Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review: Brand Showdown

This Vincero vs Mvmt watch review will measure the two watch brands against each other. We’ll look at all aspects of Vincero and Mvmt, and ultimately decide a winner. 

Vincero designs, produces and sells watches, sunglasses and bracelets for both men and women. They describe their products as middle-end, fitting in between luxury and low-quality, with a focus on classic styles as opposed to what’s trendy.

Mvmt offers pieces in the same quality grade: watches, sunglasses, and accessories for men and women. Minimalist in style, the brand claims to incorporate adventure and innovation into their designs. 

Vincero vs Mvmt watch review

Women’s Watches 

As we dive into this part of the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, we’ll take a special look at the women’s lines of both brands. We broke down the key elements of women’s watches sold by Vincero and Mvmt:

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 1

It would be impossible to examine every women’s watch offered by both brands in this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review. Instead, we carefully selected two Vincero and Mvmt bestsellers to see how they compare.

Vincero Kleio Steel Rose + Silver

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 2
Vincero Kleio Steel Rose + Silver

The Kleio Steel Rose + Silver watch is not only a practical timepiece to have on hand–but a gorgeous piece of jewellery in its own right. The Silver Sunray color is in stunning contrast to its rose gold markers. The Kleio face is made from scratch-resistant glass and is rain resistant at 3 ATM (though not recommended for swimming).

Both the case and interchangeable strap of this watch are comprised of rose gold surgical grade stainless steel, clearly upping the elegance factor. The three subdials, containing Citizen Miyota Quartz movement, add additional bling that sets the Kleio apart from other women’s watches. The Kleio Steel Rose + Silver watch is priced at $149.

Vincero Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 3
Vincero Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue

If striking and sleek is your personal jam, then consider the Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue watch. Dark roman numerals and markers are set against a classy Turkish Blue Sunray dial containing Citizen Miyota Quartz movement. With its deep blue face and silver dial, the contrast ups the boldness to its minimalist design.

The Eros Mesh has a show stopping silver stainless steel case and interchangeable mesh strap. The watch features a scratch-resistant glass face and is rain resistant at 3 ATM (again, not ideal for swimming). Available in 2 sizes (33mm and 38mm), the Eros Mesh Silver + Turkish Blue watch costs $129.

Mvmt Nova Orion

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 4
Mvmt Nova Orion

The Nova Orion watch offers a subtle and feminine shine to any woman’s arm with its titanium dial and rose gold hands and markers. Three subdials with Citizen Miyota Quartz movement add more functionality to this romantic timepiece. 

The Nova Orion is water resistant at 5 ATM, though this does not make it ideal for swimming. Complete with interchangeable strap in titanium and rose gold double-plated stainless steel, the Nova Orion watch goes for $165.

Mvmt Signature Square Charlie

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 5
Mvmt Signature Charlie

The Signature Charlie has a breathtaking effect, the look of a watch resurfaced from another era. Its distinctive rectangular face coupled with a minimalist dial are uniquely feminine. Delicate gold hands stand out beautifully against the smooth white dial with a simple date display at the bottom.

The Charlie features a polished gold stainless steel case and interchangeable link strap, adding opulence to its design. This Mvmt piece contains a Miyota Quartz movement and is water resistant at 5 ATM. Versatile in its make, fitting both casual and formal wear, the Signature Square Charlie costs $125.

Winner: Mvmt

Both brands have a lot of the same features to offer, while their aesthetics are markedly different. Putting aside visual preference, Mvmt watches come out slightly ahead of those made by Vincero. Though slightly higher in price, both Mvmt models are more durable in terms of their water resistance. In a Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, this is a key selling point, since you never know what will happen with your watch. 

Men’s Watches 

In this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, we’ll get into the specifics of where their men’s watches intersect, and other areas that make them distinct:

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 6

We’ve chosen a few top sellers for each brand to represent their men’s lines as a whole in this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review.

Vincero Chronos Blue Steel

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 7
Vincero Chronos Blue Steel

The Chronos Blue Steel offers polished technicality, for those who gravitate toward intricate designs. This Vincero piece shines with its Blue Sunray dial with Miyota Quartz movement, offset by silver hands and markers. Featuring 3 subdials and date display, this watch proves it’s not simply another pretty face, but a functional one as well.

This Vincero watch boasts a case and interchangeable link strap made of surgical grade stainless steel. The Chronos Blue Steel has a subtle silver lustre, making it more sophisticated than showy. This Vincero model is water resistant at 5 ATM and is not recommended for swimming. The Chronos Blue Steel watch dazzles with its colored face and smooth steel components, priced at $189.

Vincero Rogue Black + Rose Gold

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 8
Vincero Rogue Black + Gold

The Rogue Black + Rose Gold has a unique aura of masculinity and pragmatism. The Black Tapisserie dial acts as a remarkable back drop for the rose gold tones in the case and markers. Operating with a Seiko Mecha Quartz movement, this timepiece impresses with its three subdials, date display, and inscribed tachymeter along the rim, for gentlemen who want to know more than just the time.

This Vincero topseller comes with an interchangeable strap in black silicone and is water resistant at 10 ATM. It is, however, not recommended for use during deep swimming or scuba diving. The Rogue Black combines functionality with debonair and goes for $235. 

Mvmt Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 9
Mvmt Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone

The Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone watch exudes modern suave, with its dusky dial set inside a case of brushed gunmetal stainless steel. Three subdials with blue hands complement the piece with a touch of playful color. Designed with a Chronograph movement, the sleek gunmetal face also features date display at bottom right.

Mvmt ties together the Chrono’s dignified appearance with a contrasting strap in leather sandstone.  While the watch is considered rain resistant at 5 ATM, it shouldn’t be worn while swimming. The Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone blends a minimalist design with distinctive coloring and sells for $135.

Mvmt Blacktop Astro Blue

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 10
Mvmt Blacktop Astro Blue

The Blacktop Astro Blue watch offers up a modern appearance infused with classic style. The navy blue dial set against a polished silver stainless steel case fits the bill for a timeless look. Yet the silver subdials and date display at bottom centre add a bit of contemporary flair to this exquisite model. Silver hands and markers complete the elegance of the Mvmt Blacktop.

A Miyota with centre Chronograph movement makes this handsome piece tick. A polished silver stainless steel case and interchangeable link strap gives it a sophisticated shine. While considered water resistant at 10 ATM, this watch should not be worn while deep swimming or scuba diving. The Blacktop Astro Blue is a subtle beauty with glints of flash, priced at $195.

It’s a Tie

Both sets of watches for Vincero and Mvmt are neck and neck. They’re similar in pricing, sturdiness and measurements. I personally find Mvmt watches more visually appealing with their contrasting dial and hand colors. At first glance, Vincero’s top selling men’s watches are busier to look at, while the ones offered by Mvmt have a much more polished and modern appearance. 

That being said, this is personal preference, and we can’t choose a winner based on aesthetics alone. Everyone reading this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review has their own tastes, after all.


Both Vincero and Mvmt make sweeping claims about the high quality that goes into their watch production. For this Vincero vs Mvmnt review, I researched each company’s efforts in watch-making, to see which one would come out on top. 


Where Vincero is concerned, they take a hands-on approach to every facet of manufacturing, from design all the way to purchase shipments. They’re involved in all areas of watch production and only make small batches at a time to ensure each unit undergoes quality checks. 

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 11

The process of creating a new watch beginning with conceptualization and design, ending with prototype production, takes approximately one year. Vincero outlines their production process on their website:

  1. Watch design begins at their headquarters located in San Diego
  2. Through machine sampling, each component is produced in non-assembled form
  3. Vincero staff then piece together the watches by hand ensuring bands, dials and cases work well together
  4. The completed prototype then undergoes 2 rounds of sampling and real-world testing
  5. Orders are placed for component production at various factories around the world

Vincero chooses the factories that develop their watch parts and maintain a close relationship with them throughout the process. Their website states where each watch component originates from:

  • Watch movements are made in Japan
  • Leather and marble are produced in Italy
  • Stainless steel and scratch-resistant glass are manufactured in China


While the Mvmt website claims that all their products are designed in-house at their Los Angeles headquarters, there is nothing further stated about their manufacturing process. This doesn’t fare well in a Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, since you definitely want to know where your products come from.

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 12
All Mvmt watches contain Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz movements.

In terms of watch quality, the company make several assertions:

  • All Mvmt watches are made with Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz movements (a popular option in the watch-making business)
  • Mvmt leather straps are genuine cowhide
  • Watch glass is made of hardened mineral crystals

Winner: Vincero

When it comes to watch quality, Vincero is the winner by a landslide. This decision was not a difficult one:

  1. Vincero is extremely transparent about their production process
  2. Staff appear to be highly involved in all aspects of their watch manufacturing
  3. Vincero prefers to produce their watches in small, manageable batches rather than through mass production
  4. Every single watch undergoes a quality control check by Vincero staff

Something else I really liked about Vincero is that they don’t make grandiose statements about their watches being the best of the best. In fact, they claim that their watches are middle ground–in between low quality watches and luxurious high-end models.

Vincero also modestly mentions on their site that much of their production occurs through trial and error. I feel this type of honesty earns them extra points in terms of product quality. This earned them a lot of points in the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review.

Customer Ratings

Both Vincero and Mvmt have mainly positive, if not glowing, customer reviews and ratings located on their respective websites–which only makes sense. I knew I would need to do some digging if I wanted to present a more objective view of customer ratings for each brand.

So I scoured the internet for this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, and a mixed bag of ratings for both companies turned up: 


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 13
@vincerowatches @howtobeast

There are 677 customer ratings for Vincero watches posted on Amazon. Of these reviews, 78% are 5-star and 13% make up 1 to 3-star ratings. Customers described the watches as beautiful, elegant and sporty. Another expressed that while the watches were decent, he does not recommend them for watch enthusiasts due to underwhelming quality in their design. A similar complaint said that while the watch was attractive, it was not worth the price paid.

Negative comments extended to issues with the longevity of Vincero watches. Multiple complaints involved claims that the watch clasp of their Vincero broke after only a few wearings. Another customer stated that their watch’s subdials broke after a few months of use.When customers reached out to Vincero, many received no response or reimbursement

Customers also complained about their watches upon receiving them. One complained that despite proclaiming their watches to be luminescent, the Vincero he received was difficult to read in the dark due to the low-quality lume. Several others complained about receiving damaged watches that were broken upon arrival and/or scratched. Another claimed that his watch arrived with air bubbles under the watch face.

Responses on Trustpilot were much more positive: of 720 Vincero watch reviews, 91% were excellent and 5% were bad. On this site, customers raved about the Vincero watch style, look, functionality, shipment time and stellar customer service.


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 14
@mvmt @meirr

On to Mvmt, where on Amazon, the brand has 744 customer reviews, with 79% rating 5 stars and 12% being 1-3 stars. The majority of positive reviews focussed on the beauty and luxurious quality of Mvmt watches. Of the remaining low reviews, most complaints involved lengthier than anticipated shipping times. Several customers claimed not to have received their orders after months of waiting and that calls to customer service went unanswered.

A search on Trustpilot found 717 customer reviews for Mvmt watches: 69% were classified as great and a combined 22% were considered poor or bad. Most customers raved about the great quality of Mvmt watches. Several expressed surprise over how high-end they were based on the affordable pricing. Customer praise revolved around great customer service received and excellent product quality. Several reviews focussed on the prompt responses they received from Mvmt staff, including one customer who was helped by Mvmt to track down his missing shipment. 

Complaints written on Trustpilot mainly concerned the poor quality of Mvmt watches or lack of flexibility from customer service. One customer claimed that their watch arrived with a pin missing from the band. When he contacted Mvmt, all they did for him was offer a $10 refund.

