Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch Review

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

Is there really anything better than crawling into a pillowy soft bed at the end of a long day? Or at the end of any day, for that matter?

When it comes down to it, the sleep you have can literally be life-changing. Hours spent tossing and turning in scratchy sheets means a grouchy morning (and maybe an entire day) that even your cup of coffee can’t fix.

What if I told you that better sleep is only one click away?

With Brooklinen and Boll and Branch, you’ll find a wide array of silky smooth sheets, pillows, and bath linens to make your bedtime routine a luxe and relaxing experience. So how do they compare? Let’s start with some origin stories.

About Brooklinen

Brooklinen’s story began in 2014 with Rich and Vicki Fulop. The two were tired (pun intended) of finding linens that were either too expensive or not good enough quality.

They decided to create something that was the best of both worlds, delivering Portuguese-made pieces worldwide, on a mission to make the best of bedding accessible for everyone.” 

About Boll and Branch

Boll and Branch was also founded by a husband and wife duo in 2013. Instead of being disappointed by prices, Scott and Missy Tannen were shocked to find that almost no bedding brands disclosed how or where the pieces were made.

Like the Fulops, this duo decided to do the only thing they could think of: make the change themselves.

With that in mind, they were on a mission “to make better sheets by making a better company.” Today, the 100% organic bedding is made in ethical factories located in the US, India, and Portugal, though they are available to shoppers all over the world so everyone can dream a little sweeter knowing a little more about what they own.

It’s time to stop hitting snooze and start your days waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. To kickstart your journey towards better sleep, stay tuned to this Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review. 

I’ll help you decide which brand is the right fit for your home with an in-depth look into all you need to consider by taking a look at the product ranges, a comparison of some top-selling items, info about price and value, customer testimonials, and more.

What To Consider

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

Product Range

As I’ve mentioned in this Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review, both brands carry a selection of super soft sheets. But they carry some other dreamy products too, including bath linens, loungewear, robes, and more. 

Target Audience

Right from the get-go, it’s pretty clear that these two brands are designed for people looking to invest in high-quality sheets and linens for a better quality of sleep.

They’re both environmentally friendly too because the quality of sleep also depends on knowing you’ve made a good decision.

Neither is really made for “one kind” of sleeper. It doesn’t matter if you sleep hot or cold, alone or with someone else, in a twin or king-sized bed; sleep simply matters.

You deserve to do it in sheets that make you feel cozy, but never sweaty, and safe, never claustrophobic, and maybe even cause a little hogging on one side of the bed because they’re just that good. 

Materials and Sustainability

When investing in something that you not only intend to use for years to come but will also decorate the sanctuary that is your bedroom, it’s important to know that the materials will last and are made under ethical conditions. 

Fortunately, both companies are committed to providing pieces that come from a good place, made carefully and meticulously to ensure that they last as long as you love them (in other words, forever). 


If you’re reading this Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review, chances are you aren’t 100% sure about what you’re looking for.

Luckily, Brooklinen offers a gifting quiz that helps narrow down your choices for that perfect gift. Boll and Branch’s holiday catalog is also designed to help you choose gifts with intention.

Both companies also have blogs that fill you in on every detail, from how to make your bed look like it belongs in a magazine, to which type of sheets would work best for you. 


Both brands are committed to making luxury accessible, but they also want to ensure that the pieces are high quality and made ethically, so prices tend to lie somewhere between high-end and inexpensive. I like to think of it as affordable luxury. 

That being said, the websites are also super easy to navigate to make the checkout process a breeze. You’ll also find the products at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Silk & Snow, and Nordstrom.

Now that I’ve covered the most important things to consider, let’s take a look at how the two brands compare when it comes to the actual products!

I’ll dive into the details down below, but you’ll have to keep reading this Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review to find out a little more about prices.

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle vs Boll and Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set Review: 

There’s nothing quite like a set of buttery smooth bedding to unravel onto your mattress and crawl into. Whether you’re looking to revive your space with some bright whites or a little depth with a cooler color, both brands have sheet sets to meet your needs.

