AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

About AeroGarden

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

Considering it was created all the way back in 2006 by Michael Bissonnette, AeroGarden is one forward-thinking brand.

Over the years, the company, known for its convenient and smart indoor garden growers, has released 15 different styles and offers a selection of 100+ seed kits to help you grow flowers, fruits, herbs, and greens.

The Colorado-based brand became so popular that it was acquired by Scotts Miracle-Gro co. but still makes its entire inventory in the Rocky Mountain state. But it isn’t the only company concerned with indoor gardening, and that’s why I’ve written this AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review.

About Click & Grow

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

Demand is only—for lack of a better fitting word—growing for year-round gardening solutions. Newer companies like Click & Grow have sprouted up with a similar mission but made with different technology, theirs inspired by NASA.

Click & Grow is all about convenience, and its hydroponic systems do all the work for you. You’ll pick from its healthy variety of greens, herbs, fruits, and flowers to fill your chosen garden (they offer six styles).

This brand isn’t much younger than AeroGarden. It was founded in 2009 by Mattias Lepp in Estonia. Designed to meet the needs of city-dwellers and those without a green thumb, Click & Grow lets you enjoy the fruits of labor without doing the actual labor.

No matter why you’re interested in indoor gardening, both of these brands have something special to offer. This AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review is here to show you your options and to make sure you’re getting one that fits your needs.

Ahead, I’ve done all the digging for you, and you’ll find comparisons between each brand’s similar products, along with friendly face-offs for quality, promotions, and policies.

Don’t worry, I’ve left no leaf unturned. Before we get there though, just below, you’ll find a short list of things to keep in mind as you read.

What To Consider

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

Target audience

They both grow plants, right? But even so, AeroGarden and Click & Grow are designed differently and aimed at different folks.

I got the feeling that Click & Grow’s collection is aimed more so at the younger generation, like those living in small city apartments, who want something pretty to sit on their kitchen counter.

That’s not to say AeroGarden isn’t attractive, its designs are definitely sleek, but they have a slightly less modern feel, though, a broader price range.

Product range

AeroGarden has a wider product selection than its competitor, and you’ll find quite a few different styles and sizes of its growers from small tabletop devices to large floor-based models.

Click & Grow is smaller, but it includes a nice collection of attractive growers from small to floor-based stacks.

Resources for customers

Resources are always helpful whether you’re a new or seasoned grower. AeroGarden offers guides, an informative FAQ section, and a blog.

Click & Grow has a healthy set of resources too, including a blog, FAQ section, the option to ‘Ask a Gardener’, and a product catalog to make it easy to find what you want.

Sustainability efforts

We’re dealing with plants here. So even the simple act of growing your own herbs in your own home is more sustainable than buying them from the grocery store (reduction of food miles).

Click & Grow’s seeds are delivered in compostable boxes using 40% recycled plastic, while AeroGarden boasts an all-recyclable machine. In general, both are on par here.


Since AeroGarden is part of a larger corporation, it’s the more accessible product. You can find it in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and of course, Amazon. You’ll also see Click & Grow on Amazon and at Best Buy, but it’s found in fewer places.

Both companies have a range of products and prices but AeroGarden has more variety and lower costs overall.

Now that you know what to look out for, I’m going to get things rolling in this AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review. Coming up, you’ll see how the two brands stack up against one another from root to tip.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL vs Click & Grow 25 Review:

The joy of fresh produce that’s literally a few footsteps away is something people are catching on to. As the price for vegetables and herbs increases in stores and leaving our homes isn’t always ideal, the concept of growing the basics seems more and more appealing.

The AeroGarden Farm 24XL isn’t the brand’s biggest model, but it can hold up to 24 plants and nourish them into tasty treats you’ll be using much quicker than if you planted them in outdoor soil. Using two 60W LED lights, the system sprouts and grows plants five times faster.

The Farm 24XL is great for families (or for just you if you enjoy a lot of fresh produce), helping your greens and veggies grow up to 36” tall with two different garden areas. 

Designed for convenience, it’s equipped with touch screen controls, as well as Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa connection options.

You’ll get reminders through the app on your smartphone for things like watering and plant food reminders. Your Farm 24XL will come with the 24-pod In-Home Garden System, Lighting System, and your pick of two seed pod kits.

Giving you everything you need to start growing, you’ll also get liquid plant food, a power adapter, and a trellis to give tall plants something to cling to.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL

  • Grows plants 5x faster than soil
  • Does all the work for you
  • Holds 24 plants
  • Two seed pot kits included
  • Communicates through an app
  • Huge discount

With the Click & Grow 25, it’s all about space. It was designed for tight areas like studio apartments and cramped kitchens but gives you the benefit of growing 25 plants at one time—and it’s stackable.