An elderly customer who had trouble working the watch clasp with her arthritic fingers was unable to receive a refund, since she had thrown out the exterior packaging from the original Mvmt shipment. This complaint is particularly saddening for me, that poor woman. A couple of similar complaints involved Mvmt refusing to grant a refund and only offering exchanges. 

Winner: Vincero

It’s natural for both brands to have a mixed bag of customer reviews, but some of the complaints about Mvmt were pretty distressing. The ratings on lousy customer service were upsetting, since the brand would have us believe they work with their clients and want to provide them with quality watches. So for this round of the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, the former wins.

Promotions & Discounts

In this section of the Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, we’ll compare the deals and savings offered by each brand. 


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 15

Vincero offers several promotions and discounts to their customer base:

  • When browsing the Vincero site, a promo appears on the home page, providing customers with a 10% discount to be redeemed at checkout
  • By subscribing to the Vincero site and entering a valid email, customers are eligible for 15% off their first order as well as receiving updates regarding exclusive sales and product release information
  • Vincero has a friend referral program where each friend referred receives a one time discount of $20 and you receive $30 off for each referral
  • Vincero offers customers a unique loyalty program based on purchase amounts. Here’s how it works: spend $250 and you’ll have early access to products and exclusive sales for one year; spend $500 and you’ll receive a gift, a birthday gift, free engraving, early access to products and exclusive sales for one year.


Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 16

Mvmt wins some points in this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, since customers receive a free watch strap and gift box with each order

The brand also offers an interesting point-based loyalty program to their customers. You receive non-expiring points mainly by engaging with the brand through social media. The points are later redeemed for cash when checking out online.

Customers must create an online Mvmt account before they can begin to accrue points toward cash redemption. Here’s a specific breakdown of Mvmt points and how to receive them:

  • 50 points as a welcome upon creating an online Mvmt account
  • 5 points for a Mvmt Facebook like
  • 10 points for a Facebook share (1 per month)
  • 5 points for a Mvmt youtube follow
  • 5 points for a Mvmt Instagram follow
  • 10 points for a Twitter share (1 per month)
  • 25 points for a Mvmt product review
  • 20 points for signing up to receive the Mvmt newsletter
  • 100 points for referring a friend to become a Mvmt customer

Accumulating points unlock access to discounts of increasing value: 

  • 250 points will earn customers a $25 discount
  • 500 points earns a $50 discount
  • 750 points earns a $75 discount
  • 1000 points earns a $100 discount

Winner: Mvmt

In a Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, to me, Mvmt’s points driven loyalty system is a genius idea in attracting customers.  Money talks and the potential rewards are significant. The system encourages an ongoing customer relationship and spreads the Mvmt word through customers’ social media. It’s a win win for sure.

Shipping & Returns 

This Vincero vs Mvmt watch review stacks each brand’s shipping and returns policy against the other. Let’s see how they measure up:

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 17

Winner: Vincero

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 18

In this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, the former is the clear cut winner again. Their shipping and returns policies are more transparent and clearly explained on their website. For example, Vincero states that returns must be completed within a 30-day window–when this window passes, returns are only eligible for store credit. Mvmt doesn’t offer information as to what will occur once their 60-day return window expires, leaving me to believe that there is no refund or exchange at that point.

Another glaring caveat for me concerns Mvmt’s shipping policies. Their website claims that they offer free shipping worldwide. Yet, as a customer you must delve into their website to uncover the extensive list of countries and areas they do not ship to whatsoever.

Where Vincero is concerned, they offer free worldwide shipping and they actually follow through on this claim with no exceptions.

We Choose: Vincero

Based on the topics covered within this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review, both brands are equal with three wins each. However, in my opinion, Vincero wins where it counts most. As a company, they are extremely open and transparent with their manufacturing process. They produce smaller quantities of products allocating more time to focus on quality.

Vincero vs Mvmt Watch Review 19

The customer reviews for Vincero watches did not set off any huge red flags, unlike the reviews I found for Mvmt products. In my mind, this earns Vincero higher points.

The shipping and return policies offered by Vincero are clearly stated and cover an array of scenarios. On the other hand, Mvmt is tight-lipped in terms of what if situations that may arise for their customers. Also, the fact that Mvmt brags about offering free worldwide shipping yet does not offer service to 10 countries cost them dearly in my final assessment. I don’t know about you, but for me, honesty scores high. 

I will admit to preferring the sleek and modern aesthetics of Mvmt watches over those of Vincero. But appearances are only skin deep. There are more important things at stake. That’s why we got to the heart of things with this Vincero vs Mvmt watch review.

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Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John: Brand Showdown 

Mack Weldon and Tommy John. Two US based brands, with a common goal: to create quality products with an unbeatable fit, both specializing in underwear. This Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review will focus on men’s lines. Let’s take a look at each brand’s origins and what they’re all about.

Mack Weldon was founded in 2012 by Brian Berger and Michael Isaacman. These men came together with a common mission to reinvent men’s basics, starting completely from scratch. This meant developing their own fabrics and implementing a strict manufacturing process to ensure that the fit of each garment would always be the same.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 20

Berger and Isaacman placed a huge emphasis on every last garment being perfect. We’re talking down to every last stitch. While Mack Weldon began purely as an e-commerce store, they opened their first-ever physical store location in 2019, inside the The Shops at Hudson Yards in Manhattan’s West Side.  

Tommy John was founded in 2008 by married couple Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto. Tom and Erin took a huge risk by starting a clothing company. They both left their full-time jobs to start Tommy John, and neither had any experience in clothing design or manufacturing.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 21

The married couple shared a mission to reinvent men’s undergarments, having seen a gap in the market for men’s undergarments that were fashionable and tailored fit. The idea of underwear bands that scrunched up or socks that rolled down would never exist for their brand. Tommy John has since expanded into underwear for women. The brand is available online and in over 1000 retailers worldwide, as well as having four retail stores across the US. 

When it comes to men’s underwear, both Mack Weldon and Tommy John have a strong game. So, having said this, which brand should you opt for if you’ve set out for the perfect pair? After all, both brands claim that they’re the absolute best. I’m going to take you through a Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, to help you decide where you should spend your hard-earned money.

Boxer Briefs 

Mack Weldon 

First up in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review is Mack Weldon’s Silver Boxer Briefs, coming in at $34 per pair. The Silver Boxer Briefs are boasted as the most luxurious briefs that Mack Weldon has to offer. These high-quality briefs are made of 84% Supima Cotton, blended with 10% antimicrobial Silver XT2. This means that Mack Weldon uses pure silver in their clothing. Impressed? We definitely are.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 22

Mack Weldon is one of the first brands to use a blend of pure silver in their clothing. This was originally only used in situations when the wearer would be subjected to seriously harsh environments (think NASA, Olympic athletes, and the U.S. Special Forces). The pure silver blend offers additional softness and coolness to mesh zones in the fabric. The Silver Boxer Briefs feature a no-roll waistband and stay put legs, with 12 colors and patterns to choose from.

Mack Weldon’s AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs come in at $28 for a standard pair and $32 for an 8” leg. These are known for being Mack Weldon’s lightest pair of briefs. The AIRKNITx briefs are ideal for all day wear and excel in keeping you dry and comfortable. These briefs would be more than ideal for someone who lives in a warm climate or is active or outdoors all day.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 23

The AIRKNITx fabric is responsible for maximizing airflow with targeted cool zones.  These boxer briefs are a blend of 50% Polyamide, 33% Polyester and 17% Elastane and have a moisture wicking and odour fighting finish. They provide exceptional four-way stretch and flexibility. The AIRKNITx fabric features a flyless pouch, stay put legs, and no roll waistband, with 10 colours and patterns to choose from.

Tommy John 

First up for Tommy John is the Second Skin X Air Boxer Briefs. These high-quality briefs come in at $39 per pair and have a longer inseam than your average briefs. What’s interesting about these briefs, is they contain the first ever patented Horizontal Quick Draw-Fly, which is convenient for easy access for those bathroom emergencies.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 24

These boxer briefs are made out of 90% Micro Modal and 10% Spandex, designed to be silky and incredibly soft. This material is also anti-microbial and quick drying. The Second Skin X Air Boxer Briefs feature a no-roll waistband and contour pouch, available in 7 colourblock variations.

Next up is the Air Invisibles Boxer Briefs by Tommy John, which are sold for $42 each. The fabric of these high-quality boxer briefs is 78% Nylon and 22% Elastane and is meant to be exceptionally light and quick drying, on top of being anti-microbial and anti-odour. 

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 25

The major selling point that Mack Weldon is pushing for is the fact that they include their VUL (visible underwear line) guarantee. These briefs feature a contour pouch, stay put waistband and patented quick draw fly, available in 6 colours and patterns.

Winner: Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is the hands down winner for this round of the Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review. Both of these brands place emphasis on a lot of the same qualities: anti-microbial, anti-odour, lightweight fabric. However, Mack Weldon has an edge when it comes to its material choice and features, as well as the fact that they are more cost effective.

All of Tommy John’s boxer briefs come with an 8” seam, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Mack Weldon offers their boxer briefs at a shorter, more traditional seam, giving the option of the 8”.


Mack Weldon 

The Silver Trunk by Mack Weldon will probably be the most expensive, basic-looking pair of trunks you’ll ever own, at $32 per pair. These trunks are incredibly high quality and do include the same 10% polyester silver blend seen in the Silver Boxer Briefs, with 84% Supima Cotton and 6% Lycra for that necessary stretch.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 26

The Silver Trunks by Mack Weldon are for you if you enjoy a short seam, high quality trunk with some cool features including antimicrobial, anti-odour, and cool mesh zones. The Silver Trunks have stay-put legs and a no-roll waistband and are offered in 17 different colours and patterns. 

The AIRKNITx Trunks by Mack Weldon are the most affordable pair yet, at $26 per pair. If you’re looking for a high quality, standard pair of trunks that are great for working out and/or everyday wear, these may just be for you. These trunks feature four-way stretch and a flyless pouch, available in 9 colors and patterns. 

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 27

Like the AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs, these trunks are exceptionally lightweight, comfortable and keep you fresh and dry. The exact same blend of 50% Polyamide, 33% Polyester and 17% Elastane as the AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs provides moisture-wicking and anti-odor features. You’re essentially getting the exact same underwear in a shorter style.

Tommy John 

First up in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review for trunks is the Second Skin X Air Trunks, coming in at $37 each. When you think of what the perfect pair of trunks looks like on an aesthetic level, I’d say these come in pretty close. These trunks have Tommy John’s patented horizontal quick draw-fly, a stay-put waistband, and a contour pouch, with 7 colourblock variations to choose from.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 28

Just like the Second Skin X Air Boxer Briefs, these trunks are made of 90% Micro Modal, 10% Spandex. The primary composition of Micro Modal gives that “second skin” feeling that seems to be incredibly popular amongst Tommy John underwear buyers. The second skin material is incredibly light with anti-microbial, anti-odour, and quick-drying capabilities. 

Next up is the Air Invisibles Trunks by Tommy John. These trunks come in at $40 per pair, which seems pretty expensive. These trunks boast the same No VUL (Visible Underwear Line) Guarantee as the boxer briefs. The bonded legs of these trunks also seem to contribute to the No VUL Guarantee, as they are marketed as virtually disappearing under clothing. 

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 29

The Air Invisibles Trunks are also made of 78% Nylon and 22% Elastane. The Air Invisibles are quick drying, anti-microbial, and anti-odour. They feature a contour pouch, four-way stretch, the patented quick draw fly, and a stay-put waistband. You can choose from 5 different colours and patterns for these Tommy John trunks.

Winner: Tommy John

Tommy John has the edge when it comes to their trunks. Both the Second Skin X Air Trunks and Air Visibles Trunks are the ideal material for a high quality pair of trunks, both having a second skin look and quality. While yes, Mack Weldon does gain some points when it comes to colour selection and a slightly cheaper price, Tommy John just seems to have more to offer. 