And they’re super soft, too, so you can get to dreaming sooner. Let’s take a look at how the different options compare:

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle:

  • Comes with duvet cover, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcase sets
  • Sizes twin to Cali king
  • 7 neutral colors, 7 limited edition colors
  • Sateen finish
  • Rich and cozy, best for cooler weather
  • 480 thread count
  • Long and short labels for easy bed making

Boll and Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set:

  • Comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 1 pillowcase set
  • Sizes twin to split king
  • 8 neutral color options
  • Sateen finish
  • Breathable, ideal for all seasons
  • 300 thread count
  • 17” fitted sheet so you’ll never have to tuck it in again

Both options are made with 100% organic long-staple cotton for the softest feel and a durable texture. Brooklinen comes with the duvet cover so you’ll get extra savings, but you can always purchase a Boll and Branch one separately.

But, if you’re a hot sleeper, you might prefer no duvet and that breathable material from Boll and Branch.

Also, the Brooklinen set is completely buildable, meaning you can choose a different colored sheet, pillow case, and duvet cover for a super unique look. On the other hand, the Boll and Branch sheets come in a few extra sizes, and offer a more neutral, cohesive look.

Brooklinen Down Pillow vs Boll and Branch Down Pillow Review: 

There’s nothing worse than laying your head down at night only to find a cinder block in place of your pillow. Actually, there is. A cinder block that calls itself a pillow is much worse. You don’t deserve to have a stiff neck every morning. 

You deserve to have a pillow that’s soft and cushiony, that cradles your head like a baby so you don’t have to lay awake anymore, willing yourself to dream about anything other than a new pillow.

Luckily, Brooklinen and Boll and Branch have you covered, so let’s take a look at how their options compare.

Brooklinen Down Pillow:

  • Standard or king size
  • Choose from plush, mid plush, or firm
  • Filled with down clusters and an inner layer of feathers
  • 100% cotton sateen shell
  • Double stitched edges
  • Made in Canada

Boll and Branch Down Pillow:

  • Standard or king size
  • Choose from soft, medium, or firm
  • Filled with feathers
  • 100% cotton shell
  • Sourced from US farms

Both brands offer ethically sourced down pillows, so you can rest your head on a plush and fluffy cushion. Plus, the option to choose different fills means you’ll find something perfectly customized to your sleeping style. 

Brooklinen’s pillow features a down cluster and feather fill, while Boll and Branch’s pillow is all feathers, so it really just comes down to preference! 

Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Sheet Bundle vs Boll and Branch Plush Bath Towel Set Review: 

Mismatched linens have had their moment in your bathroom. It’s time to add a cohesive touch to the small space with a matching set of towels that will have guests nodding their heads, only to be even more impressed when they dry their hands on the fluffy textures.

You’ll be getting more than one question about where your towels are from.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Sheet Bundle:

  • Comes with 2 bath sheets, 2 hand towels, and 1 bath mat
  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • 5 neutral colors, 3 limited edition colors
  • 820 GSM

Boll and Branch Plush Bath Towel Set:

  • Comes with 2 bath sheets, 2 hand towels, and 2 face cloths
  • 100% organic cotton
  • 8 color options
  • 700 GSM

I mentioned that guests will love these towels, but you will too. The absorbent nature of the cotton ensures you’ll be dry in no time (i.e. no worries when it comes to squeezing into your jeans fresh out of the shower).

In this case, it really comes down to whether you would like a bath mat or face cloths as part of a set, and if you want more neutral shades or a pop of color.

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch: Quality

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

There’s nothing worse than scratchy linens, whether that’s in the bedroom or the bathroom. Seriously, who wants to run their hands along their bedding and say, “Wow, that feels like sandpaper”?

Luckily, while researching for this Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review, I found that these brands offer the opposite: sheets as soft as silk, light as a feather, and smooth as a knife through butter. 

When it comes to quality, the thread count isn’t the only thing to consider, it’s also important to know whether or not they are coming from a sustainable and ethical source.

That being said, both brands operate with a direct-to-consumer format to keep costs lower while still maintaining their core values.

Brooklinen items are crafted in Portugal with organic cotton and linen sourced from Belgium and France. They’re also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are not treated with any chemicals.

These luxe sheets come in around 14 different colors and designs so you can stick to the classics or add a pop of color with a limited edition option to your space. 