Doing all the work for you, the system waters your green little guys and gives them the right amount of light, telling you via an app when it’s time to add more water.

It’ll even tell you how your plants are doing. This system takes inspiration from a NASA hydroponic design, using a patented tray system to efficiently grow your plants.

To use, all you really need to do is plop your pods in on one side, harvest from the other, and fill it with water when it tells you. Along with the system, you’ll get three free plant starter kits (there’s a whopping 54 pods per kit, with six different varieties). Made in white and dark oak finishes, the unit takes up 3.2 square feet of space.

I do need to mention that the Click & Grow 25 is only available for pre-order right now. If you order one today, it’ll get to you by June 2022.

I think it’s worth the wait but this little factor may be what sways your decision if you’re looking for a similar design right away. When released, the Click & Grow 25 will be $800, but you can save 20% if you pre-order for a total of $640.

Click & Grow 25

  • Does all the work for you
  • Can fit 25 plants
  • Includes 3x 54-pod kits
  • Connects through an app
  • 20% off when you preorder

In terms of price, these two systems are about matched after you factor in their discounts. I like that the Click & Grow 25 has a ton of free pods included in the pack.

When bought alone, 54-packs of pods are $100. That means you’re getting the machine for $340 (as $300 of seeds are included). That’s a great deal.

But even though the AeroGarden Farm XL24 is a bit pricier, it comes with some great features two like two free seed pod kits and a greater variety of pods to choose from—100+ versus its competitor’s 60.

AeroGarden Custom Herb Seed Pod Kit vs Click & Grow Grow Anything Pods Review:

You’ve picked out your machine and have your free starter seeds taken care of, but what happens when you run out? The type of seed pods each brand offers should be a big part of your final decision.

What if one brand carries your favorites but the other doesn’t? Their pods are specifically designed for their machines (you can’t fit one with the other). In this section of my AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review, I’ll get down and dirty into the details so that you don’t have to.

From its name, I can tell the AeroGarden Custom Herb Seed Pod Kit already has an advantage: it’s customizable. You’ll be able to pick the varieties you love and leave out anything you don’t. What’s the point of growing bok choy if you can’t stand the taste?

Delivered in little convenient pods, they include all that you’ll need to grow delicious herbs. They’re designed to fit any of the brand’s systems and pop up in about 7-14 days, ready for the picking in about 4-6 weeks.

With 25 options for this kit, with each, you’ll know you’re getting seeds that promise max growth, delicious flavor, and beautiful color. Non-GMO, none of them have ever been treated with herbicides or pesticides. In the kit, you’ll get three pods of your choosing, liquid nutrients, grow domes, and a growing guide.

If your plant doesn’t germinate, the brand will send you a new one for free. You can get this custom kit for $12 right now if you use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

AeroGarden Custom Herb Seed Pod Kit

  • 25 herbs to choose from
  • Includes plant foods, domes, & a guide
  • Non-GMO & pesticide/herbicide-free
  • Germination Guarantee
  • On sale

The Click & Grow Grow Anything Pods are a bit different than its competitor’s pack. They’ll still help you grow anything you want to with one of the brand’s grower systems, but you’ll need to supply your own seeds.

This kit allows you to try out any kind of seed you want (sort of like an experiment) in your Click & Grow indoor grower. Since they’re not the brand’s seeds you’re growing, you won’t have the guarantee behind them, but it’s something fun to try out on your own with the confidence of its properly formulated soil.

What you’ll do is pop in the seed of your choice, and the Smart Soil will make sure it’s properly hydrated and nourished. Since it’s inspired by NASA tech, you know that this method will give you a leg up compared to growing it in your own soil.

With no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, or yucky stuff, these helpful little capsules come in a pack of three for $10.

Click & Grow Grow Anything Pods

  • Contains the nutrients and soil density ideal for growing
  • Let’s you try out seeds the brand doesn’t offer
  • Inspired by NASA technology
  • Non-GMO & pesticide-free

These two products are very different things. One contains seeds but offers customization, while the other doesn’t but allows for the ultimate freedom. If you’re looking for ‘pop it in and forget it’ freedom, AeroGarden takes care of it all.

If you want to try new seeds out in your Click & Grow garden, the Grow Anything Pods are a cool pick.

AeroGarden Garden Shears vs Click & Grow Herb Shears – True Precision Review:

Breaking off pieces of your herbs can actually damage some stems, while others you wouldn’t be able to snap if you tried. For perfect trimming across the board, a good pair of shears is essential to any grower’s tool drawer.

In this AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review, I’ll put the two brand’s signature shears head-to-head to find out if one stands out from the other. Let’s sprout this section off with AeroGarden.

The Garden Shears are made of rust-resistant stainless steel, the handle an attractive green and black color with a comfortable non-slip rubber grip to help you nip the right bud and not your unsuspecting finger.