Mack Weldon 

Next up is briefs in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review. The 18-Hour Jersey Brief by Mack Weldon comes in at $20 per pair and is a bit of a confusing concept. The first thing you wonder is, what exactly are they referring to when they say 18-Hour Jersey Brief?

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 30

Mack Weldon calls these the 18-Hour Briefs, due to the fact that the particular fabric (47.5% Cotton, 47.5% Modal and 5% Spandex), sits for 18 hours before it’s cut. The fabric then naturally expands, resulting in a softer feel and fit that’s consistent every time. The 18-Hour Briefs have a no-roll waistband, cool mesh zones, a functional fly, and are offered in an impressive selection of 30 colours and patterns.

Next up is the AIRKNITx Brief by Mack Weldon, sold at $24 per pair. These briefs are for those who prefer a true lightweight, classic brief, that will keep you both comfortable and dry all day. This is an option that’s great for those who don’t like to wear a whole lot of material under their clothing while still feeling supported. 

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 31

The AIRKNITx Briefs do of course feature Mack Weldon’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-odour microfiber consisting of 50% Polyamide, 33% Polyester and 17% Elastane. They’ve got a flyless pouch, a flexible 4-way stretch, and no-roll elastic waistband, available in 6 colours and patterns.

Tommy John 

When it comes to briefs, Tommy John does not disappoint. First up is the Second Skin Briefs (otherwise known as Second Skin 2.0), costing $30 for one pair. They naturally have all the same capabilities of the original Second Skin fabric, including the patented horizontal quick-draw fly and contour pouch. The Second Skin 2.0 briefs are offered in 12 colours and patterns. 

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 32

Next is the Cool Cotton Briefs by Tommy John, which are $27 for one pair. These are probably Tommy John’s most basic pair of briefs, but seemingly one of their most popular. They feature an attractive contour pouch and Tommy John’s signature horizontal quick draw fly, available in 10 colours and patterns.

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These briefs are designed for daily wear and are made from breathable 86% Pima Cotton and 14% Spandex. Tommy John claims that the Pima Cotton blend actually keeps you 3 times cooler and dries 5 times faster than regular cotton due to their moisture-wicking capability – and their customers seem to agree.

Winner: Mack Weldon

When it comes to the winner for the briefs section of the Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, Mack Weldon wins by a hair. Mack Weldon’s briefs do boast a much more casual look to Tommy John’s, so it really comes down to the look you prefer.

Both the 18-Hour Jersey Brief and the AIRKNITx Brief by Mack Weldon are meant for everyday wear regardless of the activity you’re performing, while the Second Skin Briefs by Tommy John specifically are not recommended to be worn during exercise.

Mack Weldon’s briefs are also more cost effective for an everyday brief. The 18-Hour Jersey Brief also comes in a whopping 30 different shades and patterns, which is more than Tommy John’s selection put together.


Mack Weldon 

The 18-Hour Jersey Knit Boxer by Mack Weldon comes in at $28 per pair and is arguably the most casual underwear they sell. They’re mainly targeted towards lounging and sleeping in, but can also be worn every day.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 33

The Jersey Knit Boxers are made out of a blend of super soft 47.5% Cotton, 47.5% Modal and 5% Spandex. The boxers sit for 18-hours before it’s cut, just like their 18-Hour Jersey Brief. They feature a covered waistband, comfy stretch gusset, and button fly. The Jersey Knit Boxers are available in eight colours and patterns.

The Woven Boxer by Mack Weldon is also $28 per pair and looks more like your traditional boxers that you’d pick up pretty well anywhere. They do contain some additional features to your average boxers, including a button fly and a covered waistband.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 34

These boxers are a blend of 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex, have a 2-way stretch and a tailored fit. They still maintain the look of traditional boxers and are offered in 7 colours and patterns. 

Tommy John 

First up in Tommy John’s boxer line is the Second Skin Relaxed Fit Boxer, which costs $34 per pair. How can a pair of underwear both be considered “second skin” and relaxed, you ask? Well, it’s basically slightly baggier than any of their other Second Skin garments. They feature a stay-put waistband and contour pouch, available in 10 colours and patterns.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 35

These Relaxed Fit Boxers are made from 90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal and 10% Spandex, so you won’t get any unappealing lint balls or fuzz on your expensive underwear. Tommy John specifically mentions that these boxer briefs are not meant for exercise, but are recommended for daily wear.

Next up in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review is the Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit Boxer, also coming in at $31. These boxers are meant for daily wear and contain the same blend of 86% Pima Cotton and 14% Spandex as the Cool Cotton Briefs. These Relaxed Fit Boxers also keep you up to 3 times cooler and dry up to 5 times faster than regular cotton. The Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit Boxer features a stay-put waistband and contour pouch, available in 7 colours and patterns.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 36

Winner: Mack Weldon

When it comes to boxers in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, I definitely prefer Mack Weldon. When you think of a relaxed fit boxer, you don’t think of an ever so slightly baggier version of a skin tight boxer. When it comes to the aesthetic of Tommy John’s relaxed fit boxers, they seem to be way off.

Mack Weldon’s boxers are not only cheaper, but they fit with the traditional look of a relaxed fit boxer, while still being high quality and aesthetically pleasing.

Long Underwear  

Mack Weldon 

We’re down to our last Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review comparison. First up is the WARMKNIT Long Underwear by Mack Weldon, coming in at $58 per pair.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 37

The WARMKNIT Long Underwear are a blend of 43% Modal, 38% Thermolite Polyester, 15% Wool and 4% Spandex, made into a micro-waffle knit. What does this mean for you? Well, it keeps you warmer for longer than the average long underwear. This style features a no-roll waistband and a lightweight material that is also moisture-wicking and anti-odor. The WARMKNIT Long Underwear is available in 7 colours and patterns.

Tommy John 

Next up is the SleekHeat Long John Bottoms by Tommy John, which costs $60 for one pair. These long johns contain a “smart fabric”, that’s composed of 57% Polyester, 37% Rayon and 6% Spandex. This fabric is feather light, keeps you warm outdoors and yet won’t have you overheating indoors.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 38

The non-pilling material is silky-soft and the fabric closely hugs the body while still allowing full, comfortable movement. The smart stretch fabric prevents moisture buildup and is only available in black. 

Winner: Mack Weldon

This is a bit of a tricky one, but I have to give the slight edge to Mack Weldon, for a few reasons. The first is the available colours and sizes – Mack Weldon’s WARMKNIT Long Underwear has four available colours, while Tommy John’s SleekHeat Long John Bottoms only have one. Mack Weldon’s long underwear also appears to be slightly looser while still being warm, while Tommy John’s appears to be spandex-like and skin tight.


In this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, we’ll take a look at where each brand manufactures their products and compare the quality of materials that each brand uses.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is designed in New York with a fulfillment center in Massachusetts. Their products are manufactured in multiple different locations, including South America, Asia and the US. Mack Weldon products are made in WRAP certified factories, meaning you can be sure that all products are ethically manufactured.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 39

Both brands focus on producing items of the utmost highest quality. That being said, Mack Weldon is known for creating their own unique fabrics if they can’t find exactly what they’re looking for. The brand custom blends high quality fibers to create fabrics that perform even better than they did before, including the 18-Hour Jersey, Silver and AIRKNITx.

Tommy John

While Tommy John used to import all fabrics and manufacture them in Los Angeles, products are now manufactured where the material is sourced. This means that your garment may have come from a variety of locations, including Sri Lanka, China and Egypt. Tommy John made this change in order to reduce its carbon footprint by streamlining the process.

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 40

Tommy John also uses the highest quality materials, including Pima Cotton and Non-Pilling Micro Modal. As far as I can tell, none of Tommy John’s fabrics have been specifically altered to create a fabric that is unique to the brand.

Winner: Mack Weldon

Tommy John does use some incredibly high-quality fabrics. That being said, this round of the Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review goes to the former. Mack Weldon goes above and beyond to create their own fabric blends that perform exactly how they want–and they still manage to keep their prices slightly cheaper than Tommy John.

Customer Ratings 

When it comes to customer ratings, both brands have been heavily reviewed by customers. Let’s take a look at the general consensus on each brand in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review.

Mack Weldon

Generally, the reviews on Mack Weldon’s website are overwhelmingly positive. Customers have boasted numerous times that Mack Weldon underwear is the most comfortable and high-quality underwear they’ve ever owned. Certain reviews off of the Mack Weldon website say differently. Multiple customers have experienced the waistband unravelling from the brief, while others claimed that they were not as comfortable as they should be for such an expensive pair of briefs.

Tommy John

You will see a similar customer review experience when it comes to Tommy John. Reviews on the Tommy John website show that customers believe their underwear is the best out there, with a great fit, quality and feel. However, reviews off of the Tommy John website have shown quick tearing in the crotch, unravelling seams and a waistband that does in fact roll down, despite their no-roll waistband claim.

Winner: Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 41

This round of the Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review can seem disheartening, since there is negative feedback for both brands. However, Mack Weldon does have fewer negative reviews than Tommy John. There have been a few complaints of the waist band unravelling from the brief, but this doesn’t compare to the number of outside complaints in regards to Tommy John underwear. According to reviews, visible tears and rips after a few weeks to a couple months of wear is a genuine problem and more than a few customers are not happy.

Promotions & Discounts

It wouldn’t be a Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review without including deals offered by each brand. Let’s take a look at the specials you can find with Mack Weldon and Tommy John.

Mack Weldon 

Mack Weldon has a Buy More, Save More policy:

  • Save 10% on orders of $100 or more
  • Save 20% on orders of $200 or more

Tommy John 

Tommy John offers several compelling discounts:

  • Sign up for Tommy John’s newsletter and save 20% off your first order
  •  Automatically get 20% off orders $125 or more
  •  Multi packs of Tommy John underwear are currently 15% off
  • A 20% military discount
  • A 20% teachers and college students discount (US only)

Winner: Tommy John

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 42

In this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, Tommy John wins hands down when it comes to promotions and discounts. Besides Mack Weldon’s Buy More, Save More policy, they don’t seem to be big on promotions. With Mack Weldon, customers receive 20% off just by signing up for the newsletter, and the discounts for military personnel, teachers, and college students are especially generous.

Shipping & Returns 

When it comes to shipping and returns in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, the brands do have a few notable differences.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon only ships within the US and Canada, so their shipping range is limited.  They do offer free shipping over $50 and a next day shipping option for the US. Most orders are shipped the same day or the next business day.

When it comes to their socks and underwear, Mack Weldon has a Try on Guarantee: If you don’t love your first pair of Mack Weldon underwear, they’ll either send you a full refund or send you a different style or size of your choosing. There is no return required for this option.

Beyond your first pair, you can only return underwear within 30 days if it has been unworn and unwashed, which seems fair. This goes for all of their other products as well. In this case, you can get a full refund or exchange.

Tommy John

Tommy John delivers both domestically and internationally, so you can receive their products anywhere in the world. They offer free domestic shipping on orders of $75+ and free international shipping of orders of $150+. Tommy John will make “reasonable efforts” to ship your order out within two business days.

Similarly to Mack Weldon, Tommy John has a Best Pair Guarantee. This means that they will issue a refund or exchange for your first pair of underwear only. Otherwise, their return policy is within 30 days, unwashed and unworn with all tags attached and in original packaging.

Winner: Tommy John

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 43

While Mack Weldon does have its perks when it comes to shipping, Tommy John wins this one. Mack Weldon will only ship within North America, whereas Tommy John ships anywhere in the world. Tommy John also has multiple free shipping options, which go beyond standard delivery, depending on how much you spend.