Boll and Branch uses only 100% organic cotton for three reasons:

  1. It’s a durable and soft
  2. It supports thousands of cotton farmers in India
  3. It means no use of chemicals or harmful substances

Manufactured in facilities in India, Portugal, and the US, all Boll and Branch products are free of pesticides, made with raw materials, shipped in recyclable packaging, and empower workers around the world. 

Both companies use natural, organic long-staple cotton that holds up better than other fabrics over time, so you don’t have to worry about pilling around the foot of the bed or pulls and tears from regular use.

You’ll find different thread counts to suit your needs on either website, but the sheets are soft and long-lasting no matter which ones you choose. 

When it comes to quality, the two brands are pretty similar as they are both committed to providing ethically manufactured durable pieces. But, your decision may be swayed by the selection of products or the information you have on how they are made.

There are more options to choose from at Brooklinen but Boll and Branch offers more information about where the products come from.

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch: Price & Value

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

I know that the quality is there for both brands featured in this Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review. But how do the prices compare when it comes down to the overall value of each piece?

Let’s first consider the prices, and then I’ll get into which one is truly more worth buying.


  • Sheet bundle (with duvet cover): $240-$330 depending on size
  • Pillow: $69-$89 depending on size
  • Bath towel set: $128-137 depending on size of bath mat

Boll and Branch:

  • Sheet bundle (without duvet cover): $188-$328 depending on size
  • Pillow: $158-$228 depending on size
  • Bath towel set: $138

Overall, Brooklinen is more affordable when compared to Boll and Branch.

That being said, the latter offers a little more transparency when it comes to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, so it’s clear that all employees are paid a living wage and all the materials are 100% organic

Since you sleep in your sheets every night, it’s important to know that the fabrics are durable, comfortable, and will actually stay soft.

Quality fabrics are at the core of both brands, so it’s safe to say that’s what you’ll find. 

Ever heard the phrase “money well spent?” It means a little more than loving the product you buy – it means actually knowing where that money is going. And that’s the case with both Brooklinen and Boll and Branch.

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch: What Do Customers Think?  

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

At this point in my Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review, I’ve covered almost everything you know about the two brands, including some of the top sellers, quality, and overall price and value.

But, it’s important to throw some customer testimonials into the mix to paint an accurate picture of both brands.

I sourced comments from the company websites, Influenster, Sleep Advisor, Slumber Search, and The Fascination, to help you decide which brand is worth the buy.


  • Brand website: 4.5/5 stars out of 99,915 reviews
  • Sleep Advisor: 4.2/5 stars
  • Influenster: 4.6/5 stars out of 29 reviews
  • The Fascination: 4.8/5 stars

Boll and Branch:

  • Signature Hemmed Sheet Set on the brand website: 4.9/5 stars out of 9702 reviews
  • Down Pillow on the brand website: 4.8/5 stars out of 779 reviews
  • Slumber Search: 9.2/10 stars out of 22 reviews

It’s pretty clear that both brands have garnered plenty of love and attention throughout their years in business. But what are customers talking so much about? Let’s take a look at the highlights I found down below. 


  • Sheets are softer and softer with every wash
  • Carefully made
  • Plenty of options from cool and crisp to warm and toasty
  • Wide selection of different colors and neutrals
  • Actually improved sleep
  • Easy to wash

One shopper describes how they never thought they could love sheets so much, realizing what exactly makes them worth the investment: 

I’ve never bought sheets that cost over $50. The husband and I decided to splurge and this brand caught my attention. We bought the Core Luxe sheets and any doubts I had have been dismissed. They feel durable AND comfy as heck. Downright luxurious. I couldn’t be happier with our purchase.”

Another buyer explained how their new pillow solved what seemed to be an incurable ache in their neck and immense lack of sleep:

“I had no idea a pillow could be so supportive but soft at the same time. I’ve had s most excellent experience the past two nights and look forward to MANY more!”

Boll and Branch:

  • Luxuriously soft
  • Durable and long-lasting, wash well
  • Sheets fit perfectly on the bed
  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Beautiful craftsmanship, value for money

One buyer wrote about how long-lasting the sheets are, saying they love Boll and Branch so much that they don’t care to ever purchase from another brand:

We’ve had Boll & Branch sheets for years. We purchased an additional set after the fitted sheet on one of ours ripped (we had had that set for almost 15 years). They feel exactly the same as our old set. The most comfortable sheet set we’ve ever owned. We’ll never buy anything else.”

