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Blue Apron Weight Watchers Review

About Blue Apron

Blue Apron Weight  Review

Blue Apron is a meal kit subscription service that provides pre-packaged ingredients with accompanying recipes from a weekly menu. This company has gained fame by collaborating with celebrities such as Chrissy Teigan and influencers like Binging with Babish and Ryland Adams. 

Blue Apron partnered up with Weight Watchers, a health and fitness program that also offers pre-planned meals. Weight Watchers is a renowned global brand with a sizable following of 1.5 million on Instagram, and have been affiliated with celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Tina Fey, and DJ Khaled. 

This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review will go into depth about their program, customer reviews, plan perks, and more to help you decide if this service is worth a try. 

Overview of Blue Apron

Blue Apron Weight

Shopping for quality ingredients can be difficult. Blue Apron ounders Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak realized that the food system, the way that it is cultivated and distributed, made it complicated to make informed choices of what’s healthy to eat. So in 2012, Salzberg, Papas, and Wadiak tested their first Blue Apron recipes in their tiny New York apartment to make quality, home-cooked meals accessible to everyone. 

Today, the meal kit service partners with farmers to grow high-quality ingredients that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Following the expansion of its brand, Blue Apron continues to implement positive aspects within their food. Blue Apron has been recommended by Seafood Watch, their animals are not fed with antibiotics or hormones, and the meals feature non-GMO ingredients. 

Blue Apron continues to expand their company by including wine bundles to pair with meals and selling kitchenware such as knives and frying pans. Before we get into this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:

Blue Apron Weight


  • The Weight Watchers Blue Apron program delivers high quality and healthy ingredients with accompanying recipes 
  • Sustainably grown ingredients and environmentally friendly practices
  • Customers can choose from a variety of pre-portioned recipes such as Blue Apron vegan dishes and Blue Apron diabetic dishes 
  • The program helps you save time without the need for grocery shopping 
  • Accessible to those who are not familiar with the kitchen 


  • The Blue Apron Weight Watchers program is only available in the United States 
  • Some customer reviews detail issues with quality in some of the ingredients  

For this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review, we will be reviewing: 

  1. Blue Apron Weight Watchers Subscription
  2. Blue Apron Weight Watcher Plan 
  3. Blue Apron Signature Menu Plan
  4. Blue Apron Vegetarian Menu Plan 

How Does Blue Apron Work With Weight Watchers? 

Blue Apron Weight

In the Blue Apron Weight Watchers subscription, customers can stay on the path to health by having more access to high quality and nutritional ingredients. Their menus offer Weight Watchers approved recipes which include myWWSmartpoints weekly. 

Customers have the option to choose up to 3 menu plans. This includes the 2 Serving Blue Apron Signature Menu Plan, the 4 Serving Blue Apron Signature Menu Plan, and the 2 Serving Vegetarian Menu Plan. With each plan, Blue Apron customers can choose from at least 3 meals approved by Weight Watchers per week. 

Each recipe has points that subscribers can earn, and from there they can scan the barcode that comes with the plan and track their SmartPoints. All recipes have vegetables as their key ingredient, used as sides to delicious meals such as Spiced Pork and Glazed Apple, Orange and Ponzu Glazed Turkey Meatballs, and Spanish Spiced Beef and Kale Salad.

The recipes included within this program have new labels specific to certain diets. This includes meals catered to vegetarians, carb-conscious individuals, or dishes that are 500 calories or less. Below, this Blue Apron and Weight Watchers review will go over their three menu plans and the accompanying prices for each. 

Blue Apron Signature Menu Plan

If you’re looking for meal options for a small get together dinner but want to stay on your diet, this Blue Apron Signature Menu Plan could be your best option. There are two choices within this plan: one fit for 2 servings and one fit for 4 servings. Each plan includes a mix of meat, fish, Beyond Meat, and other health-conscious recipes.

For the 2 serving meal plans, Blue Apron customers can receive up to 4 recipes a week. Recipes include mouth-watering dishes such as Dijon and Panko Crusted Lamb Chops and Calabrian Shrimp and Orzo (yum!). Each serving costs $10, which is pretty reasonable given the high-quality ingredients and the portion given. It costs $45 for the first week for 3 recipes and $60 for the following weeks. 