Price & Value

This Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review takes into account every pair we’ve gone through:

Boxer Briefs
Mack Weldon Silver 

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx 

Tommy John Second Skin X Air 

Tommy John Air Invisibles 







Mack Weldon Silver

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx 

Tommy John Second Skin X Air 

Tommy John Trunks Air Invisibles 






Mack Weldon Jersey

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx

Tommy John Second Skin

Tommy John Cool Cotton 






Mack Weldon Jersey Knit

Mack Weldon Woven 

Tommy John Second Skin Relaxed Fit 

Tommy John Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit 






Long Underwear
Mack Weldon WARMKNIT 

Tommy John Sleek Heat Long John 



Winner: Mack Weldon

When it comes to purchasing a basic pair of underwear: in this Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, I am of the belief that both brands are somewhat overpriced. That being said, Mack Weldon does ring in slightly better than Tommy John in the value for money department.

Although Mack Weldon does have a more casual vibe than Tommy John, they also custom blend their own materials, which cannot be incredibly cost effective for them. It seems that Mack Weldon is trying to sell their products at a somewhat reasonable price for what it costs to make them.

We Choose: Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 44

The results are in! According to a Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review, Mack Weldon wins 7/10 categories.

CategoryMack WeldonTommy John
Boxer Briefs   ✓ 
Long Underwear✓    
Customer Ratings✓   
Promotions & Discounts 
Shipping & Returns 
Price & Value 

It has to be said that Mack Weldon is a more casual looking brand when it comes to aesthetics. What really sets them apart from Tommy John is that they stick to the look of classic underwear that men already know and love, yet amp them up to be something better.

Mack Weldon never settles for material: if they can’t find a fabric that fits expectations, the brand will make its own blend. This process takes considerably more thought, time and money than ready to use fabrics that have been used so many times before. The only difference may be the exact combination of fabrics they choose to blend together.

Mack Weldon still aims to keep their products at a somewhat affordable price, regardless of production cost (although for most of us, purchasing a very basic-looking pair of briefs for $20-$30 can be difficult to wrap our heads around). It has to be said that Mack Weldon could do better when it comes to their limited shipping locations and their lack of promotions and discounts. No brand is perfect, and overall, Mack Weldon seems to be better quality for your money and more innovative than Tommy John. 

Mack Weldon vs Tommy John Underwear Review 45

For these reasons, I hand the crown to Mack Weldon for coming up on top in the world of men’s undergarments. We hope you’ve found our comprehensive Mack Weldon vs Tommy John underwear review informative!

For a closer look at each brand, check out our reviews for Mack Weldon and Tommy John.

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Rothys vs Allbirds Shoes Review

Rothys vs Allbirds: Style Showdown 

Rothys designs fashionable, comfortable and washable shoes for women. Rothys values sustainability in their manufacturing process, using materials like plastic water bottles, merino wool, eco-friendly outsoles, recycled foam insoles and recyclable packing. 

Rothys vs Allbirds Shoes Review 46

Allbirds is a footwear and apparel brand for men and women. Mother Nature is their muse as they strive to use materials straight from the Earth in their products to reduce their carbon footprint on the world. Allbirds shoes are made of eco-friendly materials including merino wool, sugarcane, recycled bottles, castor bean oil, and bio-tpu.

Rothys vs Allbirds Shoes Review 47

In this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, we’ll see how both brands measures up against each other to help guide your purchase decision.

Rothys vs Allbirds Flats 

Rothys offers two versions of traditional flats, The Flat and The Point. These shoes are very similar in make, with the exception of The Point’s sharp, narrow toe box point. The Flat and The Point are made from repurposed single-use water bottles: each bottle is hot washed, sterilized and cut into flakes, pressed into pellets, turned into spools of thread, then dyed and 3D knit into each pair of Rothys shoes. Amazing!

The outsoles of Rothys flats are made from environmentally-friendly recycled carbon-free rubber, while the insoles are made of repurposed plastic from water bottles, recyclable foam and bio-based castor oil. Using the method of 3D knitting, each shoe is cut and shaped exactly the same each time, which gives the results of comfortability and durability. Rothys shoes have no break in period and will mold perfectly to the shape of your foot and heel (so no slipping around).

Rothys offers The Flat in 16 different colors and patterns, while there are 22 options for The Point. The shoes come in attractive jewel tones, basic black and greys, stripes, and animal print. Every pair comes with Rothys’ signature blue halo, which outlines the heel of their shoes. We saved one of the best parts for last: Rothys shoes are easily machine washable!

Allbirds’ version of the flat is the Tree Breezers, featuring a more rounded toe compared to Rothys flats. The Tree Breezers are available in 16 different limited edition colours, and unlike with Rothys, there are no prints or patterns to choose from. The insoles of The Tree Breezers are made of merino wool, which provides softness, moisture wicking and odor reduction. These insoles feel extra cushioning and arch support from the use of castor bean oil and a wool lining topper. The sole of Tree Breezers is designed using SweetFoam™, produced by sugarcane. This material provides bouncy, lightweight comfort. 

These shoes get their name from where they come from, trees! Eucalyptus tree fiber is intertwined into shoe material to give a silky-smooth feel and cooling effect, allowing your feet to breathe and remain comfortable. The collar of the Tree Breezers forms a snug, secure fit around the foot, preventing your feet from shifting around. The ribbed knitting structure keeps this from happening while also giving your feet some room. The knitting pattern in the Tree Breezers is more thick and pronounced compared to Rothys flats, but just like Rothys, Allbirds  are machine washable

Winner: Rothys

In this round of the Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, it was a close call. Both brands offer an array of options with shoes made from similar eco-friendly materials. With Allbirds shoes however, you’re limited to singular colors. Rothys shoes come perfectly tailored to the shape of your feet using their 3D knitting technology, while Allbirds shoes may take a couple of weeks to break in. The appearance of the flats for each brand are quite contrasting, as they use distinct knitting techniques. I find The Rothys stitching method results in a more aesthetically pleasing shoe, but this is a personal preference. 

Rothys vs Allbirds Loafers 

Rothys The Loafer is available in 16 styles including solid colours and patterns like camo, melange, colour grids and animal prints. Like all of Rothys shoes, The Loafer is handcrafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, like the plastic water bottles used in Rothys signature thread. The outsoles are made from either carbon-free rubber or luxe vegan leather, while the insoles are made with bio-based castor oil and recycled materials. 

The Loafer will comfortably hug the contour of your foot due to the 3D knitting technique used with every Rothys shoe. The seamless construction causes no hard seams or stiff edges that lead to discomfort. The vamp, which is the center part of a shoe upper, sits higher on top of your foot than The Flat or The Point. This gives your toes the perfect balance of snugness and room to move. The shoe is made ready to wear and doesn’t need to be broken in. However, the thread does stretch a little bit over time. The Loafers come with the signature Rothys blue halo, a blue strip that outlines the heel of the shoe. These are also shoes are machine washable.

Allbirds’ take on loafers resulted in two signature lounger designs: the Wool Loungers and Tree Loungers. The Wool Loungers are made from wool of the Merino sheep; the wool is washed, brushed and spun into thread to use for their shoes. Merino wool has useful moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, and breathable qualities without the itchiness. The upper of the wool loungers is soft and scratch free on the inside and sturdy on the outside, creating firm comfort all over. The Wool Loungers have a SweetFoam™ outsole, providing lightweight, bouncy comfort across your whole foot. The insoles include the ingredient castor bean oil, which provides extra cushioning and noticeable arch support. 

The exterior of the Tree Loungers is made from eucalyptus tree fiber. After the process of going from tree to thread, the material is used to knit the shoes. Tree knit, mesh-based fabric makes the shoes breathable and soft with ventilating abilities. The Tree Loungers outsoles are made from low-density foam that is extremely comfortable due to cushioning and friction control. The S-curve tread on the sole is designed to copy the anatomical flexibility of your feet, providing equal weight distribution, and a SweetFoam™ outsole makes every step light and bouncy.

Allbirds Wool Loungers are available in five shades, four of which are grey. Depending on which colour you choose, the outsole can come in white, black or grey. The Tree Loungers are much more colorful, offered in maroon, grey, and shades of green and blue, most of which have white outsoles. Both lounger designs are washing machine safe. 

Winner: Allbirds

When it comes to brands that produce such similar shoes, details matter. A Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review found that both brands use recycled materials, but the latter uses more ingredients for function. Both brands claim to make comfortable shoes with great cushioning, but Allbirds lists more materials to back this up. Unlike Rothys shoes, Allbirds have a lightweight quality that is also appealing. Although the Rothys loafer is offered in a greater variety of colors and patterns, Allbirds wins this round for its attention to specific functional benefits of their shoes.

Rothys vs Allbirds Sneakers  

Rothys The Sneaker is more of a slip-on shoe than a traditional sneaker, since it has no laces. The Sneaker has high sidewalls and thick, elevated white soles. The shoe is available in 12 styles, including stripes, melange, camo, and animal print patterns. The signature blue halo is also included on the heel of these shoes. Rothys 3D knitting method creates an exact shape and cut every time, so the shoe fits perfectly to the contour of your foot. The 3D knitting process also creates maximum comfort due to the seamless construction

The Sneaker is crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. In particular, the bio-based castor oil and recycled foam combination of the insoles create a soft and cushy surface for your feet. There is no break-in period for these shoes, and even though they won’t stretch, the thread will give a bit over time. Since Rothys aspires to be sustainable, these shoes are durable and machine washable.

Compared to Rothys, Allbirds Tree Skippers actually have laces. The upper of these Tree Skippers are made from eucalyptus trees, used as thread and stitched into a mesh knit pattern. The material is smooth, light and delivers breathability with a cooling effect throughout the shoe. A combination of castor bean oil and merino wool offers arch support, cushioning, moisture-wicking and odor control

The comfort doesn’t stop there! The Tree Skippers soles are made from low-density foam that have a unique S-curve tread array that provides friction control and equal weight distribution. The Tree Skippers only have two eyelets for laces on each side, so they won’t feel tight on your feet like traditional sneakers. The Tree Skippers come in half the variety offered by Rothys, and depending on the colour choice, you can get white, navy or charcoal soles. The insole will always be the classic merino wool grey colour. These shoes are washing machine friendly, but never put them in the dryer.

Winner: Allbirds

Overall, Allbirds sneakers offer more to customers compared to Rothys. The outsole on the Tree Skippers provide anatomical flexibility, equal weight distribution and arch support, which are missing in the Rothys version. Rothys sneakers claim to have insoles that provide a soft and cushy surface, whereas Allbirds insoles have moisture-wicking and odor control elements. 

A Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review found that, despite Allbirds having a break in period and less colours available, their design is more fit for function. The Tree Skippers also more closely resemble sneakers, although Rothys’ take is still aesthetically pleasing.


It takes a lot of thought, effort and trial and error to faultlessly perfect a design that makes your product stand out against competitors. In this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, we’ll take a look at the materials and processes that go into creating their shoes. 


From materials, to production to how their workers are treated, Rothys chooses to be sustainable. With this focus in mind, they use eco-friendly materials:

  1. Plastic water bottles: Globally, one million water bottles are sold every minute. Since 91% of the world’s plastic is not recycled, Rothys decided to knit water bottles into the uppers of their shoes to divert waste from landfills. To date, they have converted over 47 million single-use plastic bottles and turned them into thread.
  2. Merino wool: Rothys’ humanely harvested merino wool comes from an Australian sheep farm and is blended into the Rothys signature thread. Merino wool is a naturally renewable resource that is then crafted at a sustainable italian mill in the Alps, powered by solar panels and hydroelectric turbines. Water used in the shoe making process is taken from the Alps, purified and then returned.
  3. Eco-friendly outsoles: Rothys shoes are made from one of two outsoles, either containing luxe vegan leather or carbon-free leather.
  4. Recycled foam insoles: Rothys insoles are made with bio-based castor oil and recycled materials, including bio-based algae.