Another buyer described the quality of both the fit and the texture: “These sheets are so incredibly comfortable and get softer with each washing. I love that they are extra deep and don’t come off the corners of the mattress.”

With either brand, sometimes the customers simply don’t love the sheets, pillows, towels, or whatever they ended up purchasing. Of course, this is normal since not every product is perfect for everyone.

Despite that, most shoppers are more than elated with their purchases. But just in case, both brands offer some great return policies, which I’ll cover more in-depth soon. 

So, the verdict is in; customers agree that these brands offer some pretty dreamy products. For each brand, the selection offers styles that suit all different aesthetics and the sheets are deemed incredibly comfortable.

Plus, they hold up well over time and in the wash, proving they stay true to the quality they promise.

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch: Promotions & Discounts

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

How much money you spend on your new set of sheets shouldn’t be causing you a lack of sleep.

Lucky for you, my dear Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review reader, I found that each brand offers seasonal sales. Here’s what they each have going on right now:


  • Take 15% off sitewide
  • Receive an extra 15% off pillows when you buy 3, an extra 20% off when you buy 4
  • Free shipping for a limited time

As a bonus, Brooklinen even has a rewards program: the Comfort Crew. Shoppers can earn points with every dollar spent, get free shipping, and have early access to sales.

Once you reach 400 points, you’ll receive $10 off your next purchase. Here’s how you can start earning points:

  1. Create an account: 50 points
  2. Make a purchase: earn 2 points for every dollar
  3. Follow on Instagram: 50 points
  4. Write a review: 50 points
  5. Refer a friend: 1000 points and they get $25 off!

Boll and Branch does offer the larger percentage off, but Brooklinen’s deal is site-wide. So, if you’re looking to refresh your whole space, the latter may be the better choice, while the former is perfect if you simply want a new sheet set.

All that being said, the prices are already pretty great for the overall quality and backgrounds of sustainability.

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch: Shipping & Returns 

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

This Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review writer knows you want to be cuddling up in your new sheets as soon as possible so you can catch those much-needed zzz’s.

But you also don’t want to be kept up at night stressing about returns, so it’s crucial that the brands have good shipping and returns policies

Brooklinen currently offers free tracked shipping through FedEx or UPS. Orders can take between 1-4 days to process, after which point they’ll reach you in about 3-7 business days.

Returns are also free and customers are given an entire year (no catch!) to test out the products to truly determine if they’re the right fit. 

Similarly, Boll and Branch offer free shipping within the US. They even offer complimentary white glove delivery if you purchase a mattress. Delivery takes around 10 business days, but this can be upgraded at checkout. 

For returns, Boll and Branch allots 30 days from the date of delivery for new and unused items, though mattresses can be returned within 100 days since they take longer to adjust to (they simply must be in donatable condition). 

Overall, both brands offer pretty speedy shipping and decent returns policies. But, if you are someone who needs to test out your sheets before you commit, then Brooklinen is the right choice for you.

If you prefer to know that returned items will be resold or donated and don’t need to try them out first, then Boll and Branch is the better option.

Who Will You Shop With?

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch

As we’re nearing the end of my Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch review, it’s time for you to decide which brand is the right choice.

While there are some stellar similarities, like ethical sourcing and manufacturing, high quality, chemical-free materials, and a beautiful selection of linens to complete your home, there are a few differences as well.

First, Brooklinen offers a wider range of color and customization options. When you’re checking out with your new sheet set, it’s pretty easy to select the color of every piece so you can have a fun and unique finish.

That being said, if you’re looking for some classics and are more interested in knowing all about where the products are made, then Boll and Branch has exactly what you’re looking for.

By the same token, Brooklinen’s sheets and sets are more affordable, but you can find sales on either site year round. So, there’s always a good deal in the mix.

But, Boll and Branch carries a little more selection, so if you need a mattress while you’re checking out some sheets, it’s a pretty great one-stop-shop.

Both brands also have fast shipping and a happiness guarantee so the process is always seamless and hassle-free. All things considered, it’s now up to you to decide: which website will you visit first, if not both?

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