Let’s say that you’re looking to feed your family of 4. With the Signature for 4 Meal Plan, subscribers can choose up to 4 meals a week, including the best Blue Apron recipes such as Honey Mustard Baked Chicken and Spaghetti Squash and Pepper and Carrot Shakshuka. Each serving costs $9 per serving. For 2 recipes per week, this plan costs $57 for the first week and $72 for the following weeks

Blue Apron Vegetarian Menu Plan

For veggie lovers, this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review found out that they do offer a vegetarian meal plan. This meat-free subscription offers its customers up to 3 recipes per week. Each serving costs $10. For a total of 3 recipes, it amounts to $45 for the first week and $60 for the following weeks

So, what kind of recipes can you choose from if you’re vegetarian? Blue Apron has a variety of tasty dishes to choose from. Such meals include a Crispy Chickpea Grain Bowl, Butternut Squash and Orecchiette, and Zucchini and Pesto Focaccia Pizza. 

One of the best things about the Blue Apron cookbook selection is that you can also decide what type of cuisine you’d like to eat, as they range from African, American, Asian, Chinese, French, and more. Blue Apron makes it very easy to differentiate what recipes are vegetarian, as they have a green leaf Blue Apron logo on each recipe thumbnail

With each recipe, customers can see if it is Weight Watchers approved, how many calories it has, the number of points one can accumulate from choosing this recipe, and how much time it will take to make. 

Blue Apron Competitors

Blue Apron Weight  Review

The idea of high quality, prepackaged ingredients for you to cook at home at your leisure has been explored by other companies, providing some Blue Apron alternatives. This includes meal kit services Home Chef, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket. 

If you’re curious about how Blue Apron stacks up against its competition, this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review will compare how these other services stack up depending on their pricing and plan customization options.

Blue Apron vs Home Chef

Home Chef is another competing meal kit subscription service. Home Chef has two plans for customers to choose from: their Home Chef plan or their Fresh and Easy plan. The only key difference between the two is that the Fresh and Easy plan is more catered for ‘busy’ people, in which their ingredients are already chopped and prepared. 

This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review will compare aspects of both Home Fresh and Blue Apron: 

  • Pricing for Home Chef starts at $7 per serving compared to Blue Apron Signature Menu plan of $10 per serving  
  • Customers can choose between 13 easy to follow recipes weekly with Home Chef
  • Both Blue Apron and Home Chef offer customization of their recipes if they wish to omit or add ingredients

Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh

HelloFresh does not offer set up subscriptions, as they allow subscribers to customize their plans based on serving size, dietary needs, and how many recipes they wish to receive. They are big on sustainability and ensuring that their operations generate less food waste and leave a small carbon footprint. 

This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review will go over how Hello Fresh compares to Blue Apron:

  • Hello Fresh prices starts at $10 per serving
  • Customers can choose from 25 recipes weekly with Hello Fresh 
  • Hello Fresh’s recipe collection isn’t as organized as Blue Apron in terms of which recipes are vegetarian, calorie-conscious, and type of cuisine

Blue Apron vs Sun Basket

Sun Basket has several meal plans to choose from, including Chef’s Choice, Fresh and Ready, Paleo, Lean and Clean, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean, and diabetes-friendly plans. While they are mostly centred around delivering dinner plans, they also offer meal options for breakfast and lunch

This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review will compare the plans for both Sun Basket and Blue Apron:

  • Sun Basket prices start at $11 per serving 
  • Sun Basket offers customization (in adding ingredients) to their recipes, whereas Blue Apron does not
  • Subscribers can choose up to 3 recipes per week for 2 to 4 people 

Blue Apron Weight Watchers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blue Apron Weight  Review

This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review found a generally positive customer response. Trustpilot rates the meal kit service 4.2/5 stars from over 3,000 reviews. Subscribers report that their meals are delicious, fresh, and they have a variety of recipes to choose from. Customers also enjoy learning new recipes and kitchen techniques, and how dish preparation instructions are simple and easy to follow

“I LOVE Blue Apron! I am so thrilled you’ve partnered with WW to provide healthy, pre-tracked meals for my husband and me. They are fresh and delicious, and I like the variety of meals I can choose from each week,” one Blue Apron Weight Watchers review on Trustpilot says.