In addition to using environmentally friendly materials, Rothys uses innovative 3D knitting technology with every pair of shoes they create. This method knits to shape and reduces the amount of fabric used. Their commitment to staying green carries over into the shipping process, in which shoes are shipped directly from their cardboard boxes. Rothys aims to be carbon-neutral through a program called Carbonfree®, which helps them exchange their output for offset credits that benefits rainforests and reduces pollution and biofuels in the US. 

Rothys vs Allbirds Shoes Review 56

Rothys shoes start their design process in San Francisco, where the product team and creative director choose the styles, colours and patterns. Design instructions are sent to their manufacturing workshop in Dongguan, China. Only those who work at Rothys touch the shoes during production, where they use a mix of hand craftsmanship and machine assembly to create their shoes. 


Allbirds only uses materials sourced directly from the earth. They aim to design shoes that are simple, with no logos, no senseless details, just made naturally and practically. Some core materials used in Allbirds shoes:

  • Merino wool: Sheep outnumber humans about six to one in New Zealand, and all that wool leads to the Allbirds process, using 60% less energy than synthetic materials. The sheep are well taken care of and this is ensured by a leading organization called ZQ Merino.
  • Trees: Allbirds’ tree fiber TENCEL™ uses 95% less water compared to traditional materials, cutting the brand’s carbon footprint in half. The South African farms that grow the trees rely on rainfall, rather than irrigation. Allbirds is certified by Forest Stewardship Council®, meaning the materials are sourced from strict standards to animals, forests and people.
  • Sugarcane: Allbirds’ SugarForm™ shoe sole is sourced from sugarcane from southern Brazil. Sugarcane is a quickly growing renewable resource that removes carbon from the atmosphere. An organization called Proforest makes sure the sugarcane is sourced to the highest standards. 
  • Super-yarn: Allbirds created their own super-yarn from eucalyptus tree fibers and merino wool, called Trino™.  
  • Recycled bottles: One pair of Allbirds laces is made from one plastic water bottle.
  • Caster bean oil: Used to increase natural content in Allbirds shoes.
  • Recycled cardboard: Allbirds packing is made from 90% recycled cardboard.
Rothys vs Allbirds Shoes Review 57

Allbirds is a Certified B Corporation, meaning they are recognized to balance purpose with profit. An organization called Soles4Souls® also takes lightly used Allbirds and finds them a new home for communities in need. 

Since 2019, Allbirds has gone carbon neutral for their entire supply chain. For every tonne of carbon they emit, they pay to remove a tonne of the substance from the atmosphere. By purchasing credits from verified third-party emissions reduction projects, trees that capture and store carbon are protected, wind energy is built, and harmful greenhouse gases are prevented from entering the atmosphere. Allbirds sources low carbon materials that travel by sea rather than by air, which increases energy efficiency.

The fabric used in Allbirds’ merino collections was crafted in a textile mill near Milan, Italy. This mill is the only one certified by the European Commission for environmental sustainability. Once the textile is made, it is then hand-assembled in their factory in South Korea. For their Tree collections, the fiber used is crafted by Lenzing, a producer based in Austria that received the European Award for sustainable manufacturing from the EU. The knitting and assembly then takes place in their China-based factory.

Winner: Allbirds

For this round of the Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, the latter is a clear winner here. While Rothys is certainly invested in sustainability, Allbirds goes above and beyond to become completely carbon neutral. Allbirds is recognized as a Certified B Corporation, and uses fiber produced by an Austrian manufacturer that has been recognized by the EU for sustainability. Both brands certainly have good intentions, but Allbirds is entirely devoted to the environment.

Customer Ratings 

In this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, it’s important to be aware of customer feedback to get a full picture on both brands. This is what verified paying customers have to say:


On Trustpilot, there are 34 reviews on Rothys with a 2/5 star rating. One customer commented, “honestly there are no words for the customer service which is a shame because their shoes are really great.” From the reviews I read, it appears as though customers had minor errors in shipping or delivery difficulties. Virtually no customers had problems with the shoes themselves. 

In writing this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, I found common observations on the Rothys website:

  • Not for wide feet
  • Painful, leaves cuts and blisters
  • Washed and air dried like a dream
  • Too small, so size up (which the site recommends)
  • Super comfortable
  • People love their shoes and own many pairs


On sitejabber, Allbirds has 3.5/5 stars out of 74 reviews. One customer said, “the shoes themselves are really very beautiful and clearly well made. Unfortunately, they don’t quite fit my feet, but they were super helpful about the return – the accept them even if you’ve worn them. I have to give them 5 stars purely because their customer service has been absolutely superb. Companies like this deserve to do well. They are making quality products with honest service.”

On the Allbirds website, common comments included in this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review:

  • Fits true to size
  • Comfortable
  • Just as advertised
  • Love the way they feel
  • Able to wear right out of the box, didn’t need to break them in
  • Even larger sizes are too tight

Winner: Allbirds

No shoe brand is perfect and there will naturally be negative reviews for each. That being said, Allbirds had higher ratings off of their site. While Rothys customers had issues with customer service, Allbirds excelled in this area. Some customers commented that Rothys were painful, although this could be associated with choosing the wrong size. Either way, in a Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, Allbirds had consistently positive comments.

Shipping & Returns 

For all orders, shipments, requests, fees, and processes may vary depending on the location and value of requested orders. For your convenience, this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review offers a breakdown of the steps you can expect.



  • Free shipping on all orders
  • U.S. shipping takes 5-9 business days
  • UPS Expedited costs $25 and takes 2-3 business days
  • UPS Rush costs $35 and takes 1-2 business days
  • International orders can take 5-10 business days to arrive
  • Exact shipping times will be displayed at checkout
  • They don’t offer expedited shipping internationally
  • Only ships to the US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy


  • Free returns on all orders
  • You have 30 days to return and exchange unworn items
  • To make a return, visit their Returns Centre
  • Allow 10-14 days for your refund to show in your account



  • Free standard shipping on all orders over $50
  • There is a $5 shipping fee for orders under $50
  • Standard shipping takes 5-7 business days from the time the order is placed
  • Expedited shipping costs $12 and takes 2 business days
  • 1-day expedited shipping costs $20+
  • Expedited shipping is only available in the US and UK
  • Ships to US, Canada, New Zealand, China, UK, the EU


  • Allbirds offers a 30 day trial period
  • Returns and exchanges are free, even if worn
  • All other accessories are final sale and can’t be returned
  • To start a return, go to the Return and Exchanges page

Winner: Allbirds

A Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review found that both brands have similar delivery times. While Rothys never charges shipping fees and Allbirds does, Allbirds shipping is available to more countries. What really gave Allbirds the win was its return policy. You can actually test out Allbirds shoes wherever you want, as they accept items that are worn, while Rothy is less flexible with returns.

Price & Value

This Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review compares the prices of every product we’ve discussed to help you come to a conclusion:


  • The Point: $136-$236
  • The Flat: $169-$209
  • The Loafer: $223-$263
  • The Sneaker: $169-$209


  • Tree Breezers: $95
  • Tree Loungers: $95
  • Wool Loungers: $95
  • Tree Skippers: $95

Winner: Allbirds

In this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, it’s clear that the value lies with Allbirds. Not only are they more affordable, they are better for the environment due to Allbirds‘ zero carbon footprint. Both brands produce well-made shoes designed for comfort, yet you can get them for less with Allbirds.

We Choose: Allbirds

Rothys vs Allbirds Shoes Review 62

To recap this Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review, let’s see how each brand stood against the other:

Customer Feedback
Shipping & Returns
Price & Value

A Rothys vs Allbirds shoes review found that both brands have incredible intentions when it comes to saving the environment. Allbirds is just operating on a higher level in terms of sustainability. Allbirds is consistently well liked according to reviews, whereas some customers expressed issues with Rothys, whether it be fit for issues with shipping and delivery.

What makes people love Allbirds is the fact that they offer a real 30-day trial period, so you can actually test out the shoes in different environments. Allbirds is more bang for your buck—you’re paying a fair price for top-quality, sustainable, and stylish products while also reducing your own carbon impact on the world. Way to go Allbirds! 

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People Footwear


BrainStation vs RED Academy

BrainStation vs RED Academy: Digital Learning Showdown

BrainStation is at the cutting edge of digital learning, carving territory to prepare students with digital skills to define the future of the digital space. BrainStation provides the platform in training that endows leaders and businesses with the powers to innovate and deliver excellence in the digital age. BrainStation offers full-time and part-time courses in data science, marketing, design, product, and development in New York City, Vancouver, and Toronto, as well as through an online platform.

RED Academy has an original approach to developing minds in the digital world. Through real-life, hands-on client projects, students are integrated into the UX/UI space and become proficient at industry skills. The aim of RED Academy was to bridge the space between post-secondary education, which seemed to be providing an insufficient foundation to get a start in the working world. The tech industry is ever-evolving, and RED Academy is a space to grow creative instincts, enhance connection and skills, and strengthen voice to make a difference in the design of tomorrow.  

The following comparative BrainStation vs RED Academy review will examine key elements of the brand and its services to assist you in making an informed selection. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review



The digital space is perhaps the most rapidly evolving industry, and as such, training requires an ambitious and flexible mindset. With leading experts in the field developing and teaching the curriculum, Brainstation offers an advanced and competitive approach. To help students develop a working portfolio and to ready them for the demands and ethos of the industry.

BrainStation uses a platform called synapse, which embodies data-driven learning. BrainStation’s worldwide network is 50,000 and growing, giving you a foundation to begin a successful and riveting career. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

With a wide variety of program offerings, BrainStation vouches for a 100% Graduate employment rate within 180 days of graduation within the field of study. A vast array of on-campus, part-time courses are offered in these areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Marketing
  • iOS Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Product Management 
  • Python Programming
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Development
BrainStation vs RED Academy review

Typical Day at BrainStation

  • 9:30 AM – 10 AM Daily morning review
  • 10 AM – 12 PM Lecture and lab 
  • 12 PM -1 PM Lunch 
  • 1 PM – 3:30 PM Lecture and lab
  • 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM In-class project work and one-on-one coaching sessions

RED Academy 

RED Academy strives to go past the limits and chart new territory. They train students to think not only about what is happening at the moment but to develop a forward-looking gaze toward what will happen in the coming months and years. RED loves technology and the possibility and empowerment associated with the education process. They believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve in technology. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

RED Academy offers three main programs: digital marketing, UX & UI Design, and Web & App Development. 

Red Digital Marketing

Under the digital marketing umbrella, there is a full-time full-stack marketer course and a full-time digital marketing professional course. There is a part-time digital marketing foundation course. 

Red UX & UI Design 

Within UX & UI Design, there are full-time courses in full-stack designer, UX designer professional, and UI designer professional. There are also work-study options in a UX designer professional course, a full-stack designer course and a UI designer professional course. 

Red Web & App Development

Under Web & App Development, there are full-time courses for a full-stack developer, web developer professional, and application developer professional. There are additional work-study options for web developer professional, full-stack developer, and application developer professional. 

Winner: BrainStation

In our BrainStation vs Red Academy review, BrainStation had a superior approach to coursework. While Red Academy had a mission to break the mold in the technological landscape, BrainStation had a thoroughly developed plan about how to do so.

BrainStation’s ability to deliver high-level courses originates with the leading experts from the field who guide students through real-life experiences to simulate the demands of the workplace. The project emphasis at BrainStation is written right into a segment of the daily schedule. It ensures that students are developing into flexible and collaborative colleagues and dynamic, strategic thinkers.

The network at BrainStation is unparalleled, and the Graduate employment rate reinforces the importance of the network, emphasizing the strength of the courses and their broader applicability. 