Big enough to feel sturdy, but not so much to feel out of place, they’re the perfect fit for medium-sized hands. Swipe on the lock whenever not in use to keep things secure. Measuring 6 ⅜” long, you can pick up these pruning heroes for $10 with promo code NEWYEAR20 (on sale from $13).

AeroGarden Garden Shears

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Lock in place
  • Affordable

Swapping over to Click & Grow, its Herb Shears – True Precision have a sleek all-metal look that would make a pretty display piece in your garden center (even if that’s your living room side table). Small but mighty, the shears have a tong-like construction that helps them spring back with ease.

They’re designed to give you the perfect grip and deliver an exacting clip to prevent over-cutting or injuring your green babies. Pick up a pair for $10.

Click & Grow Herb Shears – True Precision

  • Affordable
  • Springs back easily
  • Precise
  • Sleek design

The main difference that separates these shears is how they look but also, perhaps, precision. Click & Grow is a smaller set, meaning you may be able to get around leaves and clip more easily. As for AeroGarden’s pair, the rubber grip would certainly come in handy.

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow: Quality

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

You don’t need this section of my AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review to tell you that these brands’ indoor growers look completely different. Sure they’re designed around the same principle, but what about what they’re made from?

I’ll dive into the details of each to give you a better idea of what you’re getting. Neither brand goes into detail about their materials, but I did find out that all of AeroGarden’s are made in Boulder, Colorado.

Each system uses an LED light system (sometimes 10W, sometimes 60W bulbs) and promises its plants will grow five times faster than if you tried to grow them in soil.

Advanced tech specs include an app and Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa connectivity. As for the pods, they’re non-GMO, pesticide-free, and contain all of the nutrients your plants need to thrive.

Made from BPA-free plastic and entirely recyclable, most of its packaging is recyclable as well, and its LED light bulbs help keep energy use low.

So what about its competitor? When I first read that Click & Grow uses NASA-inspired technology, of course, my eyes brightened a little. Known for their streamlined, smart devices, anything that sprouts from their idea should prove to be practical and easy to use.

I are happy to report that is the case for Click & Grow systems, which take care of transporting nutrients, where to plant them, and how you should know when to change something.

It takes the guesswork out of gardening, which is really something every new grower wants: to know exactly what their plants need.

Its Smart Soil pods have ideal pH levels, are filled with nutrients and seeds, are non-GMO, and don’t contain pesticides. You’ll also get biodomes to help your plants sprout faster and a watering tank that holds a month’s supply. Reading what your plants need is easy with information delivered via an app.

Choosing to use 40% recycled materials in its three-pod packs, the brand saved 3 million tons of plastic in 2019. Growing and packaging all pods in Hiiumaa (an island in Estonia), it looks like Click & Grow manufactures its growers in China.

At the end of the day, one company looks to be more modern, though, it may be a matter of word choice. Click & Grow does appear to be more eco-inclined but really, I think these two brands are matched in this regard.

As for manufacturing, the ideal for an American company is to produce in America. AeroGarden does this. Click & Grow is a European brand, and I appreciate that it produces its pods nearby.

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow: Price & Value

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

Comparing two brands in terms of their prices is easy. Value is a little harder and often means considering what you’re getting along with a particular product—extending out past the physical.

I’ll start things off with some prices though, and below, you’ll find the price range for both of the brands’ growers to see how they compare.

  • AeroGarden
    • Sprout (grows three plants) $100 (on sale for $50)
    • Farm 24XL (grows 24 plants) $895 (on sale for $580)
  • Click & Grow
    • Smart Garden 3 (grows three plants) $140 (on sale for $105)
    • Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden (grows 51 plants) $1,600 (on sale for $1,200)

So what do you get with a system? A lot actually. The Click & Grow 25 comes with 3x 54-pod packs of seeds (a $300 value), knocking the price of the machine down quite considerably.

The system itself does everything for you—watering, light, telling you when it needs more. With all this in mind, I see a lot of value in this brand.

In addition to what you get, the systems are attractive, and that alone holds value. Is Click & Grow more valuable than AeroGarden? Well, it’s a matter of your preferences. 

If looks and free seeds mean a lot to you, then yes. If you prefer a brand with a strong reputation and a greater variety of prices, then AeroGarden is a great choice.

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow: What Do Customers Think?

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

I could go on about specs all day. While they’re important, it’s the feedback from customers that tell us more about a product, and in this section of my AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review, I’ll show you exactly what they had to say.

Ahead, you’ll find a spectrum of ratings and common bits of feedback about each brand. I’ll kick things off with AeroGarden.