Blue Apron’s partnership with Weight Watchers has also been reviewed by other media outlets such as the HuffingtonPost and the Revelist. Both report that the program makes it easy for people to prepare meals who aren’t used to working in a kitchen. There are also Blue Apron Reddit forums, in which most customers are happy with the quality of ingredients and the convenience of the service. 

This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review did find a few red flags and customer complaints. One common complaint was that the portions were too little for the serving size, having customers wish that there were more ingredients to work with. The time to cook said recipes was also a key disadvantage, as some recipes include lengthy steps in preparation. 

Is Blue Apron Weight Watchers Worth It?

Blue Apron Weight  Review

Compared to its competitors, as well as the variety of dishes to choose from, this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review readily recommends this meal kit subscription service. Blue Apron’s prices are quite fair compared to Sun Basket and Hello Fresh, and I found that the recipes featured on Blue Apron seem more appetizing

You can be specific in what kind of dish you’re looking for, as Blue Apron organizes their recipes and cuisine, calorie count, dietary restrictions, and so forth. While it’s easy to pay for a pre-cooked meal, there’s something to be said about cooking those meals yourself. Not only do you learn essential cooking skills, but you know exactly how your food is prepared.

With the Blue Apron Weight Watchers program, customers don’t have to sacrifice tastiness for health. This review is excited to see if the company will include other meal plans in the future, a Blue Apron keto plan, perhaps?

Blue Apron Promotions & Discounts 

Blue Apron Weight  Review

For first time Blue Apron subscribers, customers can purchase an eligible membership plan to receive their first delivery of 3 meals from Blue Apron’s Weight Watchers Freestyle menu for free. Subscribers can also save up to $30 over their first two deliveries by joining the WW community

In the past, customers were able to apply for a Blue Apron Gift Card Costco to save a bit of money on their plans. However, the Costco Blue Apron Gift Card program has been temporarily shut down

Blue Apron offers a Food or Wine E-Gift Card with a value of $60, $120, $240, or a custom amount. This Blue Apron Weight Watchers review suggests the $120 E-Gift Card since it covers two-week delivery for 3 recipes on any 2-serving Meal Plan. Perfect for a special someone to get a first taste of what Blue Apron has to offer. 

Sign Up for Blue Apron Weight Watchers

Blue Apron Weight  Review

To sign up for the Blue Apron Weight Watchers program, simply go to  and choose which plan works for you. It will have you input your email to create an account. 


Is Blue Apron Weight Watchers friendly?

Blue Apron partnered up with Weight Watchers, so customers can choose from at least 3 meals approved by Weight Watchers per week.

How long do Blue Apron ingredients last?

Blue Apron recommends putting the ingredients in the fridge as soon as possible. If customers are unsatisfied with the quality of their ingredients within 7 days of delivery, they are encouraged to contact the Blue Apron customer service team (see the Contact section of this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review). 

How often does Blue Apron deliver?

Blue Apron is a weekly meal kit subscription service, only available in the US. Customers can select delivery days within their account. Once the order ships, customers will receive an email that contains a tracking number for their meal kit.

How do you cancel Blue Apron? 

To skip an order, customers must sign in to their account, head to the ‘Upcoming page’ and choose the order they’d like to skip. From there, they can click ‘Manage Delivery’ and select ‘Skip this Delivery.’

If you choose to cancel your account, customers can contact their customer service team for detailed instructions on how to complete the cancellation process. It is worth noting that any order shown as ‘ordered processed’ or ‘shipped’ cannot be cancelled

Customers can also return their orders with a full refund within 30 days of receipt as long as it’s in its original packaging and condition. To process a return, customers must email customer service to receive a pre-paid return label and additional shipping instructions. 

How to Contact Blue Apron

If you have questions that were not addressed in this Blue Apron Weight Watchers review, you can contact customer service through:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone number: (646)-891-4349 
  • You can also find information on their Blue job opportunities through Blue Apron Glassdoor or their Blue Apron Careers portal

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