Study Options


BrainStation has excellent program flexibility with full-time and part-time courses available both on-campus and online

RED Academy 

RED Academy offers leading options in work-study, as well as full-time and part-time courses, on-site. A 12-week or 24-week design and technology boot camp. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

Winner: BrainStation

Our BrainStation vs Red Academy review revealed that BrainStation had more flexible study options. Both schools offered full-time and part-time courses, and although RED Academy offered work-study opportunities, BrainStation offered online learning opportunities. As such, our BrainStation vs RED Academy review emphasized that BrainStation offered more options and solutions for people of varying backgrounds, ambitions and scheduling availability. 

Career Training 


BrainStation’s intensive program is focused on project-based learning to prepare students for practical applications and experiences in their future careers. The classes have a low student-teacher ratio, which allows students the opportunity to work closely with their teacher mentors. Educators have backgrounds representative of some of the most engaging and innovative global companies.

The structure of the program encourages collaboration and the development of outcome-based skills. In the courses, students use tools that form the basis of their toolkit in the working world. Each module concludes with a real-world project that encourages the cultivation of on-the-ground skills. The culminating work also contributes an additional piece to each student’s portfolio. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

In the digital marketing course, for instance, students will learn about how digital marketing operates in an organization. They study foundational concepts such as strategy, budgeting, user research, and omnichannel experiences. In the application stage of the knowledge, students will be challenged to create an end-to-end marketing strategy for a corporation to draw new customers, encompassing brand vision, paid and organic campaigns, and content marketing.

This dynamic learning system helps students to gain experience before they apply for their first position and to put theoretical concepts into practise readily. 

RED Academy 

RED Academy wants your education to feel practical and useful. RED Academy designs curriculum with the goal that the skills that you learn from their instructors will be applied to your next role in technology, and all of the roles to come. 

RED Academy believes in equipping their grads for a changing and demanding societal landscape. For this reason, they cultivate creativity, a proclivity for innovation, collaboration and compassion. All of these character traits are linked to an applicable curriculum, which makes you an integral and sought after teammate. RED Academy also molds connections by offering events tailored to enabling the important introductions.

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

RED operates uniquely—as part school, part agency. You gain real-world experience, engaging with brands that require your creativity and analytical skills. This process ensures that by graduation, you have a market-ready portfolio, not to mention an invaluable skill set that gives you an accurate measure of the working world.  

Community Partnership Program

RED Academy has a passion for social change and community involvement. ‘Giving back’ is central to the principles of the institution because RED Academy believes strongly that design and technology are potent tools for social change. The school actively works with charities, nonprofits and startups through their Community Partnership Program. 

The Community Partner Program offers a host of opportunities to work with small and big charities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Mentorship at RED Academy is a cornerstone of the learning experience and instructors coach students on how to communicate effectively with clients to help them foster the skills necessary for engaging in client-facing products. Presently there are:

  • 213 community partners (and growing)
  • 268 projects completed
  • Four areas to improve business

Winner: BrainStation

We analyzed the career training opportunities in our BrainStation vs RED Academy review. Both institutions had innovative and creative approaches to weaving real-life applications into theoretical foundations of knowledge. The Community Partnership Program at RED was an impressive asset, however, it could be said that students at BrainStation have an equal opportunity to network and engage actively in their communities.

Our Brainstation vs RED Academy review taught us that at BrainStation, the team followed a reliable formula that built well-rounded skills, contributed to the development of the portfolio, and offered students an opportunity to engrain classroom knowledge into their professional approach seamlessly. In many ways, BrainStation’s sequence of professional projects, feedback, development and growth, operated as an active organization, setting student expectations for their professional roles beyond study. 

Additional Features


BrainStation offers a generous Income Sharing Agreement as a flexible payment plan. With this program, you can begin learning and pay for the program once you start a job where your minimum earnings are $50,000 per year. To access a package with pricing and course details, create an account. Through this account, you will also receive offers about new courses. 

BrainStation is a leader in corporate training. Since inception in 2012, BrainStation has supported some of the most prominent organizations including, Lululemon, Facebook, Budweiser, Tesla, Google, and IBM, with corporate training to equip teams with the digital skills for innovation and transformation. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy 63

RED Academy 

RED Academy stands out with its “all-star speakers” As a RED student, you can anticipate the most sought after professionals to make an appearance, the kind that you would gawk after. Exposure to top minds and innovative thinkers allows the opportunity to gain insights, propose ideas and interact with questions and comments. At RED, the conversation is open and ongoing, as you develop into the best version of yourself, professionally and interpersonally.

BrainStation vs RED Academy review


RED Academy offers scholarships to those who need support. Presently, RED Academy is accepting scholarship applications for April and September 2020 courses. Additionally, RED Academy offers early bird incentives for tuitions paid in full. 

If you meet the January 30, 2020 deadline for Professional Courses or Full-Stack Professional Courses, you will receive $1000. There is an additional early bird incentive for February 15, 2020. If you register on time, you will receive $500 for Professional Courses and $1000 for Full-Stack Professional Courses. For more information, contact the admissions team at [email protected].

Winner: BrainStation

We performed a BrainStation vs RED Academy review to assess the additional features offered by each organization. BrainStation had more substantial and concrete additional features than RED Academy. Although RED Academy had enticing early bird incentives, fun events, and speaker series, BrainStation’s assets contributed to more significant opportunity and transformation. 

Instead of scholarship opportunities, BrainStation offered the Income Sharing Agreement. This program allows students to study without the pressure and fears of a financial burden. Such burdens can contribute to challenges with mental health, burnout, social isolation, sleep deprivation, and undue stress. BrainStation’s corporate training is also unparalleled, offering skills and development to some of the most impressive and influential companies and widening BrainStation’s vital network. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

Student Feedback


BrainStation students commented that their experience at BrainStation was the highlight in their educational career. They improved skills in their area of interest, but additionally, they developed the mindset of a professional and expanded their connections within the industry. Students commented that they were passionate about the workload, but it was intense and all-encompassing. 

Students considered their time at BrainStation to be an intelligent investment in their future. BrainStation arranges classes to teach students of all levels, and the hands-on projects gave a unique opportunity to begin to integrate into a working mindset. Students commented that from the time you walk into BrainStation, you are treated as a professional, and felt supported in their career ambitions and academic endeavours. 

RED Academy 

Some students found the courses well organized and were impressed with the model, which consisted of a primary teacher and rotating TAs all who have experience in the field. Students found topics, “useful, relevant and employable.” Students found the course highly intensive and remarked that you got from it what you put into it. 

Other students had a poor experience in the group project, had classmates who dropped out, and considered dropping out themselves. Instructors were inconsistent, and not all class material was relevant or accessible. Multiple students did not take the program seriously and did not think that the institution had qualified instructors. In one cohort, there was one instructor for 17 students. 

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

Winner: BrainStation

Our BrainStation vs RED Academy review exposed that the student feedback for BrainStation was substantially more positive and consistent than the feedback for RED Academy. Students were supported in small student to instructor ratios, and they were treated with integrity and respect as valued members of a professional community. They cultivated relevant skills for the workplace, and they felt that BrainStation set the foundation for their future. 

Price & Value


On-Campus Full-Time courses for Data Science, Digital Marketing, User Experience Design, and Web Development cost $15,000 per course.

All on-campus part-time courses at BrainStation are $3150, with the exception of Design Thinking ($1950). Online part-time courses are $2750, with the exception of Design Thinking ($1950).

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

RED Academy 

Courses at RED Academy cost the following for each area of study:

CourseDomestic CostInternational Cost
Full-stack Marketer$18,000$21,000
Digital Marketing Professional$11,000$12,350
Full-Stack Designer $18,000$21,000
UX Designer Professional$11,000$12,350
UI Designer Professional$11,000$12,350
Full-Stack Developer $18,000$21,000
Web Developer Professional$11,000$12,350
Application Developer Professional$11,000$12,350
Professional Work-Study
CourseDomestic CostInternational Cost
Digital Marketing Professional$13,000
Full-Stack Marketer$19,500$22,000
UX Designer$13,000
Full-Stack Designer $19,500$22,000
UI Designer Professional $13,000
Web Developer Professional$13,000
Full-Stack Developer $19,500$22,000
Application Developer Professional $13,000

Winner: BrainStation

Our BrainStation vs RED Academy review emphasized that the cost of studying at BrainStation was more affordable than RED Academy. Full-time courses at BrainStation were less costly than full-time and work-study options at RED Academy. As well, part-time courses, on-site and online, were affordable. 

We Choose: BrainStation

BrainStation vs RED Academy review

In our BrainStation vs RED Academy review, Brainstation took the win in all six categories! At BrainStation, students are supported and motivated by instructors with valuable experience and insights who are leading professionals. BrainStation has a vast and interconnected network which bolsters their mission to lead in the digital space and empowers students to get their start amongst the most inspired professionals. Our BrainStation vs RED Academy review emphasized that BrainStation provides the foundational tools to shape students who will affect powerful change and transformation in the digital field.

Through a project-based approach and flexible study options, BrainStation allows students the opportunity to translate the theoretical to the practical, to make supported mistakes, and engage in meaningful mentorship. Furthermore, the projects contribute to student’s portfolios, which sets them up with a market-advantage and gives them comfort and confidence as they enter into the marketplace. 

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Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review

Parachute vs Brooklinen: Brand Showdown 

The foundation of Parachute resides in a belief that when we look after our homes, we set ourselves up to decompress, recharge and dream in a rejuvenating space. Parachute makes premium home essentials including bedding, mattresses, rugs, and bathwear. Ariel Kaye founded Parachute with the mission to offer quality, affordability and navigable home shopping. In 2014, she launched Parachute, an online-only, direct-to-consumer brand focused on perfecting bedding. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 64

Brooklinen has a simple and rewarding ambition, which is to offer high-quality sheets at a reasonable price. Brooklinen achieves their aim by taking the middleman out of the picture and giving you the leading edge. Its founders Vicki and Rich are down-to-earth people seeking the same accessibility and comfort in a bedding product. Brooklinen strives to achieve the highest level quality while manufacturing responsibly and making its products widely accessible. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 65

The following comparative Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Sheets

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 66

Parachute crafts a wide variety of sheet sets to match your lifestyle needs and to accent your home. They take an original angle on sateen sheets, which feature monochrome colour-blocking and a modern matte finish in ivory, rose, or pewter. You’ll sleep in a relaxed state of luxury cushioned by 100% long-staple cotton. The sheets are comfortable, breathable, and beautifully tailored. 

Parachute strives for the best in quality, using 100% premium European flax sheets, which are manufactured at a family-owned factory in Portugal. The brushed cotton fitted sheet is defined. It hugs against your mattress seamlessly with its continuous elastic hem. The sheet is versatile in four sizes and four colours, including white, ivory, surplus, and grey. 

Brooklinen’s Classic Percale is “cool, crisp, and matte.” Made with 100% long-staple cotton, the Percale will moderate your temperature and feel lush against your skin. It is breathable and has an excellent 270 thread count that will leave you feeling as if you have elevated your self-care routine and improved your wellbeing. If you want to enhance your bedtime ritual, treat yourself to the 480 thread count cotton of Brooklinen’s best selling Luxe Sateen sateen sheets, available in a host of neutral colours. The “buttery-smooth” weave will have you counting down the hours until your next sleep once you’re through your first-morning coffee. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 67

Brooklinen’s linen sheets are “airy, light, and effortlessly chic.” No matter your design inclinations or your vision for creating a charming feel in your bedroom, Brooklinen has you covered with an array of classic colour options. The linen core sheet set is washed and dyed in small batches, made from Belgian and French Flax. The sheets are original, authentic and elegant.  

