athleisure. That means comfy clothing that’s ideal for any workout. 

Whether living that best gym life or just looking for something to kick back around the house in, this brand perfectly combines comfort and style to forge pieces that work just as well out on the streets as they do when exercising or resting.

Halara Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Halara Review

I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I turned online to gather customer ratings for this Halara review. Sometimes companies like this only garner negative attention. So, I was happily surprised to find that this brand is quite loved in the public eye.

SiteJabber alone lists this brand at 4.7/5 stars based on over 34k ratings. Here, thousands of customers adore the brand and their product quality. I’m talking about highly affordable pieces made to last.

Super affordable and CUTE clothing! You 100% get your money’s worth. Clothes from Halara are exactly as pictured. Also, they have great customer service support and respond to you very quickly.

Quality seems to be a big thing for this company. They take pride in their material and it’s not without foundation. 

Putting a lot of time and effort into crafting soft, but sturdy fabrics, these clothes provide lightweight fits that feel secure in the worst winds. No matter the exercise, these pieces seem to hold up well against the test of time.

The thick material isn’t the only good part about these products – support is everything. 

Halara Review

One Halara review noted that “The dresses are super high-quality feeling. They’re thick and slightly compressive material. I love that they have a built-in sports bra.” Keeping everything comfortable and covered, these products know what fit customers crave.

TrustPilot customers seem to agree with the general rating as this platform sits the business at 4.2/5 stars based on 885 ratings. 

While many customers on this site also comment on the quality of material, some have also brought up customer service response times which seems to be a more controversial topic.

Sizing seems to be an element that many take issue with as they feel the clothes run small. While some are fine with the fit, others have argued that requesting and completing a return seems impossible. 

However, TrustPilot customers have countered this claim time and time again, with some even noting that they “applied for a return and customer service was absolutely amazing. Purchased the items again in the right size.”

While I acknowledge that sizing may be an aspect that garners mixed reviews, the complaints of customer service seem to be countered at every turn. 

Halara Review

In fact, the brand even launched an app to further their outreach to customers and make shopping more accessible.

Their app currently has 4.9/5 stars in the Google Store based on over 145 ratings. While not incredibly popular like on the other rating platforms, there seem to be fewer complaints found in this higher rating. 

Apps tend to be adored for their ease of use and accessibility, but Halara specifically boasts high ratings due to the setup for each product page.

Good app. Cheap price and good quality of products. I LOVE this app!! I always check the descriptions, reviews and pictures of others before buying so I know exactly what I’m getting.

The quick descriptions, linked ratings, and popular pictures make shopping a simple and straightforward process for this brand. Just a few clicks and the job is done. It’s as easy as that.

Is Halara Legit?

Halara Review

A quick search online showed that the brand is legitimate. While there are some customer complaints regarding customer service response time and sizing, the business itself delivers on promised products with all pieces matching their online depictions. 

Is Halara Worth It?

Halara Review

For this Halara review, I am giving the brand two thumbs up. The overarching theme of this brand seems to be high-quality fabrics and designs – how can I possibly complain about that? Throw in the low prices and constant sales on these items and I’m sold.

I do have to acknowledge that the sizing chart doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate. I’d recommend that those buying from the brand invest in a size or two larger than what the chart suggests. 

With that being said, the lightweight and comfortable material seems more than worth the slight adjustment to sizing. Find the right fit and these products will last years.  

Halara Promotions & Discounts 

Halara Review

I went in search of a Halara discount code and was pleased to find a number of promotions in place for all buyers. Here are the best deals I found at the time of this Halara review:

  • Free shipping on $39+
  • 20% off when you register for their newsletter 
  • 15% Student Discount
  • Buy 3 get 30% off
  • Pre-Black Friday sale for up to 70% off select styles

Where to Buy Halara

Halara Review

This brand actually keeps things very straightforward. The only place I could find products online was from


Halara Review

Who owns Halara?

Currently, Halara is owned and operated by HK DFS Limited. The company itself was founded in 2020 by Travis Varpness.

Does Halara ship internationally?

You bet they do. While they don’t ship to every country, this brand has quite a lengthy list of places with available shipping.

What is Halara’s Shipping Policy?

Find something worth your while? Don’t hesitate to get the shipping process in motion. This brand is all about quick delivery and satisfied customers.

There are a few facts to keep in mind when ordering from this brand:

  • Three shipping speeds are available
  • International shipping is available
  • Packages come with tracking once shipped
  • Shipping fees are dependent on order cost

That last point is kind of the most important as it’s good to know what will be spent. Rather than list confusing numbers off in a paragraph, I’ll chart it out to keep things simple:

Less than $49$8$13$21

Free shipping is only available amongst the contiguous states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii), so keep that in mind while ordering and I’d recommend shipping in bulk to save that extra cash.

What is Halara’s Return Policy?

Buyer’s remorse definitely isn’t a new phenomenon, so it’s good to go in knowing that customers have 30 days from the delivery date to make a return. 

Of course, return shipping costs are covered by the customer, but if the dress really doesn’t fit then that money may as well make its way back to the original account.

The procedure itself is a quick three steps:

  1. Email customer service with a list of the intended return items, order ID, item photos, and reason for return making sure tags on items are included in the photos
  2. Follow the instructions in the return email, packaging up the items and shipping them to the included address
  3. Wait for the package to be received by the warehouse for a full refund

In order to be approved for return, products must be unworn and unused with original tags attached. Hygienic products like underwear, swimsuits, jewelry, and masks won’t be accepted (for reasons of common sense), but all other products are admissible. 

Any free gifts must be included in the return to receive the full refund.

How to Contact Halara

Have any lingering questions after reading through our Halara review? No worries, their customer service team is more than happy to provide the answers.

Just send a quick email to [email protected] and they’ll get back as soon as they’re able to.

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