  •  Harvest on Amazon: 4.7/5 stars from 13,152 reviews
  •  Harvest on Best Buy: 4.8/5 stars from 76 reviews
  •  Farm 24 on Walmart: 4.5/5 stars from 49 reviews

Overall, AeroGarden has some really high ratings, and they’re the same no matter what website I visited. While shoppers love the convenience of their growers, it looks like the brand delivers on performance. Buyers also said their AeroGarden:

  • Is easy-to-use
  • Helps plants germinate quickly (one week)
  • Eliminates mess
  • Is self-contained

Negatives were mainly about the price, but I love that AeroGarden offers so many versions of its growers, meaning you can choose a less expensive model if you want. The same goes for Click & Grow, and here are some of the ratings I came across while browsing:

  •  Smart Garden 3 on Amazon: 4.7/5 stars from 1,634 reviews
  •  Smart Indoor Garden on Best Buy: 3.9/5 stars from 24 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 4.3/5 stars from 57 reviews

With slightly lower scores than AeroGarden, Click & Grow is still a top contender in my books. See why I think that is by reading common feedback below:

  • It’s Compact
  • Helps plants grow quickly
  • Is a great introduction to gardening
  • Looks attractive

Looks really do go a long way in the realm of products but so does performance. I found that customers were very pleased with the results that came out of their Click & Grow systems, and loved that it was so easy to use, sparking a love for gardening without the mess and hassle.

AeroGarden has slightly higher scores than its competitor, and I discovered that it also ranks higher in performance. Coming up with very few negative shipping reviews for either, Click & Grow looks to be the more reliable shipper.

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow: Promotions & Discounts

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

Your relationship with your indoor grower will hopefully be a long-lasting one. One that involves buckets full of seeds, lush herbs, and tasty bounties. Before you can start imagining all of the freshness that your grower will bring though, you actually have to order it.

I’ll be honest here, both the AeroGarden and Click & Grow aren’t the cheapest products on the market, but rightly so. Both are quality pieces of equipment that use advanced tech and produce amazing results.

And even though that is true, I couldn’t help but scope out each of the brand’s websites during this AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review for deals they had lurking around. Here’s what I discovered:


  • Offers free shipping for orders over $50 to the contiguous US
  • Current Sitewide sale up to 50% off
  • Daily deals (I’m talking huge discounts, folks)

Click & Grow

  • 20% off MSRP price of Click & Grow 25
  • Join the Loyalty Program, earn rewards to redeem for discounts
  • 25% off Holiday Sale

Both of the brands offer great discounts on their growers but I found more deals at AeroGarden. This probably has to do with the fact it’s owned by Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., a bigger organization.

Even though they offer more discounts, the price for its Farm 24XL still remains around the same range as its competitor’s 25 model.

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow: Shipping & Returns

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

You can find either of these brands at partner retailers but if you’re looking to buy directly off of their websites, it’s kind of important that they ship to your location.

This section of my AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review is dedicated to shipping and return policies—I’ll even include details on warranties too should you ever need to use them.



  • Ships within the USA & to Canada
  • Offers free shipping for orders over $50 (the contiguous US only)
  • Processing takes 2 business days
  • US shipping times vary by location
  • Canada shipping takes 10-14 business days

Returns & Warranty

  • 100% Germination Guarantee: AeroGarden will replace a non-germinating pod with a new one
  • No questions asked 30-day refund policy
  • 1-year warranty for defects in materials, workmanship, and germination

Click & Grow:


  • Ships to the USA, to Canada, EU, Asia, and the UK
  • Shipping times are as follows:
    • USA: 7-14 business days
    • Canada: 7-14 business days
    • EU & Asia: 7-14 business days
    • UK: 2-4 business days

Returns & Warranty

  • Offers a 30-Day return policy (items must be unused with original packaging)
  • Return shipping is your responsibility
  • 2-year warranty for plant pods and indoor growers
    • Pods must not have germinated within 3 weeks to apply
    • Growers must have defects related to materials or workmanship

AeroGarden ships to fewer locations, but it seems to have more flexibility with its returns. It will refund your purchase for any reason, and your items don’t have to be unused to qualify. Click & Grow ships around the world but seems a little more strict. Both offer replacements on pods that don’t germinate.

Who Will You Shop With?

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow Review

There’s a lot of variety out there and I hope that this AeroGarden vs Click & Grow review has helped narrow down your options. Both are similar brands with very different vibes.

Click & Grow has a more polished, modern feel to it, with growers designed to maximize space in your home. Stackable and sleek, they fit well within any trendy room.

AeroGarden offers more variety in terms of growers and seeds, with less expensive and larger options in general. Since it’s backed by Scotts Miracle-Gro, there’s a confidence that comes with choosing them, knowing you’ll get your grower shipped for free and can send it back if it’s not working for you.

In the end, both take care of the gardening process for you and provide germination guarantees. With stellar reviews across the board, your decision may come down to one about looks, where you live, or brand reputation.

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