Winner: Brooklinen

In our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review, the latter took the title for best sheets. Although Parachute took a unique approach to their many quality fabrics, the classic options offered by Brooklinen were undeniably appealing. The opportunity to decide between thread counts is a bonus at Brooklinen, and compared to Parachute, it has a much broader array of colours and patterns available. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 68

Parachute vs Brooklinen Duvet Covers

If you’re looking to make your bedroom into a haven, Parachute’s duvet covers are an excellent place to start. The Canyon Stripe duvet cover is light and rejuvenating, reminiscent of a tropical vacation. The duvet is relaxed with a soothing chambray weave and vertical stripes. This limited edition duvet cover is made in Portugal from 100% European flax and comes in natural and dusk colours. To keep your duvet insert secure, the bedding has hidden-button closures and twill ties in each of the four corners, so that you’ll have an easy time making the bed.  

Your sleep cycle will be restorative under the crisp, lightweight Percale Duvet cover. Made in Portugal of 100% premium, certified Egyptian cotton, the covers are available in white, sand, light grey, slate, and blush. Linen promotes the moderation of body temperature regulation through its breathable quality. This linen duvet cover is crafted in Portugal from 100% European flax and is available in many neutral colours to fit the definitions of your life and bedroom. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 69

Brooklinen’s classic duvet cover is available in 15 colours, including novel patterns like graphite and steel oxford stripe, white painted dash on glacier, navy painted dash on cream, and toffee painted dash on cream. The classic duvet cover will make bedding easy with big buttons, “long” and “short” side labels and a beautiful 100% long-staple cotton with a 270 thread count. 

With a striking 480-thread count and a luminous finish, the Luxe duvet cover is a way to amplify your nighttime experience. The appealing variety of coloured linen duvet covers are washed and dyed in small batches; the crafting process is unique, detailed, and thoughtful. Perfect for hot days and cooler nights, the linen duvet cover can do it all. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 70

Winner: Parachute

In our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review, Parachute had a significantly higher variety of duvet covers to choose from, but Brooklinen had a more versatile option. The Brooklinen duvet cover was available in 15 different colour styles, and once again, the thread count was detailed, which made it an accessible choice for consumer decision making.

The fact that Brooklinen produces the classic, luxe, and linen duvet cover means that they can put their attention into the small details. The fabrics are washed and dyed in small batches, equipped with large buttons for ease, as well as “short” and “long” labels to make laundry time a breeze. We think this extra thought goes a long way in making your duvet the very best purchase. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Pillows

You have to admit it, nothing is as essential to your sleep compared to a good quality pillow. In our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review, we examined the Parachute Down Pillow has 750 fill power European down. The pillow has the firmness to support your head, but the airy quality that you sink into peacefully. Best of all, you can fit your sleep style with soft, medium, or firm density of premium European white down made from a 100% sateen cotton shell. If you’re a side sleeper, the down side sleeper pillow will be the optimal fit for you. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 71

The Down alternative pillow is luxuriously soft and comfortable and is an excellent hypoallergenic alternative with the same physical properties as down. In three densities, soft, medium, and firm, your sleep will transform with the alternative down pillow, leaving your days feeling balanced, energetic, and focused. 

At Brooklinen, the down pillow, available in plush, mid-plush, and firm, strikes a balance between soft and supportive. The mid-plush pillow and the firm pillow have dual-core construction, meaning they have an inner layer of feathers and an outer layer of down. The pillow is treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials and is double-stitched to ensure its longevity and condition. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 72

Comprised of 100% Polyfill and a 100% Cotton sateen shell, the alternative down pillow is hypoallergenic, vegan, and manufactured in the United States. The pillow is mindfully crafted with shaved microfibres to attain the same feel as down. The plush is the most fluffy option and is an excellent option for stomach sleepers. The Mid-Plush Pillow is the all-round option, and the firm pillow will give comfort to side sleepers. 

Winner: Brooklinen

Our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review brought the message home that Brooklinen’s pillows are a more technical make. Parachute and Brooklinen both made pillows of three options for varying softness vs firmness. Brooklinen went one step further with their technology for dual-core construction. Brooklinen also had tailored suggestions for pillows most appropriate to stomach sleepers and side sleepers. 


Parachute uses long-staple cotton, which has the effect of making the fabric soft and more durable. The brand is also certified by Oeko-Tex, which guarantees that there are no hazardous levels of chemicals. The Oeko Tex certification achieves the highest standards in safety and environmental protection. Additionally, Parachute’s down manufacturer is Responsible Down Standard certified. 

Parachute products are crafted in a family-owned factory in Guimaraes, Portugal. Parachute uses certified Egyptian cotton, which is an opulent fibre. Percale and sateen fabrics are manufactured of luxury long-staple Egyptian cotton, and the linen is made of 100% European flax. Parachute’s basics are made with all-natural European white down or hypoallergenic down alternative filling, manufactured in the United States. 

Brooklinen uses long-staple cotton and Oeko-Tex certified materials, like Parachute. Brooklinen sheets also test for colour fading and acidity; Brooklinen stands behind your health at every stage. Though Brooklinen’s fitted sheets are 15 inches, they have “short” and “long” labels to simplify the process of making the bed. 

The main difference between the Classic Line and the Luxe Line at Brooklinen is thread count and the feel of the material. The Classic Line is crisp and supple at a thread count of 270 with a matte finish. If you like breathability in your sheets, the classic line is an excellent fit for your needs. The Luxe line is deluxe, lavish, and smooth. Both collections get more soft with use and washing. All textile products come with a lifetime warranty! 

Winner: Brooklinen

In our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review, both companies had assets concerning quality, but Brooklinen’s advantages exceeded those of Parachute. Brooklinen went an extra step in testing for colour fading and acidity. They were a deliberate proponent of health safety and quality, and this was additionally reflected in their Oeko-Tex certified materials. 

Customer Ratings 

Some customers reviewing Parachute products emphasized that the sheets were remarkable in quality and affordable. Some customers felt that customer service was responsive and helpful, while others reported that their customer service experience was horrible. Despite the positive review of the textiles offered by some customers, others were deeply dissatisfied. They felt that the linen sheets were “thin, flimsy, and scratchy” and that the construction of the products was poor. Within six months, the pillowcases started to rip, and the fitted sheets showed threadbare wear. Several customers stated that sheets tore after 4-5 months of use and their colour faded. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 73

Customers reviewed Brooklinen positively and enthusiastically. The sheets were of high quality with a lifetime guarantee that the company honoured. When sheets began to show signs of wear, Brooklinen happily and promptly replaced them. The trouble with Brooklinen sheets was that according to many customers, they did wear, rip, and tear. Others reported that customer service was awful, that their information was not appropriately inputted, and their products were shipped ineffectively. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 74

Winner: It’s a Tie

In our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review, both brands performed equally poorly on customer service reviews. Customers felt that the quality of both brands was below standard. The feel of the fabric was sub-par and the rapidness with which deteriorated, tearing or fraying in a short time frame. Customers had similar challenges with shipping and customer service in our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review. 

Promotions & Discounts

Presently, Parachute does not offer any promotions or discounts, as they are a direct-to-consumer brand and aim to the most reasonably priced quality home essentials possible. 

Brooklinen offers 10% off with the confirmation of your email address to ensure that your sleep is more restful than ever. Customers are given a code to apply at checkout.

Winner: Brooklinen

Our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review favoured the promotion and discount policies of Brooklinen. It was simple—Parachute did not offer any!

Shipping & Returns 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 75

Parachute Shipping 

  • Parachute ships to all 50 States (including Alaska and Hawaii), American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, military bases/APO/DPO/FPO addresses, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom
  • Parachute offers free domestic ground shipping to all 50 states and military bases/APO/DPO/FPO
  • USPS calculates Parachute’s ground shipping to American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • The cost of shipping, taxes, and duties is calculated upfront
  • You may select ‘2-day’ or ‘Next day’ shipping for domestic orders
Shipping Times2-DayNext DayStandardInternational
Home EssentialsTwo business daysNext business day4-7 business days10-15 business days
Fabric SwatchesN/AN/A7-10 business days8-14 business days

Brooklinen Shipping 

  • Brooklinen cannot guarantee the timeline of shipping
  • If your item was in stock, you should receive an email with tracking information within 1-2 business days
  • Orders placed before 1 PM EST Monday-Friday should ship out on the same day
  • International shipments and orders shipped to a P.O box will ship through USPS Priority mail
  • Brooklinen has limited shipping information on the FAQ page

Parachute Returns

  • Parachute accepts returns within 60 days
  • Returns are refunded with the original method of payment
  • Final sale items are not accepted for return
  • When you return to a Parachute store or a Happy Returns Bar, your return will be processed on the spot, and you will receive the refund amount in three to five business days
  • Allow 10 to 14 business days for your return to process by mail. Parachute will send an email notification when the item has been received, and the refund process has been initiated.
  • The return policy applies to international orders, as well
  • Exchanges are only facilitated for the same product in a different colour
  • Free, in-person returns-Parachute Store
  • Happy Returns-200 nationwide locations
  • Free returns by mail-easy shipping

Brooklinen Returns

  • You can return an item from the Brooklinen website or Williamsburg store within one year of purchase if you are unhappy with your product
  • You can make a return through the return platform or in-person at our retail location
  •  Brooklinen does not process returns for Final Sale items
  • Returns will be refunded in the original payment method or store credit

Winner: Parachute

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 76

Our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review emphasized a crucial difference between the two companies. Parachute had a comprehensive shipping and returns policy, while Brooklinen’s shipping policy was vague. Though Brooklinen offered an astonishing 365-day window for returning items, as compared to Parachute’s 60 days, their inability to comprehensively outline the process made their shipping and returns policies inaccessible. 

Price & Value

This Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review provides a breakdown of pricing between the two brands:

Parachute Sheets
Brooklinen Sheets
Parachute Duvet Covers
Brooklinen Duvet Covers
Parachute Down Pillow
Parachute Down Alternative Pillow
Brooklinen Plush Pillow
Brooklinen Push Down Alternative Pillow

Winner: Brooklinen

In our Parachute vs Brooklinen review of sheets, the Brooklinen sheets were more costly, however, their duvet covers and down pillows were less expensive. 

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 77

We Choose: Brooklinen

Parachute vs Brooklinen Bedding Review 78

This Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review tallies up the scores for each brand:

CategoryParachute Brooklinen
Duvet Covers
Customer Ratings

Promotions & Discounts
Shipping & Returns
Pricing & Value

In our Parachute vs Brooklinen bedding review, Brooklinen came out ahead. Brooklinen is committed to a fantastic product with deluxe materials and allegiant partnerships with top-level factories. Brooklinen aims to make online shopping as easy as possible and they remove the cost associated with the different layers in the supply chain.

Brooklinen is effective at considering the interest of the customer in each step of their process. Whether it is considering and outlining the function of material, offering a selection of colours and patterns which can match any variation of taste, or offering a price point that makes the textiles affordable to the customer.

Take a look at our in-depth reviews for Brooklinen and Parachute.

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Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Rothys vs Tieks: Style Showdown  

Rothys makes their shoes with a mindfully sustainable approach from start to finish. Rothys emphasizes sustainability through caring for people from the production and innovation perspective to the valued consumer. Crafting five silhouettes for adults and children, Rothys offers comfortable shoes that show a wild side and crank up the colour. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

How often have you longed for a foldable shoe to fill the gap on those nights where you ambitiously sport heels, or to slip into your bag for work? Tieks fill the void through their avant-garde reinvention of the ballet flat. Tieks embodies versatility, easy wear and comfort. Tieks are durable to match your pace, and the design of the shoe embraces flexibility, so you don’t have to make any compromises in the name of fashion. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

The following comparative Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review will examine key elements of the brands and their products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Rothys Loafer vs Tieks Ballet Flats

The Rothys loafer strikes an enviable balance in elegant looks and casual comfort. Rothys has established self-identity with classic solids, bright colours and bold patterns, and they keep to their formula, which means that they deliver a reliable, long-lasting shoe that fits into your daily needs and wardrobe changes. The loafer energizes a classic. The shoe is an extension of you, the kind of piece that feels right, and that you don’t have to overthink. 

Whether you’re walking across town for the perfect latte on a Saturday morning or speeding your pace to pick up the dry cleaning on time, the Rothys loafer has you covered. At the end of a busy day, you can toss the loafer into the wash, and your shoe will look renewed for your next packed day. When you receive a compliment on your Rothys loafer (and you will!), you have an added boast—it’s eco-friendly. 

Tieks ballet flats are all about functional but fabulous glam. The venturesome colours and exotic patterns include metallics, sparkles, cheetah print, snakeskin, floral, and shining red. The eye-catching ballet flats are alluring. Some of the intricate patterns are even painted by hand.

With 100% premium, soft, full-grain leather, the shoes will feel like an extension of your bare skin. The non-elasticized cushioned back will keep the shape of your flexible shoe, and the non-skid rubber soles and cushioned instep will motivate you to dress them up or down for any occasion. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Tieks Ballet Flats
Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Winner: Tieks

Choosing a winner for this round was a tough choice, since both shoes offer many of the same brilliant features. Both models are designed for comfort, though Tieks flats are a level above with a cushioned sole and back. While Rothys loafers have the added benefit of being machine washable, there are only 25+ options to choose from, compared to Tieks’ 75+. While the loafers are a classic shape, their casual-looking material cannot be dressed up or down to the level that Tieks flats can. In this case, the ballet flats triumph over the loafer.

Rothys The Point vs Tieks Ballet Flats

The Point is dainty but daring with its charming cut and distinctive colours. The Point embellishes the pragmatic. The Point is woven purposefully with a blend of premium merino wool, along with Rothys signature thread. The industrious thread is spun from repurposed plastic water bottles, so you can cruise in style while supporting the health of the planet. 

Additionally, the outsoles of the Point are made of vegan leather, so that you can impress your friends over dinner hour conversation. Rothys shoes are made by a dedicated team who are united in their purpose and dedicated to delivering it. You’ll know when you step into The Point and fit it into all of your upcoming occasions that hard work pays off. 

Winner: Rothys

Rothys’ The Point stood out especially for its machine washability. While it’s still offered in less colors compared to Tieks, The Point’s sophisticated shape allows it to compete with the versatility of the ballet flats. Rothys maintained balance in their do-anything, go-everywhere shoe. While you can wear Tieks with basically any outfit, you’ll run into a problem if they get dirty.

Rothys Kids Loafer vs Little Miss Tieks Flats

Rothys’ Kids Loafer is bright and energetic. Rothys expertise is designing good-looking footwear ideal for rambling in the playground, joining in on the soccer field or walking to and from school. The inspiration behind the shoe is to let kids feel and be carefree. As a parent, you want your kid to look put together when they head off for the day, but you also wish for them to be flexible and adaptable to their environment. The Rothys Kids Loafer allows your child to experience both benefits. 

Rothys kids loafers are reimagined water bottles. This inspiration can increase your child’s awareness of our planet and the dangers humankind poses to its health. Any parent knows that playtime can be messy! You want your child to express themselves creatively, and the machine-washable feature means you don’t have to worry about the fate of their footwear. At the end of the day, you can throw their well worn Rothys into the wash, and they’ll be ready for another day of spunk. 

The Little Miss Tieks line comes in mini mini razzleberry and mini cotton candy. The mini version of Tieks are thoughtfully crafted. The Razzleberry, for instance, a striking colour, is a blend of unmistakable raspberry reds and pinks with a splash of blackberry purple. Little Miss Tieks will allow your child to express their personality openly. Additionally, Little Miss Tieks are suitable for school days or formal occasions. 

Your little one will walk in comfort in their Little Miss Tieks. Crafted in Arzignano, Italy with 100% premium, soft, patent leather, they have a non-elasticized and cushioned back for your child to skip through their day. The non-skid rubber soles and cushioned instep make the Tiek transitional to any activity. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Little Miss Tieks Collection

Winner: Rothys

We carefully analyzed kids footwear in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review, and we looked for the shoe that allowed your child to play and engage worry-free, without any reason to hold back. The Rothys are made to ramble and frolic without concern for the aftermath. The washable shoes can be used for a full day of adventure and renewed before the morning light. As much as the Tieks offered distinct colours and great comfort for all sorts of occasions, Rothys passed the test as entirely kid-friendly



Rothys has a three-tiered mission: to perfect the fit, the make, and the care of your shoes so that you can live an uninhibited life. Rothys crafts comfortable shoes; with their out-of-the-box, no break-in period comfort, Rothys will be your favourite pair of shoes. The make of Rothys footwear is thorough and rigorous. The extra step of focusing on eco-friendly materials makes Rothys more exacting about their decisions. Their sustainable workshop in Dongguan, China, makes this effort achievable. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Rothys makes their shoes from their signature thread, which is comprised of repurposed plastic water bottles and bio-based algae Strobel boards. Lastly, Rothys are a rare shoe in that you can wash them. By removing the insoles and putting both the shoes and insoles in the washing machine on a cold and delicate cycle, you’ll have a fresh and clean pair of shoes. Rothys’ attentive trio for quality ensures care of the whole foot. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review


The name of the game for Tieks is versatility. While they have a delicate and beautiful appearance, Tieks are durable and extremely comfortable. Perhaps best of all, they’re foldable. The flexibility of the Tieks flat rubs off and enhances your flexibility. Tieks crafts their shoes out of a single piece of leather. The 100% premium and soft leather moves with your foot and molds to you over time. For even further comfort, Tieks hand stitches their insoles with full-grain leather and foam cushioning. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Tieks designs a famous foldable split-sole accompanied by non-skid rubber outsole patches. The sole is always the compelling signature Tieks baby blue. Tieks ballet flats come in over 60 styles, staking their claim as the most versatile ballet flat across the globe. Tieks makes their shoes out of the finest Italian leathers and textiles, and this is apparent through their gorgeous colours and patterns. You will feel the flex of the foot with the rhythm of your walking. Best of all, fold, slip them in your purse, and go!

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Winner: Rothys

We compared quality in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review and boy, it was a close call! It was Rothys quality that won by a hair because of their sustainable process and mission, which supports their triple faceted approach to quality—the fit, the make and the care. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Rothys The Point

We learned that the intensive quality of manufacturing sustainable materials in a sustainable environment makes for careful and quantitative decision making. It leads to an enhancement of the small details which count, like Rothys’ signature thread. This dedication to thoughtfulness is the leading factor that makes Rothys a well-rounded shoe, one that can support each of your needs instead of honing narrowly on one or two. 

While Rothys was our winner for quality in our Rothys vs Tieks shoes review, Tieks has undeniable assets. With more than 60 exquisite colours and patterns to choose from, Tieks does have a unique and loveable look. Its feminine exterior is bolstered by quality fabrics and technical aspects that keep you grounded and cushioned. Not to mention the research and detail involved in creating the perfect foldable shoe. Tieks may have come second with quality, but it is still a cut above the rest. 

Customer Ratings 

Rothys Customer Reviews

The main echo of Rothys customer reviews was that the customer service was awful. Customers reported instances where they were unable to get in touch with a customer service representative and unable to find answers to their concerns. They also reported the difficulty of navigating the website. Customers encountered challenges such as an inability to find their size in shoes. Customers also had negative comments on the shipping experience with Rothys.

On the other hand, customers also stated that they loved their Rothys shoes, and they have many pairs. As much as other customers loved Rothys shoes, they found them pricey, and this was a barrier to buying more pairs, though they wished to. The shoes are durable, and their machine washability is a great asset. Customers remarked on being able to walk the city top to bottom without any discomfort in their beloved Rothys. 

Tieks Customer Reviews

Tieks customers said that their Tieks were the most comfortable shoes that they owned and that it felt as if they were wearing slippers when they pulled them on. Others reported that they did not have any rubbing or blisters after their first wear and that Tieks were comfortable for full, active days. Customers felt that Tieks were adaptable and could transition easily from day to night. 

Time and again, customers remarked on the quality of Tieks, which contributed to the zero break-in time. Customers loved the variety of colours and styles available. Customers also praised Tieks customer service. Overall, customers report living in their Tieks, which continue to look new. Customers agreed that Tieks were 100% worth the buy.

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Tieks Ballet Flats

Winner: Tieks

Our analysis through our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review was that customer reviews revealed the most significant dissonance between the two brands came down to customer service. Tieks was superior. Those who reviewed the Rothys brand commented that customer service was terrible, that the website was unnavigable and the shipping process was disappointing. 

When it came to the quality of the shoes themselves, both brands excelled. Customers commented for both brands that there was no break-in period, that the shoes were the favourites of their closet repertoire, and that they were eager to purchase more pairs. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Tieks Ballet Flats

Shipping & Returns 

Rothys Shipping

  • 5 to 9 business days for standard shipping
  • Shipping is free
  • You can try as many sizes as necessary until the fit is just right
  • Can track your order using your account or the Order Status Finder
Shipping ProcedureExpected Timeline
USPS Standard Ground (Free) 5-9 business days
UPS Expedited ($25)2-3 business days
UPS Rush ($35)1-2 business days
International Shipping5-10 business days

Tieks Shipping

  • Free shipping and returns on all US orders
  • Fast shipping in 2-4 days
  • Other options available at checkout for a guaranteed delivery day
  • Great options for international shipping at checkout

Rothys Returns

  • Rothys accepts unworn, unwashed shoes in their original packaging within 30 days of receipt
  • You may try your shoes for fit but do so indoors
  • Rothys is offering limited free time returns for shipping on Canadian orders, but Rothys does not offer exchanges for Canadian orders
  1. Return or exchange in person: visit a ‘Happy Returns Return Bar’
  2. Return or exchange online: visit the ‘Returns Center’
  3. Return or exchange in-store: 2448 Fillmore Street in San Francisco

Tieks Returns

  • Unworn Tieks can be exchanged or returned for a refund at any time
  • Shipping is covered both ways in the US
  • If you received your Tieks as a gift, you can complete your gift exchange online

Winner: Tieks

There were equal assets in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review of shipping and returns. Both brands offered free shipping in the US, but Rothys also offers it internationally. That said, Tieks US orders shipped in a mere 2-4 days. Rothys had three easy return options, including the Happy Returns Return Bar, but Tieks covered shipping both ways in the US. Both companies offered highly user-friendly shipping and returns with generous policies. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Price & Value

The Point$196-$236
Kids Loafer/Little Miss Tieks$88$135

Winner: Rothys

In our analysis of price and value in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review, Rothys had the edge. On the lower end bracket of their flats pricing, Tieks had the upper hand on Rothys, but their pricing stretched significantly higher than the Rothys shoe. Admittedly, there was no shoe in the Tieks category with which to compare the Point. The Rothys Kids Loafer was much more inexpensive than the Little Miss Tieks. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

We Choose: Rothys 

We tallied up the categories from our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review, and the jury is out: Rothys is the top brand of shoes. Rothys surpassed Tieks with The Point and the Kids Loafer, as well as in quality. When it came to shipping and returns, the brands tied. 

Our review of Rothys vs. Tieks emphasized Rothys’ sustainable approach to managing their people, decisions, materials and procedures, which is scrupulously detail-oriented. Rothys is a cut above other brands. Not only does Rothys take their job seriously, but they also have fun with their emboldened colours and patterns. Your Rothys will express the authenticity of your personality, making you stand out from the crowd. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

In our Rothys vs Tieks shoes review we found that Rothys mixes elegance and comfort, cultivating the kind of balance that other footwear companies strive for but rarely strike. They have truly chosen two admirable paths. The first encompasses durability, washability and wearability and the other a versatile formula for fun.

Rothys creates a foundation in their shoes that allow their customers to feel themselves, and that is the platform for any great day and any accomplishment small or large. It doesn’t hurt that we are having an eco-friendly imprint on our earth while we carve territory in our Rothys!

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